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Objective: Seeking a position as a Quality Assurance Manager/Lead. Certifications: 1. Siebel 7 Certified Core Consultant. 2. Sun Java Certified Programmer 2.0. 3. Underway to complete CSQA certification. Summary: a Ten and Half Years of Professional Experience in IT Industry, with over 9 Years in Quality Control as an Analyst, Senior Analyst, Lead and currently as a Manager. a Effective in Managing and Coordinating projects with both Onsite / Offshor e Teams. a Strong Leadership Qualities and Management Skills. a Good in maintaining relationships with Business Clients and External Partn ers. a Thorough understanding of structured Testing Methodologies, Processes and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). a Professional experience in design, implementation and maintenance of Autom ation Test Strategy using HP (Mercury) Quick Test Professional for Web and eCRM Applications. a Excellent in Preparing Test Strategy and Reviewing Test Plans that meet/ma p to Business requirements. a Experience in Documentation and providing Training and Mentoring to the te am. a Self-Motivated and Organized in delivering High Quality Software Solutions . a Good Written/Verbal Communication Skills and Analytical Approach to solve issues. a Flexible and Versatile to adapt to new work environments and Work Independ ently and/or with a team to accomplish Organizational Goals. Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore Univ ersity. Technical Skill Sets: Testing Tools : HP (Mercury) Quick Test Professional 8.2/6.5, Siebel Test Auto mation Suite, Win Runner 7.5/6.02, Load Runner 7.5/6.02, Quality Center 10.0, Te st Director 8.2/7.6/6.0, Black & White Box. Languages : C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, VB Script and Java Script. RDBMS : Oracle 8i/8.x/7.x, DB2, MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access and DT S. eCRM/CRM : Siebel Call Center 7.7/7.0, Siebel Sales and Service 7.7/7.0. Web Technologies : HTML, DHTML, XML, JDBC, VJ++, RMI and Servlets. Internet Servers : IIS 5.0/4.0, TIBCO and MSMQ. Operating Systems : Windows XP/2000/NT/95, UNIX-Sun Solaris and MS DOS. References: Available upon request. Professional Experience:

Client: Allstate Insurance, Northbrook, IL. Till Date.

Jan 04 a"

Description: The Allstate Corporation is the nationas largest publicly held pers onal lines insurer. Allstate sells 13 major lines of insurance, including auto, property, life and commercial. Allstate also offers retirement and investment pr oducts and banking services. Allstate is widely known through the aYouare In Goo d Hands With Allstate(R)a slogan. As a Consultant and an Employee, I had the privilege of working in different dep artments and had held various positions at different capacity. Direct Marketing and Enterprise Applications: This area provides applications, tools and interfaces to support various business functions and uses variety of p latforms and technologies to support the demanding needs. Worked as a Quality Control Team Manager / Lead and supported various crucial a nd complex integration projects. Was able to drive cost savings; by streamlining processes, prioritizing tasks and eliminating redundant work. Accomplishments Include: a Managed a team of 7 resources both onsite and offshore. a Presented detailed status reports for the Leadership Team. a Prioritized issues for the offshore team, to expedite the resolution proc ess. a Performed analysis of integration points and drafted complex data flows. a Developed Test Strategy Plans and oversaw the different testing tracks. a Standardize QA standards and practices across teams where possible. a Streamlined test case development and execution. a Managed resource contention between ongoing development projects and urge nt defects reported in production. a Organized and supervised formal reviews of testing documentation. a Conducted performance checkpoints and provided valuable feedback. a Motivated team members to achieve the desired business results and timely recognized the team members as they achieve the milestones. Projects/Applications handled in this role: a ePolicy Tactical Release 1: this project involved converting of all the p rint streams to the soft copies (PDF) for storage into a database. Strategically split the different testing aspects into more logical tracks of work. T his helped to properly focus and validate all the business requirements. This pr oject was completed ahead of time with zero issues in production, executed by the offshore team. a Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB): this project was critical USPS mandate to convert the old barcode to the new mailing barcode (IMB). This mandate affected all the legacy systems generating thousands of mails each night at the Allstate print/mail centers. The timely and successfully implementation of this project among 14 legacy applications helped Allstate maintain an estimated $20 Million annual discount with USPS. Due to thoughtful planning and proper prioritization of work, gained efficiencies in QC Planning and Execution, this led to approximate savings of 350 Hours from initial estimate. a Your Choice Auto: is a rollout of new policy package for selected c ustomers in some states. Completed the project on time without any issues. Internet Marketing Technology: This area provides applications and tools to cus

