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* as english is not my native language, tolerate any grammatical/spelling mistake :) - salman zubair

- a good fighter is one, who knows how to fight best using his weapons, and a best fighter is one, who
knows how to fight without any weapon. (14/03/09)

- i m like your brother; it can be better said as "look, i m not your brother, but i will try pretend like it".

- to assess the power of a person, you actually dont need to look his or his fellow-beings power, but you
need to see its enemies/opposition power. (14/03/09)

- hate to the bad brings you good, hate to the bad do-er brings you bad. (28/03/09)

- while analyzing/planning, one should be highly pessimistic as this will help to filter most flaws/issues,
and while one going for struggle/strive to achieve something, be highly optimistic as this will help to
overcome any flaws/issues left un- figured earlier. (28/03/09)

- better to play at other's ground initially, coz even if you lose, u can justify it, losing experience will give
you a good insight about your opponent, and at real time, beat them in your grounds, and
pre-knowledge will help you immense beating them. (28/03/09)

- if bad is taking place being you as part of it, then better for you to part from it. (28/03/09)

- Going for best is good, but sometimes its wise to to contented by salvaging as much as you can!
- Not sure, why English language has just two words categorizing a phenomenon, i.e. normal and
abnormal. If I m normal, then I suppose to be ordinary like others, being unique and different, I m
contented with abnormal tag. (13/07/09)

- I m Robot (Emotion/Feeling less) when I m picking between right and wrong, but still i m a Human.

- love is human's biggest strength and lover his biggest weakness (26/04/10)

- not accepting a defeat is itself another defeat (26/04/10)

- conceading a defeat at right time will get you in frame of mind to work towards next possible victory
but conceiving a victory at any point of time will get you in frame of mind which will lead you to
defeat. (26/04/10)

- past indicates what should be done in/for future, future indicates outcomes of what has done in past,
and present defines both past and future. (26/04/10)

- biggest and most special day of man's life is when he dies, coz then he realizes what was his life all
about. (26/04/10)

- the biggest victory/strength for a bad/evil is when right is coward of speaking the right. (26/04/10)

- evaulation of anything is based on 'evaluation criteria', but there is no mechanism of evaulating that
criteria to be generically right. (26/04/10)