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Battle Armor Record Sheets P,RIEPARATION FOR PLAY IFi1liing o~n RlOOQ~d Sheets, IFlUliI:,$ IEXP'AINSIONS,
,Movement Swamps Swimmingl

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EJI1I:e~' Jaguar the, , IRaid and Flevenge Ni,gh&, 'of the Jagu8'1' Battle I,or TWyCf'O'1iS The No:v'i!i Cats i6torm before ,the Silence 'Old Dog~Old Tlricks< Tlraps withiln Tlf'8IPS



30 34 36
40 4:2 ,44



Trenches TlJnn:els,


(iomiba~ Bunkers Olf-Board Armlery

Smoke :SpeciaWWeapoi11is


Desperate Times$ Desperate Deed's Ela.ttle, flOW Ll1iItlinliell'l Paymen,t Do,!:'! R~trlbutlon, EpicSattle The Viper'si Fangis







Barbed Wire BATILETECH IINTEQRATIONI Oom'bid 1 en-Hit Modif.ieffi Heaw Cover Damage AnlJi-'MechOperations Ejl3ctiil1g14 IElA:ITL!E AIRIMOR M,Qemenl: .... Moving!in Water Hiding a BatileMedh J1umping Mines and Barbed Wire

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Taking Dama:Q19i


Battle Armor vs.'Meahs ami V,tlIhicles Attaoks Again!St 'Mechs Atl'a,cki,ng Velhides

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MINIA ntlRES OOlNVEFilSIO,NI18 lPireparillliQIIPlay Ald:S, IRules Con .... elisio!'i! Movement Combat

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~II'I 8atHleTroops, p~ayerscommand plall:mns. of nnrl'antJrynnen against en,emy slo,ldiers ,and the unre,lentingl power of 1JtH~ir lBB.ttleMoclils_ The coming of the Clans has, brou glht a new er1emy to th,e Inner Sphere, anE!nef'filYwith advanced we:a.ponrysuch as thie battle i1Imlo:rwom by the: elM infantrymen known as Elflme nta:ls, UsingCla:lIllroops, players call do. oaUla wilhlhe forces ot the Clans if"l more envirOnm~nls. and siluaJtiol1s, than ever befor'iil'_ Asa slIJpplemenlto FASA"s Ela.ttlen'oops, game, Cla:n1TfOOPS expands on ~lhe rules oI the migilnal gilllllQ, When playing CIa:nlil1oops, the tables gi'il{il'llhere replaeethoss provided in the original game_

AdillBry Ilmpact These OO!.l,ntersshow~he' cEinlering target painl ,of an off-boam arlill1ery lbarra:ge.

Barbed Wire These long, narmwoounters de:s:igrlate areas obstrUlct,oo wilili barbed wire.

The ClanTlroops components supplemellt those provided in Ba.ttleTroops. Players should check the centents of the package ,ag,ailnst the folioWliJ1!gI,ist to be sure all ,components are pl'"esemf. 1 Fh..rllebookiScermJio P' 3 ,2;t' x 34~ Two-sitled Map,$lleelS 2 BV2" x 11~ GQunle<rS:hl1le~s COUINTIEIRS ClanTroops i!llc~udes a. v.a,riety of counters and stand-ua fi,gures th i1l1are used eX.1iclly as in Bamneliroo;ps, excepl. wket,e


Bunkers are heavily fortified builldil'l:9'5 withl fi ri ng pcrts II'! ltIe wa~ls tharl r:wotect 'the defender- hpm nr~oombat TheS!I!lIports are oo:ns'idered mO,Vie'meniL iilneof-sight" and lpilacemerlil,of firingl arcs. Grapples
Theseeeuntsrs rep~'esefltpD'l!'!rnlfed' I grapplingl mechanisms usedoy aIUI·'M~h il"lfarnry to climb BaittleMechs_



StaJnd-JUp F~gul1es

Each s1<')!li'id-up f~urel represents one ililfi;i.n:lrym'anequipped will, battle <lIII1TI!I;l:r. tw'o types (If figm,es reWIe$&.ntClari Efemt!'l"Itah.'! The in batHe armor aJnd linner Sphere SQlldieiS in power 5utls., the Successor Stamc$ \l'er5,~On of the, special am10r WOnnJ by E lemen1als.


'IMech ILQcaliolil The$~ COlJolers are m~j"ked with abbreviations fer looalion!;, or! a. Battl'eMech to mark lihe ~.!lfrlicm of inf8!ntry or battle armor durilr'lg iilssaults on a 'Mech.


Thll'sg cOIJ!'ILers repr,eS~rl1: oombat rafls

by ird,anny duringl water crosSffl,gIS.

Rubble These courrteilS ii'idrcau.~ broken terrahnl thathiinders movement burt p,ovidies ~ver ~or advancing glrouruj. troops". Whel1l oonv,!:!rting ~or U!56'wilih IElslttlel'ee:h" neat thesE! ,al,e-as as rOIl.J:gh mrail'l" h

This CQuntlar is idlunticall to, the Scatt,er iOiagifaimpr~rUedo,n the maps, If no maps aJ'9 used, place1ihe' ~calOO\l'abu'nter onl the play suriaoe to faciililatoe the luse otlhe scalier rules.

'Water These areas. represent bod&8Sof water such as'", and th:estanding water o~ ponds and lakes. Un~ts in the water, cannot mov,e ,qukllidy, but ars harder to hit: because less lof their bodlesare e~ed. In ClamTroops, ol'i~y deptli'l'leve1$ of water ooncemgrcLulid two' 1mops: shallow and df!'!3'p. lhese depths are dif:ferentia,ted by thB' patternJ used ~odeptd 1he wafer On the map, as; ~lllus.trated be~ow. Infantrymen mat)!'wade through ,shallow wat,er; but In deep wate~ tlhe only mov-ement possible is by svrimmfng .or via a raft or beat. For P'UI'fIOOO5 of Baul!eTilichl COni\l'e~sion. shallow 'WOller Js OOflsildered Leve'l 1 arna dcOOip w,m:er l'fWSI 2"


Tn9S€I cou n~Elrs,show where smoke iis b100kiflQ I1lle·of·sigiht (1.;08).


liunne1 Access
These COlll1te'rs show the 'Iocatio:n 01 access points tOi undertlfUundrun nels,

The Batltle, Armor Recordl Sheet is used to keep track ,af Elementals in DaHle armor <HilOlI'iil'lsr Sphere tJ>C)o~rs in power :suits.fh:e reoord b!lockfor a slli'ilgle ba:lI!l~ammmd il'1lfanCrymarn keeps,~rack of his armor , PhySicaJI S~<ill:Us lrack, ~nrllUm bar, and 'itnEi weSlp.or1<S with whlchllhis armer i;seoq;u ipped., The sheet allSOI inrnUJdes space r'Orremm'ing fl'1e'!5holt and Jongranges c,~those weapom; and the ,damage they db.

Six. 22 x 34 inch map:;!,. en three sihee:t,s, are ioo1uded wlilh the' game. They uoolhe same dot pattern for movement ami oombat as BatUeTroops, but depiot a IMal Sletting instead. The newte:rr,a:ill'il featur'li}s are descriibed below.


R!Q!IlIg:h Terf,alin Areas em the' map board mai1kedias F,ough irndicate broken terrain thi1l!l hinders movement but IPr'CI\i'ide;~ COlier f.oradvancing glrou nd

I+t +~.1 ;j,~ 14 1. 13, 1!J 12 U 111,01 niSi

1~21+I +2 +2: +2 +i1 +3 t31 .3
,I 7 6

15 04 3 It:


~E. A D


TIMK!p Numl!otr.l

I~ry Weapiln~ IDliIl'lll9'" Shod::





Swamp Teril'ailn
These area'S are deep bog'S, marshes, and muddjllmi res wi1h thick bruslh tl1~ !linder' mOW'ITlem. Swamps, are treS!~ed 015 ~rn:ler· growth fOIr dmerminlng lOS. 'Wallis,
These are blick wams one to two llfie\ef$ !an lihatcan be used as cover, bu,1thai i1liifaJrl1ry

_. iP _ ,.., .,_


L_ .• ,

:_, __

ii· ...






~ .


-If1 .1.'1

+~ +.2; +I~:Z +!J ",) +3' +3 +9 'i<3 DE



U, 1,2t2 U


tOtO 9 Ii .,


3 2: 1

-I, ____D

irrooll NIIII'Ibw __ ,_ Prill'lllJy 'W.. ~oru

- _ ~~~- - ,__ - - _- - - ~~

r----:AIImg-r.-'. -""1- Dam_g;e: :-_-,

can only SlUlrmo~mt by dim bing over,



11'111111: ILQnII PrIImPYW4lliPolI: ~ " _ - - _,- - _ - -- .. ~ ~.- DtimiIIg.: IIUMi; hng= SecondlLrv WMpom ,__ ,- ,- ~ ~ ~ .~- - _,- ,__ ,D..".g~: . SIJart: ILong:





As inl BaUleTlroops, plO\lyerswull dedde' i n ad~.anoe whetller 10 use a published scenario or one ,oJthei'r own deslign. They than choose 'Slides.aM fi IIoi:ll,18atlle Arm.or Record Siheets farralii soldie,rs tallliUlQ part in the balltle, AJlsobaiI'Qrethe start O'rplay, theglmup consults th a S~:i1IMO to learn what Ierrain counlers mum be fplaced on the mapsheet. Ai ~hrs time, tihe pliayem da-ckJie wtu~their ~hey willi use any ,o;pHof1,a,1 rules"

Prior ill the $ pi1l!Y" fm oul, a BatlJe Armor FI:ecord Sh,eet of for eve,ry Clan El8m~nlal or Iinner Srp'hereU'o()p€'r in a power suul involved in '~he en;glag:l\lJment. he Battle ,Armor Record Sheet is T sim ilar to 1!hO$~used in, Battleliroop:s: and is fi lIed Oi!.nt same' the way, A baifll~e.-awmoredClan Ehem.enbal is equipped wlilh an SRM :2 pack missile laul'lche.r. plus two secondary w@apons. The Ilesssophis~icamd ~n new Sphs'r,e lpoower $JL,Jiits;arelimi~~ toone weapon systl$rl1. Baitlle'armo,ned troops 0,1 both kinds have O!fi€!' manipula· live claw for utSe in F,e,nd ing arrml, from BatileMec'hs_ Any secondary weapons assigned to bmtle-armored lUi1lw: are r~rorded on the Sheet, along, with 'liheweapons'damage ami range values. Soma scenaJrtClS li.mi,t Which weapons arE! ava'ilable 10 certai n playe rs, so it is ,mpoi1a'nUo 'check.,f,oreq,u,ipmentJ9strlclions when usl ng th~' scenarios i !"!Ilhis,book



+1 ",t ~,t ri1 +2+2 +2, +2 +2 +3 +3,.3 +3 'DE
~1iI I

1.4 1141 113 U 12: t2! t t 10 i


7 Ii, 51 I 43





1)mIiP Numben ~ l'


0 000


Prim.nJ' WeapMl: SR,M 2, Dama.g~\'W8i.'4~L Short: ----,- Long: Hl6 Secondary 'W,eapolI!= Small ,Laser D,amai!Je:12t StiuH1:90 Llilll!li= 270 Secondary Weapon: FlamerIDamalil,e;e'L:~t,21 S'hol1~ t C 'Long; 20


When piayi ngl (':13,n11'1\00p5, thefollo\IVling expaJlfIsions to Bat~~~TrQoills ml'es win 111elp.layers s,imullate mov,ement" eembat, p and the use oJ specIal ~ras; apprQprr9!te to nne new Ie rrai n @Inc! ac:mdiitiolill5 baille. of

SWAM'f'S Swampy terrain ~Iows grouncHnovemelnt cornSij~el!ab~. As in IElaMeTroops, 5Wamp$ are ·consrde'r,ri!d undergrowltli fo1' oomoa!t purposes,

CIOI1lTl:'OOpsallows for several new terrain types and spediall actiOVlS,as sum rruuized on the revised MovemenllPo~nl Cosnalble,

In ClanTroops, oombat imops, mOilf~ng in de9'p water are oo:i'i!$idElII'~dl(l be swlmmint'l. The Dnly troClps that crain.swim are tru;)se~\rryiOQI on~y Ofll€!W€~PQrI (n.ootm::hJdirtglgmrnades or s~iaJl i
suppo;li: ws,itrpOins}.



Te:l1m~nTyjpe Batood Wi re

C~ear(rNiof,erminl Fe.,Uures/JlJJmping Climb Exteri:or WalillHed(gle CI~mb 'Met;h1Chafige locatioi'll :3 ConLour line 4· Deep Wa~e,r (Swimming) 2 Door 1 Eru~er/Exit Ar1iHery Impact Cr~tar 2 E.n~er/Ex:it!iM'Q;v,e T!lJlrlin~1 in :2 Fumituire Impassible Interior WaJI~s 3 IRough 4, Sfhanow Water +~ irli dilan;g'ing lev,els StaiiiWaiY 4\ SwaJrnp , fr,ee Trunk IlmpaS$ib~e 8: Trench ,:2: UndergmwthifTree IBrancin:ecs 4 Window Speola~1 Aetlons Cal,l~r Artill16ry 6~ Crawl 2' .X lerrain cos~ Engag(J' ~rIHand ~o H&!1!d CombaJl 7 Exchange Al'lI1mQ/WeaJ,Poll Ei G 9t InlolOuil O'r BoallR!a~t 5"'~ 11 Go Plr1(lne a Pmpare G r(!llnooelWeapon 2,4, or'S, Set Firing .Are Se~UplBmak Down 4J Cil'ew membeJT Support WoopooriS
Stand Up Throw Gmnade * SeeS,wlmml1n91 -.... ee Rafts S

MP 'Cost '0 1 5 5

AniY time a trooper ibeoomes ~.mconsclClU$whilla lna waJer do~ (any leval), he is COinsidered drowned.fh~1 dead ~n;U;Jp(lr's c(]!l,:iI1l~er is wemaved from the map, These ,ditches ~llow a lfOO;p'ruto rurEl '~mmooy,er. A tro·operin a trnncltn !is,Qonsid!ered Prone wihen .attadkJngand h!ai$IP:a!!i<l!~ over C wihel'fl'de~ nding" Movi rig linro alirelrlch ooslS:3 MP" bu,t moiling alol'!lg a lIFe neh wsts ll1ie same as m:r;:Ivln~1' clear terlFaifil, &i lUNNIELS In Claili1lTlroops~llIl11ne~s are un(JIergnou ne passageways 1.5 to 2' meters ,in dlar1'!€:ter1LJsed10 move troops qUlkk!ly w~houl e,xp1J!5in,g them to Slurl.a:oecombat fN!orunners are lmaJrked en the map~lheets. Cert~i,n sC'efilarios may specurrthe existenoo and ~smon lof'tunnels. n is possible to ,enter 'or '~x~la.tunne~ 0 !1~Y al ~ocation8 w,helFe a. ~l:Innelaecsss oo'ull1!ter has been placed'. Tunnel iG::ounler,iO a:re pilaped prior to ~he !!ita;rto~ play and c1'llnno~tlel mo""ed. Wh~fi a trooper eme:rs 8ilurmel, thiis Ts nn~jJicatedby eiliher laYlil1lQ st~lWld'!iJp fi.g~re' r,epresenti!1!g !h~m.i:mits: side or by '~uln',ing the it si:d:e.wa;y.son its' base, lhe lroeper rnaylhe~ m(ll!;'e!'throughlitlle tu rwte.1 !norma~ly.Whl;!n he rnMn5 to the suria:(leal :aJnoth~fiiUFl n.eI aooecss, his ,stalj'iJd.·iUPCOUOI:e1r retu rns to lit~ ino~m~1 f#esi~i{)f'I,


Swimming. troops. may not. fire orp1at.:e a Hri ngl arc whil~ 5wimmtn:g. SWi1rnmill1lg troops !cari'Ml prepare or throw gmnaaesGlr make IJS'E! of support weapons., EXpllosiy.e$ (gre:rnadtilS!rI!no s:aooh;(1l1chafges missi'hefjr~i or autooan nO:fi1fi r,~) do 2 addilicmal lDamagG' iF"oiI'It8 at aach lof tM ranges becalJlOO' of the 'Ull'lderwale:r OQrJculssiQrIeffoOOf o~~he €'Xi.p,lo"



1/dot thrown

See iQff~Board .A:niUery

Bidden mOY'IlI,(ii'I€lnt is lp;Ds'siltlleif all playte<n, agn,e ll~rQrel'iland, To. simulate hidden movement, note movement within the h.ll'inels on a she~1. o~ peper _When tllis OCC'U'fS, players both mu.s:l show the where their jroOptirs are tooated in the ,tunne'l, Due· ~o the confining nature cd a 'liLJl'lnel, it ~indelrs bo~h movem~nt aJOO combat (see Movement and To-Hii Modifiers Tables), W'9apons (ire'Caflt ,only OCClIJr'lNilhin a tunnel; nofireean ba dlreCled out Gi,f a 'tunnel. Cave-Ens _ - A!lIrurJrJElls,. are assfg,ned a Stmotu ral Ilnll~grily Ratnn:g' that determines i~:sabilit.y to withstand extreme oonditf,ons, such as having to SUpjporl: ~he weight of Eli 'Mech. M.ost rulilnels ,encountered nn the field .ue ear1.ihwork. rei:nfu(,ceo with woodenl supports aMI wi,th a Sjn..u::turalll ntegrilty ot 12, Sillonge:r runnels are raJre, but can be simulated by increasing the nmnel's StruCl.\Jr,a:l1n~egrity by as many as () pOh'1lts.lf a tunnel h'as rtO~ b~l'Il assigned a StruCtur<'JIllllnt!llgrtly rating" aS$lLlme it iis a 1:2, I~a! :BaUleMech or other vehicle moves OVElr the surface of a tu'n n 911mIl 2D6, addllng'~ point to ~hElresuil. far each 10 'I;(lrlls. If the ,. modilied reI.! exceeds the tun.nel's Struc1ural Integrity., a. c<II\Ie·in ocou rs, The aJrem of thecave;in ts dlefinoot by thewidlh ,of th,e 'Meoo Of Vehic.le Template th<lt caesad the calla,..ifl, A clil"ve-in ~utQmaliilCaJliVkiliis anyoY'ls wh,o is in '~hemnnel and underllie 'Medh orvehil::le when the tunnel c::oI11aps:es_ he 'Mooh or T veinlici:e'lihateausse thili c.aVfHilil takes damage as if it had faJllI~none level, uiSing the 'Imnl/back column o1lhe 8attieMech Kick ILoca~ion Ta_ble. p, 32, IBanl'eTech Compendium, 10 aUociltte any d!amage·. Use rubble c;; 'In manK nile toca1ioll of <I caved-lin hJtrll1el on ~he map_ From that poi.nt on, that seclkm of 1he tunnel is. the equ ivalent of rUlbble for units mOlY'i g on the su rfaoe and is impasn ,sible'to any units movingl in tlhe tunnels. Bear in miimj ~haUt19se wiles Slim ulat,e fiie.ldf,ortificatiOI'1s, 80me under.grrOilmd passagl8s am deep G'nough and sfron,g enough to absorrb the i rnpar:,to~a Ma~aud'~!' !andl ng from a.jum P. but tlillese Irs. an;, passages raf~her tl'l<ll1 tunl'llllltS_ lhey aim considered part 011 irns1aIlMions, <lind are' nO'I:sub]ed W ~he tUll'Ineilan.d cave-in mlas.


-, ";.~-



Tihijs;seeuen oontains new rules that. deal wilJh the effec<is of bunkers, off·board ,artill:ery, and smoke_ As these rules, are aptio nal, use them onlly if e:a1led fo1r by a published scenar,io or if alii p,layeil"s agme to, use them beiorelihe smrl. oj play.

ISunxers are slngJ~-stQry hardened bu i laings with viewiP'Oi1$, smalll windows from whft;1'l weapons may be 'fired. rtO ii:re from a vrawport,. a treeper nlIust b~ on a dot adjacenUQ it. To ,set IUp a t'iriflg arC Old af a v.iewport.. th'e apex, o-r origil1, af the are must IOiUChtthe dot on whichlJhe' attacke,r is stam:iin'lg. as U!i1I BafttleTiroops,.


* *








* *'



•• *



A trooper behind a viewp<lrt has Heavy CQve1" against 8Iny "nooks made against hi rn, inQJudinsl ,any .grenade or sJUclhel chaJ'91es ~hrown at the b'Ulnk!e:r.





Walls am oonl$idered LsV'e111 terrain when determiningline·oJ'-:slglht. Uk~ lnttl!rior walls, they ebscure' diN!!ct LOS. A plaYE:lr al)! attempt to breach iII wall by firilng at a specific wall m do,t, wiiUl a -2 m ocIifier for fir'ing at Jalge tS!~gets. I~1(It or mo,re paints of damage is dorle in any one '~ulrn-(il"u::ludil1'gl dama'9 e by.;vtea-;effect !/lllfi)'apons). Ihe wall ,is considered breached and a breach counter is placed on, 'the targ:eted dot

,O'PF_IBOARD ARTILLERV , Some seenarias can 'r'Orthe usa ,af offi-b@ard aflil'lEiry. Qff·ooard ,artillery 'consists of missilec or ,arlmery barrages lalJllflched by !,Jniits 1Jhatare trlot in play em the mapshElQl. A :scenarrlo 'lYml de-line wh'at, kiine O'f artillery is <'Ii[~Uab!e iifl tecrms of a point value f150·point b,mrag.e.) ·or'wEl!apori type' HhumiPEH barrage) ~fld what (jjistElinCle~he· BJtille:ry battery iiS frtllm the biU11e:liield (in BattleT,ech mapstlee[S)"
The pmc;oou r,elbr Iresolvi ng artille!ryfire'

B:pttleTech. wi,th the following excep~iol1ls.

is ~del1tlca;1 to1!1-iat.l!Jsed In for An!Ullery Stip,port Duringl the lEnd Phase', any ~roqper equipped w1U1cammunlcatIons gear ma,l( atl'empt. to call for it barrage H he did Inot move or fim and! if he did nDt come lIrJder attack dl!uinQi Ithetulrn,. ~tis expedient IDa~iSJr.I!l1e that all.t~per:s .carry ·tcommunrca· liollls gear powerliul .eno:ugh to mal<:eoontact. If Hlilplaye~s agree, C(lmmurdc:ati.ons 'gearr may k:m assfgned t@ one m~n~ per 'l5quad_ In this case, ,communtcations gear" is 'a. badkpacklhat OOlil"lts·as a Tne playercallingfo:r a baf;r,a;ge,(ails 2 106to determine wnether he has succeeded In maki r'lgi contact wit'lri,lh,e8_rtl:llery unit. A tf,e:SUIt of ~, or bener meanstnai centaet has DEtOn established. Ain Ilitnsuecessiul trail means the soldier was, U!i1at)le 10 make contaCl, buU:i1emay trv again in .5ubseque!1ltlums.IEach player may oniy rell onCe per tum; r'egardJeSIS ot llie ilumber of t(JDo,persIryi'ng to make






" ':...




....3": •• ,

As Cla,nl'roops does net IJIsenumbered hexes, the target of anarlillery barrage is designal,edb'"y a lwo"li9lulre number that results from QOunting the dots rorlihe targfiit Beginning from 'I!he corner of the map w~th 'lhe scatter diagram, oou nt tlhe number af dOlts lip llie verlicalledge of th,iIll map, men cou nHh:e r1Umber of dots i'nto th.e map horizontally', for example, using Battleliwops: Map 1, 1he pJayer wou'ld
r'9Cord the numbers "20, g,g to Gaillthe coordinates

a barrage, IDe shot sca'l!ters. TirI'9i d~reC'licmO'r '~he scatter is del:eilimnned normallly, Dutlile disMul(:;e lis del:e,rmined by


ot ~he dot


buildling#2 with jhe sro.ilrs_ This represents ccn,mtingllupthe nanow end of ~he map 20 dots (nOr'lh) and '~hen Q\i\er 9 dots {west).
" '. ~ ~ ~-~ .. _ •• ! ~

multiplying the resuU of a 1DO.die roll bylhat of aisE)oond1.iDf:l, roll. Tlhis could pllacs the shot off thetiilJrgeted maJfJsheet 'Ilmtirely, In tha,t case.assume that, f,orpu rposes 'cd adju s'dl1!;!lire" the PO~rlt impact ' 'Was. Illiot in L:OS of trioop.~rs onflhe mapboard. IF:mlexample, a. barralgie rneses ~s. inmmded target, ami so it scatters. The' p~a}'\eiwho caned in the barrage mIls ~D6, tOo determine 'the direetioll'l at the sea,tler. lie thel1 ~oliis 1'ID6Mioe, mLJ'Iti~ly· itlglhe reslll~ of ~he 'lirst mil by tile res1ullt.orthe second to determi ne the ,distance Of the $C~tier" ~fhe rons a 3 ami @5, for example-, the $IhohllcallelfS, 15 dots in the del:ermlned by 1:fiJefirst roiL


When and :ifa barrage' hils, an rar1ille ry imp.act cow nter is plac~d en Uta larget ,dot ind1catil"lg! 'lit:ief,ormatio n of an irnpac1 cr,a,ter. On ca Ute limp.act poiinrt.iiSdetermined, the ap,Pl1OiPri~t(ii d'amage is a,pp1ied ~oal~ 1~.'Mf,lch>s, ,and bUlilding's sum:l!IJrldinglhe :lmpaetdIO'l', p€ir' the stalldafd Battle'Troops rules, . The' dam age 11nmct~d by 81'1 amll ery barrage is expressed in terms of a jXliri!t v,allLle or wea,po.n type- Thls point value represents the damage taikaA by anyo:ne or ,anything i~lhEi target d ot. D~iilI1age il"lfl'imed en sunrnlJrlding dots is, ~ismd latter the' slashes ( 11,. If an off-tmard arti,lllery cOInage hits a BatlJeMech, the appro, pliaJle A~mOIi"-P[er,cing Value (APV~ damage is applied. SOOIP: 30"



T (]I delermline' in which tum a shell:wi II land, use rthe She~1 TIme ,in FUghl: Tabla, 10_ Ba,HleTrsch Compendium" but 1he lime in 491, Flig~tis expressed ill dicf!!inste,ad of turns, The acluall1me' ill Flightl is 'determi ned by r,olling these cliice. Ilr, for' e)(~ample, a!F1!{ artiil~el1f unil is live boards awary, tha Time inllFlight is d'e1ermined by milling 3:[)tl,lh~ ~sult ts th,fi !I'Iulmber 01






50U1 Ol B0L'2I)U5L
100U40U15L15l '150UB0U3GU1.51L15L 2:QOLJ125U70Lf35t/10U'5L

2014/1 ,25/81311 •

150 200

~W1 Q\f3j11 SQI3M2f11/211

BalfJelill"Oops mms oeJorelihe'Slhell


Smoke obscures line-ol'-sight, perm ltflng troops '10 move with tess risk or anrac~il1g 13 nemy fi re. Smoke ~s.discharged by m sana of fit smoke g,renade. wh lch is thFown inlhe same manner as any other grenade. When a smoks grelilaoe goes oU, iitd~sGhargesa Ilt1lick, tenebrous cloud. IIII th,ltI Wfi1 of imp8Jt::tthis smoke doud consists otl'he impact dot and the 6,
" ;

; ~:.:

This SQCliOI'll de,$cflioes srpecia1equiprneru n.JSOOIin field operations iln rurat settlnqs, This equlpme-n,tiS 'for use wham called for by' a published scenario or if alllpJayers agree lhat one Or bath, sides ma.y employ the dtls! r~d ElQYII.pment. R'AFTS R2IIitsmove at IIIrate of th r,ee w"Ii€'r dots par 'rum and 'FsquiIFe the presence of at jeast one oecupanl fror move rnant, Each (,aft can Iho~da maximum of bur dl1fantrymen_ R<;lfls are treated aa l<;l g e t~r'g e'IS, Wl1lch raoei'Ve a -2 Te- H it r ModilieL lEach raft cilIl1lake' aiota: of 3 paunls Lmhal :Damage be-rolFeit ts Ides~roryed.BrLJ ise Di5IImtage has no eJfact on a ratt Wh,l'If"! a rat! is destroyed. il~ co Unter is r,eomovedfrom P~alY,Ills former (lCCUIPilfltsare placed in the' d 011 tlere' the raft sank 01" an 'i adjacent w wat,er dot, aM 'I!'nel( may neither mOVoe nor pei'ltl rm any' other acttons dlll'ling tnatlul'lli. . Any shets fired at eecupanss afa ra/lt that miss may stdke' the ran i nsteai:l. Any ~ime olinopponen'l shao'ts ag.ajl'1s~. an oocupant of <I raft and misses, he-giets a second [he raft: wi,~ha +3 modirner.

surr,ounding dots. At the end 0'1 the Movemenl Phase oi 11118 next tum, 'the smoke cloud e.x:pands l"Ocover 1tre surn:lI, 12 dots. A smoke counter Is.placed at the center or Ihea:ff9cted<'lr~a. ..