tomers to quote, shop online and also interfaces for self service using Microsof t .Net Technology. Worked as a Team Lead to provide, Data Management and Support for online applic ations primarily used to service the customers. On demand data support and manag ement boosted the overall customer experience for the clients. Accomplishments Include: a Maintained a team of 4 resources both onsite and offshore. a Developed and implemented the strategy for Data Management and supervised data support for all the online applications. a Championed the process for efficient handling of Test Data and proposed w ays to reuse and scrub data. a Defined data request SLAas for loading and configuring data for different types of applications. a Reinforced the team to properly understand and prioritize data requests t o be able to promptly support without compromising the SLAas. a Organized regular team meetings to resolve issues and also ensured the pr oject milestones are met. Projects/Applications handled in this role: a eBusiness On-boarding: was a project to enhance the customer experience by seamlessly capturing the preference. This project involved complex data scrub bing to accurately cater to test data requirements. Because of the prope r and correct identification of data, the test team was able to execute the proj ect ahead of time without of any issues. a New Quote 2: is an online quote and bind application used to purchase pol icies by comparing with different options and packages available to customers. T his project involved loading data, working with external vendors to prop erly simulate the situations that a customer can be, while performing a quote pr ocess. a Customer Care Center: is a self service application used by the customers to view and manage their policies online. Involved in loading of data into diff erent interfaces and synchronizing for consistency. Siebel Solutions Center of Excellence: This area provided custom applications a nd tools to service channels within Allstate using the Siebel CRM Technology. Worked as a Senior Quality Control Analyst, to automate Siebel 7.7/7.0 Call Cen ter Applications and was a Subject Matter Expert on various applications. Environment: Siebel 7.7/7.0, QuickTest Professional 8.2/6.5, Siebel Test Automa tion Suite (STA), TestDirector 8.2/7.6, Windows 2000, DB2, Oracle 11i/9i and Mic rosoft Visual Source Safe. Accomplishments Include: a Designed, developed, maintained and executed automation scripts in QuickT est Professional (QTP). a Supervised a team of QA automation test engineers in Northbrook and Irela nd working on multiple projects. a Integrated QTP with TestDirector to centralize storage of automation scri pts. a Documented all test processes and strategies with technical accuracy. a Served in a lead role to coordinated test execution during Siebel upgrade . a Conducted onsite user training classes. a Performed all aspects of software quality assurance: development of test plans and test cases, unit, integration and acceptance testing. a Reported QA team status to project managers.

Applications supported in this role: a Customer Information Center (CIC): is an application used in the call cen ters to service the customers. This application uses various features of Siebel and also interfaces with other legacy systems. a Risk Management Business Centers (RMBC): is an application built for Agen ts and Risk Owners to manage their risks and activities online. a Allstate Recovery System (ARS): is an internal application built for Agen ts and Stakeholders to Report, Track and Escalate concerns to appropriate teams to ensure issue resolution.

Client: USBank, Portland, OR. 03 a" Dec 03.


Description: U.S. Bancorp, is the 8th largest financial services holding company in the United States that provide a comprehensive line of banking, brokerage, i nsurance, investment, mortgage, trust and payment services products to consumer s, businesses and institutions. Worked as a Quality Control Analyst, to test Siebel 7.0 applications to accelera te its e-business transformation and improve the effectiveness of its Sales, Ser vice and Marketing. Environment: Siebel 7.0, WinRunner 7.5, TestDirector 7.5, LoadRunner 7.5, Window s 2000 and Oracle 9i. Accomplishments Include: a Utilized WinRunner to automate test cases on Siebel 7.0 applications a Executed regression scenarios and verified the application for every build release. a Expedited timely resolution of defects from the development team. a Researched with the developers to resolve issues regarding the application performance. a Extensively used automation tools for testing various transactions. Client: Honeywell, Morristown, NJ. 02 a" Feb 03. Apr

