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Natalie Hruska Risk Matrix Project: Web site for popular, local animal shelter Identification of Risks 1.

Organization looses funding for project 2. Software for adoption system does not work as planned 3. Seasonal flooding problems 4. Client support for project decreases 5. The current political climate in the industry is unstable 6. The project headquarters location has frequent power outages 7. The budget for the project is very limited, and cannot go higher 8. It might be difficult to find skilled team members 9. The technology available for the project is outdated 10. The client spearheading the project is thinking about quitting
Risk Matrix Probability HIGH (3) MEDIUM (2) LOW (1) Risk 6 (2) Risk 3 (1) LOW (1) Risk 8 (6) Risk 9 Risk 7 (4) Risk 2 (2) Risk 5 MEDIUM (2)

Risk 1 (6) Risk 4 Risk 10 (3) HIGH (3)

Impact Risk Rating: the probability multiplied by the impact

Risk Analysis How will these risks be managed and mitigated? Risks Rated 1-2 (Low) The location of the project headquarters has been known to have flooding issues. There was a little flooding last year, after 2 days of torrential downpours. Two years before that, there was serious flooding, and the building was not available for 1 week. There are also frequent power outages. We plan to plan for these risks by keeping backups of all of our work, and we also have other places we can meet as a team if we need to move. Another low-risk problem is that the adoption system we have planned might not work out for users or the organization. But we think it will, because many other similar Web sites use systems like this, and it seems to work. If it does not, we will stay on to fix any bugs or features that do not work. Another low-risk issue is the current support for charitable causes. People are not volunteering in as much as they used too; no one
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We will solve this problem by doing the bulk of testing on university machines and other free computer labs. but they are not highly skilled problem solvers. However. if this happens. Risks Rated 6-9 (High) There is a good possibility that the funding for this project will be pulled. using an agile process. The high and medium risks will be monitored weekly. We have decided it would be best to contact the local technical school for suggestions. We have plans to work in short. and computers with small screens and older operation systems. We know there are many people sort of interested in Web design and programming in the area. The client has been a little fickle about the project from the start. Another high-risk problem is finding skilled people for the team. We will overcome this risk by using all of the low-cost resources we have. We will be using a version of Dreamweaver from 4 years ago. we are fairly certain we can find other people to support this project. and we do not see this as a threat to the project process. It took a great deal to convince him that the project was purposeful. so at least there are some deliverables before a possible termination. The next medium-level risk is that the person spearheading the project. We do not have any more money to spend on this project than what we’ve budgeted. We cannot afford to do most of the work with newer technology.seems to care about pet adoption. the primary stakeholder. Another high-risk threat is that our current software and hardware is outdated. Project Management ©2010 The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division Page 2 of 2 . However. is thinking about quitting. We will be sure to keep documentation of agreements and the project process to promote the project and its end objectives if needed. we will make it easy to end the project by using contracts. but maybe not the adoption system. we think the Web site can only help the organization. Risks Rated 3-5 (Medium) One medium-level risk to the project is that it is very low budget. and documentation of all work performed. We knew this was a risk when accepting the project. iterative steps. If he decides to stop supporting the project. A risk tracking system will be put into place. we will have the Web site finished. For example.