* *

2 2 1 2






1 2 2


B.A,R BEl!) 'WI R,E
Barbed wlire inlliMs movemer'!'1 by ,damaging troopers at~el'l'1pt~ng llOpa,ss 'Ihmugh it. To indicate the ~oCal,ion

'* '*



wim on the ma,p,place


1 2 2


* * *






it' 'It






Fi,ring through a smoke clooo is pmssiblir{;ll, ith, <I +3 mod ifie'f. w The smoke cloud 1:a:s1s twelve turns, aifter whi(:h it diisperses and for Lhe smoke DOU ntsrs are rernoved,

barbeo wire counter on any dons) bloohd by the wire, These eou n~ers are p~aced prior to 1he start of p~ay and c-anrl01 be mO\i'ed duning ~h9course af the game, I'l costs 6 MP IQ mov"e 'Itllro.ugl1 doIs wilh ofitro;e-d win~ COl:mters. Every 1ime a trooper cresses it! do;t om arked wi~h a barbed Wire CCiunter. hetake'5 1D6 points 10:1 Bruise Damage and mW$1fQiI2D6 •• lf1he r~·sull is 2-4,.1he trooper is langiad in the w~re and must end ms movement Tba neA"l.tum the entifi.n:gledlro<o,~r automaJtiMlly I.a:ke.$1D6 points of Bruise Damage and mils ~9ain r,o see if he stl IIIentang~ed_ n ,r:ji:)1, may m01;l\l'J out oHhe wire w:i1hi no ,addUfona,1 ilIe penal~ies, Troopers ,entangled in barbed wire may still attack ,"Mill' libe apprq::lliaremodlfiier ( 'lo-Hit ModJners Table, p" 11,,~hene:;d section). Barbed wir,e has no ,eJfI€!dall LOS. Ent~ngl~ troops are! treated as Pro!i'lie t'a~g]e'l$lor com bat pu rposes. .







Tbe following rules. are add~tions Md modirications tejnese g.iven tor in~eglr.arllng Battl'eTech with BaUfeTroops. These IiLilles will apply wrmn speci'fiedi by a sOiil~allio 0 r when the p!ayers. muwally agme in ad:vOlirtCe.

This section eorrtaisa ,expi1.ln!5~ons ,and darifica1ions combat rUiles in BattleTroops.
lO-t'llir MOIOIIAERS Tihe Bas€' To-Hit Number i,::; modifi€d to the


account for

terrain,!d.ive cover, movement., and other factors. All applicable modifiers are eu mlilative, exoept wihere noU~idI, TO-HilT MODIFIERS TABLE

lihuFI,del LAMsJiF.ASCAM B¥ the year 3051', both tile Claos and 'rhe Inner Sphere fames. aWe .making use 01' Thunder lRMs·, or F ASCAM "(Field ArlJil!ery Scati'elfaJbile Mines)" lheiZie 'Variant'!{l9 mi$Slili;l~;attack. a ,given area and disburse mines in thatlargeted area, effectively rumiilQ il jnro, a minefield, These' mines are des-ignedi to damage 'Mec'hslvel1'io'es as well as personnel ... For'9ame purposes, any 8aitU~Mechlha.t useslihis, ~p,tiQ:n must tlIJ,gitli a dot on the map. IHl'le Tu-riilt Flail is suocess~ul. 'Ih~t 'dot and tirlO!l9 within a. 5-dot range are mined. fhi8'sel min'a's i.;i$e the EliaJtHel'roops nJ~~s on p. 3~ I exoBjpt that FA-SCAM mines, carl damage 'BaUI~Mechs, vehicles, or pers()rmel. They are rated as t'oIlQws: Ami-~E!r9il:Ii'I!'!,el ILRM Sbe

Terni!n or AcU:cl'n
Partial Cover


""1 per parlJial·oo\relr i'u~.)! en~ered or- crossed by LOS ...4 Heavy Cover -1 Atta'Cke.r IPwne *1/-1 Target Pmn:a (RaiilQEl >1lR<mge 11) +1 1 Slrgei in Al'Iti'llery ImpaCI Cra~:er +1 Attacker Enta!ng;led i'n BaJrtl.ed W,lre Def.ender is larg~ Target -2 Combali in Tunnel +2 ,Def.ender Swimm iing or in D;eep,Water +1 +:2 FkeGrawle IBoatiRaJftAccid~nt9J1 Shot +3 IHEAVY COV1ER BUlnkeraClmplexes provide Heavy Covertoi3i defe;nder.,fhuugh flirlng potls. ex.isUor firnng out o~ a reinforced buaker, firing] infD OnB ot these facilities is much more difficull. ',or &hots must lbe targeted lOE1nlervia o;penilrlgs, porlals, and so en, D.AMA.GE
The ·followiing is 3. Ilisl: Of Imew weapon types and anti-

10 Hi .20 UUra Au.nOC!1Illnon. Ultra .l!utocafii'lon,

' 2Oi~ 40/1 Oj~ OOl2(115o


5 to
16 20

both the' Clan al'ld II'riner S:l'her,Si ver.Sions, have 'd'1e.abi!lily to tire, at ooulljle 'thiillrS,te ofstaridaro 3.lUtoc8ilnOIl. I~ a 'M~h 'US9iSlts Ultra. au~m::aJ1iiiiOnlin this t.aiShl:Orll,iGllo'ulb'le 'lhll: done in alii r.ange.s if the! weapon suocessfully hilS.
A!re:a.~E"e~ Weapon APV:s

The f·ollowing APVs ElattlElirroops.

omitted fr,om the original iJ·etsion of




personnel effeCls in CllanTIIDOps. Anti·Personnel Pods· Some. Clan OmniMechs may be outfitted with specially de~ signed ann-persermel pros. MOl]lrll1ed on a. 'Mec'h'$ legs, these pods. are siirllgle·shot weap()n!s nna~ Sh.owe:F a spray ,0'1 shrapnel Ciownwardloward any El!1:tifliCking info1l!ntry. An,ti-personm'!l pods always ..a;Ra.ckas though at short range,. When fi r.ool·lhey have a range 013 dotsfrorn the oenter eet on the 'M~(;h T empliat.e_ LJlke· area-efleGt weapons, (heSie peds do damage in concentric rings out from the' center do~ on the 'Meclh T em,jjlalte. The damage is1 Om4L.

Heavy SAM LAW Grenade! LaUiooher Auto Grenade launcher lig ht Reooi'lless Rrle
Safcl':lel Charge






Heavy Flcunert Infama 'Mecih WeapD.I'IS The 'Medh Weapon B:atlilel)"oopsL


Table IlfiI this book repla:c:es ~ne orne in



• \,_


~ ~!-.~




40L 28l

'MECII1I WEAPON TABLE. IMinimuml Maxiimum

Clan Weapons HI La;$er tlairge} EA Laser' ~Medil.lm) EFt Laser (Smalll) EFt PPC
Ramer Pulse Laser (largel'




240 1M 72



PlJlse Laser ,(Medium) Pulse LaSi~,r (Smelll} Gauss Rifle L82'-XAC LEI S·~)(AC LB H)-X AC ILIB20·)( Ae
Machine G!Jn


5 5

8U41U2L 21lU11 L/5Lr2L I)





SO U401lJ20U1 OU5L

360 288




1Iitra AC!2 lIil~raACfS.


Ultra .A.eil 0
Ultr.i"!.AC!20 LRM5
LAM 10

BU4lJ2!l 2CiU1 ~U;5lU2L 40~.O U1 OLf5L12iL

324 252

144 36

5 5



20 U1 QU5LJ2 L 40U20U10USU2l

144252 25.2

LAM 20 SRM2 SRM4I SAM ,6 Streak SAM 2 Streak SAM 4
StrEi~k SRME!


16U8U4U2L :32 U 1,oIJ'8U4'L1.2L 4a U24U12U6U3U1 L 116U81LJ4L12iL

10B U)B

S 5 5 5 5 5 5 5





144 228

Inner Sphere! Weapons EA Lar,g,e la$er12L



Riame'F L1Ug9 Laser Medium Laser Smalll laser PPC PUlse laser ,(la!rge) IF!li~se aser (Med~um) L IPiuISElf aser (Sma'II)' L AC 2 AC 5,

8U4iU2l 32L


:216 36 180 1108


12l 40l 2BU14L/i'U2L 24U12U6U2L '121U6U2L 8U41!J:2L 2QU1' I)USl!2L

36 2~6

PIG10 AC 2:0
Gauss lAiDe LB 1: -X .AC 0
Maotnini!l Gun

40U201L110Ll51J2L 60LJ40U~:OLl1 OU'5LJ2L
SOL 40U20U11 O1LJ51lJ~L

28 36

36 28a·


5 S 5,


108 264 2Hl ,36

LRM 5 LRM 10
URM20 SliM 2: SRM 4

Ul1ra ACJ5

20U1 OU5 L2t 2011,OU5U2L 40uaO U1OU·5Lf2L 80U40liJ20U10U5!U2l
1161UBU4Lf2iL 32ilJ1'6L1BU4.u.2L

252 252



5 5 5


Streak SAM :2

SRM '6

48:U.24LJ12U6IlJ3U' '16,uSU4li'2:l


, 12





IClilmb1ng a "MEIch Anti~i!Mech hl'l'antry U!sil"lQI gr.e,pples can climb a 'Mach to carry ,out attacks ~galrlst .ally Ipr;aition desired. MOYi'ngl ~J,o!.JI1d the ,exte'ricr ofi1!! Biilttl:eMech ~Iow. but allows lihe ~f'Oo.per'ro, place an anli- "M:ech sa ~c:heli charge in a mor:e sernsltive location than the leg. if 0' climb, a '!Mech,lhe·~rOQper must flr8l datefmnn~om whi:ch o-i 11'19 Meeh''s 111g<$ is !OCallllld (the legs being closest 10IDe ,groL!'nd, he !hey are the first araaslihat can be assaulted, ..Infal'lltfy~hat nIDt8 suocessfully !}l'appJ'ed.a 'Mach'd@lermine tl'll Which firi ng arcthey are , if in ~he forward or rear arc, they may ,choose whrch 113910 .arlta:ck.lf [rI,e,ither of the rHft ares {front or r'~r), the}!,are cJ'.imoi;ngthe lett leg. Simrl<lllily r iHhey are in ,a.i~her'ohhe two ri,gh~:8Ircs,lihey a.fe cl'imblng lihe'rtgh1 leg. The player places ~he appropriate, 'Mech location coynte·r in 1he s1and with '!he tremper and oots the coYl!iter in tha approprii:Ue ,BN} (dots do not .a.,pplywhen, diredly assaulting,,, 'Meeh and aife ign()!~ed),. ~ Wn!:1nI dliml:i:lll9 a 'MeGh. iit (';;O$1:s,4 MP to, move from on"llQ compon&nt to aJno1her. Movemj1l'l"It is Inot €I,);)&.cl.n:ed in tarrns of dorn moved. Ibut Ii'! terms of locations en the 'Med1 i.tself. The "Mech location OO'Lillr'lt'er-s USleQ to show the I!OCOI~onft.ilI tf,oopa~ Who is are o eii mbilnligl a ·M~h. Insen tho (:01..mter ~l'iIto·ltie st~l'I:d akm:!;!1'wUh,lihe '~Too'P8:r euntar. e ' When a.tlioo;pe·r isiCIimbif\9lai BatlleMeOl, ,conSlJlt fhe Climbing Table bel'ow to dehumil'1El wh1;lll,possible mO'\f\~ he ma¥ make 'Iirom one location on the 'Moon to anothew.

• 's

ANrJl. 'MECH OPER:A liONS lJ!se(he standard BaHileTwops. rules , p, 31"O\2.foj' atl'~lcks made bytroop8rswi~ ai"itil"'Mech.satcne'1 charges. 'In C'anTj'\oops, h~ver, a sold"er raskl 11g. such an aMa'ckcalii now climi::lUp a 'MecliJ to set lIhechar·ge, aJI'IIdQ damage is t.akerHJnti'neloca~ion where ~he ~ charge is set. Uis.possib Ie to titr6 at ~foc:iPE!'S! tlitatare assaHJ,ltin9 a B8II1leMech. Alltroope,rs assauliing a BatlteMechawt! considered' Prone. GralPples In OlanTroOips, ajnt[~'Mech inr:al'1ltry are, 'LJs~ially equupped wi1!h grappling gear Um1 alialj!j'$ th em to cl'Lrf!lo <II 8atfleMtmh quickly .. Girappres are one-shot, disposable dlilviOO$_ Each u,ooper can carry up to three gr:appli ng. rods in IlielJ of a single S!~ondary weapon. Tlheoo grappling rods may, in times o,f emergency, .sel"lle as a direGt~~ire .anti·p0I'SO'rIA'ilE!1we·apoon.Their ranges aJIId damage are as IOUl)'W5: Shod lofilgl lDamag.e 1--4 5-7 46" 11L The trooper attempting a grappl!e eannot fire.or prepare <liny other weapons during the kim inwhicll he majl"e-sthe attempt, and he must be wi1hin 5 dots of tine C€lmliir dot af ~he \liIrget 'Mech lemplate. GrClippl~ng requires a To-~·iit RoiL Treat alii shots wiltJa gn-appl'e
as short rai1Qe.

A 5uooessfliJili hi,. mei1ilns thail tha grapple device has atlached Thetreoperesnchenss ~ilherRHitttadk1he fegs 01!the tBatll!eMec!h durlng,1ihe Mo\!'emei1!t Phass ot the next 'lurn or he can climb, the· 'Mech in order, to pliOOethis. oharge in another location. O~e a is attached. Ihetro.c:tpe,f must: pr:oCllied wilh an assault on the 16a:uleMech or else detach the grappilll (remolllil'llg it hum play).

to th,e~:aJ'QetMech. '

Ilcuinrent LocaJlil.olI'I .lefl: leg Rlight Leu :le:ftTorSo ILett. Torsi;) (Reali'" Fiighl: Toi'S.O' Right Torso, (Rear) Cel1lter Torso
Cel'lter Torso ,t Rear}

CLiMBUIIG'iJ'ABlE Possible Mowm«ni rr, l T (R}, 'CT. cr (R) CT, GT (R). u, lA, HOI' LT (IR) Ct. CT (Fa)" ILL, LA,. H, LT
Cij, OT (FI:)" R.L" FlA. IH, RT (A) RT, FIT (R). CT, CT(R)


CT. CT (R}, RL, FIA, FI, AT CT (A), RT. liT eFt). Rl, LT, IT fR!I. LL, H CT, Rf, IAT (,R}, IAL, LT r LT (iF!) u, 14

When tbe , has ,completed his mOVill. pl'ace the mcSl 'Medii location OOI.mter in llie trooper's, .slana. 'Rememb·er that a. trooper may ~Iwa.ysmove one Ilocat&ol'i, regardless !:If hoW' ~1!'!1!Iny he has, as I'ong, ,as it fs his only aclkm during the tum il"l iMP W:h~ch he m 0\1\95.

Ri:dmng a, 'IMech Whilie' a trooper or 'troopers, ar,e .assaultlng 8. 'Meehl, they ramal non ~ne 'Mech Template', moving with the 'Mech as it moves. Tha 'Mech's mOl,llement a1~;me may be e·l"!.oijgt'n~o sh:ake ,off '!he 'tr,oopers, tmwever. The play~r pitrititlg ti1JI3!a'tleMoo~ mkJ1stdadlare, wha1her he, is walki ng, runlling, (l,r ju mpingl ,M tlliil start 01'his.

movement, Wheo the 'Moon moves, wll2D6

for each ·troo,per ass.a;ultingl the 'Mech agao!1st'the ·tar:getnumoo'r.!l'givElIl en the Shaking lable Wlow.lhis target is. Ilil'Dcdilied IbYtitle trooper':!; ,Io,cationl, If the result ot~hEiIroll i~ eqllJlaJ~ er better 1han tlie' mOdllie.dl ta~get"liIle trooper' to remains sseure on. the 'Mech. O~l:l:erwi:SB the nrooper failis ~mm the BatileMech.

'Famng 'Diillmage
S!HlA:KJING, 'li,ABI!.'E
'Mech MOV8li!i!ienltActiQn larget

4 6,

Walking/Cruise Runni,ng/Flmnk JUlmping
Locafion IModiliers

+1 -1

Slhcu~d a grapp!ing 'I!rooipe:rian off t:he' 'Mecn" hietakes ,damage !Upon impact 'The darTltag,gdone' depends on from what part 'of the 'Mech the trooper l,ellLif th.e BarttlieMech is ]U mpingl wh en,the~rOOiper failS. double the damaQj9, To d€!termnne tlhe damage, consu'lt the lFalll!irlgDamage Table below, FALLING
Trooper L,ocation

legs Frorl'l: Cenlell' (Flight/Left Torso) Head Center (Rig hti'lflH Torso)



Cel'ller!leftiFl,igh. Anm<$ Legs Torso6:B,

2l 613:, ~ L 4B., 1'L


'Other ModiUers, Battle Armor/Eleme:ntal -4 BattleMedh Arm AUatk+1 ~ 'MechlVehicle Moving' Th r,ough Bmstl,OF Adjacent. to Trees +2 Velhicle MOV11"1g'ThfOOgh Rullb1etHougih '" 11 ~ Gann;Olllbe used a~'ailf11sttroopsii1J rear locali'ons" For e'!tannple, a trooper on the ~egof a 'Mach 1ha[ is j~mpi ng must ron a Target Nu mbef' 8 for Jumpi ng!, wi1h a +3 mod~fle~ because he iiS on the 'Mech":s legs. To remain grappled to tnfl' 'Medh" the trooper-player must IFol1 an 11 Or 12. A Batl:le'MIach pi'lot carl! atlempt10 remove grappled ~roopEu$b¥ ~$iFl9 its arms (if present),. If a 'Medh has arms and is walk.i ng or rUli"'Inling, it may ,attempt ~o knock off any grappllinglroopsrs. Obvklusly. 1he lP.ilo~cannot attacktJroopers on the rear ot his 'Mech


The Mflcn,Warrior mey carry eutsuch maneuvers, which cost 10 MP, at any time during th,e 'Mech's m ovemelit. Use the Shakingl Table! as though the 'Mecll WBFlll' jumpii'llg (Target Number S), with the +;1 8atlileM!ech Arm Attack modifier.,


Rear R/'LTorso, in this


The trooper's, I.ocalion after a htll alse depends Or] from wha1 pari: of 1Jhe'Mech he tumbled, H lui was on tl:'te r!:ght 'Ie~.. 1lirm, er tomeo, place him in thefoM:liH'dl rig h,t·aro dO'! oJ IDe 'Meoch templ;;l!te inlhe location wher,e 1M template was wiflel'l the' trooper fell. If he was CI'nthe leff leg, arrn or lorso, he is il'll [h~ 10rwCllrc :leHarc. If Ihe ~s on ,th,eOeJ'1i~:er torso or head, pl(fJIcehi m In the forward al'C, and if liie was on ai!'IY part of the rear tonm. place him ii'! tha rear am. Fo:r €l'x:ample. Feder,llIted Commo!'1!wealthii'1i~anEryma:n Ser· 'geant IBr,and'or'! Alexar!!j~r !"las sldccessfully 'glrnppled a Vulcan il'! the! pr'Elviou 6 tum (Tour!"11), !HIew,~ ii'l U~e MeGh''S forwam arc. a:nd 1 chooses to begun his assal!.ll11on 1he left leg. m Turn 2, he inserts a leJiI-leg coul1t~r iinto theb1oo;per's sIand. Sergeant AIEI.xa!lder ,decidi(;fs to climb '~he Vufc.arll kl ,attack 'Ihe center torso with Eli satchel chari9)e. The MechWall"lri'o,r.player (!il A) starts to I'un in an atiempt 10 shake 00111 Alexander. Serg'&alnt Al'exBllder must roll a. 9 ,OF batUl,r (n.l'nni,l'lg is a Target Number 6011 the SIiIak!111l9 able. +:3 for be~ng on 'the 'MecM's leg). A lucky Idie T ~IJI~ 01111wi~1perm it the inf.antrym~m to malll'Jtain his ,grasp, IOn,the movingl'Mechl. IJu'Fing Inis p'ha:se .oJ the turn, he spends a totall 5 MP to move 'the left leg to th,e ce;nter torso. He us'ecshis )3 rem,aif'ling MP' la pmp!1l.f6 a. s31tclhelicharge. A cente rtersc 'Meo1:'1locatiof'l OOUIiI:te'r ,Is added 10 the stand h,olding Ser,geam ,II,Jexarrrder's 'COIJm&r. On TUIm ,~the 'Vulcan moves again (waikOng tlhis ~ime~. then slops<ab:rlupt~ tn, an effort m try and Ikfl;ook. tha trooper (Iff'i,1s. torso .• first, Serg8;]ot Alexa:nd!e'r must 1'011a Tar:get Number 50or better ag!ailnlstthe Shaking! 1',able (4 for walkill11g, and ~ torlihe ~enLer to rso location). A r,~suit of 1maans he mairnains hls grip on the VU,/'can. Tlhe'iBatueMeorn pilot s:l:ops,!lis V't.rJmn In tlh~ mllddie ofth€l' move a:na,spend:S ~0 M P attempting to knoe:koff the y.iily sergeant with am arm "'!tack. Thli Target Num'oor is 1.0'or bafit.e! (8 for'lhe base ... 1 for ~hJe aentermr!3oliocalllcm. +'~fQ:r BarlitleMech Arm Attack), Sergeant .A!lexanider':s pJayer mils 1:1 :]" a disn'U:llltallme despite a valian.t do'rt. lmopef AJlex8:nder f<llls iil'lto the fO'IWar.d-aro dot wh~re 1he 'Meehl lis locatlKll dlLlrlng the attack. He sus.tafns Bruise and 2 Lethal Llamage ~'iWllts" having faillen rlrOmthe ce nter torso,



EJmCTING P!ayers. whose 'Meohs ,hav'~ taken 5erious ,damage may p:LJ lchout (ej~c)t) [1"1, battle" Once th'9'pilot has ejecteill, his 'Meci:'l ~an F neither move nor fir,!;!Ifm the rest o,f the game. For example, a MoohWarri~r lands 10 daIS in front of his 'Me~, ,ccnm~iflgfr'Qm the CEinoor dpt. Llpo:n landing" he 't~'ke5 4 B:ru Tsa D,amage Pgltlts froC,IIIfith:e fnnpaot. trl: csts 4 MIP' 1:0 cl'im'b 'OUit c of the es~ seat from that poin.t on. the MechWarrior UI!ieS,a BatIJe Armor ,FJeoordi Shiflet to r&eo~dhis dam<l{le, and he, moves and fi res ~ikEi,alI1IY other trooper"



The followil11g roles allow players to make LlS~ (IIIeither Cjan Eleme,ntal·batlle ,armOr or powe.r suits. the Inner Sph~r,e verston, Both IElemerli~als and power su ltsara hnghliymobi'le, heavily armed and armored specia!lized troops, Equipped withllPo'lM3:rfularmored suilS, a handful of thesEicomballmopscan pose a dead~ threa~to even some ,o:f '!he mom haavi I,. armed Batt!eMectls. MINES; AND BAR'8ED WIRE
GiVfilT1 the remarkable prawction provided by battle armor, balrbed win; h;;iS mbsol~te:ly no .affect en these troops. Tire,at dots With th esa ebstaclesas clear tar,rain, The mines used il'l3050 are' sltand:ard' weigihl;,s'el'lfsilivEjmines. For '!hese to .explode agal i'l:st battle-suited troops~ttne soldiers mast be wa'ikirlg/ru il"IlFci,ing the slJ'rfacEl (lIf the mi nElfield. If a, ,sl.!i1led 01'1 trooper is. irumping;. 'Ihe mines ca~not do damage. After July 3050 ,tM M1423 POI,H.lPmine was rl'Iodilled to.besel oU and 01schar'9ied high enough in the ,~!irto dam~iJJe j,umpingl troo"ps. II'fthe seenane indk:ates ~he p~,~sen.cef these mines, tfley o 'Willdo Ihe same ,damage as, ihhe troops ha!~ walked Qve!rthem. per the BattlelTroops mine rules. p.31.


Tr,oopers nnhame armor suits aIe faster and mom mobilellian staru;iaJ',diliMantry becausil3' their SIJ~ts are' equ'lpped will, myomer rnusdes similar '1.0 those on a. 'Meoh. StaJiing wi,1h no damage, <lfl Eleme:ntal or power suit has 14 MP per\1U'rn.Ei~'helrm ay move a total of 1 4doIs by walkinglnmniing, or up to 116d01s oqumplrng per t!Jn1. IMOVI,N:G IN WAUJii In water, baUle,stlliIed troops can $w~m 01' move a!long the I:<like o:r ri\ller bQ'ltom_ The laUer is on'ly possibil!i! if th,eiU41fat)l~ry.m9Jrli has taken no damage' OlM'f tha.n armor damage, Olherwis.e s,Wliml" is his only option. If movinQl underwater, use fue s,tanda.rc IMP cost for swimming.


Many CI-an BattieMechs" or OrrmiMechs" are eqlUllpped to transport up to, 'live Elementals as pari of a oombat Star. These "Mems have spocra:1 hand- 9Jndfoot -holds '1"0 alilo.wth,e Ere mentals ttl ride()nI [hlll 'Mech's lower legs, l!'laOSO, Iinner Sphere 'Mechs are n01yet equipped wilh this useful gear. I When ridi ng an Omni Mech,lIie Eleme I'Itals a~e posifliol'loollwo each ln ilie ri:ghHarwavd me l!efUorward arcs O~lli8'Me<::hTemplate. For targeting purposes, the E!emfil:JnllaBs located On' thesarne dot are il'll'lhose appropriate arcs (iglilonng'S'laddrng limii1artiol"ls). They move allong at 'lJheir Moon's rate of speed. Ellamantals may move on and off the· Medh try spending 5 MP for dilri1'lcing,~ 'M€lch. Elementals mary lIlotfire any Of (heir W€'a:pons while ri:ding an OmlliMecih " JUMPUm, Troops, in this sophislicated aJrmor may also execute jumps rather than !:mlrtgl gn:u.mdi-bclImd. Jumpil1lQl in baUle armor al~ows trOQPsto move acml'di1filgto'!hejumptrot:!p' rulas, p.22", Batl)IeTrolJ\ps. Ju rnps ln these armoredl suits span betw~r;m 8i and 16 dots (regardless afte1nrajri). Jumping is nat Possi'b!le in dtltsllocaled iJ!llderwaterUn like j,ump troops, Elemental infantry or In:n;e,r phere p"ower suits, S DO NOT 'have to,spend ,3 M P to adivatG fhe! r suil·.s~ump c11l~himy .. 8attie-annorii!d inf,antry C<llII exohange distelli'lce f,m levels of altif;ude'. All jlulmps are ,automatibally assumed t,o be Levell 1 (per jump troops ru le$). The rate 0'1 exchang,ei,S" three, d!ots 'in Qijsta:l'IiCe fO'rone in aliillJude,,, Thus, if an Elem:enlal wishes to jump from Lev"'€1 1 to le\llell 3, il costs him an ~{;fditional s.i:x dots, of norpzomal movsmant for the additional Iwo levels of aUitude.


The pmsenoo of ba1itI~N'.ml'J,or&d~rooiP$ requnres $101'1'1$ chat.nges to t~e stan.dard BalJleTll'Omps ooJrnha:t l'Iu~es" hesa varia.tiolll!s are' T d~$oribed belbw" 'fAKING DAMA.GE Troops ,illl batltle' armor absorb damage diffe:re:ntliy thanjhcse in IrIDmlai comba~ armor. Bril>Ci:lllJseat the heavy 'Medh~.5ly,le armorsnd sealed insula.~ien on E~Elme.ntansM powe~ suils, eVen BatUeMech or v,ehicle-sir2loo, a flaf!ileliFS Gain nol narrln lhe $l.!Iits., Bruise !Damage nO"lhawm E~erm€lU1tals, r ltr,oops nn ba:~~le o armor, so,iI[l$ no1 reoordedlon ilie BalleAITIIlarRe.cord Sheet Le[hall DaimagiEl,Ihowever, does ahot!ihe$esolijii~~s ,and it ir:; recorded. If an IEllefll;e!ilr~Werslt.lW takes g,OT mom lpoo:in~sof Bruise !Damage while rem:a}n~ng 'on tln,ril' same dot ~n ,aJ silng~e tum" that trooper is oCH15iu'-er,edKFIoc!kOO' [Jo!illlif!/Prone. ReT'lr'IoVEI firi:n~ ercs a!~ as soon as the 9lih damage poilnt i!Stak!eiFl,aI which poin'ttln.e lrooper is Prone. When taking lethal Damage, Elemel1l~al BInd r;mwer"S!lJlitol'ld 1ir0000p:sdo ma'ke the' standard :rIil LooaliionFloli. Ilns!Mad le,tha~ NO.1 Damage irs marked off on Um armored bl'oo'ks oflhe recerd sheet. C~anE~eme~ltal$ Ulse [5 armored bIQG'kS,Wthile. Inner Sphere ~owe~' $uits usa 0'1'1,y.t Th:e flQrmal1die I"(:IlIsfo,r darlna:!J19: ,on 11'begln AIFiEA I aU 8:FJ1rmred bl!Ocks h1l!vE!been mlfnliled ol!des~r,oyE!d. Once theSWfflQr Illas been destrroy,ecil, make th:e starlloar:d 206 dia ron. ooU ntiliig (Iff the boxes fflo!'illllhe lIE 1FTTO RIIGHT, Viilith 'U'l!l! first box being a 1r and sO Girl, This refiect.s1l1ie·faCl1tiJartttiesehearvil'y armed and' aJ1mored troopers arre, mo,rrEi powerfully ,equipped for oombat than $1~ulldard ill'llf(3J!!lItry. On tli1lJ~ r'~CQrdslilee,tare thneetmil(:e~ marked_with XX's" At eaOh arFe, of th:asEI lev, iElementa'lpower 5U~t weapon is cc:msjci· ered damaged. lhe QP~~ng player det~nTl~!'I€lswhictl oom,ponent is dlamage(:!. Onoe di;mJi:lII:edda.maged. ~h9 weap0fl! 'is: no loog:er a!VaUabl\efo,lihe dumtil:lU'l.~f p!aJY _ When two of XX's have been hit,. the Elemen~l/power S'llIlit ean n:o ~onga~'liXlWlol1T!1 J!I.!mps.IGr n·ujivement

~~ -~
~. .. .



