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Fred J. D?Imperio 383 Thurman Ave.

, West Berlin, NJ 08091 USA Phone: (856) 719-2191 email: The Stimulus Candidate 09/2008 ? 01/2010 Furniture Factory, Barrington, NJ 08007 1099 Sales Consultant During these tough times the company was not doing well so they elected me to he lp turn things around by increasing floor traffic. While brainstorming with the owner, I created some unique methods to do this and within a very short time, f loor traffic was increased as well as sales by 50%. Because of my efforts and t he willingness of the owner to try them, the company is now on firm footing and doing very well. 2005 ? 2007 Fortunoff Assistant Store Manager Day to day operations of a large 65,000 square foot specialty store. My main fu nction was to supervise and train the sales team, also scheduling, payroll, merc handising, direct sales, load and unload trucks and assemble furniture. Also in charge of signage, promos, open and closing of store. Won Awards for best customer service and for selling most warranties. 2004- - 2005 Classic Consignment Furniture Business Manager I was hired and given a one year contract to turn around a business that was fai ling so it could be profitably sold. I initiated new pricing formulas, made min or bookkeeping changes, redid contracts, had to retrain sales staff, and changed the merchandising appearance of the store. I even drove the company truck for furniture delivery. . I drove the company truck for furniture delivery and for pickups and had full P&L responsibility. I appeared on the TV show ?Trading Spaces? to help promote the store. This alon e had a tremendous impact on floor traffic and Sales. 1992 ? 2002 ? The Childrens? Home Business Manager I was hired to build from scratch profitable retail stores for this 150 year ol d non profit organization. I had full P&L responsibility and wore many hats inc luding personally managing each new unit I established. My function also includi ng site selection, lease negotiations. All operational procedures for the store s were established by me including the design of all paperwork, signs, donation agreements etc. The first store was a 10,000 sq. ft. Thrift Store. The seco nd was a Clothing store and the third a Furniture outlet. I hired and trained s taff and volunteers as well as community service workers. I drove the company truck for pickups and delivery for all stores. All stores were successful with m y being able to increase sales by no less than 15% year after year for ten full years. I received a letter of commendation for my accomplishments New Products Company General Manager/Founder/Owner ? Twelve (12) years I started this consumer electronics business with a modest $4000. When I sold t he company years later we were doing several million dollars a year in sales. I had full P&L, wore many hats and established methods that enabled me to offer prices better than any competitor regardless of their size. Was able to produce (12) twelve inventory turns a year amid deflating Prices. Was picked by channe l 10 news as the best place to buy consumer electronics. Achieved a personal goal of being a one million dollar a year salesperson. Did a very good job of increasing recognition and sales through press releases.


BS Degree in Business

I can furnish excellent professional references, all from previous employers. Blank spaces in between full time jobs were filled with part time work at such b usinesses as Family Dollar, Sears, Creative Playthings, and The New England Soup Factory. This was done in order to have an income and to learn new disciplines . Should you need one, I have obtained a background check. Also the results of a Core capacity test.