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Bilingual Sales and Customer Service Specialist SUMMARY To bring to your organization enthusiasm, dedication, responsibility, and good

w ork ethic, combined with a desire to utilize my skills obtained through experien ce in the following areas: EXPERIENCE President Of Operations - 2009 - 2010 The Small Book, Tampa, Fl. * Responsible for running my company to its fullest potential. My publication re ached 100,000 homes per month and I sold full page color ads to local businesses . * Aggressively cold called local businesses to advertise in my publication, mak ing 75-100 calls daily. * Met with clients face to face and discussed the possibility of doing business together with the intention of closing every deal. * I was responsible for the success of The Small Book and took on many responsib ilities. National Account Manager / Sales Executive - 2007 - 2009 Focus Inc., Tampa Fl. * Selling television infomercial leads to car dealerships all across the nation. * We targeted sub-prime credit, Individuals that had less than perfect credit. In turn we would sell leads to car dealerships across the nation. * Maintained a three and a half hour talk time daily and 100 plus calls. * Received certificates and awards from the company for breaking all the records of money in house in one month. * Generated the company well over $200,000 dollars as an employee and brought in $35,000 in one month alone. * Contacted clients that utilized our program and was responsible for collecting first payment in house. Retail Sales Executive / Assistant Manager - 2003 - 2007 PCS Wireless, Tampa, Fl. * Managed a retail store and sold Alltel wireless services. * Sold wireless service plans to new customers, and offered new services and acc essories to existing customers. * Discussed Rate Plans, Phones and Accessories with every client and assured the m that their experience was very detailed. * Went over clients detailed billing and collected payments. * Instructed customers on how to operate their phone, to insure they had the kno wledge of the equipment they purchased. Retail Store Manager / Sales Executive - 2000 - 2003 Bobby Allison Wireless, Tampa / Miami, Fl. * Managed a retail store and was responsible for all operations. * Sold AT&T wireless services to new and existing clients. * Hired and trained employees and put together a schedule for 10 employees. * Went over Rate Plans, Phones and Accessories with every client and assured the m that their experience was very detailed. * Opened two new stores with the company and brought them to sales that surpasse d all expectations. * Met monthly quotas and was seen as one of their best leaders. SKILLS * I am a great Sales / Customer Service Representative with over 10 years of exp erience and know how to overcome objections, I can speak and write both English and Spanish, I received employee of the months awards in every job that I have h eld and I am self motivated and can do anything I put my mind to.

PUBLICATIONS "The Small Book." Home Guide Services. Tampa, Fl., May 2009. I distributed a mag azine that reached 100,000 homes per month. The publication was distributed unti l April of 2010.