E~emelltals and poweJ!5!Jits cannot USB hamlgren~des" but can p1aoe r:;atcnel, eharges, per IBa~fle1iI"ClDps, p, 2.,-, For oombat purp{)oos. !l!a1ch weapon liia.s ~rs ,own hr~l11gl are, whiioh m ust be placed oojpiBJrately, Th us, it is IP'OSsibl',efor Oil batt~e· ~mno:r,&!!It~oopeno se~ u p $iil,y,erallarcs of fi re and U1S~i$<IWeIllPO[l'llS h a:crof(jii nglly. When a bajtlle arl'irmredlrOO\potil:r IJSiilS Ihis man ipu~aliv.tI;claw as <I. powen!UI dub, it does M Pf2 EUu n1iDam:a'g!e T 1 L.ethall DamC'l£le {round up} agrunst other iinfanlrry tmops.,nrs me<llnslihat the more MPf1:e speJ:!d~, the more damay,e is i nflfcled.,

G!anlw[miors are dI~tvenby a oode e,f honor thatdefineslile'.ir Ughting t:act&OS" lin co:rmast to the I t1'ne'rS:phene tactia of an troops eng1igilng and wi,pil1g mIl: a singlle target or enemy, a Clan ~Ileirhl!nta:l
wi II ttlirget a sillilgie oppo:n€l1!t, ·Ughiling it QiUt lJIn1i1~ith1ifr hie or his ,enemy is destroyed. . To, $i!'1f'lul~l~ this in .soe.n!8Jriosu!sil'l:gI CICI!i1l1Elem€intals" the toUowi flog fulllls ~pply. Onoe: ,an Elememaliliires en alninfa_flltry 1!roo;~r. lilt) other Elamerl,tal caifl fine, Qnlh;U hQOperl.lo~&$s~he E~em>e!n,tal atla.d\ieli' is des'troye"d. W~erli 1E:llement.als'WtihS'5JI!1IEl' lP~lrlt {!Ii Eleme,ntalis) engage ,a, BalttteMl:!oo or vlB!hide in rnmo1lit, ONLY Elemerlltals 01 tnat j:mlnt may fire cm~he 'Me(ihNehk:~e milll a:1~ mern!be-;rs of th:e Qriginal Point am d.1e'Sir()}I\~n~.



·r:-roQ,P ,N~r.~ AlI'mD.~.=!

~ .~ Pi\iiflO1!')! WMllum; .~.- - .~. .-- - - .- - -- - - .~._. ~ hm!lg.~; "Dng::
P.l'IImary' W~p!!m= __ .. . ._ .__ .:' .__









.• __ ,_


IBA.ITILE A:RIMOR VlS, MIEICHiS ANiD ViEHICLES and p:lwe:r SlIJlits Gal'l make di~emjjjssaullS BanieMecl'ils <iI!I1!O mnllM!oohs; :il1!deed,.lhat is Uileirr primaJry O
tio!ll. AI'I~he'$ ~lJl~s fb~ 'M~11 a$Sa~I;~~11I. f.ollowdng l'ifIod~'Ilc;;;atiDn6 baiflle·affrNlr,Qij UOQP·s., for



IE.a'c~Elefl"lanta! r'$~qL,lITpMd Wm.1I,a.n SAM:2 padk, as shown.on-! ~nEJrecord ISMef. Ii::,acih, is also ~iu,rpp~d with a prim~iY we~pcm (right arm)weapol1 and a .s9t;oodaJy weapon {slung ulooer nil€! I~ft Inner Sphere pOl;lfflr sui!$. areequlipped Whth '~nly one weapon





Weapons$u~abiEi as,,e~i:S1ed Ol'i! Ure B\1ffie Armor Weapons, Tab~e below. Mostrlormal weapcms are suitable ror ~SeaJS secondary we:ii!lpo~$_ .
B.ATIlLE .ARMOR WIE.AiPilNS TABLE PrilUrySIm,od. [La'ng WN!POOI AIPV~' Damltg~ Ri!lnge IFlang~ Smal,l Laser 212L1--;gO ,fl'1;-21O Flamer 1 8U4U2l1-10 ~11-20 Machli ne GUlrfi 1 6L 1.;JO ;3.~-;B4 ~ Armor Pilereing Value 1m iBattle'fKh['fJ

Swarmingl Tihoug:h Ii:::lem ef1~alsand power :sl!iits~' ~Jimba 'Meoo, per the sWaJm;JJlI\lg Inu:les,below, their mobj~ity :andjump caJp~blmy gi~ellhem a more dft~8Cltme~hod of ,a)i!t8.Ck.These·troops caA ~ump IUp to al'nn~st ooy point on. a'M,ectiJ and,~hernsewlre a.lXl~it~of'lllo do damtliQ9. To do' thi~ these trcmper§ m!l.l\5~mc'V.e'so ,th![t tn:ey end t~ei r mo~emenion a dOl ~nthe ~afl!eMedl'llem~late: oflhe 'Medh they wish U),ass<1I!..IIIt. 'f movlll'l1g onllie Igl~oumt it lis iflIssymedl lhat the tmopsam 'attempting to !lil~m:b legs o!~' 'Meen. the the Whe'f1, j,l:Impi;ng,~nt~ a BatlileMoolrI, tne·iP:lalfer muS1: dloolare at wlMat level the EI!ementa'lJ,piJWer souit win amlve. The liOoCailion dlel~rmined by the ,Iewl <lind am~FOm wh[ch the u~aper is be~ins hrs jump •.To, determ ime wrhere the lrnoQ,per can Rlike hord ,of the 'Mech, 'GonSl.ll~~bj' tibia below, cro~-refer,e!'lC~f1:g1lhearo in tihe 'lirst 001u~rm wJththe ap.propriate ~eveL



e ~~





.. .



Swarm ~Uacks, are made' <IS If using a short-ranqe weapon (Ttl-Hit Number 6)- ,A, successful swarm is treated as aJ11~hat

Iplayer's fire' movennellltki:r fhat tu rn and th E! battl;8'·arrm)red trooper then "rides" thal 'Moch from thai pOinl on,. moving with the ElalUeMec-ih, Movement'W~h·th~ BallleMech occurs in accordance wilh '~he tables in the Anti-Mech OipEir,~tions seetlon of this book, with norrnel MP costs for r.eaching the dlifJe:rent,locations on a ·Mech. All normal roll..;;<lgai;ns1~he'Mecnl pilo!'s atlHm~:Hto Silake off baltle--armoT41ld ~roopersalso apply. Because ofttle strength ot tha armcrec suits. DaHI',e armor r:eoo.ivesa -4 modifier 10 .aJ~anarnpts ~"O slhake them off, .AITACKS, AGAINST 'MECHS Eleme,ntal sJpowe r suits can carry outaUa:cks, against Mecns inlwo ways. Tne first ,is aUemp'(ing to do either cri~lool 01"armer damage by firing a weaJprmat the target 'M~chi_The ether possiblM.y is 'using the manJpulative, cla\\l to rlip off the 'Milich's armor. When 8iltacking, the pl~yelr may usa a weapon aglairlst a oomponem or armor. Such ~lta>cli(s, not. require s.etliilfiQf ,p'!iring do u


IUhe altackiis.agaiflsta.rmor" the To-Hit.RQII is lor a silo!1-rM!Q,e ,3. -4 modifier. U (he roM is suecsssful, appl,y tha weapon's AfJV value to (Ihe specific area where the trooper is tooarted {e.g raar center torso), The <1J'mor.mllema~ structere is removed from fhat arsa. INo roll is made'ro:r hi,~locaaon, If the ,agailns.teernpenents, he Ta~l-lit Numbel" i,s 9T cm.2D5, with no modlifi,~r,s_ !Uhe 'Mech hasnc armor in ths:t location, ~he To-Hit Numbe-r ls 6 or be'tOOJ". th'r:! .roJi i's successful, the It BaittleMflch player mUist roll .agajl1$.t ~hi;l BanleMech Critic",,!" Hi'l BlectsTable", p_ 28, B.atUeTech Compe:nd1Ium, toOl dew:rmin9lf iii
atlac'k with


h-it has OCCUrred, Both E lementals and Inner Sphere' power suits have a man ipul<'lthJl~' claw powerliLJl1nough to r.ip 01'1 armor i~~he su it ius stl II e tolhe,ir apprQacil 3'fCtO th e templ,a.te or ilie,. may grappiawill1 I.I1eh.mre-t,if theYS<i) de~~re. . Vehicles mill shakta amto'hers by only two mmhods. mavin,9 ami rotating. thel tUfr'et Thi!> maneuver is C"alTjed out according '00 th e Shali;ing T ab~EI,p.M. Whenl tmol'lers hay€! swa.rmedl a '!le!hid~. oonsider them to be onlhe Ce.nter Torso tor Shaking ROIlis. Turret$ha.kjng' attempts GaIfI be against jrceps 0 n ANY I'ocation on U'le vehicle. lhe rules for attacks OIgOlinsl '~hicle$1l.relille same' as those Y outl i!'!ed a_oov~ ~or BaUieMoohs. For ,enlieal darn~a'i lHi::!3J tha' Ground Vehicle Orif[~all HiUi labre, p, 42. BaUleiech C'Omp;e'ndlum.

reiaHvely funotionaL To mak.e such an anaek, the To·Hi~ INumber is


'7 or beUer, with no modifie,rs. If ~he'mil is successful, the amount of armor mmoved fr{)lmth e lroojp€r's l.ocaiioPlis (i)q;uru tethe

,O'f the i,r,(ijh that oerresponds iele

trooper's current speed/3 (rounding down) ..

AIT AC:K:ING VEIIHICLlES 1~lementa:ls,,iii nd powe r suits also have ~heability to swarm and assault vehicles. This is dOfile lin the same manner as BaltioeMechs, wil:i1 all vehic!les censidered to be a&lLevel1. In contrast to swarmil1g a 'M-ech. whose s~e affecls which !ocmJon '!he 'If()<o;pe;r Gem aUs'rrlpt to grasp. an lE~ementa!ltlP(l~r SJult can aJtladk any localion'l 011 the vehicle bY'li)'xpending 5. MP~he same as Jo.rChange 'Mecl'1location_ Trrmps can swarm at Iheside


Ground Forward Left lL Forward 'Flight Rt



LT/ef ~Lf/CTfLA ru RTlCT ~IFlTlCTjAil. Rear UJRL OT/AT/LT ~IRTfLTiel/RAILA * Il1dr.cates player's choiCe! tor rear or frol1talarmoll" left Side' Righi Side











~-Nil" IR ....".._1 V , Mill _1&'TIU IS'" CO-"'N' ' IER'S"'ION
.~ I .....



..... ' . •.


'. ....






.' •.•.






The BatUeTdroops and CI'anlroop5 games are de,Stgi'Nild I:Q be eompaHb~a ,with Q!ames [J,sing m~nlature lead figures .. The' followingl rules, and glUid8~in~s,am iinl€'nded tcr such cOr'l',vl~.Msi,m. CI~n'fmops is fought in the ,2{l-25 mm scale. Ral Panna produces an ,axce"9'n~ line of Ba,ttleTeeh/SattleTr,oops mil'lia,tures es:pecia:lly lor this &cal~ or ,play.. These can be purchased !ili! im:licl/idiuai pa'Cks or in boxed sets,

Playing wUh mil'liatlb!lf'e~ is not muclh different ,from playing en the rnapsheel. Prior to 'Ihe start of' pi a1", 'iilll (luIl,a:i'1 record sheets" but use the min~aJureuoopers instead IOf the stand rU,PligUf€ls.Th'e 'only C()Unl:enl required for m Il'IIiatures pl1ay are the ]Fi,t! ng Arcs" G renades, the Scatle:r COIU'F1Iter, BanleMeth aJool Vii!hk:le Te mpr~ales" the' Artililery IImp'~cl CounLer, 'MechNebicle .loc:Mion Cow nters, and the Bre~ch .and Rubble eeumers,

For tips on pai ntin{j! miniatures, pl'ayers willi find $uggestioM in the Preparing Mllnla~ur,es section ot the :Battle'i,eeh Co,mpen. diu m. MaJny of 'Ihe same te,chni!CIu€s app~y to paiming infa"ntry person nsl as 'iNtil!. For color schemes i!jsed by~he vaJioWisSUOCEI:S' SQrHouses of the Inner Sphere, refer tlZllhe' HQuse Book for the individual s:!al~ fo r color iIlustra1ions of various uniforms ,and carne patterlns. M'KhWarrlor. Second EdiUc'll also oontainsiflJ gu ide 1;0, unifo rms, of ~he Inner Sphere Me h:. C~ans, TelTai.., can be prepared using 1119S<.lme g u vtlelilil~s, girven .lIn the IElattle,l,ech Compendium, except for sfructures <'in'i,duildb ilngs. 8ecause oflhe difference in scale, HO Scalia' railro'adSfl,wclures are rnos:t Ihighly r'9'Commended'lo r,epr,esent the b.ui!dings in !he 'ClanTmops; game seffing. Wlhen a looilldling. it [,s; best to leav,e the roof deliacha:ble. For true miniallUres pla.y, an hll~efnallfloors carl be built from sera~,ohout o,fc",!rdbo.ard or modeli ng plasfic, if playetsf€iellhat they do flot halle Ihe neoessary "kil·bashi,ng~ skill:S, Simply su bstilute' the bl:u~p:rill1tsof struetcres bDmlhe originailBaHteTr,oops game. • BaMleMech and \i',ehidle mi nlalures. are availro'e ina: wide ra.nge of oommercial m()(fel kil:5i . .$cienQe..ficlkm :rooots: and I:ruiIks availabl,e from various rnan ufaclurers, may also be suhfabla for use with ~his,gaiflle. The' recommetioed scales r,ange betwoonl :48 and 1:76.

MO¥>8fT1!3nil ~roi'!ndol to dot is replaoed by sl m~~e mO\i'am~nt. ilr11 in Giles. Whem a normal i ntanlll'Y trooper een move a. dots on, the map version, the same- trccpsr can move 8 inches, d url ng mftnlatu re


i,errnin reduce,s mOv€!r!1!Eili!t at the same rates ;specitlied by the Movement Point Cost Table. but uses inches onsl!llad IJfd@~s.lhus, it oosl:S 6 flAP 1:0rnm/elihlm:ugi'1 :3 im:;ha's. 'Oif Und!ar:Q!rowl:h, Though Ba!ltleMech cmd ven:iGle' minna1ures can be moli'tld physically, it ,i$; recommended that the 'Meon or Vehicl~illemplate be moved on the terrailil. When movement is comp!ete, ~ealle the Iemplahil,in plaoe and pasiticlr'il the miniawre on top of it

Hne-of-sig'ht is, determill1Gd by lIslng a 51trniglhit ooge'"ta:kinQI into a.COOLJI'lt ,aJl'~Y intel1lening te:mlil1. For game purposes. any etevatlolll chang~ ,or lhilllOf sro all Bin inch is treatl1ld IlS Leve'11 (th ree me'ters). lFur~rT9 atC$ aJ[€! set up in m irnialulJ'e' play 1 US'I~$lif1I normal ioolB!r'd play • To, de~efm ine' if a figure is in ajroepsr's iiting arc, slmjJly lay two sWligiht edges alonglihe same Iines as th ill arc ,to determ ine lif the target is within 'the filring ~rc, Grelllade!> and ether s>catleringl weaponlS that can miss th!1!ir 'targ'e~must ILIselihe' scatite'r COUJr:1lter pn:wddEld. The oounter IiI',always pl~;ced 01'1 'lila paint of scale Fling "Mth~e ,arrowlinllhe'cel'llil:r ofhl1e , countar always iPoll1ttng noiilih O!1lthe miniatL:!f,H ooard, Fo:r aJrea"efleGt wsapOns 'Ihat do damage 111onoen1ric ri ngs. c simply c,on\!\~rl '10inc:hes~ The cDllVtii'Sion for a,'g[[lellade' 1hat does ~, Lethal Damage Poil'llts 'to vLalims within one dot aJrnd, point of wtha~D9!mage ~oi'nfali1llfy within l'Lrli'()' dots would 'blll 3 Le'~hal Damage Points to a trooper wilhin 1] Inth 01;the grenade's imlpaCi. point, 1 point lof damage if wilihin 2 inches, and SCI on,







-Flromlih~ gust 3049 jotlma~ ot 8om:isman Fellix IN!ow.akowski, 20 AJu-


Opera~iolll Ri9¥lval was the first stage in th,eiIlVil'siOwof the In:ner Sphere.. Du ri ng thssa stri k;e~ ai: the pnrarte ki,ngdoms of the P'BlFiph'lii:i'Y, the Clans look their first measure ollhe' In-ne:rSphere'~ tiglnting abplity ..Oft'enUle imPcr9ssionthey ga,t was f,a,'lse', s was the a case on Sar'ltandie'r V. the plrate hol!d:of Hellmar Valasek. Valasek "'ad secrlet sup,plydiu mps in several minor sy'S1ems of the Pe:~ipherY' to which l1e made an oooa5i!:i!1al r,esupply run, leavling a ham:ihjil of troops on an 'isc"l~t'lildlmoon or asteroid Org aile :5U1Chn;~,a VSiI8<sekJumpShi p was j utI 1~~\I'in1g U1e Si3intmder :sys:ttllm when !he :fomes of Clan WolII aniv,ool. Seeinglhi!i jimpr,es" sive fleet of appa,r'illi''1t1y Yrlknown 8.1l11eMeGihlasses, the capl~in c $enl Valasek a wamin:gl of a po~ibl~ arltac'k. Instead of scalteiinQl h is fo~ces. Val<Jisek made' the rash decl~IQfI!1l1 make a grand ::;i:and,;:IIIhe palace of Vadra. With 'DAly t ail batlalion 0" :semi-'iunctionaIIBaJfJleMechs and in'tardry, the pirate lead~r ~rdered his for'cHs to dig in _ -. The, 3cS:2JJ1d ssaIJ11 Clt.nster Qf ellan Wolf led th ~ -ahOk. A Elemental[ Star Able; under Star C;l'Iiplain Maliijane Shaw" ledlhe initial soft.ening attack Of'! the !!lilY's outer def,ense·$, Va[:@.sek':5 min~$ wefllo:ffas~he' E::lem9tn~als."dlo'$l:ld c:aLUsiU1lQ in, scmlai dam aQ€!, bUll: On'i~y enraged the lnvad'El'rs" who woulld not be denied an honorabl.,e combat t~st . AsltJe [Elementals began 'their dlive'tirlrougil the' outer psrirnele'r!o~~h~Ip,3Jla.ce', U~e'FLrst ~ntarltry [PiI3~oon(l,'f Hiillmar's fo~ce'Sbore theebrunt oHheirfury. Given [[~e'speed oHhe Bemental:S ~ndlt1eir l'leavy-hiHing weaponry. the baHle, tended to be, laipsid~d. It was, soon oll,i\er,provdng tfie wO!ilhlnes.s ,o:r ~he E[ementllarmor afidlJhe foollhi@.rdliness the: pi r,a1e[[iti af Sankmdet~Wor[l:l. 01 ng

llli1l old man h imsellf, Cap~n Helmar VB!las'Elk.I.O!d us he had receiWld word we were'Qloi n:g1:oba attacked bV an unknown force. ~Alien,," was Ih~ word he usee, His orders we:r'e '10 hold 10the last man Itl deiernd the palace, We dug in Hgn,t-those ,o! us that didn't run away~with l:Jarned whre, mih"les, tmno'he'S, and wi'lata.ver el\5~ we cou!cl mus1er, I ootJ!dn't shake the ieellng tnallh1s Was going to be some' kcindCif last stand, Word was nun there were no aliens, but flhat ,either the F-C or the Co mbi ne' had fi nall)! 'd,e;eidedi:o put an end to Us. I thou:ghii about running away myself, but em that desolate' rcIckl,here was ne mall place to hide_ Santander's World hLad only a battalion or so, ,or Bar'~leMechs and ·two ad hoc platoons or Il'lfann;y,. Me', [I '!;!j'.8!S the m£iuten~m~ lim 'Gharge of fir-st P"a:!Clon. Our orden s were to holrHhe' ollJllerperimeter while (]lUI'" 'MeGhs j()ck!;[1yeo into position. WI,en ourcemm 1.1 nlcators picked LliPtheiil' broadaasl. the name was clear alnd Gf~!Sp,Star Cor.onel [Eiri!\: renSiky, i1e said.lKemns:ky! IKe 1h91 very' name sent a chili down. my spine. He claimed to be, from some unit called Clan W()lf and aCIil.i~lIy asked I-ielmar how many f();!1Ces ere def,end Irlg Santander V. w Ih:B!Old man 'Iit~ed10 blluff' his wa_yout of it. sayi ng we had lwo Mfialions of 'Mechs_ T'he bluff tailM miserablywl'lie:nlhei r IDropShlps, landed and their lunilS began to pinch in on the palace at Vadra. When [[fin,·t saw 1i1em from. my trem;h, I couldn"1 ~,ellit they wer,e s<rna~1 'Meahs or hu,ga im~ntry. As 11~eyclosed in" [I could Siee'lhat tnes~ were massi\l1e iinfa!ntl)l' Ifioopers, wearinQ! some kind aT phernomenall oombal armor. When~hey !hUthe mines on ~h9 olltar p6irimatEir,,$(lm.e 01 them disappemrOOI ir"ll,agall oHlam e.and smoke. Butthe alhers DaJrel!ypaUlSedbefor6 tha)!' hagan to Jly at illS" moving liJkiethe wind. I pl!Jgg~d one square wj~h my ,glyrojet riflle, but I donll,hinli! I 9IV1iI11 SlCralehed thie pairlt, on his suit, ~ f,in;dag~jfil, ami agaiin. ,pumping rouncsso fast and hard it was all a bkrr, I saw !him fall, II thinK ...• Suddenly, someth ing hit rna across the face Bind ~~Iewth r,ough thc!1i ood om:o roy bacl!<_I rernernesr lookIng lLIip and seeing two o,f ak them leap over me i:nto what was; left of my platoon ..Th:el1 ana (l,f thOSE! armored he'llions ~~aned[over me Ilikea Vision from [hell. In its d aw-liikie Ifilan.diW1liS a while cerd, lt was a smaJ~l,harmless-lookil[i!Q 1hing, yel it Was atxJ~t to change my !ife.


