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JEFF DUTTON 9312 S. Wheeler Ct.

* Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 * Cell - 720-216-7383, Home - 72 0-344-5649 * QUALIFICATIONS FOR SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER PROFESSIONAL PROFILE An accomplished professional with a career in supply chain logistics, operations management, contract development, budgeting, profit and loss, negotiations, sys tems implementation, customer development, customer service, and warehousing. A tenacious and motivated individual who willingly accepts new responsibility and successfully effects the completion of multifaceted projects in a timely and ef fective manner. Successfully relates well to upper management, customers and se rvice providers. Manages associates on all levels proficiently. Demonstrates th e means and motivation to succeed in the future. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Contract Negotiation Contract Preparation Budgeting Profit and Loss Documentati on Carrier Development Carrier Evaluation Expense Control Claim Filing, Mitigatio n and Collection Inventory Control Purchasing Freight Matrices Purchasing Pattern Evaluation Customer Service Warehouse Layout Storage Costing Shipping and Receiving Eval uation Employee Training Employee Evaluation Employee Discipline Employee Motivation LTT Consolidation LTL Routing Appointing Import Export Documentation PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Operations Manager, Paradigm Logistics Group Englewood, CO 2005 - Present Manage all carrier contracts. Develop and propose all customer contracts. Impl ement changes to carriers, shippers and receiver patterns to increase profit for all parties. Set budgets for all employees and their customers exceeding $2.6 million gross and maintain 15% net profitability. Motivate team to develop more business inside and outside existing accounts. Acquire new business through co ld call and delegate to staff. Monitor company profit and loss statements and i mplement changes to increase profitability. Advise owner on future strategies f or business development, payables and collections. Handle all operational dutie s for Paradigms largest 3PL customer. Advised Paradigm's 12 customers regarding storage, sales, unit cost, and transportation of their product. Handel all Hum an Resource responsibilities. Manage all damage and shortage claims. Implement ed Internet based sourcing platform for customers and Service providers. * Reduced costs by 6% over the life of Paradigms largest account through efficie nt consolidating and purchasing processes. * Increased Claims collections to 98% since 2006. Freight Broker, RMX Global Logistics, Evergreen, CO 2000 - 2005 Managed the largest 3PL account in RMX history. Handled all aspects of customer service. Grew account to 185 truckloads per week. Negotiated all carrier cont racts to render 10% net profit margin. Traffic Manager, Consolidated Transportation Management Services (CTMS), Edison, NJ 1998 - 2000 Supervised staff involved in the support of Marriott Distribution Service and ov ersaw project budgets for contract between CTMS and Marriott for cost, savings,

service, claims, storage, handling, and systems. Proposed and implemented inter nal and outsourced storage resolutions. Negotiated warehouse and carrier contr acts for all East Coast Marriot Distribution Centers concerning freight movement , storage and handling. Trained Traffic Managers throughout the United States re garding systems, business procedures, budgets, and claim resolution. Developed and implemented procedures designed to increase net profits for CTMS and Marriot t Distribution. Reviewed, hired, disciplined and terminated staff as needed. * Increased revenues by 53% in FY98 and by 8% in FY 99. Logistics Manager, Alliant Foodservice, Bensenville, IL 1997 - 1998 Established a budget within a $1.2 million department and audited carrier invoic es therein. Administered Vendor contracts for freight movement. Negotiated car rier and freight handling contracts. Determined inventory reduction opportuniti es with Procurement staff. Evaluated and managed assistant. * Increased revenues by 12% in FY97; increased freight controlled by Alliant fro m $6 million to $7.5 million in FY97 Assistant Logistics Manager, Alliant Foodservice, Bensenville, IL 1994 - 199 7 Conducted analyses of freight allowances and consolidated all inbound freight to render the lowest cost for customer pickups possible. Communicated inbound del iveries to Procurement and receiving departments. Consulted with warehouse mana gement regarding item by item inventory levels and turns. Administered all frei ght claims. * Rendered 97% claims collections and reduced warehouse overtime to budgeted 6% Transportation Analyst, Evergreen America, Chicago, IL 1994 - 1994 Assessed and corrected download errors between Evergreen and CSX equipment contr ol uploads. Approved and paid all carrier invoices for the Chicago Division and billed rail and truck movements. Reviewed all import and export documentation. Assembled CSX loading instructions. Education B.A., Western Illinois University, English Major, Transportation / Logistics Min or Industry roundtable Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals; Rocky Mountain Region Membersh ip Chair