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Kingdom of Heaven

Godfrey of Ibelin 

You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be. I once fought two days with an arrow through my testicle. Whoever dies here today, you will certainly be among them. A new world. A better world. A kingdom of conscience...a kingdom of heaven. Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright, that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong; that is your oath. [Slaps Balian] And that is so you remember it. Rise a knight, and Baron of Ibelin. 

Jerusalem is easy to find, go to where the men speak Italian, then continue until they speak something else.

Balian of Ibelin 

What man is a man who does not make the world better? 

From the Latin Inscription: Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem 


A queen never walks. And yet you are walking. How can you be in hell, when you are in my heart? If we do not burn these bodies, we will all be dead of disease in three days. Go d will understand, my lord. And if he doesn't, then he is not God and we need not worry. 

They are here. 

When a single horseman is seen in the distance on top of a hill. 

Is this why you came to the Holy Land? Come on! 

To a Teutonic knight trying to kill him as they prepare to fight one another. 

If this is the Kingdom of Heaven, let God do with it as he will.


Do you play? The who le world is in chess. Do anything except remain where you started and you can't be sure of your end. By the word religion I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of God. If the ribs are broken. and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves..or not..  I put no stock in religion. you cannot say "but I was told by others to do thus" or that "virtue was not convenient at the time. Remember that. If that's true. God bless. your soul is in your keeping alone. my arm was cut." This will not suffice. I am. A King may move a man. the marrow will enter the blood and you will develop fever and die or a cyst will form and you will live.  The Saracens say that this disease is God's vengeance against the vanity of our kingdom.. not my father's physicians. When you stand before God. playing with the other boys. I felt in that moment that I should live to be one hundred. he'll keep you safe in his hands. Remember that howsoever you are played. or by whom.. [pauses] If not. You're in God's hands now. [takes off glove] . As wretched as I am. And it was he..  Come. Jerusalem. these Arabs believe that the chastisement that awaits me in hell is far more severe and lasting. and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.. who noticed that I felt no pain. King Baldwin IV  Come forward. He was one of my greatest teachers. And you. What God desires is here [points to Balian's head] and here [points to Balian's heart] and what you decide to do every day you will be a good man.  When I was sixteen I won a great victory. and goodness. He wept when he gave my father the news. Any move can be the death of you.  Holiness is in right action.  You sail now for Jerusalem as your father wished. Sit. Even though those who presume to play you be kings or men of power. None of us know our end really. I call it unfair. I've seen too much religion in the eyes of too many murderers. Reynald. And only then does that man truly begin his own game. or what hand will guide us there. a father may claim a son. He was there when. That man can also move himself. I am glad to meet Godfrey's s on. Holiness is in right action. will give me the kiss of peace.  On your knees. that I am a leper. If God has purpose for you there. now I know I shall not see thirty. lower.

. If you come with me. But I did not force her. I knew your mother. Sybilla: There'll be a day when you will wish you had done a little evil to do a greater good. Balian of Ibelin : What could a king ask of a man like me? . Some say Jerusalem is the very center of the world for asking forgiveness. Now. he's no longer with me...(points to the mind) . If you want anything of me.and that kingdo m can never be surrendered. Someone has to be. Tiberias: [to Balian] You're your father's son.. To be courteous.. I have forgiveness to ask of you. Remember me as I was. after surrendering Jerusalem] Your brother's kingdom is here . take it now. For myself. So beautiful. I shall go to hell instead. Godfrey of Ibelin : I am sorry for your troubles. I call it here.  Sybilla: Jerusalem is dead Tiberias. [To Sibylla] My beautiful sister. Reynald: [to Guy] If the war's to be now or later.  Sybilla: [to Tiberias] How long before he wears a mask? Will you have one made for him? How did my boy deserve it?  Balian: [to Sybilla. Godfrey of Ibelin : What made it your place is now dead. Others      Reynald: [after raiding a peaceful caravan] I am what I am. I am Godfrey. God protect you. my lord. you will have a living. I would have it now.. I knew your namesake. I should say that it was against her objections. You will never see me again. I'm sorry if I've caused you any pain. I have one hundred men at arms in J erusalem.and here . He was my friend. you will have my thanks. But I was the lord's brother and she had no choice. Dialogue Godfrey of Ibelin : God has made us man.(points to the heart) . I also have lost. my place is here. No kingdom is worth my son alive in hell. and. There it is. Tiberias: [to Balian] May God be with you. the Baron of Ibelin. I'm yours. Balian of Ibelin : Whoever you are. We must suffer all. Balian of Ibelin : I want nothing.