.. .
I ••• : ~~}





The Au.a~er il$~he lFi~t POiifil of Clan Wolf, Beta G alID:Y. 235 nd Atlad:;" CI Ulster, Ullmental Star Able.
~ I' 1

~~~~ 1 1 • 1 1 • • ~ I' 1 1





. ..

~- • • •• _



P'OIn~ One (5, Elementa:ls) St<llr Gomlmanr:l~r Malij~n!ll Slnta.w lLeaaamlnip SWill A.aHng; ;3 IExperi'\'lf1C9 Level: Elite IEquipmel1it: cA~1IElemeJltals eqUli pped with SmaH l<1!ser'$ aJnd HP GymI et ~ iflll1l\5.
:De~loyment Thils Ploint may efll~er tl1~1illQi$t ~dgll~'of the east map ,at tt'H~

beg~nlning ,otTum 11. The GIQirl Wolil playelr wilills .,n he ean exill;hr~Elor mere IElem~ntaJh;· off Ine W>ElS~lldgeof lihe we!>t mapat the €:rid of 15liUrtrlS ! of pl1l!Y" Any othi!l)r r~~~I~ is, ~ Defender VICltlO:ry /


OEf'ENIOER The D~tem:jer consists of the first aria second sQluads of th e Rrst IIn.fantry Pl1a.tooo o~ S.::mmnclie:r's WorM. lhey may oot up 1:mywhere on either map p:riior 10 the s~art of play_ FlirSl Squad' (7 M0n) SqU!3I!(JI and Plalm:m L~adt!r; U~ulleoanl F~lix fill'6wa:k!owsif;;i leadership Skin Rati ng; :2 E.xperie.nceLev.eJ: Regurar E~lIuipflfl.€nt (pla}'!er's disareHonj: :2 Gyrojet Rifles 2 Blazers
2SMGs The C!I~n w~U EJeWfl emal:::; are wa Wh:EN'ithey enOOIF the map en tFie~irstlum. Theyc~n~OIt exeoo~e: . m p u nUl a mine 1Ssoet off or th ey ars fi red upon. Once an'Y on.~ E,lel'l1eF:ltaliSi UredaJt,all may mov;8' i3!rtcl jUlliillP fiffiely.

1 lLa~r R~tle 1 SAM
.2 Satdhe~ Charog.&,s {~r'Qopers have Flak Vesis. The De1efllcier may assign '1'%3lCh man <lillY hand-to-hand G<9coflcfary

Sec~nd Squa.d (8 Men}

Squad Leader; S8rg8a:nl~ [)a ka:ra 100111 leadership Skitll IRating: :2 Experience: Lev.el: Green Equipment ,(asSigllll:ed at p~ayelr':3 discrebon) 3 Aiifles 1 Heavy MG 1 GyroJet R~fle 1 SRM 1 Auto G renad.e Launcher Orne man has. a 'Fiaik Vest <lindone tJ:asa Flaik. Boodry Suit. The player may assigrl9lacn man aoy :secoiilda:ry weapon,
IL'leploymernt fh;ese two squads m;ay set up ClnywhellreOn ,,;l:nywh:ere onlhe maps,heet
Olf pila.y,

Ihe map prior I~ of the miins'S

!tie start of ~ay', A!so9iJe Defender may deploy a tQtal oJ 25 mi~es
Write downthe·I'ooatiollls

prior l(J!h~ sta,rt





-fnlm;jj repont s:u'tlmitted to Loremaster' .AtkiWJ'~on 0V IEII" emfilnilal' Warrior Davjs GNilY, Clan Srrmke Jiilgu ar,20 April 3U50


30 !MARCH 3,050

Th e FmJrteer'i'lh lLegion cd Ve;ga Wa!> assJgriuila- the: delel"lSie ~. Tu rile !Bay, a world notfar fro in the,eombine'~ border wh1hths Free IA~salhaglJe Hepubllic and used mogtly as a traif'!i1ng hl<'N3.dq,uar1ers. Assigned '10Uirs unitwas the son ofThe,iJdo,r,eKurita; Hahira IWIrita, as weill as his frf,en.dl and f:ell('lw MechWarlrior r Sh[nl YOO.:itrrl!aI. When the CI,a,ns began lhei. 1000Id nd deadly i nvasion of the a ~nef Spher'!1I. one or the first Combine worlds they struck was Turlle Bay ..The: Smoke Jlagu,ar,s 'h~ !he right of assault be<:1liUCS9 the' pl,anet lay iiI':!thel r GtlTlridor 0'1' attack. The)! engagoo wilil, two CII:.n$, fr,om their First Galaxy" giv:ilngthe II'lJUlrSphere ils:lirsttest against the ad.vanood 'Iethnology of Clan Elem£!'ntal oattre armor. Th:eJaguar attack agaiFlisUhe FcolJn'~n ~hLegion of Vega was i!li stU'!"IInli ng$U'oC€ss. than'ks mostly to Steallll1 Trinary 's,el:ite S~dikle Star Jlingle, a Star of Elemelltal(;. ,Whil'~ rnnst of the Fourleel1ti'i aUempled to ho.ld against the' advancing Olan OmniMeG'fiIs,lihe EI$imenl,a'ls cd Str[ke Star Jl!.lrJiQlleswung wlde,cd the battle and hit the Han k of th e Comb1ruil thai; was sr.nwly ~aJllinlgbadk. faced wilth the sheer power and streJrlgllh of 1he Elementals al'ld the Jaguars" skill at 'Meoh combat the L,egiio:n did not f,.we weN, Be~'Ore 'lhey GOUild b/'un;gall tnei!r firepower to b~,ar against tile IEh3meFlIIais , the .olan troo,per.s had crlRJiled or destroyed most of tlleir'Mechs.

We 'had landed on Tunle Bay and ,o.urt'WQ ClulS'ter,s l1Jadbegun thair ~rlig:agement wilih th~ Comb!ne's f;ourleenth LegiioT'!of Veg;!i!. whenlhe order carneto hit their flank. My SI:aIF and I closed in to hit
the 'Mechs or our ~oe.s. leading my Command Point we swept QV!:lrsn Inner Sphere Phoenix Hawk, M aged maooine even Isss wor:thy than any pUnted by au r elder warriors,. We' h.IC:i,dbvio:usJy caug'ht the Combinelmops off gualrd. The 'Mec:h fired at me with 01111'1'machine gl,irilS, IhalJ'dly its enough forro to IJI,Jm my attack. Imjeed. I took it. m9~Elly as .i! chaJleng'9. a lest ()f henor in combat Wilhin seconds we were .swi1l!rming ~verywhere on ihe Hawk, The pilot was a ,good wamor; ami nearty shook IJS loo.s~ with a 'fast j~mp. First Riowsh lost. h8f ori;p and fellI [rom h is back. I too lost my foothold, OUI net before curtting the €'xhaust teeds to the 'Mach's jump jets. While the Secom:i Point fillished olf tile remaining locust. I tried to [regroup my [LJnj~ catch up wr~h 1lhti fl~efn9 warrior, Only to Trent and Saoh i ware SliII 011 the' Phoeflix Hawk ..Tihey engaged ~he M9chWarrim bravely and with honor, 1:)[1twhen pr~$Sfld,lhe

willnrior e'i'e>cled lmm h,s 'M!!lchl, Sachi pursu:ad him across U19 b~tle,fi~ld, ha,\!'.i won my ng perm lssion tor the honor of 1lnecap1um,. Faced wilh thall,prospect, tn; MechWarrio:r producOOia bladle andi a pistol, then kiilled Sachi with aJ Ilucky shot, It ever I tiM thatl warrior, IIctal rn the bloQd-kin by rigiht of my Bloodlnam$l. He escaped, bUl w,e have I.earn ed h i$ id entity ~rom oUir inlterrogatiol1 of the Comibillle warrior Hiarll.H'110bu Mari. The MeGhWarr~or w'ho killed .:sa.chi is named S'hijn YocJIa.ma_



lay out the Claln1'mops, maps as. shown, For this scenarle, !feat all, tr-ees as undsrbrush.

The: Com blne (Defe:nde:r) player WLns by destroynllIgEl OT mere IElementals by the end ol Turn 15 and b'll',Ejlxiting one: Ba.tUeMech off the east edge of ~he east map. Any ofllelr result is a Smo!k9 Jaguar (Attacker) v,ie-tory.




The lDe,fendler eonsists of ~WQ Barltle Mechs of the Fourteenth LIil'gJion Veg'CI's eme First 18atlalfon's A~row lance. loll
IPhoen~1( Hawk Shin Ycdarna (Pi/ating 2, Gunnery 3) Shin carries 8J sword ami an Auto Pistol in hi$. cockpit.



Because of previoUis ti re by lne Legion of Vega, 'Ih~ Commarnd PoOi must attalck Shin's PhCJfmix. HawJ(, and the First Painll must rn anaek Harunobu Morts Locust No Eremental from Oiil~ Poinl may assist or Jim on ihe Olhllilr's targe,t IJintil his own target is des,troyed.

Haamohu Mo,ri (Piloting 4; GUfmery 3) DeplOYlUent The [)'efen;der sets up SlI"!ywhe:re Or! the wesl m:a,p Ip:rier to nile star! of pilay. ATTACKER
The atiackinQ forC~,$are elements otths Snno~uii aguar's; first J

Galaxy, SieaJlh Trinary, Strike Star's Command and Flrs.t Points. 'Comm3l11'1d POint: (5 Eileme;nta:ls) Point Leader: EJemefital Davis Grey leadership Sk!illllRa~ing: 2 Experience levlel: E.liite ~qUlip men1; An E:lemEmt8Jl.sare O'utfilted with Smalll~ers aad H P Gyrojet Rifles as prim;\lJry and secondaJrcy wl;l'a:lJ(lns. r<~p~liV'ely,
First .IPoin~ (5 EI,emen1alls) P~hnil. le'arlew: [l~'a!fTIQn leooers,hip Skill ,Ra>tiln!~F 3

Experience ,Leve'l: Regular E.q.uipment 2 Element8!1s wilh Ramers, and 3 wilh SmaU lasers ;M. primary' W€.:!pons" Alii ha1,li9JHIP Gywiet Rifles as s,9'Condary WBaJl"" on!S. Dep:IO'lI'mE!in~: The Atlao'ker sets up anywhe~ on the' east map. at least 1,0 dots from the edge ,of the west map.


"Tbls iis ma:Jjness," Shoc.ko lOaga mlJlttere(i. ~E\I'er sincE! the . ,ii!'rrivalof these sIH;:aUed GI1C~s.t Be~ns, we have beell,forc~d to live. ln tn!1l mourrtains li~e.wild go-a.ts. N;ow. after all of this w~till'lg ,you propose we aUack'?" . Ch'U-i Ha:ssad rubhed 'his foreheadi for a !crng moment b~~ore sp:@i1lIking. "The! Ghost IBe:a!r's Me' formidable oppon:ents. They rna}!' h<Jiv~won a bat;tle', but they are UIOti'r1l~noib~(;J. a:re1he sons or We the Dragoi'll. We will strike at tihem by n.ight. iri the shadow hours, We wili take them by su rprlse," Dega! unde rstccd, but resis(,ed.. "8u.t wha1, of 'their .nmon:ld ~en, Ch~-d"'? I ~il~ed one QI them, but iHook 'eight hits lrom my laser nfle t!(l orlng ~l!mdown. And their 'Mleohs am unlike an,yllhnng we halo'\e e¥er$~en.1 feall"that these Ghost Be.ars are Kerel'1osky's, StO'li' league .Army Go\!T!~ b~r:k ID haunt us, How can we fight. such a force,,?'" HaSSOld piick,ed up U'1eportable SRM hill..lnr:herand held it out to JDaga. "Even the mig~ltiesl. 0# warriors canlal!. These Ghost Bears attaCk!l!d us for a ful'l day and! foroe-dl UJi8 to retre.a,t here, But they hav.e 1101fought Since thElnt,and many of their ,f,or,cEls hal/,a allready' been rotated oU-worl'd. The time stril!<Bi UUiise BeOlJrsis now, when they leasl expect. iI. W~ Wlill hit them [hard,. and :show th em the JX)welf of 1he [l r~lgon, " Sfm·koO lD~ga picked liIP Ihis taser rifle and slu ng' it over h is arm. ~If we awe' to succeed, We too mu:M be as glh,QsI: w';;jrriol'S;. We must move and GriIJP'~ 'the.m'boefore they can call in n~.5'erves." I Chu-il-ltassad smiled. ~I have sudh aplal1 in m1.ndi.lheI1.Jlnil:we hav'if: SCCI!Jt,ed[, the ona ~II edl 'lIh.e While GI',izzlies, has five oJIlheir armored men inihe vi.llags'. Night[y ~hey walk patr.olLM l-ia-S5<'l.d rubbed his hands ~oge'~hewin antik;ipatloiil. "T omOITOW nig,htwill be ,th~ilr last such walk. Tomorrow,. they will leam ~he.!rue' wry of the' Dragon. -n .


Clan Glho~u 18eaJr heralded its arrival into tha llnlllasiol1lcorridor with strl kes aga~n<suheCombine worlds of Thu le, Damian" Helmsbu, aM the agriClllwlral world of Soh wyler Oil 1 ,Jl.lly 3050. ISecaus'6 ~he p[ane/I's im,JIDlialilcf!I was, minor, it W8.JS <goarrls0I1ool with only a, batlali.o!'ll 01 lnf8mtry ~mmllhe N irlth Pesiht Regu i.aJ,S to· supplement some thl'"tlfl baU<lilions of 'locally trailloo, and outiitlf;d mflilia. The onliy support.f(lrl'hs'll'Ifantrywas a lance of mosUy old and olU'ld<lled 18aUleMachS. . . The Ghost Bear alttaok fOmB' wasEl[!\'jmen:~.s. of the First Galaxy t First Clus:1er, Second Stoke Tril'lary (The Bear's Cllaws,. One Star of OmniiMe)cilsand a 81ar of E!ementaj[s, Q1!taakedSch~yh~r, in ~eSls thaiFI24 hours kililing oroClpluring mest of 'Ihe plalJ1letary milillia. l~e su rvi'vClrs o,f th:ri'i Ninrllh ~e3ht R.e-g.u[alf>S Th im Infanl'ry ,Ba.Ual'lon had engaJged flhe enemy. but the Be.a.FElementals orv.erwhelmed them. Tha Combinelnmps Iretreal.led into {he StiMe' Mountains, hol'il1lg up in one -cdtheir supply depots. a. warren of Ga,l!1~$ in the lnea~ly impaS!lJ;lble mOi.Jll1tains. • Over the next few weeks the remainij1;gllwo companies at il'dantry began 10 scnut outlhElir ,adversaries. With the world p.lcified, the Ghost Bears had rota1edin el:emenls< of the White Grlzzilias, aJ Binmy consisting primarily of Bamentals, Though only two Stars were as's~g,nf!d to ~h!ll world, .one P'Oint',s worth wa..s assignedl to garrison the tOWI1 of Chui-nin, . Kn.owhg ahead-on ~igl'1ltwCluldbe adli&as:ler, the comma,ntHng offloer In charge of the remr!'8.nts 01 the Nilnthl lPiesht lAegu1ar,$ dedd~ '10 laum::'ll a series af g,!,Hlmi lilaraids. With each raid h~smen wOI!JlII1 ,crip~le or dama9f!'s~!'I,Ieral ,EllllmentElls while'also oh1aining lood sU!Pipluils.The goal was nottow[peo'Ut'ltIie enemy; t:lLIHoerodG . him st.owly.through atlJrition .. Thatactic would beoome I'opular 1hrougho.ullihe' occupier! znnes, e I1ta,Qingthe Clan ij'lli.i'aders.. This scenario dl.Uplicares 111 typical raid by the Ninth IPesht Heg ulars jntantfY 01'11he' town 011Chu ii-lIl'i ,g uard'ed by the' PO,rin~of t n EJamen~[s. [rom th~ White Gri<l:zlues.




. ~~-:..... . ....

~ ~~

AlTAOKEIR The A:lta.cker oonS;il$ls,Jof$U rvivln.g eremerU:;;orthe Nirllih Pesh~ Rregular'S. T'hlr'd A:egimelfl~ ,Thi rd Int<lJury 'BilItltal~on, First Company (Reformed)., !First Squad (Thie Bear Skilnne:rs)' . F1irst Sq:uad {7 Men} F,irst Squad Leader: Sho·'w Tilln Elaga l,eadlership S:kil~ Rating': .3, Expe.l"lienoo Lever: He:gular .Equ ip,tl1'enl~ (assigned at play-er's disCffiliorl) 1 Semi·P\o'i1abfe L;l~>er 1 Hleavy 811M ·1 Laser Flme 11RiHe


. iE1
z sa,
1ft ~. :... '

Layout the Cianlfoops

maps as shown.




11 Bla~ef

, G¥mjet RiHe

The De~el1lderis tromthe S~oClnd Galaxy, First Cluster, Tlhird A:U:ack: in~iIJ {ThleWhite.GrizzlLes}, Rrth IVory Siler,. Third ElemenB tal Point" Third Point (5 Elem,entalis) Poinll Leader: Element<ill Yosh leooetrship Skilll Rating: :2
Experiefl:ce lev,el: lFiegulaw Eq,LJiipme,nt All Ellementals have a Flamer as ;primaJ~Y weapon and an HlP' GyroJ~HRinlilas s.eoondi8lty weapoln, Only .one Etementall is equ~p;ped,wil!h Iwo SRMs.

HIe p~8!yer'may <lssiign each trooperaJny inc!lW:iittgl up to 4 S",Whel Charges,



D~p~o'i1itlE!ln~ The<;€1r' MI€lW$ 'Itn~ ma.p 0111 Tu rn t. His llO:rc$,~nt~rs hom .any map edge., Or lrom 0'1111 ~dge.s, m~p

vu::rO:RY lelO,N I)[ITI,ONS The' Attaoker wins by Sl.iGDessfu:llly' iJi~~:g k ·two· Elementalls ~U"!d exmngany map edge with at l~aJs~41,roo,pe,rsby:th(5 Iilnd of Turn 1.5.
Any other result is a. Def,ender's victory,




IDeplOY.Allenl . The Defunder sets. up priiono~he~tar;to~ play ai'llyW,here (I,n the map, <lIt least 8 dots from OIny ooge.

fhe Atlack.e:r {Comblne) play'€!r caMtOt fii"~int~~Uonarly ,a:1a bu i loin(fl orr s,tru:ctUJ,e, • • Tns Pef(7n<Jier ((],nosl IBEl'~l)ElilImii!l;I~ills C~~It'!;O~fl10V'el or ,ire .u ntil they Ilave' been fi red .LJ[p<j1'il OIF !uif1til an opposlll1lgtr,oQ:per hits entered theiilt'l~n~-of-$i9Wllt When th~shappem,for any 0116 I::lem en:tali, Ihe 'El'ntilra f!LlIf,Ce is fr'~~ ~lOi move ,aodtinfil!"


-From 3053 A Lucky Star, by Chu-sa Hilire Ven, .Dragon Press, .

19 JUNE 3050

infan.try under my eommand, 'The C Ian invasion suddenly changed a11~hat.Hanover was no ionge'F a Httle dirtwater, but en thedfonllines~ F'olfa 9 reu nd-:p;a'urlder like me, nothingl could have been bener than to mEHl't a stl"ong i3:n~myfor a!igJht to the end. It W(;I5:how IIwanl,ed to die, 'In Daule. NO'lI~ong after a hamflul of JumpShips appeared i nthe Hanover system. I receiivecl a ·communication from Uncoln OS!S of Clan 8m ake Jaguar., a.$!k.i that IIdedare whaJi.f,orcede-fended ng Dam ned est lh ing I 6'V€lf In.ea,~cI an enemy ;1lsking how many 01, troo:ps we had so he could send dtiwl1 a minimum attack ior08, Crazy as 'itsounds, I ne·,sponded w~ththe history of my unit. We were ail infantry because our 'Mech garrison had been mtal:ed to another" more important post two weeks earlier, What I didi1l"t lell him was even more important. 05i::; replied th!at he wOi:JI/'d ~ttack wlthi two Glw;ters of Eiernerrtals, which liIesaid was just uncer 200 tro.opS.,H.would be a straight-up ilrlfantry ~tlle; but GompanKI to my ~1I11 i nfanl!ry I'eg'iment, 1he l1li1Elmy force was. a mere pil,tanoe. ill was confidenl, il didn't last long! once 1he figlht begi8ri. iheiir '''Infamry, ~ !!hose damnable Elem~ntal:S. werlil on us in iEI. mmt'9<r of seconds. We took a lot gf 1lherndown, but our losS<eS wem a~mos·t 'Iou -te-ons, Wh.en some of them jumped onto my oommlf;lrid If+Q, I hit one' with my porlahle SR M. I tlhol.Jght I had him when I saw the expl,Qsi,on. then thE! Sl.lck~u right baot up <lind at me. got I ordered a Irmreat. but the' Smoke Jaguars were· hot OIill,OU'F 1rul. 'Istlll had one surp,rise for' th.em tho'ugh, my hG.lVily armored jump treops, Iordered in two re~erve squads to covsr OUff retreat, It was a mass. bU1 it bought. us a few hcurs to pull out the survivol'S. By 'the' Ghnis~ian hell, II SW(lre' I'd get my 1'€!I'II'ElliIg~ those bugg.ell's. 01"1

Until that day in Jlune of 3050. Hanover was a fmgoft.t'ltn backwater inlJhe DraCOrliis Combine, garrisoned by ~he N~·.gimEmt.of

Clan Smoke Jaguar's ffghtingl style was Iypical'Of fhe in!J.asicm QI'I1heIlinerSphere, CI~iI'IwarriO'r's; quick, banles. with I~lt!e prol!cmged fighting. They 'light ham and fast" setling no1!hing <1i;$fde for a. prolonged c~i1I1paL'g,n. When U,e Smoke J!aguars reached Hanover, d!e<lei'lCiinglhe, world was the Pirst Hanover Illfaiiltry Strike 'Reglme:nt. oon.sislJirng of two ba.U:a'lions of infantry regul<!iI.5 and '1Jh~ rElS'toeal mi,llda 1'~!Sehles" t The ComiTi!lllding Officer, Tal-sa 'Vegrus, was ill. A.c1ing CO Chu-· ~a' HiI!im 'Van. a former mercenary. lured the Clanf,orce ,into'lhe t'oolhms of 1Jhe/-;lei"x Mounl'ailn$ i nearwhere a Uniorl Class ir1lfMtry [}ropShip \iII~lShidden. Despite I'H'l'avytooses, h'e l~eiPthislroops, in oonstant m01ion. hopill"!g 'Ii:) 'prolon9~e"ght Ver'l! kept his; jump infantry in reservs, net l'!.imingihem I'oose unfil the S'mo~e Jag Uall'S closed in lor ,the' kill. . The ooddel'il ap.fJ'8aifam;:,er cd o~her ]u mp·~able forces oaught the' ,Jaguar ,EJementals off guard. /Heavily armored ~d armed. these troops ,Qouildinflict !heavy damage even agOlif'!sl: lSiementals. Whtm the Smoke JagliJars pulloo b~ok to regnlup" it: !:;NilVrii Chu-sa Ven time to get lhe remains 01 'his reQilmei'll. to the tone' JiUmplSMlp secreted [nthe syst,E;lfil.



!Lay OIJ~ the C'lanlrQQps1 maps as shown . Treat all swamp terrain as uln'CIerbrush. IiJEFENII!)EIR The Def'Emder eenslsts of the First Hanover Iinfantry StJikili Regiment Third BaUa:lion. Second Jump Oompany, he Support Platoon Bravo (Ttllii Mad Rabbits). Fi,rst, Second, and pari of Thine! Squad, FiJS~ Sqluad (5 Men) Squad lLe:ad{lf: Sho·ko David MOIYil Leade~shrp Skill Rati ng: :3 iExprMr,eFlce. Leve~; Elite Eq!.lipmerd (assigl'ied at player's discretion) 3, G.yrojel Rifles l' Mediu:m Machine GUlrI 1 LAW An mEln equfpped with Jump Packs and Combat Arnmn (p, 18,. EI:aJtHeTroops). ... The Def,en;dliij.r:may distribule 4 Salchel Charg~s am OFl'Q1 hilS mel1 as
$~COl'!d8lcry weapOIllS,


Seeo!illd Squad ('6,Men) SQjlntd Leader: G'ui1sh~ Adrian ~()lIils·Rioe' Leadership Skill, Rating: 3 Experience Lev'el: Regular EqUlipmem (assigned at plaiyers d~scrEl!lion) 2 Laser Hiflls's 11Gyrojet A·ifle , SMG 1 HeaVij S R MI AII' m~n ~q:uipped with Jump PacKS ami Combat Armor (p.. H~'i IBattleTlroo,ps) . De.r'Elrlcarmay distribute 0' SatcMf C,harges amon{l l1is men ElS secondary weap,ol'Bs., 'Thif\d Squad (4 Men, Squad le'ader: Go.chu B<!IXterPudlu,11 Rati ng: :i! Experience lev,el; Regular SqlLli,pmei1ll(assigl1ed at player's disGr.e1iol1) 1 MeditJIm Machine GU'fli 1 Heavy SAM 2SAMs All troops equipped wltll Jump Panks and Comba:! Armor ~p.' 8. Batll:eTrnopSi). Del'ender may assign one sEN::ondary W$~pOi'l of ht-sdhoiC9 to each squad member, De,piID.'l1JIIe,n~ TliIe 'Defender Sels up :prior to the :stlrl of :play a nywhlii re on 'Ih~ north map (after Attacker selS up).

i The A:lta'Ckconsists of e:lemants af the S~ond Galaxy. fourth Com ba~ Cl'u$le.r. Second lrinary (.J~guar's Command StaJr, FirS-land Se'cond Poi nts, .


F,lrst ,Po,inlt ,(50 Elemeintals) Poi nt leader: Elemental Ti Ftee.lander Leadership Skill Rating: 1 EXlPeri€!iilOIil' level: ,Ema Equipment: Alii E~em~ntliliis have a Small LasQJas primarry weapon and an SMG as seoondaJry w"eapon.

Second Point. (5 Elem~n,1al$)
Poim Le,adler: ElementaJl! Marlin Leadership Skill Ratirng: 2 Experienee Level: IRegul'ar Equipment 2 Eleme'nta~ hav,ea Fllamer as pri'l'illary weapmll a.nd an HP Gy,rojel :Rifle as oooo:ndaryw.eapon. The ramarnJng a IElementa~ have a Small laser as primary 'We~pon and aJI1I SMG as s.eoond4llI'Y weapon. DepI'oyme:lU Plriar tolihe stan of play ,!he AtI~u::k,ersets up~e Frrst P,oillt .a:nywhere an the' soUilh map. Ths &00000 POan!1 arrives en Turn 4.

Victory P!:!inllSana awarded at the end (If Tum 20. IHhe poinl~ value is positive ,Ihe 'Defendel' has WOIli. Ii the' vaJlue is,negative, the AltlackoEl'r win~t Vlctmy Points, are awarded as fo.l,I@ws: Action P'oinEs Each Erem~nlallkilled +:::1 Each ,IEI€jmen~ale~lited of! IrlOirlh edge Q1r north map by TYm 20. ""13 Each 'Imoper al'ive and om map 01111 'Tum 2;0 +2: Each EtEl!ff1entaii 0!'1 north map CHi Tu rn 20 -2


'Onlly a halli:dJui OlI!J15 IJMIIEldilhat ba.tlre. Our plan was Slrmple 5 enou'91I1.IQ sweep th~Oi,Ji9l1'1 fl'iol.mtai:n pass lie Federated the Com monwe.alth ~roo;ps Icalled the GreaJt Gasih. That woulld let us fla<nk the main bodiY o~ the Tenth lyran Guards :50 that we' oould deiliver the c~ushiflgl blow tha;~WOiu~dgive us Twycmss. I was in ilielearl Point, wilh th e h one r or paving the pElfJhfor' th e rest O'Il.he Falcon Guards. Them, enthe rugged n~m of the Gasl1i, we ,eng:aged the hearvily aImed FOOler.e,tedCommonwealth infan· try ..Th.ey to'ugl'1t as so wel'l that eve~tuall!y ttuee IPo1nts of fillY S1ar w·ere forced to $'ngage' them. . Then he showed up. Kai Allard in his HatroernmJl lhase of UI$ left:open edlim, but not to mUlch avail. Though l'marlJ3.'g to gouge ad his 'Mec!h with my SRMs; <I 11011:9)' lrom his laser I.aft me unccnsckms ..The IlastthlI"lg ~remember was Stl@f ng AUa~duse his 'Meehl's massive haltchell!:i swarl:Teel on his Hatch~lman. It was only mOirne,n~s, ecfore my suit's LSMS (lUfe-su,Sla"1nirtU b Mediicall Sysl'em) !began to, fu ncnon and IIW$IUP again.lFu i'lher past ourpositiolill IIsaw tha mst of th,e, lFalcon Guards movingl in. My enmm system was damaged,. but I he.liJd Jhe challenge of honor !!halt AJlder MallJhus made Kai Aillard ..As the' h!'!O (If thiem maved to meet in close ,combat, 11lfiedlo '!Jain the advantage of tile higl11 grollJnd 0 nlihe north sidEl 0'1' the Gash, in ease AJllaird shou Ie wiin. I was workirng my way up thie path. about 100 meIer:; 'Irom th8 VaJll9Y floor whtem i,~ happened. IIdid riot see whail happened to AI!de-r lM!althuis, but emily felt the Hatchetfflan's initia'i axprl)sion and then Siw 1t16 00'11of flame. TII'II$was followed by an.other e):Ip'IOSIlon, as tliOUiglh tile wholle of Twycross had ,erupted. The walls 'onlhe Great. Gash sank inward as i:fthe plaUl~ we:re' imploding. I jumped higlh·er and hE!lrda~thian I ,ever had before. Burial in ,an avalan(:he o~rock wa~ rIOdea~h ror!il Cllan warrior. Bl!lutdera:nd roo!< slammled into me, bUlI"'yi me linstanltly to the necK wli'Ler'lIllanded, ng The dust and dlebris alone' were suffocating!. My su it destroyed, it took me more' than '['!Nohours to dig myself liroo of tile rook andl i"Uil'l , alii the while Ilisteningro, Ithe soulndsof the dying being picked IUpever 'Ihili wide' com m chan net An .1: lemental is trained to believe, that he is one wilJlil hilS ~lUIi1,and so a part of me perished with my eormades in the Greal: Gash. Afte,r the shame of ,OlJir ef,&at, when wouldlthe Falcon Guards d eve:r agilliir'ilbe able ~o hold thei r heads 'high with honor'?

The battles 'lor Twycross VI/<er,e a tu rn Ing 'pci,intirile the Fede;rated Commonweilll~h's defense against (fle' onslaugfht ~I the CI<lin PF'!IYadSI'S. 'Defending the world wenl'lhe elill:l Tenth LyraJl"I Guards. A1t~king Twycro5s were tha Fa!coiiiGJ.I<lrds· Clulsi~~r at '[he' Jade Falooin:s, proo8!blyfhat C!lo:!liI'smost elite unit The initial batds!> fciJF Twymoss had generally gOl1e ill I~VQr o~ the Ifalcon GiurElrds.The T iiil'1!~h l'yral1 GI.I<lird$ w·ere on in!) Curtain Plai1n"s. and ii' Ithe ifafcon G'!J;,'!!f'dS Gould acoompl~sh a sweeptng flal'llkill'1!g ma.n;~uver ~hroug h the Great Gash. th eJiy would break. the Federated OO'mmonwealthlorG95 onCie and#tH aU. Also drlv:ing the lFalicoJilGLiards wasltiJe kn.owled~e that Pn'irl'ceViClnr Ian was ,s;eirlll1ngwith tl1s Guards on Twycrass. CaFfluring the heir to the throne O'f~one of th ~ G re.all !Houses of ln€i' 11t'liner ph~~e S w"'Quld e'levate ~ny Clant wan;iOr rn ramk. The Tentl1lyran Guards hadforsee:n is:Lu;;nre, tactic, tmWll!lIer" and had mined !he Great. Gash. The c:ommandel" Ihadsem ,<I company of infaJntry inlto thl'lJ Gash to blo,wit elosed, ~C1 seatl. j~st. such a fllanldng driv:ebytheJade Falloons. BuUhe adrvancingforoos of tht! flllicon Guards' 1irinary lOella, Delta. Eliiilmental On'e. had almady made their way inlQ the 'Gaslh. lhey' immoo'lately engaged the F-C infamry, vnflictilfl:QIheavy tosses, killl ing the commanding ofliioel'. ~!nd scatl:er,lfilg the troops ..If not for the ;iJ111]va! of IKai .Allard inl hiE Halchetman.llie EIEHnel'l~a~E WOUlI'd ha'ioi'E! Ik.i,llied(lr captured every .enemy il"!f,antrymaf'l. • IIn 'Ihe end Kai Allard managed to sel off the explosives, planted m Ihs wallis O'l~t'Hl'Great Gas,11.Wit~i n ml!1 utes, almost aJllihe Falcon Guards WoE! Fie buried und;er '[01115 01mck alld debI11s. ..Th El' Clan forces !had ~os:tllie batlile of TWYCJQa~ because of th~ deedB' of a lbi'an(Hu~ Of Infantry and I:he .brave 'effo!1s of MeohWal1dor Kai JHlaro.. Fhis seenarle ~eCfea.te.5tnel'inal rn ilnu~es of f,ightilng betwl31l1J1nl ~he TWEJnty-Fourth 111r'1fan'1iIy ,Company of tile Tellltil Lyrarn Guards and the adv'ance' elements of1he Faloon Gl.lams.IE'lemEint~r<s in ;th:eir pitch'&cil battle f,or OOfntmlof the' GiH;!at <Gash.



........... ..

~ ,. ~
~~{ c


Layout the ClanTroops '!rees as d:ear terrain. maps as shown. Treat all brush and

The AtI:ack9r consists 01 l:he Jade Falcons, Falcon Guards GluS:ler, Trinary Delta" Della EJementaJ One Oommand and Third Point Command PDii1llt (5 IElem~,mtaf,s) PoilU Leader ~ Starr Com manderWil Leadership Skill Halling: .2 Exp!'l'Fienc8' level: Elile Equipment AI'I Elem~.rnt.als have a Smafl Laser as primaw weapon and a F'amer a'SS<I;\w::;oi"1idary we.a:p<ln.




1rh ird i1I'Oirlll: 5 E]eme!'Hals) ( DEIFENIDER
The D€f,endler consists of the .l'\rII'O, Iramai ndngsquads of the First PI8iIl:mn, Twenty.F(It,irln ilFnfantb)" Company"Ttlird Batlalio,n of th;e Tenth Ly;ran Guar'ds. Th'lrd Squad (6 Men), Squad leader: Sergeant Major David Forrest

Point Leader: Elementaf Hee Leade~slhip Skill Rating: 4 Experience lL.evel: Ellie IEqulipment; AU !Elemental!; hay.(\!a Sman taser as:'primmy weapon and an HP Gyrojet R;ifleas sooortdary weapon. Tw~ Eilementa!5 (player'S chok:e) h' no SIRMs remaining.

Leadlershr,p Ski II ~o;i.tin,g,: 3 ExperieTl09' Level; EM~ ,Equipment (assignedi at pl:aj'1ar'~discretion) 2 Rifles 1 Laser Rifle 1 Heavy MachinE! G.UlrlI :5 mer] eq,u~pped wi~h Flak. Vests, (me wil:h FI<'ik Body Suit The Defendsii' may assign sec:em:iary weapons of his choice to th.e squad! members, but may net assign more than 1 1EI1,;ii_lier and 2 Salchel Charges ..

The AtlaG'ker's fereas el1~er tha nortn, seuth, ,or ~Ml ,edge of 1:h~e8Jstmapati. the beginning of Tum 1,. VIC10RY CONIDmONS
The Def,ender (Fooerailed Commol'lweallh) 'wins by exiting
troops ofHhe west edge ofthlj wee,SI' map ..Th!!! Defe,nder must exit a t,cUalof !ive troops off that map by the end Oof Tum 12. Any Qth,eor

result is a vJe,1ory'lor '!he Attackeir (Jade F<Jlw:ns). SPiECI,AL RULE'S is attempting '10 use his Moon's hatlG.het. he receives a .~ o:nall Shaking F!oUs, .
Ilf Kai Allard

Fou,rth :Squad f7 Men)
Squad leader: CorpQral Thomas. Thule. Leadership SkilllLevel: 3 Experience Level!: Regulaw Equipment (assigned at players discretion)
,,1 Gyrojet IRme

1 Heavy S,RM 1 Grenade l.auneher AIII:he me.n in this squad are Elqu,ilPped with IFI'akl130dy Suits. The De-render may aSsign secondary we,~pons of his choice to the squad members, bul n'l!8iynotsssign more th<l[11 Bla.zei',.2 Laser R~fles, and :2 Satchel Cha;rges. lHat:ehe:fman leftena:rn Kai Allard (PIloting 2. Gunnery 1) Deployment . The DeJif:!:ndeil' sets up bothsqu ad:s en Ule east map prim to the start of play'. KaJiAllard's 'Mach enters 1he wesl edge of the west map on Tum 8.