Description: Honeywell is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader of a erospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and in dustry; automotive products; power generation systems; specialty chemicals; fibe rs/plastics and advanced materials. Worked here as a Quality Control Analyst. Environment: WinRunner 7.5, LoadRunner 7.5, TestDirector 6.0, Siebel 7.0.3, Sieb el Tools, Windows NT and Oracle. Accomplishments Include: a Involved and responsible for generating Virtual User Scripts using LoadRun ner Vugen. a Running Load Runner scenarios for the Vuser using LoadRunner Controller. a Involved in executing and monitoring the throughput, Hits/Sec, Trans/Sec o f applications. a Performed Win Runner and Manual Tests to verify the Business Rules, Look a nd Feel, Navigation, Broken links, DB Connectivity and Browser Compatibility. a Analyzed Test Results, Web and Application Server Logs, Documented Bug rep

orts and communicated to QA Manager. Client: Symantec Corporation, Cupertino, CA. 02. Aug 01 a" Mar

Description: Symantec, is a world leader in Internet security technology, provid es a broad range of content and network security software and appliance solution s to individuals, enterprises and service providers. Worked as Siebel QA Representative, on Siebel Call Center using Mercury Toolset. Environment: Siebel Call Center 7.0, WinRunner, TestDirector, and Windows 2000. Accomplishments Include: a Developed manual test cases and scripts based on the business requirements . a Created test scripts for UAT and also helped the end clients during the te sting process. a Extensively used TSL to create custom functions and add logic to scripts. a Developed data driven tests to test with different data using Win Runner. a Manually tested different application areas like the campaigns, opportunit ies and accounts, for inbound and out bound values. Client: Talisma Corporation Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, INDIA. . Oct 99 a" Jul 01

Description: Talisma is a global provider of dynamic customer relationship manag ement (CRM) products and services to recognized leaders in financial, banking, e ducation, technology, telecommunications, and other industries. As part of recognition and growth being the key resource; had the opportunity to work in different teams within a few months of time. Bowstreet Inc.: Bowstreetas products, built on patent-pending automation techno logy, automate the creation and maintenance of highly flexible J2EE Web Applicat ions, Portlets and Web Services. Worked as a Software Developer, to provide Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions ; using Java 2.0, XML and LDAP. Responsibilities Include: a Writing, Compiling and Testing the Code in Java. a Configuring Bowstreet Software with LDAP. a Analyzing B2B issues and to Troubleshooting them. a Preparing and Submission of FAQas for the Client. Microsoft Corporation: Microsoft has always been focused on unlocking the power of computing to help people realize their full potential. Worked as a Senior Technical Support Engineer, to handle all Microsoft Games an d Hardware related issues. Responsibilities Include: a Testing of Games and Hardware to make sure the Software/Hardware is fine. a Report Generation and Client Interactions.

a a a

Analyze the issues according to Microsoft guidelines. Surveys to tracking Customer Satisfaction. Provide round the clock support for Global Customers.

Logilent Learning Systems, Inc.: Logilent Learning Systems, Inc. is an IT train ing provider specializing in live hands-on access to real network devices via th e Internet and an IT training provider specializing in live hands-on access to real network devices via the Internet. As a Technical Support Engineer provided support for Java Software. Responsibilities Include: a Provided exclusive Online Training on Java 2.0. a Handling Classes and Conducting Tests Online for the Students. a Preparing Documents on specific topics and distributing to the Students. a Client interactions to improve the quality of training provided to the St udents. Expertcity Inc.: Expertcity, Inc. is the leading provider of Web-based remote-a ccess and customer-support technologies. Worked as Technical Support Engineer, to provide Quality and Reliable Solutions to the Customers. Responsibilities Include: a Educating Clients on Prevention and Recovery of the most common issues. a Preparing Support Documents and Posting them for Client Reference. a Generate and Submit Reports to the Client. a Client Surveys. Computers4Sure Inc.: Computers4Sure Inc. is a subsidiary of Office Depot Inc., the world's largest seller of office products. As a Technical Support Engineer provided Assistance to choose the Products that best suits the Customer requirements and to help them Troubleshoot the general computer issues they face. Responsibilities Include: a Providing timely assistance to customers through Chat/Email. a Preparation and Submission of Quality Reports to the Client. a Training the Team on specific products.