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WENDEE KAREL HEATH Phone: 786-338-3637 Port St. Lucie EDUCATION 1971-1972 Mount Ida Jr.

College Course of Study Child Education Boston, Mass. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1972-1973: Hostess at the Deauville Hotel Coffee Shop Duties also included helping serve when busy and cleaning tables. Miami Beach, Florida 1973-1978: Universal Realmark Real Estate Duties included entering data. Writing contracts, sending accounts payable, post ing of payments and light bookkeeping. Calling deliquent accounts. The company closed in 1978. 1978-1980: Seacoast Towers West Apartment Building My position was secretary to the manager. Duties included assisting residents with problems & handling them when I was abl e to or sending the request to the proper department.Working with parking attend ants, handling the switchboard for the building, filing and typing all letters a nd bulletins, making sure the manager was aware of all the situations. I left du e to getting married. 1980-2001: Karel Exposition Management Mystic Point Aventura, Florida My position was Vice President The business was Regional Furniture wholesale markets. Duties included finding cities and convention centers to hold the markets . I ran the office, including paying bills and selling exhibit space. I worked wit h the convention centers, planned exhibit space,. I went over available dates an d reviewed the contracts both from the convention center as well as the Union co ntracts. I traveled to all the markets to make sure the floor plans were correct and assisted the exhibitors with all their needs. I worked directly with the Un ions, stagehands, teamsters, electricians. I handled the hiring and firing of the employees in the office, as well as made sure each was doing their job. I left due to divorce. 2001-2002: Wendeeâ s Accessoreeâ s Nandoâ s Italian Restaurant Hallandale Beach Blvd. My start in the jewelry business was a showcase in an Italian Restaurant. I found sources in Canada that were one of a kind beaded jewelry. I picked Canad a because our dollar was strong and I could pass the savings on to my customers. I built a nice clientele, and decided it was time to expand. I had a designer ma king gold and gem pieces for me. We decided to go into partnership together. 2002-2007: Wendee & Reneâ s Designs International Jewelry Exchange Loehmans Plaza Aventura We had a retail showcase at the Jewelry Exchange in Loehmans Plaza Duties: I handled the retail selling, . I also kept a record of all purchases an d paid all the bills. We decided to do tradeshows to expand our business. I hand

led all the aspects of organizing the shows, as well as selling. I was in charge of purchasing stones . We traveled to shows as far away as Shang hai where we were invited to The First Most Luxury Show. We were the only Americ an Company exhibiting. The Exchange was moving locations and I decided that it w as best to leave rather than sign another 5 year lease . 2007-2008: Two Lions Boutique Inc. Lincoln Road, South Beach My friend and I opened a small boutique in a tanning salon on South Beach. We we nt out of the country to have our own line manufactured there. I also brought in a lot of vintage pieces and started to sell those. We found local manufactures with high-end bathing suits as well as summer pieces that would tie into the tan ning aspect. I handled the boutique as far as merchandise, display and all sales. I took care of all the money transactions, bill paying and inventory payments. My partner a nd I had different ideas on the direction of the business. We decided to part wa ys. 2008: Vista Convention Services South Biscayne Blvd. North Miami Duties: Selling our services to conventions that were coming into town. We would set up the conventions with pipe and drape and anything that would be requested by them. My job was to explain to the customers that our company was the right one for them. To quote prices and advise them of the services we offered and wha t the costs were. Once they signed a contract they became my responsibility to e nsure they were well taken care of and all their needs were met. Due to the indu stry being very slow I was the last hired so first to go. 2008 Jewelry By Marsha The Jewelry Exchange Aventura Duties: Setting up the displays cases that I was assigned, selling the jewelry t o the customers, cleaning the jewelry and making sure everything was neat, learn ing the inventory, accepting repairs, assisting the customers in any questions t hey may have about the pieces. I enjoyed the work, but I left because I was movi ng to Port St. Lucie. 2010 JULY ABC BARTENDING SCHOOL Graduated in all aspects of bartending. I have also thrown many parties both for banquets as well as theme parties Have done a lot of house parties where I did the bartending as well as handle th e preparation of the menu and assist in the hosting of them. My Qualifications are as follows Microsoft Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Filing Faxing Answering Phones Correspondence Data Entry Sales both retail & Wholesale Management Dealing with Contractors, Unions etc. Customer Service Bartending

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