"II thou'gh,t the:se Clans had boon stopped ,col!dl, the Heishl mul'lerec;i"peering tholJ'gIhlhe'liel!d glaJSS9S. " their wounds was mom l'ik.1!! repl'ied Sh'O·koReese, it: lightening her grip on the PPC firing-.conlro! grlip. "Command staff r-e8!sSJigl'led hsre l'OpreparE! for thoeilrrelu rn _" UOS "Tbe com munications, channels have bsen lillUp all daytalk:irng about 'lhe Smoke Jag ua r l.anding.~ the ,Heishi ~ald:_"They are said to be darl'9lemu:s OIp,1Jol'ients., wortlTji' oi the Drago n's honm." Suddenly his back stiUe ned a.nd he focused his liliew. "S'ho4w Ree$€ii, I have spotted enemy '!roops-ElementallsF""'approa.chi ng. INl:llmberbng,~en. possibly more," The SJlo--kog,rinned., "I,n,form all commandsthat Elementalls of man Smoke Ja:g, are ap;proachi'ng our posil:ion." "NegativtJ1. Sho-ko. These Elemel!lJ1als are In dark armor, almost a blue-black, I do 1'1101 belJievelhey are our forme:r adv€\ffi.i' Without warning the comrmmlcstlens s,pe-a!kiern the bUfllo)er i came 10 I.i",e."I am Star Commander Alexandl.'lf Jalrr,el 01 C.lan Nova Cat. ~ the voioe said", lihe t:rememtals o~edl !heir approacn, Jusl DLJlI.,olrange'. "Whaltf,olmes defend thls position'?" MSho-ko, they bait us into a rughL We have seen what they can do. P'e'rhaps sLml:md~r wou Id 00' be$I:?~ Dana Reese grinlned.. "INa.;we have learned from o~rpmviolJs battles with them, and have had'limela pr'9'p.a:rl3. l1il$ time they will T mot have such an easy time ot il." She reached ILIpand tumedl all her iheadiset mike'. "Gree1ings, "'StairGommand~ r Janel of Cian Nova Cat The foroes lliat di1lfendi 1his poshlon are, 1hose of the Fifth Drag.on'so G h os1:s, Foulrteel1thl Infanrtry IRegiment. first Ba.ua1lion. Third Company, Second Pitaroom. First Squad ,.IIam Sno-ko Dana IReese. ... . From the viewpm1 lRee~' saw IJne' of the' EI'em.~nilals step forward' ,almost!en meters ilIihe-ad of his oomrades .. Again the speaker in the blJlilk.elrc:ra.o'kled,"S/l()·li.O Reeset the Nova Cats salute your Ih0I'10f.." Boose smiled, knowingtllat~he 81ar Commander was finally in range of her PPG. "\I\I'hy" 'l;hal'1lkYiou. St~r ClJmma,nder," she' r,epliied, letting go with a blast from her weapon. In a bright blue· fIIash,~e first of the Nova cats had fa!llen In battle in the' II'nlner Sph.ere.

Whef<! the CIa:n:1;resumed '~heir in,vasiorcJo.of 'Ihe Draool1is Oombillle. 111€iY" altalCk.ed 1lhe plaJf1EjlM!a.rshdailie. Two of thEi' Cla:ni$, l the Smok.e Jaguars and 'tile NiDlla Cats. worked toge1Mer, dividing up !he ccntlnerrts, 'Thei,r aUac'ks were not GOordi nated. mal<i'nlJ the aef'en-$Eii $0 mewha:1. asler, but it was, still a 1:c:Jipsid,ed e contest, The Nova. Cats were new 'to ~he Clan invasion. no~ l:Ia.ving paroclpa~ed iirnthe original waye fhat gobbled up :SCI much Cl,flJhe lnner 'Sph,er'lii: the year b.e,fore. lh~y W$ue Uln'sacustomed to the fighting, style of Inner Spher,e troops, a factor thai worked against th:eom ,almost ~mm~d~alllil!ly_ What neither C,lan knew was how 'in~ensliV.elythe Combil'l'~ military had wolnkoo to improve thei,r inraf1trY'S'lighfJiog abifity., Com'ba1 a.rmOir. once! a rarJty, had eecernseem m()l1pl~ii::e,lhey had also heEded up, weapons ~nd other eqluipment 10 deal wilh the Ehl!meJ1tQiII 1hreat Combine IfOO~PS also 'trnii1~d heavily 1ft new 1adic9, with the new Gq'UipOI'!'eliF'ltAs'i1l resu'lt 'they were' ready to meet the new threart illl a deadl)' manner, .. ~ Th is seenario·!> ilfli~ial Elng~gement between 'Ihe the' Combine defem:lers <lind t~e [NOVE!Gats on MarShdal'e. Thalr Eleme",tal if.orc~s, clad in the signature midnight blue of Iheir CI.m. st'oooo:ut sorely ag,.allf'1iS'1lihewinter snows. TI!1,e', p'lanetary dQ~nde~s consisted mostly of ,!il·lem ants of OrJie The.odore KUi~ta's inf1limmJs Qt "Ghosf' rll!gim~ms. mysterious units not officially c<'!llalOgooin Ilbe Comblmfs military ~Qster.

, 30

La,y out th·e ClalillTroops maps as shown, Treatjhs building on the norihern map ElS a bunker, 'It is iOOlnsjdered 10 be a ~a:rd<l1lned Building.,

The Attacker consists 01 the l\J!o a Cats, BeftaJ Galaxy,2!Omh .... Ag:glressoT Clust.e:r. Alpha Assault Trinary (The Uglhtning Cats}' Rrst Stair (Th'8' Claws of ILIQlhlnirlQl}. Comm and Po~rut
Command Pil,int '(5 Elementals)

Command Point Leader~ Star Commandler AlelC.andelF Janel Leaderr;;lh'ip Skill Ratingl;3 IExplilri.mce. Le\l€l: Elite Equipmeli1t ,All Ellemel'1tal....are equipped w,ith Small Lasers as pri'mary weapons and HP GyrOjet Aif.les,8!s secondary we·apons.. IDe:pI\~ymeilT'lt The A:tIaCiker enters thesoi.!flh edge or the south map al rhe beg~nningl of! Tum 1. These Elem:en~alscanl'llot '~ireuntill1iey ihav6 ooenfifEid upon or have set of! ,1\1, mine.

nl€! sid~ with thii! most surviving wnS'Ci(lus troops after Turn 12 is,lhe winner.

The .iD:ef'em::lero~F:!$;h$ts f etemems ,O'r the FiM [).ra.g,{)I1I·s, r o Ghosts" lFoull1:eeinth Infantry Regiment. First Battalion, Third Oom· FkEfny. Secand Pliatoon. Rl'St ,Squad. First $quad (8 Men) First Squad Leader~ 8110-:/(0 Dana Reese leadership Skill Ratingl: 2' lE;':lperiem:;eLevel; Br~l;l IEquipment ,(assigned at player's discretion) '1 tPPC 11H1eavy SRM , Grenade laulnd'19r 1 Sem]-,~o!1able Laser 2 Gyr,ojet Riflles , A.uto-Grfmade launcher Five troopers are equippool wi:tll CombatArmor, p, ! IBaHleTrlroop8:" ,8, '!he remainder w~h Flak. BodV SU11ls, Th8[lIli~ender mayas.sign any lOeoondary weapons desired. includiinl91up to 3 Satchel Charges. M'in:es The [)e~erld€ir may plant atotal 01 1.2 pep-up mine.s for damagilflg! ElemeJital ju mplroops.. Record the 'location of 'lhese riIlim~9,prcOFto the start 011 p.lay. lDeploy,mmnt The Defender may set up anywhere on the north map. The D'sh3inde'r may usa the ,optional Hidden Uni~:;; IrU!l:e.s"p, 33, BaHleTliool!)s,for selling IUp hris: troops.


---- -


'The trouoll~~r!Jpled shortly'ari~er the break:-ou~ alU1leprjso!1 kfllown as KlLlmshiiYaJma, A h e.avi'ly armOOi ,band of I!~al~ h,ad $tat.J~d a prison break to jreethe young heir to lhe! Dracorlis Combine, who was Imprisoned there_ 'The whOI!!! oity of iEc;jo:s.eem~d ~QerlJPI wi~h tlt'lai! ene acUon_ A:ioti ng broke euton every strset. OU!F Sl~w CiOnru·I'I~f1def fde~d IUS 0

During the iI'l:itial wave o!~he ClaJr'I iflva:si~. CIEJiri Smdk~ Jaguar 51r1JCk:. ile wo:rllrl of Turtle Bi3!y.ln. the fierce iighlnng that n <3icCQ:rr'lp~niedUile Jagu:aJ,g' land.il1g., '~he ifi!v·ad~J'·f;l C!3;ptllre~HQih,iro KJ!]tr:itai, (J:ung h~lr tl:llihe Dr;;;JC():n~$ Qmb~liIe_lhey were n~t a,mtre y C of hilS i:denmy, now8;ve" ,and m~rl3;ly5e!Uhlm: tD~he m~s~1\1'e fortro9<sSipri1'ionof Kunusn iiyama afong wi~'hfue Qther Iprisol'le rs, In ad1aring ralid i31IQQal yaku.z<llte:am mal'la,g~dto p·ene1:rate~h€' pri,son and lliberate the young Primoe. This ac1iiciloWas oO<lrdlj'natedi wiffih a massivecivil:i<m uprising, fO'fiI'I~nl~d to pllOvld« oOVler fo,r i"-tohiiro's e$~alP'€l;:l)Swall 'as to brhtgr a g;u6rriHa war home t(l 'th I3t
Smoke Jaguars. -

Com m!and!8!f1 ~llijs' 'Mecn wil'hlhe if g~ Ms, we fi nailly ~ost ou~ patience, "W~ stall'ited diQwn an alley Tn pUlrsuiil of our .a;t~c~er$, niM $USiPec!llnn a trap. Of! both ·sides 'Q~l.!;S ,neavysIJpporf w~apo~s moved lil1ltop.osi,t~(m. Then! my fire Moth mu~slhave !'nil <it funnel, boc:au,se the next mCJo!T1!et1lll en the gr~und, rea""i ng only Star was Oormn<llllder T anis:" l~'F~r[~t <:Ineao 'o~ IrIlle! in tn~~'tr~et ~As I struggiled t.o g'et myFit~ MO:$h back upright, th~ mas$. ·of civilnans opened IUp on him ~rom 0111 sides. W9\alPO:I1S fil!"08ee'nmeo to s blaze from every window, whi Ie ~h9 i!J'OOple screamil1g. i n tn~slf'elW s!iJ!ddenlly turn:edtheir blasted infeinl'lo rookeils on loolth tha StaJ~
Commamilllr ,arl:d me-

to USelOUF 'Mechs to fQrr:e ~he ci;vill~<!!n$ $om~ $~m~~ance of ililto order, but i~wa$ tOil ~a~e f.lJrlhal:. lFil'$I,llhey b~.g~n tl;) tnr,ow m(;ks, then M~o,lotovCOckUll~I$- When some UnaJrmored olvman,s. hit Star

"'Hie res;poondeaas I'w~lUld lliave, deswoy~ngl olie of tM. buildiings. which showemd1he s1~eetwilh bricks am~ debris <1l!p it tOflp.i6d, Hii$ aetal;so b.rQuglht dawn anoiher hall of fi re from oli1e.r DllJliild:ings, M, I rigtll~d my 'Mech, thr,~ SIRMs ·S[Jr'UQK b.;3,(:K. ltulmoo 1:0 f.ire its ar! my i'lIltackslts. bu~ saw on'ly do;;;~ns~r pai~li()k~d ci;vili"ns ryshirtg! byi n the :streets, Inf,Fustratio:l1l II fired tGl$¢.atter tli'l~mr only to be; hlt myoollf by a shot irol'l"! a looe~ eanncn. offuming 10' ieam how Star Oommander1.alJis was, f'anil\1.g, :1 saw only ihis dow!lOO We Fermi' in the s1reet, sWOJmn il"1g~ OJdOl:9!l1 or 5.0 civil'ialF'ls,.fh.ey pUll led hrm rmm[hecock!pi~aoo ttea!~h~m de.all1 10 withl sticks arld c~u.b,s;. It was riot a d'ea,thl des~rvjlilg 01' a warrioJl""lhe nexi day we we're ordered! (Jut"O~ Edo, ,Iea.viingthe ci1iili~nrs to beli8VE!lhey had o8atflf! ~IS- u~'rila9:ship,rhe V~/6')d HulJ.tmss" O then ielloose a long and Qorn~in:ui(JllIs bern bard'ment,. r:,educ~ngilEd10 and its people toa oinder.~ .

The rioting irllihe streets or Edol Jast~al!ilost ffrv!i'i days" A~rmed with w~~pOlil'$ $mu@91r~d ri'11cy!he .Iocall y.:ll;kuza., 'the ~~viliali!slum'~Jj eveuystr,e<e1 into en inferno' of amlbush ~)1d death. TIfIi:s SC€lnano pOr!tay's tl1e,k~r'ld ~r city figl1ltfll'!Q th~I' ocel.!lrrerJ belwtili!'l U;11lC'J!t1 Smoke J3gU01!r Omni$ and the: Edt) str,elei-flglliters., Tha Smoke J~gl,J:ar$ tna.t;i~~'II€lr OlJi'llITounlered C~vm<llilllJlnT€S1 on tf'il@ se.aiJe tf1.ey wil1l1lestSoo i,n E!do_ It Wa$ as thol.lglh ~l!1Iseen, 9 hostlike roes staJlkisd their'Mia«lfI.s ar'1~ ElemelMals"The cily's va;SI: sewe.Hunne~ l1etiNonk. nnadeit almQs1 imposslb1e rocor.r1G:r fh'~llr opposiliort Eax;h ~rme a G~ani$~'fh1""1Iluflfliedt!l altaGk,he call'1liE!o:noo again under tiro tJims,.elf. To Claflspeople'"aclvill'eoom.on like1ihaton Edo is oo,nsidenrd djshonor;;jble" ImleOOl, thE! SmOke Jag,llI<lJl" Kh~ l'iI'oorned 1hli3t only' a T r~alof .o.r1'l1il1ii~<1ItiQi11 ould bl1irmth~ !',ig,~e:rselheir :ser:!iS~So ~ 1M J!aguars j:lulrool aUti'1€'lr rr~~ps out of: EOQ 01'11 IM'.:iiYt2. At slJl!u,ise 1he lr:Jext Co;lf, fi'ie~r 'intllssi'l.l'e f~ag\Sh~p~ireda !tln:gl. stead:v' bQmbmdm:en~ that Ie;>ve~edi .Eido, eff'se,tiv,ely w~ping H off fue map. Only a haJrildllJ'l of peop!e su Niveo ~o te:lilJ1e story of 6ao's


Smdke J:a~uar.


" """:~~~F~
" """





~~ ~~ ...

;i: .. :ce ..

layout th:e ClalilTlrocps map as s!1Jown. Sill€!the lE:hUUeTe:e'h n).;:tmicallileadicl'IlJt 305DfQf Clan Om nllM,oohstaltisHcs., AI~buildings .'u"'eoonlsider~d twCHi~ory s,tructures 'Wii,thl identi ca~ neer plans, on each floor" If no S"lairsiM91 shown" asserns lh~m ~o be<in Ih~ nor1ihw8st comer of 1he bu ikl~ngl. The shia;(jecl areas on ltle map represeil1lt~L:lllri6Is, Place a UJnru:l11 access Cllunter on lhe locations mark.ed wilh X, Alllu nne~ aGOeS!; lsassu med to be en th e'~Ii"$lfh:lor"

.Ar.11 ACKE'FI The Atlack:er consists lOtyakUlli3, I:ooal mil'itia, and param il~'tary r~serve civi lians arm,eci]with we.a:poons" ecause ~he'lf!l!JfOrl.sare not B furma~ly orgMizac, the ~~beis aJI'(j' not oonfin e-<:iln squads: the Atlacker may set them up ilfll3Jny IdJesirecl~aslhicmorgroup~iiilg_The: hMQ ~~a!clrilw$ lshr;wvn as, yal!J!JIz~ are, however! mo rs or [less,coerd i·" ni1i~ll1!gh0i~~fkl'J1S, ~ Anackers (HJ:Metl) YaKuza Kul!an K:ist .leadersh'ip SkIil! RatinI;!: :2
YakU.Z8J. Zephcm





",.,,' '.'.'.'. ..'.'. .. --~ ..... . -

r.'.'.: ...'.'.'.'.'. ..-.-,'[ '

Leadeffi!hip AaHng': 3, Treop Qu.aI1ity: R~g[jllar iSquipment (assigned all player's d~scn~lion) :if Heavy Semi-Pbrtaol:e lasers 1 Heavy M!achin>eGu i'!1 15 llieavy SR Ms 88RMs 8: Gr,!ilppl~$




::: -.-d. ,: ,:_.::' '.: ...-::.--::hl~~!:-: :,~jl~: > \;: " . ~:..__",,--I. ..~ : :-.-: :
1 i _ 1 I' ~ I' ~

.:>~-•~jj,.:. -: <.' >~." -. :-:.<
_'I' ": __

j;:~.:' >.: -.:' : :"











c~. _.

_;_+ __







11MediUlm Maclhine GUfi! 1 M~n· Pack PPC 10 SatoChe~Charges Five of the. men areequipperl with F~akVesis, one witn Flak. Body Arm(l:r. Se"Ccmdmy we.apo!l::O may be ,~sigii1:~ from :lhose Ii:MOOaMveThe Atl:adker S>9t~ utp!i!!n:ywhetlilOWll haIrTN3,f:'after the ~ places his riirsl Om ni Mech.


'The D~fl!il'm:ll.i;:'r corrsists Olr I.\!VO S.rrlfoke Jaguar ORflniMechs hom .Bela Galaxy. Third Atladk C~[jster (Huln~er:s .An)" Second Strike S~ar .. Feni!1is·[) Star Command~r
Tallis (prfoilng:;:!, GOO,l'ltlIrYS)




awe still onlJiJe tnap

Da$her~B Sta~ OOI1!1m.;;l)lcl~r j.9" f8!llonis (pjJQfjhg 3, GuniI'Jery~:)'

The Def!ender (Smo:ka Jagualr) ph;liyer W!ins!if b01th Otll1~iMe-~h's and wle to ,moy·eat the end of TJ..! i S- If either rtll 'Mech is unable to move or is destroyedl, i't is <11"1 AttaJ;)~e.r v1ctoary.


Deployment lhe De'ferl"der~srenrisOmoiiMech Sle1$IUpanywh.8t,ewilttnin , () dots ol~hi8! east 100IJ,e, af the map prii.or 00 lh~ start of play. The Da$fJer Omn iMeGh elnters tile map on lum .0.-

The [)efender (Smok~!jag.lJar} ,cannollire hom his Fenri'sor Di5ls\l)eliI'"until the'JM!8>Cn li$lired upon and {AIPV).










YasJ(evrclh 1'(Jokedaut hom his posi~ion near the ~dge or 'Ihle swamp and ,saw the aPiProachirng Elemental in'ranllYl'IOppingl across the landscape I:i~e' maniaca~ to,y so1dterrs, . To Ihis len, Corporal, William Scotl.y nudged him. ~Bythe blade of Ke'rensky," he' mlJtiered. "'ThOSE;! buggers move like, lightning!" "That old iocl Stellwar told us to dig in and leI th ill' iI'lfan~rrycorns 00 I;IS. Stri3irght-up figl1t. Th:at idioit! Tihese are no norma! it'lrantry. They're fast and impossible 1.0 'kilt" lin the dlstal"lce the ELementals paused <mid~ired. . "StellwaJr's slilll i no charge, though, and ne's caning tniil shots," Sootty Irepli9d. lev,eling 'his SRM launcher. aSometh illilg happens to a mail'S mind When scm 9'Cme' pi ns ge.nel'al's stars on his, liilpel, Scotty. Well, he can bust me to laJJline duty for ther re's~ of my career, !rut I'm not gair1lg to lead my squad to their deaths!~ Ya.sJl<'evicnswit(;I'1!~d on his helmel microphor.lle. "Ci1JJ~rier Two Seven, thi~ is Alpha Sqlilad," he muf:!er,e;dl, throwing tl'19 58}el,Y' off his gry,ojet Iriflie" "Yo, Yaskevich, this is CaJr~&er W(rSeltell. I understand it's T about to' get ho1 i n yo~1" sector," ~C.aJn erepola. We haven't'g:otlhe mU5terro take th ese looys th,e out, Linda. i nesd youl to ki clii,fret) one of' yOLir iron bo)!es:and sen~ it here lor som's fire support" ~Gene ral S~ellw3r's :st:mdmgl ~mer is for US 00,hold, old frliend.~ . Yaskevich gFil~ed hlis teelJh and @limed hiis we:ap<l,n as th~~iU"$t ~Ieme:ntal oogaiii to,diose to short-range. 'He h<'lld ,ordeFoo, his,sqluad

11 JIUlY 3050

Posi~lon~d ,alo!ng the, Free Rasalhagrue IRePliblic border, 'the
pl,a,net Riddenl'.erk:had ortca b~~n a k!eo/ Fade rated Conn monwealth deJernoo world, With lihe·il1lllasion of 'Ihe C!lans, defeflSee< ,0'1tnat

corder seemed i rr9Ievan,t.; espec;ially for th~ Fir:st Lyra.n RegW8i~s
filCT $lalioned there. When C_lall'l o1f f'OIFC~$· s~ru,ck'Uiieworltl. hoping for a glorious W fight, the F-Clmops tlheyh:lI,J,nd were no chilll'lange. lin oommand of~he First Lyran R!e9ol111arn 'RCi was leltenant General OsbJla SI.eUwar. Tha General had performed well Ut'!9.9 a

to a 'threat

major in botli th@ 'Fourt'h SUGcession War ami in the offensive agains,t 'die Com'blifl8 now known as the War of 300B,; but age arid stubl:mmnE!!ss had taken their ['OIL W~1el'l first reports, ,crith e Clan irilv>1idersbesan 10 :arrrivI:J,lihe General dismilssed thIS attaeksra as merely a partiGulall1ly 5UCoeSSfu,1gmLJ'P'of ,irates. Thoug'h he paSSl~ on the' jnt,el~ig:enca to hi:s Siulbo'rdlhates, he saw flO reason t'll deviate 'frorn nis I..lsUiarlrl~<spOrl<se

to waJit

the e~'tef1l1y as, c'!Qse el'u:mgh to talkie some heavy W

damage ..
~Linda, Stallwar'$ 'fi.ghtingl the wrong damn war. If I'm going toO these guys out. II need some of Y01.l!rl!r'eadaction dOll/W1 I''liil'r'e

ASAP'." . llnne was.a: pause. Yaskevi(lh lined up his shrn andl dmw a deep breath. Suddenly his earphone' squeaked to life_ ''We'I'1 probably bolJt1 end up limthe clink:; but you've got your wish," Unda said. "Ona Gall'e£111 the' Wi'liY. ~ '011' As the messag,e ended, Sergeanll Y 8iskev.ich squeezed tnt! trfigge'r and tlla wtlole wade erupted around him.

an July 1 Clan Woirfon::es issued <11 ch~lIef'lge to th e defenders of Akldorkerk,;a message the General chess '1(;)gnore. Ordering i his, ~milps to dig In, he pilanned to use his Il'lfarmrry as a.lpBrime'ler" defense. followed by Sll~Pcort armor. t.henl his BaltlBMech foroes. General St~llwar did m:1I:commit any H!lro'i1 or Qltli.cK-reSpO'f11se 'groups, but simply ~emalnoo dUQi-injust outside Th~llm~ Forest The/Clans, pre,fe,r ,combat with'aJ high Iy rm]bllle, Qj:!pon~nt. 'Wh.i:ch at~im~s provides (he best defense aga1n81 'Ihem. By digging in and ~h!N)wingl only his nnf"mtry ~t the' ,advaln{)~r1<gl IE,lementals, :1'itoel'lwar forced his l.nO<lp5 down the, palh of oerl:ain defeat Despite Valiant e.fforts al'id iil n'Umber of units 'I!hal directly disob@'ved St'ellwalf's orclews, Clan Wol~ all bu1deslrc:y,sd th e' onoo-:feinsoma FirSI LYt"ca;1'I iRegulam with'rl a mallter of hOlIrs.

'Lay outtha Cla:lr! maps as shown ATTACKER Ele:menl$ of Clan Wol,l's First Galaxy. Fksl: Superno,'va. -Gold Ele mentals Able, First Poi lit. Fi:r,st Poi nt (5 Elamenla!s,) Firs.t Poi ntleader: Star Commander Hamil U Leadership Skill Rating::2 Experience level: lEIite All Ellem ~n'la'sequ Tpped wilh a Small Laser as primary we'43ipO nand an SMG as seco'ndary weapon,


Dep!lovmen~ VICTORY CONDliTiiONS


The Attacker must I!InitU tile wesl' edge ot the map on Tum 1.

lhe Atlack'i~J(CI'at'l1 Wolf), play·er 'Wins bye:dti'f'IQ :3 01' [mue troopers ,ooflhe' east edge o,t thie; m~TJafter'lum1C1 bu~ befor,e Turn 15 (the end o~the game). Any ether Fe.sullt is a Oefeotide,F (F~d~ra.ted CommcmWealU,) viotory. SP ECIAl RULES The' Detender may use one 5(}~poi!'lt artillery barrage <lny1um
after Tum 41.

The Defeinder consists of the Forst Regular.s ReT. Third ReginTumt. First ~ofa11ltry Bal.taliol'l, Secoll"ld Company (E.Y'I'liS IDiJe" Second Platoon, St'lcond Squad ..

Second Sqluad (8 Men) Second Squad Leader: Sergeant Major Hans Yaske:vich
Leadership Skill I Ha'in:gl: 1

Expe~ience' Level: I~ H Eql.lipmefil~ (assigned at.Iplayer's ,discre ion) 1 Heavy Machine Gun 2: GyrO~ljjt Ri~I~$ 1 SR,M i 1ILAW 1SMG
1 Blazer 1 Laser Rifle

5 men are equ'i,pped With Flak Body Suits. ,2'wi~h Rak V85ls, and ons wUh Combat Annor, p_18, BaUleTlloops. The Delf,ender may assign allY s€:coiildary eql!.lipmenl: he des[~e5, including 11.11" '104, Satchel Charges.


Tal1!lk Drive.r

AlntolJi n G abrtal (.PfJo#ng 3) Galloornl,an k Gu !U"Ier GareUl MoreU (Gunnel}' 4')0 Ilepto,ymell1t The Def,ender sets up the seeonc squad anywhere orltlie' map. The player may set up using the optional Hidden IJinits miles, p. 33. 8attle'Troops. The Galle!)n WI,nk3irrives on Tum 5 anywhere Olii the leaS'l.,edge of the map.





,') ~~"F.c ~






Lef!9llarn Craven 5uf'!."ey,ed his 11'001'5, onelin'l'8l1 time. If the repor1;s were correct. !ime was: mnning out The Jade Falcons would be cl'osing lin en his posillionl ,an,ymoment, threatening tile Federated Commonwealth with thie'loss of both, '~he planet ,Aijyina and th~ heir 10 the throne of th,e rna~m. ~Hleir¢'s.lhe low"down, 1roops," Cra.ven said ,checking his ti mepiece_ 'Ten minutes ago we picli!ed up signals inoicatlng that a Star of EI~me:J'lltalsis closingl in en us. We have only Olflrl'limisston and fh'a,t Is 'lei protect Ihe Haadq\$ 'Unit long' enough 10 buy tham and the Prince time to get offi O'~this mc'k it necessary. 'We ~la\Jespent the lasUive monllhs~raining you to responid,!:O' Clan ladies and figtlti ng 5,tyle'. Until we g~1ou r own batue-arm D~ed Iroops on-line. you troOjp€,rs are the' best edge we h:av~ B,t hittingl Ihese ,J~de Fruco:fils on their OW!'I ~eveL "Aioo;ut 1ti~&eki;lometers from I"l!m~is,alperfect p:oiIltto jnteroopt h:: Jade Faf,ocms, Th6Y will N~',a.chthat point in .25 i'iIli~u~.€HS"and so willi We!. As maeh as I WOUII'd' Iikietosay tli'lat we're '9'oif19 to slug it cui: with them, we WOIil't b~ol thls tome ~nyw9iy. OUf mission is to' punch 1hrolJgh their lines and ~Wfor ;theli' command ctll'l1er. The hope lis that we' earnforce them to !piu,1 back a good chunk of their assauH force to hu rn us down, buying HO' ,and Prince Davie n ,scmfl) time. ~Load UpOi1 meal klitsand gear, IfwEl,do ma:nageto,cutltlrro'ugh them, we'll split up and lurelihem ,off. !But don't press 1he fig'ht if o utlllJlmbered. Make you r way 00' one of the s'mall supply caches in tlJ,eare~a and then regm.IJP' fro om 'there we'll try to make them pay .. marly k:IF th,e;frUMle's~ayhe~, ~ The letten'ant cheGked his walcn a:gi8.1 as his hoops ren checked fueir gear. In the distance he saw the glimm eri ng shapa of Mar Negro and ~helilashes 'OI batHe .along its shore. .As the arti~llelfYat HQ begaJ'iIQ discharge barF,ag.G after barra.g:e, Cra!ven pulled Of! his combat l1ielmet "Holy 'Ci'UOstlblnl.:;,he mutlel"E)d, the hemsh bla~t$ [roml " nearby arli~le:ry. "WniM are we getling ourselves irn:o?~ "Say agaln., Leftenarit. YOUIF last message drdnl't copy," came back the voice of Serg.€al1lt Major Bums. '" said, so Und 'Boot~ arid Saddles,' Sa ~geai"iltMajo r_W,e l1ave a baltlie tQfighrt. ~

Wlhern Cllan ,Jade IFalcon ~en:ewed the~r affensivB, 'Iihey begi<ln with a. thnJiS"ll,OWNd the Gom aJl.he Federated Qom monw~aI~h, Their prim ary push VIi,as agaiml!5l t~eiil' old aO\l-el1sa;ries., 'the,T er'l~h lLy~an GtJaf(fs~and PriFlce VIC10r SI:einer-Davion. The J ade 'Farcon Erne raid Wi ng "Cluster struck the TeAth, lyltalo Guards wil" f,or,ceandrury. yet ttie Clan w.arriors, did mrt fi,Fldwhat they expec.too. In the time during which 1he Clans hi1ldhalted '!heir invasLon ~o elect a new iiKhan. the trmer Sphere had bro1!oeditsell l'or the next thJus,t of the i nV<;i!sion,tr"i;lil'li in~iJ rQ"eqlJiR'~ilf1!g, ~Fld adapUl'Ig ~o ClantaClics and WiiakneS$OlS, In stead 01'poorlly infantry the Jla:de Falcons were facing crack matrksmel1in combat armor, many wilih Une 'firepower to damag'9 and Ikilll EI'er;!l!llnl:als. The plan to assault Agy~na was twofo~d. A primary attack f,()rce of Omni Mec!hsfmrnlhie SOOth Att<'.lcli( lust~r would std ke at the 0 oUilk oflihe Ba;ltls Meal'! and armored r'a:rces alon:91 the nano'w passes: leading down to Mar Negro. tile massive, Ilake lileartJhe Tentn Guard HQ. Meanwhif!ll.lhe Elemefltel fomes o(l!he Jade FaJ.coJ'1s'elite Emerald WJiilQ Cluster would drive through the nearby wood$ and fa'rmla.nd:S, Hanki ng tha 'Mech battle! riear 'Ih-e lake, th E'l'Fi slirikill'ig at line,He'B.dqllla.rlenii ofthe Guards. If:succ:es,s;fll.d. 1he msne1uver 'W-oul!dl hatter ;ths' unit'S dl:l'o1nceto escape Aiyina. s aFldwoulldlleav€!, llie Il3atdeMechl forces clipp!ed, without su pport o'r 5IJpplli,es. The Tenth Lyral1l 'Gu<)rds were, however, prepared"or sceha flankiing attack. Thay ha.d ,r.Him'lied and r:e"9ro'u~d tll~irlhilrd IInfan~ry Baltal lo n willh jUlrrJP packs, endcern bat 1lim'lO'r. Their goal was ~o me~l: ~he th reat oltha Emlllraid Wing CIu:srer in ilie ab1l,lflr" doned IKellogg Arlillery Test Fir,il1QRange .. Tli'lere Ihe Third Battalion wOlJtd hittlhe Falco!'ls har'd. then dlisperse,uHhair rear srea, This woUJh;:l forrethe' Falcons t,o hiilll 'Iheir advance en the HQ While they al'l€!l'I'Ipted ~o k'ack: cO!Wif'I th€! quickly moving lini.antflj"lro<liPi:1rS their rear area was hit. This s-cenario remearifts the' operur"lgl salv'Os of 1his il"rl'anl'FYbatHe. Tho,ugh the T'e'r'lth lyr;}1'11 Guards wer,e bad,y damaged when llhieJade Falcoi"ls 'look conlirol of Aiyina, tile Third Battalion's bold move bnrnted the 'EmElrald Wing Clwister's att~mpt 'kl' strike jJtltie HQ. Th'ough mest Oof ~he F·C~ro>o;ps we re! captiJre~ f:!lll'll'lUil~ da:ys after 1he batue.. a ,liandfull continued '10wage <111 ongoiftl!i]1 guemilla strugglie ag~in:Sl.'!he Falcons umill captulred by the ComSlar g:alFfison ~f(l'rcQS '$ev€iral weeks lat,er.



~ ~
Second shown, Sqliilad (7 Men)

(lAME SE.T..uP
lay outlhe Cla:n1iroqps maps as

Commaliild Poln~ (5 Elemen.MI~s)
Command PQiln~ lUeadelr: S!ar Commander le:SideIFs:hip Skill R,affng: 11


SeC(J~nd Squad Leader; Se f'gie:a;nt Ao'ilaod ! L9att~rstnip Slk~l~ Ratir\QI;3 EXiperi.enoe level; Ae,glJllar 'Equ ipl'l1enl { at p!ayer's di<scretio:n) 2 G:yr'Oj~1 1 ligh~ MaciiJine Gun 3, SRMs 11Laser R iflie 1 Auto Gremu)e Launoher 1'1.1'1 .sqlllad members h,[l;\l'e Jil:lmp Packs all'lldwoor Com bat Armor
(p ,18', E!aiUleTroops). Th,e DefJ8.nd~ir ayass!ign at'ly secondary equf,pment m n,OII'~,e~ceedl4i Satchell Clllarges.

oinrs choioe.

A,TrACKER lhe Attacker consists of ElI~mems of C ItI[iJ J:adie fancon. Be'la. Gan<l!XY, meraldl Wing! CIU:stelF, rvrst AtlaJ:ikTrini3Jry, Sweep W:ing E H~mfil nta~su;u' .Ab~e, Command and FOlJlrth Poilnts.

Third Sq:uad(7 Me,n)

Ui~han Wayne,

Experience Lr.¥vel:Bite
A~I Erem!1ln~aI8 Fl'i,~JV!1l Small LaJse~ as primary a Gyrojet RiHe as secondary wea,pon,

and an H P

fourth Poin~(5 Ele!THl'ntals) Leader: Star Commander j,:[j'. fowels leadership Skii~ Ha,tirig: 3 E.x,peri'ence L.avet IRegu~~r AU Eleme,f1lta:lshave Eli Smal,llLaser as. p,rlmary weapon: and.lin HIP Gyrojat R:iHeas secondary w~a!pon"
Fourth Point DeipIOY!il1E!lIlt

SSCXJl1d Squad LGader: M<JIJor David ElLims lBad!E!'rshnpSikjil~ IFtatingl: ,2 ~ Experliefilce, Lelle~:Elite Equipmernt (oosi.g ned ~l pllayer~s d~screljcm) .~Gyrojil\lt R~fle· 1 Heavy MaJo1'1ioe Guo 2 GlrE:lfl'Mia; l<tli.mchers ~ Heaivy 8em i·Po~btle' la:sar All s9uad fI1.embers have Jlump Packs a!n:d:wear Gomb~t ArmOf (p_ t8,IBattle1l'l1Qopsh TIila 'D~femd!ermay assign any s.eoondary equipmelntof his chO'ioe, not to exC€ed 4, Satchel Cll'llru:ges.· . [lI,e,p:lc:y,m.ent'

~'€$t l')i:t<lP:.

I'll t!'ieSlan. of ~pl:ay., Ih,e Tlhird Sq l:Iad SEils IUPaJn)fWhere en me Tihey nnay' use' thiS! Qpticmal hli~del'll Units rules. p. 38" IBa~tle:r:rooplS, for 11iding troops,. On lum1 tha Fi'rsl and"Se'Ccm:Gj Squads.enOOt tr,o,nnnlle n orlh, ~Ul'Uth., or we,st edge of ~hewe'51 map.

The AtI<'l.dll!~r '~n~effithe

€l\ttS~ edlg:eof

the east map



Eao:nside is attemp'ling to penetrate the nnes oflhis,op,pcJ'(;Jell':it. Th~Atlacl<;er is :atl:empling toeXUI r(il{cr;!s off ~he edge o~ llhe Wi3',si map, Th,e: De~E!nder jsatt~mp.ti ng toexil fow~s off ~hee~~ ed~iI1l' of 1Jhe Jei~H,l map ..

,DEflEiNOER I' IElemeniffi of the '·eruh LyraJl1 G.uatrdSi, SeC(J:I':!d11'!"Ifalml)' Reg., mell1t (The' Ar,chon's Bllad~). Thim A:SSOlJUlltElattOlJlio:!1!, first CiOm· pan'll., Third Jump Iln:~anllry PI!!3!toon(lihillll1lderstmm), F'lirst,Second. and Thim Sql!Jads. Flf$~ Squad [7 lM~n) First Squad lead>l3!r: ~.eiflenanl Dafe Graven
leadership SkHI Aalingl: 1

Eadh~ime a plillyer 'exits a~roopelr off hi,s respecJtiVJe~i3!rget edge,~he Ol'll¥lsilr)1g ~Ia_yerrnustSiI~o ,~xit a tr~o~er of! the ~~me :edgtl, within twoliU;rns (coi1lSJidenild in !,~~!lJli~):_ :12~chlif!l'l:e lili,$ does Ir'lJOI,occur, 2: VielD"" Pornts go t~,tlfH~teamthatorig!i'n~ly exitGd Ith<'l:t edge., The team wi,thlhe mest points at the end fum 20 is the