he says that is his horse. There. Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani: [Says to the Cavalier in Arabic] Hadi Hakim. I suppose. Balian of Ibelin : [Saracen Cavalier starts fighting him. Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani: [to Balian] You there. Hospitaller: Are you sorry for your sins? Godfrey of Ibelin : [Looking at Balian. Balian of Ibelin : And I am the Baron of Ibelin. he knew him.. Fortunately you're too old to be one of mine. he is a Knight. of peace instead of war. Balian of Ibelin : Why would it be his horse? Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani: Because it is on his land. Balian of Ibelin : I am the new one. his illegitimate son] All but one. but on horseback] Fight me fairly! Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani: [Saracen Cavalier says in Arabic] Why should he. in Damascus. A better world than has ever been seen. A kingdom of conscience.. Guy de Lusignan: If I had fought you when you were still capable of making bastards. " (he is the Baron of Ibelin). Balian of Ibelin : I have no desire to fight. Balian of Ibelin : I found took this horse from the sea.Godfrey of Ibelin : A new world. you are not what you are born but what you have it in yourself to be. Guy de Lusignan: [Chuckles] That sort of Christianity has its uses.. Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani: [Saracen Cavalier says something to him in Ara bic] He says you are a great liar. love instead of hate. Tiberias: That I would rather live amon g men than kill them is certainly why you are still alive. A kingdom of heaven. and he will fight you because you are a liar. Godfrey of Ibelin : I knew your mother when she was making hers.. . Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani: Then you must give him the horse! Balian of Ibelin : No. Ibelin. " Imad ad-Din al-Isfahani: [Saracen Cavalier says something in Arabic] He says that Baron of Ibelin is old. That is what lies in the end of a crusade.

Reynald: That is what I do. you will be a good man [smiles] or not. [hears a noise and turns her head. By the word of religion. A servant hides behind a wall] Tiberias thinks me unpredictable. [stops] And yes. Not even on the hill where Christ died. Sybilla: [laughs] A woman in my place has two faces. Reynald: [Guy goes to see Reynald in Prison.Hospitaller: So how find you Jerusalem? Balian of Ibelin : God does not speak to me. Reynald is dancing] The King is in heaven? Guy de Lusignan: Yes. Hospitaller: I have not heard that. By what you decide to do every day. I am unpredictable. my lord? Balian of Ibelin : I know you are a princess. one for the world and one which she wears in private. it seems I have lost my religion . Holiness is in right action and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. Balian of Ibelin : Neither earned nor prove d. With you I'll be only Sybilla. Hospitaller: I put no stock in Religion. Hospitaller: All death is certain. and now.[pointing at his head then heart] is here and here. Balian of Ibelin : You go to certain death. . give me a war. I will tell your father what I have seen you become. Sybilla: You're a knight. Sybilla: Why do you think I'm here? Balian of Ibelin : I know that Ibelin is not on the way to Cana. Reynald: You had the Templar's kill Balian? Guy de Lusignan: Yes. Sybilla: What else do you know. I've seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the "Will of God". I am outside God's grace. Balian of Ibelin : At any rate. And I am no lord. Sybilla: [walking] Do you fear being with me? Balian of Ibelin : No. And goodness what God desires .

