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The Recruitment Team Bain Capability Centre (BCC) Gurgaon Haryana 20th Aug, 2010 Dear Madam/Sir

This is to offer my services as an analyst in Bain Capability Centre (BCC). I am a final year student in NSIT pursuing graduation in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. I have consistently maintained a strong academic record throughout my education securing ‘Best Student’ award for five consecutive years in school, and a merit scholarship in college for holding a department rank of 12 in a class of 120 students. I have held several positions of responsibility in college and school and thereby developed zest and proficiency in data handling and real life problem solving through logical and analytical reasoning. My work as the Executive Member of NSIT Students‘ Welfare Forum (NSWF)has exposed me to real life problems of setting up new establishments in NSIT campus like the Jeeto Cafeteria in Girls’ Hostel. My robust background of having participated in national level debates and elocution in school and having successfully worked for public relations and sponsorship in college is evidence to my good communication skills. I am extremely comfortable in numbers after having handled the mess accounts of 200+ girls’ hostel residents for tenure of one year. Having worked as a volunteer to LEU Foundation, a registered NGO, I faced challenges in teaching children who had nil educational background and in promoting education in the slum by convincing the orthodox slum inhabitants. What added to the difficulty was that these parents and children were Bangladeshi migrants who spoke only Bengali. But I ultimately achieved the target of admission of children to schools (Suncity School Gurgaon; DPS Gurgaon) as each one of them passed the test with flying colours. I have always wanted to pursue consulting as my career ahead. Being engrossed in a lot of extracurricular activities I have developed a strong inclination to problem solving and analysis of situations, thereafter optimizing on a strategy. The profession of consulting gives you the opportunity to be stretched and challenged everyday as you go about learning new things. The diversity of work that you encounter in this profession helps you to grow as a professional and also helps you develop an insight into the various business sectors. Along with the knowledge one acquires it also is enhances one’s growth prospects. The job of consulting gives importance to team work, client relationship building and strategy optimization which I thoroughly value. Given an opportunity I would like to work for BCC, the casework support to the BAIN network, as it is home to great and diversified learning opportunities for its employees in the form of world class projects of problem solving. The uncompromising focus on clients’ results of BAIN and the BCC inspires me the most. Being at BCC would be just like being at another NSIT as the work culture is so conducive to self motivation and fun. I believe that I will make a good “Bainee” as for the past three years of college I have successfully held various responsible positions that demanded of me to showcase all those skills that would now be required to prove my efficiency and adaptability at BCC. My abilities to efficiently work in a team and communication skills will fit well in a corporate culture. I have been always inquisitive to learn as evident from versatile work I have undertaken in college. I have strong values and a high level of integrity that will prove to be helpful in the business world. Looking forward to be given an opportunity to work in BCC. Sincerely Shruti Bhargava Undergraduate Instrumentation and Control Engineering Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) Dwarka, New Delhi
P HO N E +9 1 - 98 7 19 3 0 77 1 • s h ru t i . b h a rga v a @ n s i t o n l i n e . i n R O O M N O . M1 , G I R L S ’ HO S T E L , N S I T , S E C – 3 D W A R KA , NE W D E L HI – 11 0 07 8

Selected as the Volunteer (Accreditation Assistant) to the XIX COMMONWEALTH GAMES DELHI 2010.50% 12 1 1 EDUC AT ION BE (Instrumentation and Control Engineering) AISSCE (Class XII) ICSE (Class X) INT ERNSH IPS / INDUST RI AL T RAINI N GS TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA (TRAI). Coffee Day Express). Responsible for discipline and coordination of students to various activities.60% 92. MPS Bhatia. As Mess Secretary. sports cultural and maintenance for the Girls’ Hostel under Prof.questionnaire. UP 79. the Dean of Students’ Welfare (DSW) for NSIT. BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED. adjudged as the Best Speaker and the Best Team in The Frank Anthony Memorial All India debate Competition (zonals level) held for ICSE/ISC schools all over the world for two consecutive academic years (2005 -2007).FEMALE. Subhod Kr.2008-2009 First ever to be the signatory to the cheque for monthly payment (nearly 2. RESONANZ ’09 Led a team of 30 students to successfully raise a sponsorship worth Rs 6 lacs. constituted to coordinate work under the departments of mess. LEU FOUNDATION (Learn. New Delhi Jun 2010 – July 2010 Worked under Mr. As Co. a leading telecom service provider Jun 2009 – July 2009 Worked on GSM Network Planning under Mr. My role involved supervising the work of the regular teacher at Bal Shiksha Kendra (education centre) by conducting tests and interactive sessions every week. Manager operations. Empower and Uplift). stationery shop etc. .Regency Public School Sitapur UP 2003-2005 School representative to inter school conferences and competitions organized throughout the year. UP in evening after school. As School Head Girl. Gurgaon.34% 92. Gupta Senior Advisor. responsible for official communication with the prominent personalities and other guests (college students) visiting the college and to ensure that their visit is pleasant and convenient. Sitapur. 21 YRS SHRUTI BH ARGAVA 2007-2011 2007 2005 NSIT CRPF Public School. with the corporate sector.5 lacs) to the contractor as per the agreement duly signed under the provision of Cooperative Mess. interview. to gain an insight into the operation and maintenance of GSM Networks. School Magazine EX T RA CU R RIC ULA R ACH IEVE ME NT S AND ACT I VIT IES MISS FRESHER 2007. Broadcasting and Cable Services division (B&CS) to analyze the need to digitization of the Indian Cable Television Network. The simulation results were used to control the dynamics of a robotic arm. responsible for maintaining the food quality and the amenities of the kitchen.Convenor – Public Relations. Ravi Prakash Sr. orga nizing Parents teachers meeting every month. Editor. As Sponsorship Secretary. My role was to develop a mathematical model of the system and analyze it to obtain a linear transfer function. Awarded the Certificate of Excellence in SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) in school (2004) for voluntary teaching to poor children of the Kanvakhera Village. A National Level Debater. based on certain terms and conditions. on stage performance. POSIT IONS OF RESPO NS IB ILIT Y As General Secretary – Board of Students’ Affairs (BSA) Responsible for administering a team of 15 students. awarded after a series of three rounds. highest ever for the intra college festival by means of agreements (MoUs). Received the Certificate of Special Effort from Cancer Aid Society in 2002. ACA DEMI C ACHI EVEM ENT S AND A WA RDS Awarded Merit Scholarship from Delhi University for 2007-08 (for top 20% students). Sitapur Distt. Girls’ Hostel (200+ students). ACA DEMI C P ROJE CT S INVERTED PENDULUM: Simulation of the compensated model of an inverted pendulum control system on MATLAB environment. which provides a platform to the NSITians to work for the improvement of the college amenities. Awarded with ‘Best Student Award’ in school for academic excellence for five consecutive years (2000-2005). Stood 3rd in Academic Aptitude & Achievement Tests (AAT) 2003 – Maths all over India. under the provision of NSWF. Gurgaon Jan 2010 – April 2010 Worked with a registered NGO as a teacher cum mentor to the 32 slum children it caters to. New Delhi Regency Public School. The target of procuring admission of students to govt schools was achieved in totality. As Executive Member – NSIT Students’ Welfare Forum (NSWF) 2008-2010 Worked to bring new facilities to college including the food stalls (Jeetos. awarded 99% percentile merit certificate for three consecutive years (2002-2004). NSIT.all India inter-collegiate technical festival of NSIT Spearheaded a team of 50 students. for INNOVISION ’09-’10 .