cxpsnence Leve!: El'ite


1 Sem'i-~Qrtable taser :2 Laser Riflles Atl $Quad members eqUii~pped wMh Jump (p_18, IBaM.le"froops), TIiIe [)?h;lnder may asSBglrJ any sooondiary

EqUlipme~~,{assigned aJt plalyer's dioorel!ion) 2 Gyro]m R:ifltl8; 1 Glrenad~ launoher 1 Heavy Macihin€l Gun

SPIEC.IAL RUll8S The Defender can ,caUfotl'Wo,80·point s.lartul1bJl on lum 2_. .-




IPacks ~d

Combat Plrmor

equipment of h ischoicll!.



WA'I\t'er severalm onths of red'esig n aJildoutfifiti ng, WI!!' re"F,e.ady to mil. Our s.~nk.eph:doon haslrair'led nard. CIInd I"m impressedl witlillihe results.' C~ovjs. Holstein; said, !Jattingl th,e suit 01 banle armor. "The resu Its are impressive, yes! .;said Morgan Hassk- Davion, ~but our power SlIb'!S are sti II Iil etas ,efoocliYE! as Ihe 01an battle

armor was at fifsllbeyon:d ~hEltechnological grasp of 1he Inn;er
Sph~re_ But onoe the Com bine and the F,ederat.ed Com monw~altll had each cap~uroo some suits" they combined i1 with linformation supplied by 'Wolf's Dragoons to develop thefr own v~rsjlJf1Is, Though not as 50pirli's1nooled as fie Clan suiffi. the Inner Sphere veYSIion did oijer sigl'lijicanl advances over mere. jump paoks and $~andard oomb~I' armor. Krmwl'! as pO'INer suits. thei~ lmproved strength andl atl'lti-'Mech capabilWes made them worth their weight illl C·BRllls. Resista nee ,glFOUlpS formed on almm.t~11 ~Ianets in the Clan occupied zones. thOtJgh a lack of supplies hampe:red m~ny oUhese opaf01l1lons. Such 'Was file case en Pla'ntrng. wheiFe several cornpanlss ,of infootry caliried out cmu;~antraids against the J~de Faloons, while always rem'aining out of thei.r gtafiP. , Pla;n~irrg ga1,!\e!the Federated CcltTlirnon,wealth an opportJu(Jity to field-test the' '!'lew baltla arrnar; plus provide sonv~=: {Ielief t,o the resis:taMei'orc€'s on 1hall iSlJlatBCI world. Field lMa,rshaJ Morgan Hlasek-Diiivion 'Wa!i1Jted stnkie before a.l'lew Clan offel't<$iv·erupted. to e nopi,ng that would help the guerrillas '~ieup even m O~Ei Ij[ til a Jad8 Falconi f.eHX:e. The o,peration WO:I.I~d bill qu1ck. A small J'umpS'hipwol!JJlddeploy a L~'Opafd Class, DmpShip ~o Plan~ng hom a. lP'jrat~ jump PJGint. OnCi' tt'teF,e, nsllt,e teglim specIally '!rained 111he flew b:atllEi armor a t would strike art the Fallc,ons, rnakJi contaGt with the nesistal1loe tlgll~ers, ana provide 1hem wilJh neooelll Slu~plies.1lhey would the~, Iflalk:_,the-if ;Qe-la,wayb~fcl1\'!'Ihe .Jade Fa~C(ln~ 00 uId fully respond. The battle went better 1ha.nexpsded. The Jade Falnonl defend'€lrs did riot commit 'en (}U,gh W!lO~ to ·roril'lbat tn enElwly otlltrJ~:ed T'aam B:anrZaistrikie lome. This Olferoonfi"'tfBi'],ce was their 1.!'f"!dOing as. the sq;uad c,f tMe' f-C smk.e' team cru shad the lone Poiin1~nl OU[I!) capture them. Wi,~hinseverru hours, the team liIelped mave mor.e 'l1h<l!1"I eiglU 'Ions oi' SUIP,illies 'into the n~artlo/mountains and evacU'a~llid several dO'Zlen sertou,slry 11'1~l.:IlI'ed r,esistaln(;e' fjalhil:ers oiworld, Planting ,conlinuedlc be amern inlhe siqe of the FaJconsfo'F months to eoms. The technology and sopl'liS'lication of '~he ilementall batHe

"'You're right, 'fie:ld Marshal,. [he Clans am ahead of ILlS tecnnologlic8illy. Th,i:si$ the be'stw8can produce i,l'I a:ny qlL.JSntityat this time, but Dr. 'BaniZai's research looks hopeful .. Within five to 91!J1nrI years O'Uf su its stmu~ be· equi,vale nt to wha~ 1ihe C~ar;s ~ield," _ 11_we have that long, Hasek-Davlan thoit.lgl"rt as he inspecloo' !he sUIt Aloud, he said, "'VIIhat kind Of Ilmitlililions do QlI!'troopers face wearing these'?" ~Bliack.wenloditJs~ries ~ells es 1hat the amv09:ntional light armor plal!ing we USE! is only 50 percen~ as lel~ec1iv'eas 1hat of the Clan Sluits, and we ha\i'e.s~lII not ~f'~1mastered the i,ntemal -medical syst,em tlley use. ,Also. wh,ere the Toads ars i3Jble support up 10 to three weapon systsrns, iim:iudung SRMs., OU'f gO"iI'l<'I. its, as 1he SU men hav·e begun to call them, {Jan .support only iii singlle primar-y weapon. The one goodl thing is tl1a~ our weapon sys,tems are 'IfIodlLl,l:ar, wh ich, ~"ows. UiS to modify 1tiennln fil: ~he needs of a, pa'rticular mi,ssion,· ~So we:'re ready t'O' tes,tthese gorilla SUits. oorrect?- Hasel!i:.-

DaNton said.
"Yes, we've pulled together a strilk;.(';1platoon with some Iresh ~OOipers hom ilis NAI S, We nave s;E!vera] companies IOfl!FOops ~r,iilJi i.f"!th is gear, which we 'hope to use 8IS al,raiTning cadre to get ned ,the'suits to the imnt·liliie units. Th8J platlrion is ready to go •.AIIi WEI needis yorur perm,issi:on." . Morgan looked aI~'he map projectool on the w,all, tradng] his fll'lg.ers aJoo,9_lhe border Of What had been th.e fme RasalhagLJe Hepub.lNc only a Yiilar and a :haU beifore. "It fo<o.kslike the worl'dt o.f Planting ma.y be the place to do i'l~ The planet is, deep itn<siid'Ill' 'the Jade Falwn OC(lU,pation zerte, but 1here's a misty gtJ' resis~ance tiM;ere.They'veboeen glivlng the Jade Falcons head~,che5. but supplies and firepower are g:ettil1g low. "Sernd~hiis new p~atoolil to Plantillig, to make ,cmlla.ct with IOU r forces there, r'esupply them, ami eva.cuat,e those that need It This operation shooldgive these new battle armnr suits thekindJ of test they need. ~f all goes, well, Bl1acK.welil Il'IIdustri'es ean start ~UI~ pr,oouClion. " C~O\IiJs saluted the lFie~dMarShal, who dld not lift hls ga2s from the wan map. 'Knowing time was short, wiltI nm..Jch. to do, 'he did not linger, bUllumed qUlickly hom the room and went down 1he Ihall.



: ;;':j;

... ... .. . ~~-:-

~~ ~

~--=.. . ~.L .:

-. -






Sillt1lply put, th e job of the First SquM 01the AtlaC~'ter lis to!est the new GU its. The. goal of the DE.'tel'lder is to kin air captLlre thie en~my _T 0' reflec~.~h~s". rKliliits are awardedl~ ~3ch SiO!'l';rOrOlcti<ons conducleo prior to the end of the game on r.u m12. The pli3iyefwith the mQ!S1tpooints ~heend elthe g arne is U~ewinner. Ptlints at ;;areawardedl as; tallows: Ac~i:ol!i!

~~I;;h tJ~,tUearmor l~uHopetaHonaJ a/I'~he _I~nd of IIhe garn~ 4 E~tch E~~meil'lt~1kim·edli"l~con$¢10u$ - 8Defender Each ibatUe-armored tremper ki~led!ul1C{lnsei GUS ,3

The Attack!€r conSists or~he TEil'am Bawl~ai'$ first Spa,dal Forces IInfarJ:iry Strike Platoon (The $,tee:1 Garmi3Js)., Fi rS"l Squad. First Sq uad (8 Men) Squ'ad Leader: ILeftenianf Carter Hammerstcme· lead$r$hip Skiill' IRa!l!ing:.2 iE.'o:,pe'Fi€l,noe Lev'el.: Reglulla:r Ail MOO,p$ e.quipped with llm~erSph€lre poweil" sUli1s, Th ree of the 3irf suits i3Jre equi,p~ with S:AMs, Of;!~wil,h HIP Gyroj~t IRmeS",.8Jnd~'our wiiUiISm~ll~rs •.



d dots: fromilhe

The Attacker sets "'P ti.rsl anywhere omUile norlh map, ail:I,east


SGuth map,


The lDefer:lder con$r$~$of e~emililint$ofCiani Ja,d!edFal~ocm. 61.2Itn R'I'l1S8r.1e CI",slt~r (The Greelli C!aw$)., D~U6!l~"ngo Cha~li~ {DTe) lrinary,. fbst Star (flhe Golden Grasp), First PoiM, F,irSli Pol!'ilt (5 EJemeliltals), PO~nilLeader: Sta!r Commander Priook leadersh,ilP Ski;11Aating: :2 Expe~ience level'; EI ite Alii Elo!lmen~1 lrl;lOps, awe' eqll,lIipped w~1h a [Flamer as priirnary weapon and an HP Gyrojet Ri~I.!ilas sGrol'loary 'lNeapon_ Two Eilemenl.'a'is (player's ch.oioeJ do net have SRMs i !'J,~heilr ~~~$ $ .. llep!lolyill1i1e:nt The Defender sets up second anywhere on the-south least 10 dots Imm the Inanh edgR


map. a~





~What did }'IOU do .in ~he war" m.ammy'?;' The woman s1irred uncomfortably, staring down at the black leather glove ~hat eOVre'r,ednl'llr' l!'epjaced right t!~nd_ .., was stationed on Thul~13' with yOUi' f,a1her when the Clans inlvaded. We were' eornmcn taet soldiers" bo1h ~$Si,gned to the !First Husars. The CI:an Ihat hit U'5 was 011:13' called the; Ghost Bears="
"'Ghost 'Be~rs, momma?" "Don't be a,fraid, Helga. Nat real bears" they just lought Iike! Uilem. Tlhey came at Us from tlhe pl:all'l1s witlh a saa ,of l:heir Toady

The Ilrst wave .oHM Clan nnvaskm wars mMked mostl,,!,,by '~he actions of C:1~ns Jade IFitlIl'COli'l, WolI', <rna Smoke Ja~glJaJf.With Hie' arrival of Clan Gh;osl Bear,. the Inner Sphere encO!1nterecl a powerful n.ewfoe_ The Ghost Bear$ stru ok primari Iy at Thule" Damian. Hoi msbu, and Schluryter inlihe FnriH:l' 'PIepuMlc Ra..salhague, They I1lt ,e~ot'l plane1 iln just four rnonlhs, the atlacks ste~lthy yet potent As l1l;its and pieces of ilnf'ormation on 'lhis new CI<liIIi made thek way to the hont-Ilneunits, if.()ften was 100 l:i1te. W.h{lr:)l~l'@' Ghost .Bears landed em Thule, they launched se;veraJ qllick probing operca!lkms designsc:i1o imitate and mrC€! theilr oV,pQ$itfon into action. As S-OOr:l the prlobe~ inflicted damage" as OVl1lrs-te Jo,,anle Sw;igard th'ni3W most of her F'lrrst Husars i!ili!o 'lihos\1iI areas. lin response the Ghost Bears OL1l·rflal"lki'ed tile. HU5aJi'S. rntchin:g many Tn the narrow valleys oflhe Mursak M~""l'Ita.iins., Wi,1hin a few hours the IHus~rs. were cut c:1't. isolated., and' wiped .out 'The inf8Jfl1ry or tJhe lFirstrlusars supporl Ir,egJllielit.fared no better. Almos1 aJitlha ground lIDops wer,e captured or killed ~n baWes wi~h the Elem.ental!> of Beta Ga'laxy's FirS'1 Assault Cluster (The Gh,ost IRide~s).. A tew ~altoi(),ns: did manage to escape. howeve r. seE[!kilng relug6 In th:e Avol"I!shire foolihill s, where the First 1;11 usaes hadsE!cretool fhe ir supplV bases . h1i$tead of initiatingl aln immediiate giuerfilla. action r Jhe Infantry waJi,ted Until mos~ of 1M i m;l'~ion fon:::e had le'ftlhul.e. All Itro\ilt remained weT<!~ several Stairs ot Ghost Riders" Th;e Fir~t HQJSiaJS i'rnfOlntrystaSledi ~\I'eml raids. ,on ~ of 'Wihd~" netted them several new Elemental su:its,.lih€!' gruenillars, trained with, 'lch~ suits ami mastered most of th!llr 'components" On the annkversary o-flh!1l inVas.lon" the Flr€.1, Husars troops &tag:edl,an am bush illlhe smalll town, whell'e a Poiol of Ghost IAidem was Wirri:!:;oDled. Caught off ~jlU'ard'.the Clan forces were ,over: whelmed and wipmil OUiI'10 the ~ast man. IIn response· lim muster commandl1lr 'G8r"fliedeut a. !Series '0'1' raids over the, rest of ,J[}51 ,anti into the spring of ,J052~to lind and ~tu r~ the 1~;!oErriP9trato'r$ {lfltne ,actions in Fo:lestof'iJ IBy May ,3l152, thet,Elw SYlrvivDrs 'oj 1he Rrs~ Husars h~d managed to steal a commercial IDmopShip <lnd to m:a~e thalr w.ay out of 1he system, They linked ~~ willi a Ghost Be~rJumpSh'lp. C8p~U red its crow. and '!helll :5ariely made their way 11110 lJ,racolliis Comhine, '!he 5i'noo thenllhe' Gho!Sl R]ders 0:1G'lan Ghost Billillf Ihave ,sworn iii vendetta te win baok '~1'le honor tlf1:eHu,sar slJNiivors stole #nom theM o'n llhlll~6...

~rQ_O<ps. triecllO de,fend aj;J,a;ins,tthem. but it was 1110Cim:i,Yaur We g falller and Iwere separated in the baU~e!and then It,oo'k:my platoon into Hlefoothi lIs of Avonsl11ire, Where our suppiy silus w'eW~11 buried, "We lived in 1"e silbs ~or months. spying on the Ghost Bears asllhey :hU1f1ted (lUfF kin and broUaer warriors" We' dlij nots1Jrik.e. lIhough., but wailed fOl'the' m omenl: when we could make 'them pay. u ;\POi~pa,Where was pcppa then?''' The woman leaned d'ownand ki,sseo the dhild. "They 10011. n'im with them, de~r, called l1im a oondsmaI1~th,ei:r word for sl,a,v,e, I' knew he wo'u:ld have wantsid me: 'to figlM en, i"IlWer to, surrender, $0 we waited almost six mOl1th~ beror,e the lime Wa!S right. "At night we would s.lip iln,to the' town af FO!eston to watch ,our 'Ememi~s, '~he Star known the Glhost Riders ..At fi r,S'lW.eon~'ystol:e some off 1heir' weaporlls" thenl we! becalm, a: mere bold. When Usto"", my (lId friend :and tine best Sergeanf iMajo'FIin th€'hlilJlsars, led a smali ambus!h .ag:ariiflslone o!f thelr :S~lpply ihaulelrS, l1e found ill s'hupment •of thei -r oady ~ui~.!leW and, s~in inl1heir packiil'lg. ~aeciciedthe tiime had come 'to. VI.i5I~ th.EI Ghost Biders of the Bears, Wfl/ waulldl strike back foroUir fallen comnldes,. , "We look 'their Toady 61:.",tS and IPJacticedifi them every night Untiliwe could WQrk~hem almost as. well as 'thl'l!ClaJlll1!ers. 01;1Aprill 15, a year 10the day tmm th£!,~ims ~he 'Olher First Husars had been Ibcsllrr ba1~11e put 'Or! tine suits and slipped into FeJes,tOrl.~ .. we . ''Theti what, 1morllrny?" The mCJ~heil' Signee! deeply. looked mwn m hJergloved hand, then stan~d into the distanoe_ ~I made them pay, she said. ~IImade them p.~y tor tak~i1lgYOl!Jlr father ,away from us. I made them ante 'up ilie loss Cl,f my Hans, And when w~ we:rli! done, the Ghost Riders were no mora,'





.. .. .

,.... ::;:.::;



~ .
- --- -


la.y out lihe Cla~Tlroops maps as shown. COn:5r~~r bui:ld~ ail irlig)5 to lbe (Mle·stmy s~rlJ{}luire~. ~glnon$ all' :M.M v,c.aSEI:s·,

AddlUonal SlIJppon ,3 Elem:emals) Experien:C9 Lewl: Green These caJpiured Eh;lflfhental iSU ara eq!JJpped with a Flameras its pJim,ary we~$)()!'l!aJoo M HP GyriOj,et ~ifl:e 3£$ecorl!dary V!!'eapOIf'!. lDeploymel'llil:


TheAt~k;er :S'ets Iupaiftewthie Defe:nde:r aJnd begnns by pla:ciog Ii~El Third Squa.d .anywhere ()rj the map" at least 12 dotsrro:m ali"lY Ginost Bear E'.~merJtaJ with a HneNJ~·sigtnt lhfilft, itd Squad's Elementals arrirvefrom 1lIrly map edge'(.s) on

!:~~::~:: ::W18::~>
, ..,






The goal oithe' AttaiGkiF.:!fis to strike haJrdan:d fru;I:, C!!'11P;P{le th!9 enemy, 1iI1eWl fowll cdlihe !l!~ea.lhe duration af this scelrl1Jifio is 1CI gI~1 lUlFns of 0 Win. me A1ta{)ker nlllJ$!t de5tr,~ :3 Ghos·t lEie'ar Elementals and rose no more'thai!i1l4 per.$onoel {~~iO~u:di his own ng Eleme.nt8lr,s). A!ny otne'F n;~$ul,t~s,.<ill!Jjljtfend·sfyiclory. FiI U LIES, ~nrlier Sprtl@r"ep.i~ot$ are m·sliJil.edto~he rigors; of uSl111ig ,M 'Ele:menJ:aJ1:suit. Ev-en thollJgh~hey have bee,I'l!r,aiining wil'h the su its, tll:!ay r'~t:ef,vea +2.nrmdrne~ to alii Gunnery aJoo lP'illotill'lg Rolls whire IJsil'lQ tn:e inc(lmnp31ib~e sysllEJiI1'I_lnam:lition, I'nner :ifphere pir.o1s: em,~IQyilr:tg Ellementall batfje iilirmor may only flre one ~apolls. sy$l~mpeflum.

.. _. . .. ,' ...


The iDefem:leraonsHsl:s ot[he' CI!'l!t1Gh:OSI:Beru"s, Beti311 i3Jx:y, GaI Fill"$1Elem~m~1Assal!Jlt, ,(TheA3!l:1:os1 Riders,), Clharli'e!Tlfil'llary, Ba,ta Stair. fift~ ,Point.

fifth Point (5 IEllementalls} FMlh Point Leadlsr: Stair Commanider Maddock leadership Skml Rating: :ll: ;Ell;pe,rieme Leve~:Hegu!OI!~ IEquipmel"llt;.AI~ Elemerltal:; are equippedl wJth a. Small Laser as prim~ \I'IIe~(l!1'l! and an 8MGas secondary weapcln" TWo OfU'ne iEh1!n'u1lntal Su!i~l\i.!lave' lboee oama'Qedhom pr&¥iOlisljghling [ii and h1llye 1'J:I1I~Y.2 points m ,Amnor and l:liQ S AMs. D&,pr.(I,ymElil"l~ The Defender sets IUp fi,nsi anywhem Or! e:ither lm1l!PI'JlJltsl:de of atry bu!r.ding.fhisis becauoo the Poinil: is curre\l'It1iyp~tmningthe




S'LJirvi\vi'li1tgl e1lements of lhe Fi rst HUs.<llrs,Fii!'$1 ~nfawmy Ri!3g~· me~t First Battalion, Fiflh Company, FUrst Pllatoon. Third Squad (lihe ~ronKnights~.rn,i's l!>QI::J!ad ,is sU'p,pci\rled by several weall"~ng capwr-ed Ollan Elementalsuil:sHusars

fhjrd Squad {5 Men) 1ih~rn Squad Lea.der: &l rg~ant. Majo r Ustov FOMz:
Leooe:rship Ski'll :3
E~peri8nce l~vell: FiI!Elgullar'

EqU!i:pmerU{assig!1ieo at p~aY€lr's dl$C~~~lon} 1 Giyrojat R:iUe 2 SMGs 1 L<liSer R:i,tla

of thiSS\1iUad has secoriloary '!3q:u,ipmiElint <lind 9ach man

'has only two H!and Gimn1l!cies.

Mo membe'r




-":, .:



, ~y. /~-'~




i'-Iow I sl!Jllf\livedlhat daly lis still a, mystery, Ilw<lsasStQlnOOas aerewrnaoto the! poin'l Skullk'erlaflk. poised jiI.J~t ahead ofrhe' adv<ll!lCe rorCriI or Clan Smoke Jagu'ar. Shc·sa Yodama. was our Iorw~lrd ohse.rver. mos;lly because of his experience with baltlling fi;]e Clang. em TUrGe B<liy. Our task was to vislI<1Il,ly observe the approach of the Smoke Jlaguarrolfo6<S, 'rhein p!cIllback and report.~he, units, and,tion to ,our re<lir 'outpost. We jeil nol'ear, so gre1at was the honor of standing between Uni,ty Pal~ce ,and the menace an @Jmosl unbeatable iinvade1r. Almost immediately visual stglhtiln.g<sdetected the <lIppmaol, o~ Ihilli~ Elemel1'l:als; who had sornshcw avo:lded our sensors, W:ith,in minutes we WH'r,afacing twa ,Q,f theilr Poil1ll$. almast ten of Ihe~e' Toad war(lFio'fS_ They diel not hesilate to attacklhe Sk.u'IIIct;llr,lhough I was able to get oM a ro,dio rnessa!91E!beJ'OM 'the sterrn of b,,:Utlle broke. [)espite some fast drirvi'r'i9l!JindJ oogling by our driver, ona oflhem ac1ualny d lrnad!e imQ,ntothe Sk1Jllke:r's, Ilu II, When I 'tnedllo .get to the 'f,ml'll ot the tank. we eilther crashed or took a fatal hit Seeilng Yodama was gone. I r~ared he had perished in~he crash, We wer,e stranded on the Ta:irakaina IPllains. 0,1,;111' vehtole a burningl wreck and the Elementals dosingl i:n 011 us, My partne.r, Garlis~Ylsh, and IImade' OUIr\i'i,ray llO' a small hili;, where wE!waiitad as the enemy dlosool inWheu'i G,en<s~ aise-d hiis !;IYrojet nfle~nd I: puUedl out my laser w Jli's1DI,lihe Elemen~a'is did fiill falter" Th~y merell,Y kept walkiing

One of ilie most c1imaotii;l baUIi!1is waged durillig the' C~an invasion was the a;tfack on lutlrli~m. The Smokie; Jaguaws. iii long" lime CIPu:sad~r fac1lon in the Clans, had su.fferedl a IhQJIm.i'lnatlng defeat I~n wloleon du,ring the' first wave' cd 1he irwi\'I.siorn 8. year be'l@ffi, The 106:sof pride and p~egfige atthe kands of an en emy the Jl~guars aonskiereo il'llferior was. hiu momng. To regain {heil" honor. tke S:moke J~glJ.lal1:'s came to IKhan Alexander Hammond af C~9inlNlova Cat wil!h a pl~~ '10 attack the! capital of tlnal Drac()fljsCombilrt!~ whei'l,the' invaslllll'l beQlal'l anew. A victory over an linn6)IF S~l'1ere ct:apital wor:Jd w,ou 10 prolle that 'the Smoke JaglJar loss em Walcot! was mer'el.y a fl'u'ke. The linvasion of Lluthif! n w~5,al. 'ihat lime, th e largest military ~pe ranen u nderl!llkei1 iiilthe Inner SpherE! Urimore tha:n250 years. In a,surprise .move, lIhe Federa~ed OommoflweaUh serlt two oti~s f,llite' memel'l'ary ILJj"iJi~, '!tie ~ell Hounds ari'ld Wolf's IDrag.@ons,~o bolster the defense' af 'Ihe Combine ,c;;ipilaJ. Me'anwhile. Theodo:re' !Kurilla. called home his best w.anf:ors and most seJ:ecl. regiments to ,aid in the elmS"S€!,or i:.;uthi:en. . llh~ Smoke J~gi.NiJir$ nd N ova Gats I<lnti!oo! aUhe far e'rjd altha a Taiirakana Plainsjus1,outside oHhe irnperi'aJd1.y. Per tllei'ir agreement, the JaglLlaQ'$ would liBad the attac'k, wfll1 the Nova Cats providing flank s'Upport. She-sa Shin ¥Qt:!ama W,!l,S 8!ssignedl1o 'lead a recotii'loiter 01' the advMCif'lg Clia:11 SrtrlOke Ja§ilJlar fences. but tw()lead fiolnts 01' 'Ihe Smoke Jagluar Delta GaI~x)" EI!;lmentals ambushed and de$~ro,yed the Sku Ik.&r 1anl<.~n which he rod~. Sh ilnYoda.m'!;Iesc8lpedl .andlelililnlually mads hlis way to an observ@l.ion post 1:0 fil'iveal the enemy S1telngth ,and posillon. !His crew also S!i.lrvivedhe initial destruction ,ofthe Sku Iker~and managed to il1mcttl'i~i r own damage! on the Elemellitalls, This, scenalrJO rtH::re-~ti;islihe amb1Jsh of Yodlama's Sl<l!:lll"ie.rby the e'lilliJ Elemental!'; of Clan Smoke


Sh,ot after slhot ~iL Hie tumeci away ko:m my;lrio[ OImHilfed' :1):1: ms, but was unable t,o make a hit. AIit,e,rlakirig f,owr direcf hits IhimS'el~. he fin;alilyfelL
Lookling b~ck !.Ipihe hillside; I: saw only lihe smoldering

toward U15, fuarless. Gensi andll both fil~edrat Ih'B Ilead Elemental. He s,taggell'ed at Gel1si's shot. and mine rutlllrough hilSlaoe' p1ate'. The giant Toad W<ilIrriol' stood motionl:ess tor a mom.ent, [hen swayec Illicea f·el'led tree. When .onE!of the 'Olhiers.filred at us, I roilled, firirng: badl; madly.

Iremains of Goensi. lh~n 'I h.eard 1Jhe I~wmbl€ of; an appro:achll'lg Ba1tleMeah" aocompanied by a brig ht tlash .The next thingi I knew w,as waking up 1'1 we~k laller in our field h:ospi~al. Twowseks alfterlhat I retUlmedlto~he hilltop where Gehsi died. ~~aid d:own a stenete hOWlorthe: place ol hiis death, for Ihe di~d I'ike a true wanioiF.


...... ~-:-~

::~ :~?


The Defend~r censists ofNle advance recoil forces ,a:litaoitled the Clalli1lTrooips maps as shown. SefillBaUileTecilll Tec:l:iiJnlical ~eadnt:lt:3IO~6 kl:r game statistics onlihe Sku~kerl:ariik. layout

to the Second Legion 0& Vega, Sooond Reg,imeril,Firs.tAl1iTLored B~r'ik.e8,atta~icm {Eyes; ,cdI.'~e Drag:Of"ljl. SkuU~er "SC!l:U~ Tank
Crew (3 Men) Lea<l1e-r~ Sho-sa Shin Yoo1ar:na leadership Skill lK:atilrlg:1 Experienoe Lev,al: EI ite Equ~pment; ShO-'S3 Shin YodaJma is: carrying

a Plisto~ and js weS!ringi ,no OIm'lO.r. TMer;illhe:r orew me,mOtiJiF""$ W€lar Flak \!',ests. aJl'l One·is carrying~. Gyroj;gl Rm~, ~h~other h~ a Laser R'iHEi. IDeplnymelli'lt

The Attacker oQnsi:gts oI,elemems DeltaGalaxy, l' 061!li AggressorClllJlster, One·, CommaJnd anc! 'Fiirslt P[)inl:5. of Clan S!moKe Jaguar's .Alphafrinary, Sllfike'SI:a:r

'Prfor ~olhe s~art of play, tile lb)ef'Em~Eiir sets ~, first anywhew:e on the east map, at IBasl !OilY.: do~ J'!lOrn a:tl!y eclQle:" The c,rc~!oI!' i Aside is the Sku IIk!e'r atth:e staM ·oflihe 'i;J1aJ'ifu:!.



Comman,d Poilnt {5 Elememals} Point leader: Star OQmmandie:F Ballman Shal1rete Leadershiip Ski'll ~ating: :2 Experience Levell: Ellile

The Del'emf,er (Comoi]f;!eI) pla)'lerwinspolf1lsroracliof1ls.a,cinde1JOOI ,prior to Uileen.:d! of Turn 12. 11the Defender has a pt:fs;i~il,tlep(li~~-\!'-aII!"Hi)' 211 ~h,a:~ time:, h~ wrn5~he victo"Y.A nega~ive !r'8$uilt ns an Anacker (Sm:Ctk:~J!aguars) vicoo,ry. Victory Points ,~.r~~w8Jrded as 'FoHows: ACition Skiul~er e:x,[ts W!9\\i1 edge of we.s't map ~f:ter Tum.9, wIth, Shiln Yodama a!t;io~rd 6 Shin YOC<lJlltaJ xit!; waSl ,ee1'g:e! of we$l m.sp by T~rnl2 e :I Each Elem enl~)3j11lI1100nSl.GiolIS 0 r kmSd by·n,nn 123 Slhin Yodama. kiHed --€i Eadho1herh'oopflf kill,ad or :L.!!lrlcOnSGiQIlIS, tby Tum 1:11 ~,2 Sku~M1r des~~o~ed,tul"llable to moiotle --4

All Elemen:h!!ISaJt'"earmed with a Sm~11 Laser as primalry woe<lIPQI'iI aJnd <lin ~ P Gyrojet lRifle as seDondary weapon.
Iflrs~ Poiln~ (5 E lemer1!lals) Point Leader: Staw GClmma:nder j.g. Diane l,ead£l:r:sh~pSlkiIj ~at~rtgl: 4


lev,el: Reg~llar

All Eleil'ltlil1ltals are affiloo 'rlIfIitha Smali Laser as :primary and an HP Gy~ojle't IF: ifl'e as secom::iary weap.(n ,Deployment'llg onum (3Jn~eron any map troll"!' ~he oorl'h, s:out~, 'or fi1~t ,ed'g,es.

IheAt!a:ok:erenterstrJe mapalthe

1. ~e can

~g,notr€'8!nJy mew damage iflhe Skulker

i:s 1iI1t

The explosions r,ocked ~he hillskle and shook us fnside our s~~s._ Making a Quick cnecik, II saw that am systems wera still operational, oiJJ1' the blasl had stirred up my IUiiVeS_ Clan Nova Cal was ~osing in on our 'Moons, and 'Co,lol1!!;lIIW'Olf had 9Lven1he word that we we:re, ~IJ mOVliJin, Thera wern Ie n of us ~otal. two squads i)~ ,five. Just on the other sl'd'e;of the' hiM were another fifty or S'll,oIour boys, in lpower su it$like ILi s, MBjCl.rMarx t'old us th is wou:ld :00'ou r '!ill'St "field t1:!'st" of bOiltllearmorin a ~oombal-fi'Ch 'environme nt. Ihlfasl"'I't iJ,!"liliJ, a spray 01 shrapl1lelfro m ~'he'Nova Cats raijneci downl en me Ll1iatII're:aJized tharlltiis, was no te,sl, but the rea~ tholilg. Too NO\la Cats waded right into Beta Regiment wi,th everyth 1n9 they had, turning the r,oad 'oolow us into a wi:ld m~I'ee of f1Nil. I, worulemd if Mythi:ngl GOuld SUJNiy,8i that inrle mo. Then I saw it, ru.moeriJiliQl past a Dragoon Firefly and moving towa:rdo~r pO$jtion,. An Omn;iM~ch,. DregMfly(:lass . .I~Ihad romEi lihmu,gh the ,fight with on'ly a scratcnl or·liiilO,. and 1I1i0W' had ibr'oken Iihl'Ouglh the' I'im~s. At H sign<lilfrom me. my' squad and II ol1arged '!lIar ItJlIlgaod'i:!i' looking, thing iin:our 'g,orillasulits. My SRM boys let go with:'th:eir 'M'oll',ey.s. clobberingillie 'Mecn"s legs,. The Ire;st of uSjl.lstj u.mpedland '.etched cnteths 'Meoh, .Aulmo<sl,¥ the' pi IOltb~Q!an 1:0, 1ry :ilfi and shake us '0:([ We held on" ripping. away at his armor. I saJN Lawi<sorl r,ab his laser into a joIning p!a.te ,n tha fer,ro-'lituCluS armor and let go with a. shol:1ihaI lor,el up the Omni's internal guts_ , That crazy pi'o~ kept on ~igl'iting ..I saw 'him rum his PPC on luiller, 'Who 'WaS SitIII! em Ule gHl!Jnxjj. A briglnll bllu:e Uatsh, andltiJeiil Tullier wasnl thars any mare'. AgairlistthiOl&kind of weapon, 'he'didn't

5 JANUARY 3052
H.;m\e Davicm cou,ld also have stru'c;k 8/1 liW Oombine: fJml;rab~v d!Mling a kimlli91 blc:lw. Instead II,e' did the unlihinl!cable. reil'lforGi ng the c:apil<lll 0'1 his former enemy agaiil1<Si 1f11e emm en fQe, cd 1tlie cCl:81fi1S. c IhoUJghlhe dacision was diflicuU, his a:hoiGEl' oflhi!l' units he wou'ld sendl 'ta shore up tha de'leose a1 lluthiel"l was not. aJssignilid 'U1e'elite men;;enary fo~ce9, ot WdWs DragClOl'IS arid '~he KeD 'HolJlf'lds to help $ave,lihe CombinecapltaL Follow,in9 the highway cut through tha Talirakana PlaJl1Is, th.e atlacktng elemerlts, of the! Smoke JaJgi!.BIiIIC'"S,and tha Nova. eate b~re' down on1he Imperial ci.ty. On both hillsides sUllrQundill'l!;l (heir dWie'El the IlJro..gOOfDS.a:f1!d I Heunes, pinceiililg in on the . Peel enemy. Among the sseret ploys Jaime Wolt had pJaJilrlled 'lbrUle battle wern hi.s lWO oompiitl'l iEis. of '!i'oops tra:i ned in ~ti1en~w BIa:akweU powerSlt:l1ts8!l'ldreadJyhlJ,en~e.r!he fiight. Just as the; r!lJrOV8 Catsw.erie about to bma.k lh rouQ h the Dragoon Ii1119S. he ordered th I1!'se speciai shodk trooJls linto acilii~;ri, . Until thEll"llhe,GI'ans had.only unconllrmed in.1emg~Hlce ref'or:ts that '(he Inner Sphere had developLKII its own ballie iim:lOf. The Wolf's, Dragool'liS troops CQn'~rmed 1ha.t nighimralre. Tlhoughl Clan MechW<lil'riO~, were well-trained in IIIgh,ting ba.Ule-f!wited troops, 'iheir suddieln appearance caug!h~ them off g!.J!ard. Expectingl cOn'lynormal an~i-"Mooh infantry, most 'o~'[he Clan OmoiMe~l'ls were not configwed with anti-!pe r,sorm.&1pods. This gave a good fig!1tLng edge to the l'nn~rSpl1ern power eu Its, whose, mlissiol'i was l'Odes.troy any CliiilnlIorce~lthm brokE, th roug h the, hirie-s_ t The ba:tlfe-armor,ed] forces of the Dr,aQioonr$' Be1a Regiment gal: 'Iheir ~i'fst talsm ofbaUI€l, ,provin~ that the j'I~W method o.~ r,igh~igjJgwas Tin lihe Inner Sphere til stay. The bame orJI'Tairakana PI:;li'l$las·teocUorl1oui"S. becoming one o,f the bloodiest i~ the h isrory of the ~!"lll'ler8phore. Though IBefa Reg1nWnrs Oat(lfN!.mlored for,oos suffered heavy casualties, ,they pnweMed fhe Nova Cat 'M~hs 'from ,pMe1rati'!"Ig '(he western Dragoolill f,lank.

:SITIUATION BRllEFllNIGi When m~ Clam;; dlosed in on luth ierl,



::M)ru1d a ehanee,

I snrambl\3d to lhie COCkPl~ orltnalt monster ,all the t~methi nki ng of TUllier. Jabbing my laserlnto a small powerpol'l:. lfirsd).hol:a.ftei shot Each blast seemed 10 d1g1deeper, and ajffer~hnw· min utes of furing. it was al~ O'll,ar_ My shots had klilled 'the' w,a.rrtm. lookillg around" I sa.w Jhe rest of OUI' company '9living fie same treatment toO two dark blUe! Nova Cat Pumas funher tip the tnilil'sid~. I haNe been [h roug'h mialny baltl'es 011 many worlds. But since the day Istood on thaI [Jragonf1y,. looklng ,down over the Combine capita] as the rest ohhe Dntgocms, p!Js!hed biEtel< the NoVaJCats. my outlo.ok has, Ulever 'been f'he' saJme..