Balian of Ibelin : Saladin wants you to come out. Sybilla: What becomes of us? Balian of Ibelin : The world will decide. Patriarch of Jerusalem : Who do you think you are? Will you alter the World? Does making a man a knight make him a better fighter? Balian of Ibelin: [pause. I swear. [The camera pans to reveal the whole of the Saracen army behind the hill] Balian of Ibelin : [To the people of Jerusalem] It has fallen to us to defend Jerusalem. Almaric: It is only one man. No Muslim of the great army now coming against us was born when this city was lost. Bishop. He is waiting for you to make that mistake. King Baldwin IV: I pray you retire unharmed to Damascus. and the city left defenseless. King Baldwin IV: Wa `Alaykumu Salaam. Reynald will be punished. against those who were not alive to be offended. and we have made our preparations as well as they can be made. Saladin: Assalaamu `Alaykum. they are here. Your Eminence. What is Jerusalem? Your holy palaces lie . Saladin: I pray you return your cavalry and leave this matter to me. [pause] Do we have terms? Saladin: We have terms. King Baldwin IV: [nodding] Assalaamu `Alaykum. I will tell him. The world always decides. Guy de Lusignan: When I wish a blacksmith to advise me in war. Balian of Ibelin : No. turn slowly to face Bishop] Yes.Bishop. Balian of Ibelin : [a single horsemen is seen in the distance standing on top of a hill] They are here. Saladin: [waves and says] Wa `Alaykumu Salaam. We fight over an offence we did not give. [pause] I will send you my physicians. Balian of Ibelin : You have taught me a lot about religion. repent later. Balian of Ibelin : This army will be destroyed. Patriarch of Jerusalem : Convert to Islam. None of us took this city from Muslims.

Sibylla: [mouths hello] King Baldwin: I was dreaming. I was back in that summer. [He starts to walk away.over the Jewish temple that the Romans pulled down. Remember me as I was. I'm sorry if I've caused you any pain. Balian of Ibelin : [pauses] I am the blacksmith. Richard Coeur de Lion : And I am the King of England. who was the defender of Jerusalem. Balian of Ibelin : I am the blacksmith. I've missed you.ours. I will burn it to the ground. Saladin: Will you yield the city? Balian of Ibelin : Before I lose it. but the people living within these walls. In every way. when I defeated Saladin. King Baldwin: My beautiful sister. Balian of Ibelin : We defend this city. The Muslim places of worship lie over yours. Your holy places . Do you remember it? Sibylla: [nods] You were a beautiful boy. . King Baldwin IV: Oh. Patriarch of Jerusalem : Blasphemy! Almaric: [to the Patriarch] Be quiet. Which is more holy? [pause] Balian of Ibelin : The wall? The Mosque? The Sepulchre? Who has claim? No -one has claim. [raises his voice] Balian of Ibelin : All have claim! Bishop. Baldwin: Yes. Saladin: I wonder if it woul d not be better if you did. Balian of Ibelin : What is Jerusalem worth? Saladin: [solemnly] Nothing. not to protect these stones. then turns around and smiles] Everything! Richard Coeur de Lion : We come by this road to find Balian. Every last thing in Jerusalem that drives men mad. Sibylla: You've always been beautiful. Hello.

Hospitaller: All death is certain. Clearly very distressed] How long before he wears a mask? Will you have one made for him? How did my boy deserve it? Tiberias: [shakes head] Sibylla: Jerusalem is dead Tiberias. Balian of Ibelin : And what is to come?. I will go to hell instead. mouthing the song. She has euthanized her son because of his affliction with his uncle's horrific disease.. No kingdom is worth my son alive in hell. We must condemn it immediately. Balian: You go with the Army? Hospitaller: My order is with the Army. Hospitaller: For the strength to endure what is to come. Tiberias: The rumour will die. Sibylla: And he was so lonely that. Sibylla: [screams passionately and throws back the chair she sitting on onto the floor. she uncorks a bottle and with tears in her eyes she strokes back the hair of her sleeping son to reveal his ear. and the scene ends].. . if we show the boy as active. [Pauses and looks back to Balian] . Baldwin V: Why? Sibylla: Because he was desperate. He dies) Tiberias: There is a rumour. Hospitaller: The reckoning is to come for what what does one hundred years before. and trails off. Sibylla: [singing a lullaby in what sounds like French. Sibylla: Do you remember why? Baldwin V: No. And kill those who whisper it. Sibylla: [to her son] Do you remember the story of Louan? Baldwin V: No.he called all the gods. As a proof of love. We see a toy the boy was playing with being wet by the rain outside the canopy over the summerhouse.Sibylla: I will. Sibylla: Call it treason. The Muslims will never forget. I shall tell your father what I have seen you become. (leans down to kiss the brow of his mask. Balian: You go to certain death. Nor should they. She tips the liquid in the bottle into his ear. leprosy.

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