. <~r~. ~.:;:

lay Ol:.l,the ClanTIlDops t

map as st'!:own. For g<lf!i1e sta1i5(i~ 'on

~he DliarJoPlfty OmniMlech~ see BaUI:elechiecihnicaJl




Ths Atlacll!eris a l'One Dr-s.gcJtlfly OmiliiMechJrom I:ne rN!ovaJ

Cats, Delhili. Galaxy, S003m Ha:r~5ser ChJster, First Tr~nary(The
Red Eyes), Command ~~ar,

D,lliiJgtlilidly"D 2 poifitS.

Cenl:er1 orso has 6 po.lnt$. o.f A;rmor re"Oai~ing, Rig ht leg I'!as

Dep,10YII1Mmt The A.tta.ol<ier l'lters the map fFCIm the east edg~ on Tum 1. e

[is madle up of the W,ol,f's iD:ra:9ioons, Bela Re9liment,. Third Battqllio~iFks~Compa~li' (Tin M~i'I,qr OUlif'ie.achl~. First Pllatocm (The Tin Soldiers), first and S>eOOl'ld Squads,

IIlEIFENIDEFrI fhe Dem'nder

IFllmt ,SlilllSd (5 Men) SqL:lMI Leader: Ue!lll'erilMt Fam,mrHoppii uiadensn1iIP Skilll ~:atun:g,: 2

IExperience.le!,f~~; Effte All ~roopsam equipped with hatlle armor. Two havliJ ,SAMs" The reM may amy primary we.apQn of fue p:la.yer's dlOt,"e .. S,econ,dSq,uad fa Men) Squad lBl'iider: Se! Call!merl IBio:rs! Leade:rshi:p Skilll ~.atun:9: :2 Expel1ience Lervel: Ellit~ All: troops are eqlJippool win'l imtlle i1:Um(lr. Tmops mEliy have any primary 'Weapon of~he pla}l1er''G: ;!i1oice. c
IJe;pl,oymelilit Prim to tnestarl of play 1tielDeflendew sel1sup fi rst.anywh.ecr-e 'Onl ~htl map"

yu:rrO:RY CiO:ND mONS The Oefend~r mustdes!my,or.render'lhe A;tta,cker's OmniMe.oih unabr.E! tOI mow by the end of TlIJiFFl 10. ArW other result ~s an
A!tla~er v.ictory.


"V!llhat you ru'€ taJk:ing v~rg\B\$on the ~n5i3!ne.DalVits"The J~,de Fa~coos have been d'ug i,f1I Wilf1ifield si noe he!il'ndof Maron on a~most MO yrers ago, Str~l';;j~\gl at~heIT!l now WOwId 09' an am o~ rnvelngtl, not 1~ri! de~d of a Ifni lilary commander, ~am ali. Mars!hal, and I am tryJng te l:oolo; Uhe hig pic~LJ,re."MlarshallBIIYan1 glanced down a . aglaJin allihe rle<:]uest. and: wi'noed. "Bob, II lost my right ha~dl~lihe Falcons, as weil as my daug htemnd a lot of go'OCillI!'OOpsL~~inan~ General \Minfield s8!id, ," "i harve spent the iast j!'e$' r~bUlilgingl and IIthink we are ready for ~is kind of mission." "Damn it, [liavIs, wejvf~ knawrne.aJ:;h eths r for a dozen years_ look. attne map, Riqht now Wir'Mn~ld is sitting smack diilb in; the m~ddle at ~heJa:d@!Faloon oocupa:lkm zone. You"d be I.fnsupported and strulilg out, To be honest, I dl:Jn'l kn~w lif ~fiIy .regunnentwe have (;Quid l10ld out ~m very ~cmg_~ The Lefl:eJilant GI1l!1eral stood and pu IJed tireS drE!ss uriliform .slJraight !OJ'usI ear me out, One, our repo~ 'CII'1lth6 Falcons show h
that they ha,ve mt.a.tedl .in 001'11 $eC'Ol"!d-stnr1~ ,o.ccupafikmfowes. i W'OA't be goin.g in 1.0 ~W.k£iliW~nf~e!!;l_Iaim goilng iln to rescue , some men. and womeln that w~ lett beni no. Tihird, other un ifs have made S!orlies into th ~ OCOUipatfOI14'OFlE:!I. SnoJdi's· llneg ulars, the

Tenth l:y.ran Guards, ~$ w~11 as, Colonel OaUin's lwel~thl Star Guards.' reltirlns~ril<!e on !c.;IJ.'" ~BUll WinfieJd ~sa 11o!! d!lle.par, ane~Me i;mneflits, PI!JI'Ing i Oldlt a Ihandful or poople is f:!ot going to m i3!ke a denllilke t~@ oither r·f'lIfds dkt" D.i3!V~SWinf,ieldtoss'Eld a ·lCrlassif~fld r,eport on tQ llie ,Mars,haJ's, d~fSk;,~A IT1GSSagie smuggled olJ1l:in ci)ae indica* 'Ilita!t~he JJade falcons are se;tlin:gllups:ame.lkind ofa.rmaments taclDry on Winfield. U they do,ij1ey'111 hav~ a i'ifIaJI,or s!.lipply·~in9 Gapabilily to IlalJndl! st~~sil1l~o th.E!' C!Qv,emry OP€Jrca/liion~1 Area. Whatev:er we h,@MeleU il1l th.e IBlae~j:aQk.O~~ WOi..JId be iSQlated and starved out ~!Davis. Are~ ~a.l.Jisedrora lorng moment wYoudon't many ha\!~ a th6iee. Bob." The Mar$MII slareo back f'm alolng~im!e" "Am right, Da.Nis, ~u halVe Y'O,u raid. Your n u mbe~"®ne p rlOi'~tv ~s l(Jstrik.eI a!t~his -arma~ r mems and mlJl1Iitimlls,works. levell iii, You may a~so atl~mpt 001 r,esooe olJlr-~mops D!i!Lng iIIeldirl!~he prison ttmre". blllt on Iy if'ths,ra is lillie. I'jslk" ~And D<livfs-"he paiu~d'fm~liilg SJU~e l'Ie~d eye oo,nta;aJ,he "'I' want to m;a.kB!Oi'lle~hdn9Llle9Jr_ I P!iI;rmi~th is b~caus"e. of o:ulr
fir,i!llndl:! hlip. ~ou haive used up'yo,llI r I~~ f!iyorwiU\] Im.e. ~fthn5~mi!Jsiol1'l


f<li~I's apart" I~wi~1be YOI!J R.hun, f1;O!:IT! r~E!, ln thEl51i1ll~. Lhjers{:ood,{"' l..efl:el1ant Ge'mual Wlintie~d l11odded, I<lnowi~g'lhis w.oulld·be aJ dangerous mission. ~i5king the nves of almO$l ,afuU reg~nne11lt f o troops.

.3,FE:BRUAR.Y :3062

Winfield's 'A6gimEi,i'lt W8!S assigned the defense ottl1e F,E!deratad Qommonliwealth planet of Winfie1d at ths time oflhe Cisn linvas ion_ The .Jade Falrons struck in M6Irch3'O:50, issu'ing a chal~al'lg!l! tt:i LeUe'nant Geneml W~i'I'!iel\:L A full CkJSI:er was broughflO bear against the mixedrorces 01 Winllefd's IAegimem. The two sides met inl the Terrlta Valley, and thelighling was partlculalily bloody .. ,lJespi,~e!he best eff:orts ot Wi.nfteld"s forces, the Jade' Falcons' 6t2lhAs:S.ault Cluster was t,oo agile and wel'l~armedklr Ulern • .Brcoken and fn run reut, only two, battalions of 'F-C troops, mostly infantry and Iil1h~ armol', esca~ Ihe planet aliva. The' Ftdcons captured those left behind. M<'Illiy became bonds!" men, bu:lthos€ who retused ill ~Ii"ate wern 'Iod\;,ooIna make,.. shift prison. . The Jade FaJcons immoo iataily rebuilt and 'r'e~ittoo tl'H3' old Falriie!ld Munitions works. fOf the' produCitloru of weapons and mJssi1es. They pr€!SS!oothe lel,cal, po:pu!ation niltlD service, wh ieh lasted eli year and 0lI iflaJl~. factory wouki perm ltlhe Jade Faloons Thts '1.0 Sl!Jsta:illl an oftel1islve w~thout long supp~V lines, A message, Si'ilU9gl'ed in ,eode-via COmSlaf. t~ppoo of! Feder~ aled~Oommonwealtll iFltElI:ligence 'lorhe exist~lncEl (If !he new fac::to:ry. TM newly n;:!'buil~ Wirriieddl's; Aegimiffr:tt wa51lssign.9'd1 to destroy 1ihH munitions aild armaments WOI'M_ Winr;ield's pn;!vious experience '~ighllrlg the Clans, !had mug ht l1im t08l1:trit:kJ:uyand deceit were ali€in to ,them. Arrivingl at a pirate poln:l,. Wi:rmeld immec!'iaJtely r,ssued a challen;g'e to the Jade 1F,~lc·r:;ms fOflhe rights to the mUil'litions works.lh~ Falcons responded that they woul:d def.end wlthilEpsifon Gal1axV'$101sl :De~ense Cluster, composed mostly of mecJlium OmniMeons_ Winfield's fercss larnded bUlt atd not launch an immi1ldia~e aJtlack. InlStead he se nt hi~sinkii11try en a long! swgep a 'ong the south fl!ank While Ihislighl: hover armor probed (he' eemer and northern flla:nks of the FakiCl115, His elfiorts 10 draw atl.entlonaway from the inJfan~ry seemed to tonk. as most Qfthe 1OHifs Om niMechs mshedl~rw<l'rd to attack Wlinfield'15heavy 'Eia;ttleiMocns.lhe leftenanl General ktiipl. pUJlllng his 'folces back and ro the north" furtlher diistraming attMllon hom hiS true plans, On'ly a handlul of secondrline E:lemeolals, defended l:(er9nslk.y MUilUliol1s and Arlm8irifUlll'it$_ W~nijel(fs infafii~rJ croooed th:e ,lrianistlnl River and illfilllratedihe works before ,they (louljj 00 detectedl. The;conE:lememtaJls,tried to engage the8n:amnlf, Ol!Jtthe daJ1l'hage !had aJreadyi~11 done- When i3lstoffigje fad lityfmedl wilh pen~aglyoerrne 6Xjploded, Ilt1:esntl r,e works Vi!lmt up iii'lla ball oft~ame" . The Jade F8iloons n'a:lted theiir advance and tu mad to ~igl1t aJ():und the bum~ng 'Iactol)', MM!'Iwlhlle Diavh. Wiinliel!dl's fQr<C9s smuck at the prison fadllty, libera1ing 1heir IormercompatIiots_ .A.fI'er 20 long hours. oHl'gih:ting, the Jade Falicom~Ihad $UiI~er,edastl!Jlnjli ng' loss at the nanrls of Wi nfiil:lld's Fie~imelnt. Palyme:nt in Nil, in the ey9S of Davis Winfield.


Set up tile ClanTmops map as shownl_ The shaded truitd:ilfllg center is th6' pemagly"Oerine' stmagell faci,lity (see S:peG'ial

~. - . e·'.~.,
¥ • ~ ... ~ ~













..... ·m······,·,;······-·· ~: .~,.·,.i~-'~ -, "
·H·., ,. • ~ ..',,...


i- '.:. _-, ..




DEFENDEIR The DeJ"€!l1ideroonsi5Hlof eilan Jade Faloon's EpsHon Galaxy,
110'st Defelise el,us~er, Flirnt M ilitalY Pollibe Trinary, Fliflh ElemenlaJ Gami$(i:rn Guardis, Fo,urth aJrid F:ltIh Poi nta, Faurdi IPo.!'It (5 Elementa'ls), POint ILeader: Star (:omm:all"ldef j.g. CiiUlrin !Leadership SkilillAliItiflg: 5 E.xp9ri~rit:;:eIu3Iioi',e'I: Aagulart Twu Elementais, are 'eqlu1pped with, SIAMs_ All ha\le a Ramer as primary weapon arld a seco;l'!Idary weapon of oho ire, fifth PolliiIt {5 IElementals) Point Leader: S~ar {)ammam:ier J,g. l'!Ian Leaders!h'ip Skill Ra~lng::2 E>liperrenoe [L:evel: ,Regular Ons Ef~menlaf is eq]l:Jlip,ptlill wilih an SIAM, TihEl' othe rs h<' a Flamer <15 p:nimall weapon ~d <IIIiI &iI P GYi'CIjel Rifle' ,asserom:iary weapofll. Ad:dlitlonal Resources 15 barbed wi~e,countar$. lilIeplO'yment ~ . The Defender sets up fi rst, prior to tI'H~'start I1f plav aInywhe~e o'n ~he n1or~h map". at least tw-e~vedots from the' nor1h ,edge' oJ 1m !ioulitl map. EJemeflft.als may Sl';)f up inside boitdlings or on (Qo,fs. BarlJ.eo wi ~,ema.y Joo set IJP en any !)lot 01'1 either ,map hoard prior to the start o~play.

The AttaJcker consists lo,fWilllierdl's 1Regiment, Third 1Battalion, Rmt Company (R,even9,e line.), RI'S! PI31ltiOI"l The Goffin Makiers), (

V~CTO:RY COINIOniOINS, The Altacker willS emilyby destroying the sorage liacihly (and SJubsequently most 01'Ihe surrounding area) by the em:l of Turn 12, Ariy other result ls,a 'Def,and er vic-tory.

first Sq,uad ~6, en) M Squad Leader; Ser'g6aJlit Holland Fort ILeadership Skill IRating: 2 Experience Leve'l: Regular Equupment {assiglnedl at player's discr,etlonl~ 1 IMedi'iJ m Machin:e Gun 1 Heavy ~,RM
2' Laser Ri~les

The At1acker may treat grenadies as smoke grenaJde5,
Clan E.lementals cannot fire at any buildings or struclur~$_ Treat all tluuldings {ex:cepl 1he storage facility) as Mad.ium BUlrld:ings (40 C F).. The shaded tmHdir:rg is a storage unit [)~ ~;.:p~osives,.Any dam?lge, or 40+ polntsjncu rrad in a r;y one tu rn on ill. wall ollhe struewr,e wIll set it on. The storage, tank can also b~ sel ott by successful detonation 0'1a :~Ir:'hel charge on any wall dot If this happens, !he dama,se beglins wi1i1i the dols Oo·f the buih:lIng itselt, countl ng outward '~romIhe Quit:er wallis, Dama~~ 1'S'llOr'l9' 'follows,: as

1 Gymjet RiHe 1 Gr,en.ade launcher
All troops are squ ipped with !Flak Body Suits.

Each s.q!J~tdmember may have a Satchel C h.a:rge as s9G1Jrndary wea;P<in, Or the pla]!1er may' as'Sigln s,econdary weapol1sfrom the' Hland4o" i"land W~a:p!lI1S listed on p.14.Battleir,oop<s_ Second Squad (8 Men) Squia:dlILeader: Se:rg~aflt 'Doris ,Aibiter Skil~ Ratiln,gl:3, Expelfienoo Level: Reglul<lJr Equipment {assignedl at pl!;ij,yer'sdiscm'licmj, 1 Heavy Machine GUll 2. LAWs 1 l.sser Rifl,e




All squad members aJl'~equipped with Ccmba1' Armor, p_ 1IB. Ba,ttleTroops. Each man may take a Sarlche I Charge as a seco,nd<1iliYweapcm ,.0 r the pl~aYri!r may ass ign s~oondary wea,poo:ns from ~he Hand-tot-Hand

r Auto. Gr,en'lde LaLlncher

Weapons. l,iS1'Elci p, '14. Batthil'lJl"ro('.lp:s,. on Tinill'd Squadl (6 Men) Squad Leader: Ser-gre<antDanti Varajall Lr.a,a,dershipSkill I Ratif\QI; :2 Experienoo· Level: R~:ular Equipm€lnt (assigned playe'r's discretion) 1 Heavy SRM 1 Laser Rifle ,2 Rifles 2SMGs All squ1ad m€im bers are eqlJ(~ped witil Flak. V,esis andl JUfmp Packs, Ea-ch man may hal,l\e,a Sato'hel Cihalrge.a5 asecendaryweapon, (l,r the pla~er may assign secondary W8tljpOfis;lronl'l the Hand-to Hand Weapons listed on p. 14, ElattleTnJoplS.,.


AddllUanal Resources 6, Boats
The iDetend,er sets up Se>cond, anywhere sou~h !lIthe river on the south map, at least ten dews 'from any water,. The Ibo.ats were deposiled by an underground cell and may be set up on1liny water

Dep ovPIen.'

dot prior to the s1art ot p~ay.


The flames from the Cllan DropShips ICOO~nlied liMir Ilandingi

6 MAY 3053, SITUA~nO'N B,R.IE,fING
The Iprimary goal oHhe ella" inva$ion was n~ the conqu'est of theemire Inner Sphere, thoug h. that might be the end result, Rather, the Clans' ,goal was'Lo capture Terra, once thEiiSi;l;;r1 f~he Q mighly Star Leag LH'l'. henl i'l'Khan l.Jlr:jc so i nfonned the Primus ot W ComSlar,lhe sta;ge Wii'.IS set tor thiedarges.t nimtary op&raiicm sinoe the Hme of General Aleksandr K,er8i"1S..ky_ T:uk.ayyid was a. !lmal~, isolated world in the Fr,e.eRasal'hague !Ae~ll.d:dicthatl would! JP!Iayproxy fmTerra in the baltle for tha!l prize. lNellh,er ComStar nor th,a CI~]'Iis Wished to destroy 'fhe very Iplanet ~for hich they woU'ld:fight. This; batll~,which p-itIDed aU the iril'lladill'Lg: w Clan taC1:ion,s:againln the Com G uardis, wii'lIS'8:pic. . Having Elllaly.zed Clan ooWe tactics, which wern not gGaffld to Iiong-t~rm con:I'rontatiolls, Preoe ntor MlarLh:1I Mastasiu5· Focllt "",91· cided to exploit that weak.n8'ss, F~\.i{iril191 ShD!1:" qu,iok baffles. the' Clans were not Pre1P~!8d' to move S\.llppli~5,LlI''Oi'er ,areas or 10 vas.t field units darmaged in ~altl'el-Tlite Illnl1ler"Sphe~eforoe's. 0 n the oliher hand, were experl in sudh matters,_ The Com' Guoards-of the 401 st mviislon (Tlhe Wh IteeEagles} were aooig n~d a:s a s1ir1k€' fc:m~ agalf'!st~he troops of Clan- [liam ond Sha'nk. They fouglht. a nmning batlle aQaJlnSlthe Clan OmniMechs in the deep K@zoi(:sV~I'IEiY, forcing ~heSharks tol waSh! pneciolJls, am muoil!lonand m issi las. ,alltne whule stra,tenungl tlhei Fsupply ~I es, n dangerous,ly '~hil1. AftertJrm1!eI d~ys ~f ~i,ghting, the 4tl1 s,t and 207111 D[visiorns had ti ed dowl1lhe 'Diamond S.ha~ks in I!he,ma,rsl"les ,01Kozicfli, almost '55 Ikilom~oorslrom theiIFS"upplies. Pr,e,c~rrlor Call11iillyYseth decid.ed tha/t n~w wars the moment for Iher hr;d,d'~'ninr'antry 'lrc~ to stn'iikeat th.e [)'Iamondi S'hall1~ s!UIJPly dUmps. A mere l1aru:Uul of troops, guamed some dumps. Otliler.$ were p1'Ott!ctoo by OmlliMechs th:ru!:i'Iad been cpipp~edor heavcly daml aged In earilerlighlJing ..The jum p infaf;itry or lihe 4()' st ,swepl dOWii fr,()m Um hillsides, stdli:ing remor'se'es5Iy M the Dlamoll1ldSharks' Vital munitions: ,am:1 sluppUas. . Within a day the Sharks 'were ,alim()sl to~ally cut ,off 'rlfom~heil" LZ in the K;Qzi()11) VE1ille'!i', Ha'ther'lhan lbeifn.lp,ped and~surrrounded in Ithe river val ley. they pulled out onlothe long, flat pl:ains o1'1henorth ooUlitlyside .. Pur'sued by SOIh ,and 29mh- DIvis.Ions 011 'ihe Com GlJ!a.rd$, theDiarn ond ,sharks werre aill tm~ (;ripp.l'Bd by the Hme i'I'Khanr Kerei1~"ky cal-le.d an end 10 the hostilirfies.

vector in!he deepest portion ot the Kozic:e Vau,ey. The commanding oflicer .of 1he ,iilfan'tryc:ompany' staredlhrough his binoculars, "We jvS'1got ooniinnation, Silr," one oflf1e AdeplS said. "Clan D~amo'nd Shark [,S the one cu rr!jln~ly 1<!i!l'iIdingl the vallEllY,;" in . ~Sergecml Mo'rtori, order Obi r mien to pr,epa.r,e;o move out as t soon as we get word from Precenlo~ Yseth," Captain I)ickerson .$8Jid. The Adept r,etumed less than ten minut~$ ,later with afietcl communicator. Dickerson pioked it up. "Captain Dick:erscm here," ~Peace of !Blake be wirth you, Captailll, ~ c~me I:l~QI{ ·!t1B cool voice of the Preceolcrr. . . "Precenm:r, we h av,e C()1"I~i rmed lan.d:il'llgsless th an live kilolm e-~ers frorn our position_ Aequ, perm isslo.n to move' down into the valley and provide covet 'tolhe south fl ank aflhe division"s 'Mechs. " "I, iGaJllir'lo1 approv:€ that tlcl!icn, CaptaJln_ Y,ol,J <lind yaurtmo,Ps are ordered ~o c'lQ In d~tlpRy. We want you 10 h ide your companies' position_ Run fulll ECiM.,~ '"BElgging you- p.ard1oli,lPlf'leQentm":Outinrhalf an h~iJ~th.e ~a~ley floor lis 'QJoing[0 be iilI majo!" baUlefie.ld. You will' need my tt,oo:psto support your .." "I have spOken w:ith .lths' [P'ffloentQ~'Mali1Jial aJr:Jd we agree Unat Y0l,Jrr jump infantry wdl hillhem as plannedl, but l~ghU)'. Our 'Mech ful'Ol:!i$ \Min pull back and o:u'r ground armor will $t~i'ke their ~llanks" alway's pulling back. We are going 1.0lead them dlown 'lihe,vall,eyfor alimost 75Ikilamel:ers, ,a!lways figlUing andlhel'l moving,R i "IPn~'Cantor,'~h1e tossesjnsueh ail ,a,clirm wi IIbe .slaggenng. The 40tst U5an untried divis-ion." "I, understand tu.lly Ute imp:licatiol'ls,.·; thai Preoe ntm said cold Iy. ~Anrerthree days of such prolot.1lge.dbaIlie. IIwilli sig i1a.Il{(ll"jr,t~OOp.5 to come out ot shon distanoe ~mm thel r landing OI:OI1E1S. You willi s~rikli:i at 'I!heir ear-area supply dumps, lbeginning wi1!h their Ll." r Captaiin Dr.CMi'SiOI'l Sh®OK hiis heada~ ~h€i ~hought. "They aim likely to have some' reserve forces ot considerable :Slfength. Our l!osses are going to be heavy,roo." "'T.rust"Captain. I~ SUCC€i:S.srul. your aotion could cripple th e Diam,ondl Sharks, We have, two. OIher s!!.lchoompanies dug into th,e h,ills across lhe vall,ey. Pr,evail am:.! wait. Pati~nr:e is a virtue i:nl battle'." "May the !Pleacl13; o.f Blake glD wi~h you PlrI1l09!ntor." i[)icke'r.sol'l $aid, wond!eri ng whait ch,a;ncehl Com GWra:rds would ha;v"'e ,a.;fJ,ainst the; ul'1l'11aders.

Layout the C!lan'ffODps maps as 'Shown. For game statistics, see Ba"~eTecli'!T~hnlcal IRead"ilut, '305'0~tndT~:hnical Read,. out: 3025. Note: This scenario mquires two VtlIF1licle'Templat@s. The Attacker 'consists of infantry elements of tha 4018t Com Guards Division (The Wh ite IEagh~$,};Th~rd Strike lReg'imenI, First BaUalimll" First Company (The Ivory Talons)., First Platoon,. Rirst, Second, and Thir,d Sq uads. . . First Squad (5 Men) Squad Leader: Capt!'in Arthu r Dichen;on Leadership SkiIJIRating: 2 E~iPerieme- Level: RegllJlar E(!uipmen! (as5igneilla:l. play,er's discr,e1iol'll) '1 Ught Recoilless Rotle 1 Laoor lAme 1 Grenade il.aundhe,r '1 Blaz,er 1 Heavy SHM All the m en of thi;s;~qu:ad are equipped with Rak Bady Su its and Jlu1mpPacm. .. Each m al'l may Ihave' any sec()lndary w,e·af)QIn t ~h'eplay,er"s ohok:>!ll, o with a lirnit of 1 Saltcn!el Chame e..3J::h.


Elements of Clari Oiamond Shar'k'(;l Alptla. 'Galaxy. 203m Atlack Cluster. B!F<'I\i\oTrilnary (The S~lark.·sT'e:eth). These troops and equipment WE!'F'I!!' some oflhe first oommitl.ed to the battle an.d
have suffered damage'. Be<::!!JUise fi:eld repair f.aci.lities are net

common ir1the Clans. most wen:! left to gar:riSion ,dUlly. J·27 Ordnance Tlranspons ,(:2}

Ad IHoc Ganl$Qn (3 Elemenl<lJs) Laader: Sti3JrGomm~"'iidef J.9· Fuller Leadership Skill Rafnng;2 Experience le·",el: EIita Equipmen1 IElemel"lfa1 One: (Star Commandl1H j ..g. fuiller) One SAM; nOI armor: Small Laser as prima!'y weapon: HP Gyr'ojet fliflt'i' as secondary weapon. Elem.elllal Two: 2 Armor poin~s ..No jump capability; trooper may only warw.r,u rr. Smalll Laser for pri mary weapon; H P Q.ymjeI Riflle as secon:di'llfY W8>Sip(l:r1. ~ IC,lement.:l1 Thrae:; l' Armor ,po Int. Small I Laser lor primary' weapon:: no s9<comary weapo:fi1. O~e SRM, Vul,tutre, Star Commander Fel lxx (Pi'fofing 2; Gunnery The Vulture is. in Ithetollowing COl1ldnlion: Gental" Torso 5 Armor Points Right r'OfSO N:o'Armor left Torso :3 Anno'F Poinl:S Left Leg INQ Armnr Hlilad 1 Anno r Point LRM 20 in Righ~ Torso 1)ri!'s1Jro:!j',sd Rigjhlt: Arm Destroyed LRM 20 in Len Torso has only one volle-y O'Iammun~ion remainrng 180th LNge Pulse lasers destroyed . One Medium PUIlse laser d'esliroyed Engine has taken one nlt, Deployment The Defender sets 'up first pr~or fO the start (1'1 pl,ay. The two J2i's must set Ulpwithillrour dots ofeat;1'i O1herand a11east eight dots from any edge of either map. The 'Vulture must set up w.ithin 15 dots o:f~he J-27s.

Second Squad (5 M~n) Squad Lelad€ir; Sergeant Dancer Windwalker III Leadership, Skjll Rating: 3 Experience Level: Regular Equipment (assigned at. [p'layets diso.retion) 1 Gyrojel RiDe 1 Ughl Rifr'e 1 Auto Gmnade !.all ncher 2 lLaS&fRi~IEils All squad members are equipped \Mi~hIF!ak; Body SUits, ,Jump, PaCks, ,!ii,nd two G [,apples each, c:ach mal'll may b~ as~igi'ledany s.eoond~.ryweapon of the player's, choice, wifh a limit o,f 1 SaJI:cheJ Cn'arg'B eadh,
1ihllrd Squad (5, Meln)


Sql.ll!;l.d le,adel'.: SeFoglea:n1 Et'vis lhurs,tiivil LeadeFsh~p 8"111Rating: :2 Expel1ience Lwei: Regular Equipmen~ (assigq-qed ,at Iplaye,r's'discre1rO'rJ) 1 Grenade Laurncl'leiF 2 Laseif' Rmes 1 S~ M '1Gyro,jelRilile Each man may be ,il'jJSSigIF'Hlidl iilIny SOOL;mdaJry we.a:~:n of the pla.yer'si (lhoioe" will'n 'iii limil ,of 1 Sa,tchell Ol1iargeea>eh. A.l1 squad meirnber5 are equipped wltlh Com'b<li~ Armor '(p, ~S, BpUI'eTIrQQ,Ps), Jump Pack"s, and two Grapple!!'; each. Dep:lo"ment TI1e Attackier el"\lers thelirs:t aoo second squads on 1hefirst tum from up to ~ny two edges of ,either map (player's discretion). The third squad enters tlhe map from ally ,edge 01'1 Turn 4.

Hie AtI;;tckoar (Com G ward;) wins by destroyiil:l~l both JI·27s •. ,AII1IY

cn·he~ resuit is a Defe,llIder (Diamond Sharks) ¥,fttollY.
The ,1-27 Gaflriers



move until Turf! 6. They can ba

moved off the map a.flerlJhat tu rn if~hEil D~l'ender desi res. If elther 'Qrdnanoe carrier takes inltim,al .damage, it will lexIplode" iEl{pl'OOlifig amriersdQ 100/50f25!1i2/6l3 in damage'. Damage 10 the OrnlltMero on)th€lrc:arrier (if CQ»glilt in the blast radius) is 11[11 terms of APV ,an.d is -!3l2'11.





-From Batt~SJ Report by Khan cu'nns Blaok, Clan Steel Viper lRealizing tharl our Si(iuation had grown precarious in 1he lowland, regilon of HI,acjno, Springs, IIordered one final oUensiv,e at 0900 hours ('J,n May 3052. The battle, we nt algai hst us, but it ~ 1$0. B allowed us to rem ai n in th8 field as a ooombaJ fOl'cefm thie rest ,ot th,e campaign. Tnt! goa.! was to SHI10 combined 'Mech 3Jf'i1dElemental 8tOll[:3 into the swampy nllg ion along the southern flMk otl!he Hladno Spring:;;. Accord i ng ~o 'il"ltel!igence reports" ~h~ Qi:'I~y ,enemy ~nthe area. were Com Guard inlanlry companies that had n01 been deployed in ba:~tleas of that ti ma, I had hoped that all aS$.au'lt in the swamps wouldl dl,sl,()d;ge' 1Jhese primalri,ly un~ried troops, amowlng iUS 10 sweep the south fl ank and drive straigi1t into th e core of th e 1104tl1 Di,visiun (aka The Rhinos). IlgrLiss,ly m~siudged our oO!f:I]Xlsition nd did not dle;ploy' nearly a en ough f,or,c([!sto hit tha 104th 's inlfanlry liard en Oiug h. My lead UTI it oHhe 333m CombOlI Assault Clu.slew,The Viper"s .Fang!!>, ecame b bt:i;Qged down in a silO-IN and d~,d Iy bffiitle, in ~hElswamps. The' Com Guard foroes had planted vaJfiousan~-personnel i1Il'i d ,anli- 'Mech mine:s_ GiveUil tn,e,na'h.Jlffiof the tfmr,a,in aJI1d eI U;$~ th cd ~ese di.shonmabl,e d~vices,. our troops w.ere s~owed ccmstde-rably. 1he1 04tih Division's infantry:s:tagooseveml ambusl'lesin b01h the swamps and thssu rrolJnlcling hUlsides. As the, .3:3;3'rd 01ustsr plIshed ha rder into the 1(lAth's flan'k, our 'Mechs became the 'target of sWaJrnnin91taenes byllile infantry, Wh,en we' deploy~d OIlJ r Bementals, they had to oontrQnt oo,th heavy Ifnine ooncemranons and sev·etal devastating a:rtililery barrages .. ~t~ook rmor~ thanl ei'g ht ,hours of o.a:ttlle to work. our way OUiI f o Ilhe springs; and my torcea were a fullle<n kllometers from whenlJ' I had nope.d to posUiol1l them.. Given l!he damage we had al,eady end u:red. and ttl~ra.ct that the 1(14th Division stilllUe!doo a COPlSidarable BattleMechforoe. as yet undamaged,. lordler,ed]l!he with· drawal of our tore-as from I-Il,stdno Springs. I assume fIJIl .r,esponsibiility fO~OlJrfaiilJ,JIr:8 10 dislodge Olir'

The' Com GU8JrdtaClics on Tuk.ayYid We'~Ill' designed prima,fil,y
'to weakeli1 the Clan forces af)!j t,oexploit we,akn!1iss'~ilnllheir fil9'hti ng stylie5 and tactics. Tt1e d!e,p1oymentQ'!~h:eCom Gu.ardiS FOIJn!h Army und@I"lhe leadersl'iip (J,t Precentor Aryan T,olliverwas a case i'n poi nt. Clan Sl'eei Vi pEi r waili tine last cd ttlEi Clans to 'Iand em Tu~aY'llid. and hlad chosen an lZ lfi1 the ~ ladne S:p:r1Ing$~101l, Art area o~' sev,8'raI1Iarge swamps at ~hEl della ot the INlll'stlie River, beeaasaot a h igl1 volC8Jrllic1'1 ate, HlaiIJ'no· pri,ng5 was.1heavy wilh geyse.r ,and S hot springs aclivily.

The Foulr'th Army of1f1e Gom Guards moved ilflto intlllrcepi and prevent ~he Steell VuperstroTn brtl!fllkinogl~ree oWthe area, Two diVlisloi1s" (he' 04th and, the 311lh, had been de-ployed there prior tolihe landing, having en1rem::h!'3dthem~elves d~ply linlQ the swamps. near til$! spril':lgs_ Wlhile PreGentor Tollill'e,r moved the other dh/lisiG;lflS 10 enCircle the Vipi1ms, he ordered the31 Hh Divi5ion t,obegjrn toprod aUhestilldeploying ell an fm:oas. !For l'JllrO days the a ~ 1!h relJn a ~"ies 0", sho rt t I"unning f~l1ts with the Vipers., hitting and thoe,npul1ling back. Such acUorlis tied down mos:! of the Steal 'Viper,s, buying thll! Fouriltn Army ti me to move in and SUfro'LJ nd them. The 87th D'!vision (While: Thoughts) 'Wii!is!he first (;ommiftoo into J'uI~bat1ile with the Steel Vipers, F,or 'twa, days this, d iVlision c(mtirJl.fiaUy lhr€w itseH inl'O,the heart of 1he V'ipeirS' Iunit 00 r'ioentraLio'FIWhen11i1~,6'7thw3swithCll'awn. Hie' 130~h Division replaced ii, .. then. had to be' pu lied tJac'k, Io' skirm ish .s;ctioll1l becau$oe of hEi'avy Ilo$$ies. They had $UCCE)I;!r:ied in killing IKhan Sh8'i'laale~ko, however. 'demoralizingl the! Vipers. The Sleel Vipers tried on 'Uuee oD:raskms to breakthr,ougl'! Ih,e, Com Guard ~roops sllJmJlJlrndillgl!hem. The iirsttwo, attempts WliJf·e powerful .aUacks", but lacked the necessary reserves Ii:! sueoeed, Ely day S€'\I',en of~he ba:~[le'. i~ was clear (hattne Com GLJl:!rds: had stockpiled nuzeh moreammunifionand re,pal,r parts thal1lJ'i!il Vipers had bmughl .•Wilih slJPpllies I1!.1d'ulling Ilm~, Klhaiil Black o.rdered one final attempt at. break-()iut. If the atlempt had $uooeeded, hi) would have Slruck al~he he,CIIrtof the 1041h Division and prob.alJ'ly f,or'b:i1ldUne Fourth A~my i n~oretrast, hlstea:d. the 1041h's, inrantry wa.sreooy and wal'bt1g, iln the Hladno sw,a,mps. In a stLJnll1iJ'iigsenE!s of combfned infiilFltry ~l1d artJlllery atta.cks, Itne U14~th p'irnned the Clan f,orces. The Cnm Guards. had Dmied miIlEls,lhrougilol.!t the swamps, Which Cr~O'i/I'ed censtaot pr'oblems for the e ne<m~'M~clls ~!r1dEleme·ntal,s. The 333r.d C~lJlsl~[r011tn9i Vipers. led tln.a, SlJ:iW$ec .but heavy losses, By 1he end oHhe day on IIIMay ,d;io Steel Viper tOrteS, were squeezed out of the Springs. and back 'roward their lam;lin,g zones.



Lay aut the C~lanTr,oops maps as shown. Se~ EJaHle'T:ech Jec1hfliical Readout: 3050 fo,r Viler OmniMeoh statistics,

DEFENDE.R Ths Def,ender consists of the 104 th, 'Divis'ion, Third Inf,antry Batl.aJlioi1 {The IHunters), First Company. Th i rd Pllaloon. IFi rs,t Sql.lJa:d {5 Men) Squad lUe\~l;de,r: lieuten,an'~ Fallon Gayl Le®ldl9r.slhip Skill Ralnf'lQ: :2 Expe'rie nee: Re9lJ lsr Equipment '[assigned at players diiscretion) 4 l.aser IRiIles 1 laser Pistol Eac.h lof 'the squa.d members wears Combat Armol' (po 1S, IBamUeTmops,), and carrlss a Grapple., Player may assign any s-econdary we~.n~ ,o:fchorce, Im,:llLlding IUp m 4l Satchel Charges.



~~~ ~ ~

... :Sacond $qluadl (8 Men) Squad wadel!'; Se:rgei1liM Alfredo C:ort~on~ Leadership S:kull Rating: <I Ex:perienoe: R69 u lsr IEquipment tassigned at ~ayer's discJfe,tion) :2: Heavy' SAMs 1 IHeavy Machine Gun 1 MOIIIl-Pack p'pe 3 GyrQJet AWes Each squad member l!'l equipped with ,<'II F!ilIk Su:iiI.and a Gr-applie, p~",yeiF rnayas~ig!l anyseconda:ryweapo:ns orchoroe. including up '1'06 Satclhel (:h,arg ~sThim Sq Llad (6 Men) Squlad leader~ SJSrgearHArtemfs Bellows Leadership Skill.Rating: 3 IExperience: Regi.lll:ar IEquipmen~ ~il'I5signed player's dlscr~tioll' at 3SMGs 2 Laser Riffles 1 SIRM 2' Auto Grenade Launchers lEach squad member is, eq)lJdPped with a Plak Body Seu and a. it Grapple. Play,e:r may assign anyseCGl11darywe<a.po~iSof,choicili, im::luding up t02 Satcher Charges" Addll.Ollal fil:eso'UlI'ces 15 A!'1ti-~,ersonnell Mines 3 AIil'Ii- 'Meehl Mines 2 Artillery IBarrages (,1-,50. 1-100.1 De;p!loymen~ . Prior~ollh6 mart af play. the Defe'ndelr wri~es. I.:b,fII\n location the o'rall mines en the map. lhe ,pl!ay,e.~' may use the .aJlmery barrages on i1liJilY a,fI:erTl.llrn3. bL:J~ tlirP'! must specify in wri.tir'tg i!!!'h1,r;;h ~~willi tWirn bel. If not used dl.ifirngihe specified tum, the' i1iimlleryls forleited. The second s.quad sets up wil~hiUl I) dots ef the bunker en the south map. The' :2 rerna..iiiiing squad!sset up' 31lywhem on the map. The Defe:rldersets IUp firs.1 prior to the $ta!1IOt~play.



Navis Hartford ,Pi/orin;g 2, Gunm~ry 3)

The A1itacker OOr1Jsi:s:ls of C Ian Steel] Vip9r',s Alp%a Gall,':h!~; 3l33rd Combat Ass.ault CI,iJSI:er (Vnper"s Fang), Venom Tri'fl3JFIjI' Alpha. Firs~ rNo,va. C<Hnrn;l'IJ'iid SI:a'l'. 1l!I11!e~C . Pilot Sitar Commander

Fiirst Noval Ellementais {4 ElerneIUals), Nova ILeader-: Point Commander Hank Leadersihnp Skill IRalil'lg:3 Experience: Rati ng: Elite ,Ail E.leme,l'1Ital:s hav,~ a Smalll Laser ,as pri mary' weapon Ramer g,$ $ooonldary weapon ..

and a.

DepIOtYlm.eint. The E.lem€'ntals are ric:ling~he UllfJf prior tathe .$ltar1: ,ol'i'he' game. The Clan fome's Bl1te-r th~ north edge of th~ north map on
Turn 1.

Tile ,Attadter (Smel Vi~rl' wins by exilingl the OmniMe"ch and at least two Elemenlals off the soulih ~dge ,oHl'ile 50uln !map by 1he end 101 Turn 12 ..Any other nesu It Js a Illsfilll'ldef (Com G uaro$)' vft1ory-





+1 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +3 D
12 12 11 ~ ,_

\14 14 13 13






X:" ~

~IX3X 2 ~~
= _-


•• ,



Pri msl'V" W,aapon = , ,__ ., Dam,age: Sho,lI't:

,= _ ,~ = _,_



,1-' +1 +1 +1 .1 +2 +2 ~2 ~2 114 14, 13 13 12 '12111 1101,0 9 8 7' 6

-- --



= _"~

'= __

, ,~, __ --,--

Prilma,ry Weapon: =- IDamage: S,hal't:



~roop Number:_, ,Alrlnor;

,_ Primary Weap,on:_-Damla'ge::: Sh,ort::
= =-

- --

- _,- -


,=__ --

- =--





1'14 11,413 1,3


.1 +1 +1 +1 +2 .2 .2 +2 +2 +3 +3 .3 +3 D
'111 10 10


8 I '7



- - - __ .







Nlumlber:_ ____


'Wealpo,n: _- - -- = - ~ _, Damage: Short::

- _, --



+3 +1 +1 +1 +1 .2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 " +3 ,. - I'D 'E -, 211 __:A 14~14 13 13 12 12 11 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 43
I "





'Troop Nlu,mlbe"i_____



- - - - - =, _

~ _,

- --

- --

- - _.,

, __




,J 114, t4
1 1

+11 +11 .1 +1 +2 +2 +21+2

.21+31+3'+3 +31D

13 113,12 112:11 '1O 10
1 "KX



_ Pdmiilry Weapon: ~- ~-- ,

'Tro,ap, Num!ber::



Dan'lla,ge; Short= Primary W'e'ilipon,:~ , DaRlilg,e.: SecGnd'ary DSlna'ge:





Situ, rt::

-- _-- -- ~ __


Weapon: --- ~ -- _-- ---,_







,_, _~_, _





r--- - -~r



,0 0, 0 0 00,
-..;;..,;;.'- -,r-;--


DaJmage;: Sh1olrt:=: W,eapon; _- _~,~
Da,mage,: Sh,olrt:: Sec1ondar. Wea,po'n:; _,--- --- -Dall1age:=: 5hlort:


Long':."1 ,



L,ongl: -- _-,- --- -- -- _-. Long;

-;.,;;",,;- '-T-




-"It- '------ -,--'_ -~- -

+ iI +1 +1 +,11+,2 +2 +2 +2 +2+,3 +3 I +3 1+3 D
14 14 '13 '11312 12 11 '1

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5 4

,xx I TrDOp NUlmber=:- ____ Pr,im'arp Wsa,pon: , Damage: Sho:rt: Arn'lor: IPrimary Weapon; _- - -- ~, -,00 ID,il1mil"g's!: S,lIIor1::






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, LDn = 9


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'Weapon: __ ,

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2 +2 ,+2, B 7 6

14 '14 113, 13, 12 1.2: 111 '10 TrODp Numbe,r=: .Arn1ol": ._,_

'10 9

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Primary' W,sapan1i __ - - _.~ _.~ . ,~- _.~
Primary Weapon: , , Dama'ge,i Sho'n:; Sec,g,nda1ry Wealpan:: --~- --~--~
D'slma,ge:'Sh,ol't=: Damagle= Short:

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0 00,

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Tlroap Nlumber:_ ____ I A,l"l1'Iolr:1

Pri,malry We.a,pan,:







xX , ~_,




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0 ,00

Dalms,g,e: Silorl: Pl'liirnary W'esIPon: ~-~- -- --- DSlm,s9ls: Sho,rt: Secondary Wea,poD:: D,alma:9'e: Sihort;


Longl:: - -- - -- - -'- --- -- - -~. Long: