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VIJAY HIRANANDANI MBA in Maritime Management, Bachelor of Management, Certificate in Marine Techno logy, ex-Radio Officer (Foreign-Going

), Experience: 9 years Sea-Service A Marine Radio Officer with a passion for the Maritime Industry, Economics & Shi pping, Health, Safety & Environment Resume: July 2010 Contact Details: Address: 44, Shahani Buildings, R.C. Marg, Chembur, Bombay - 400071. India. Telephone No.: +91 9967916208 Email : Educational Qualifications: 1) MBA in Maritime Management, Greenwich Maritime Institute, University of Green wich, London. U.K. (2010). 2) Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in Maritime Law from Lloyd's Maritime Academy, London, U.K. (2010). 3) Exemption granted for four out of seven of the Professional Qualifying Examin ation (PQE) courses of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) on the basis of MBA in Maritime Management. Completed remaining three of the ICS PQE course exams in April 2010. Graduation: August 2010. 4) Certificate in Marine Technology, Lloyd's Maritime Academy, London, U.K. (200 9). 5) Bachelor Of Management, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. (GPA: 3.32/4.0 0). (2008). Awards and Achievements: * Dean's List, Summer 2007, Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University, Canada. * Achieved Distinction grades in the following MBA courses (2008-2010) at The Un iversity of Greenwich, London, UK: : * Leadership, Personal Development and Career Management; * Human Resource and Information Management; * Integrative Strategic Workshops and Simulations; * Economics of International Shipping. * Maritime Business Research Project: Sustainable Development in Sea Ports: A Mu lti-Case Study Work Experience: 9 years experience as a Radio officer & Purser sailing on international flag shi ps of various types on worldwide voyages performing all radio communications ope rations, accounting & administrative paperwork including collective agreement, a llotments, repatriation & travel arrangements for officers & crew, as well as Sh ipboard Safety Management, ISM Code paperwork & provisions accounting. Additiona lly, I also performed voluntary service as a junior navigating & deck officer. M y job gave me an opportunity to work with multi-national staff onboard ships inc luding British, Danish, Polish, Russian, Yugoslav, Greek, Cypriot, Indian, Ethio pian, Singaporean, Hong Kong-Chinese, Malaysian, Burmese, Thai, Korean, Japanese , Filipino, American and Australian. As such, over the years it has become a par t of me to work and live amidst multicultural people and be an active team playe r, always learning from their rich and varied cultures and experiences. These wo rldwide travel experiences during the course of work at sea have given me a mult icultural orientation which I believe is most important in these times of global ization and internationalism. Additionally, I have strong organizational, planni ng & interpersonal skills with ability to interact with people at all levels, ad aptable to working in a fast paced environment, and have been used to flexible w ork schedules, long work hours, travelling and working under pressure, in variou s weather conditions as well as on holidays and weekends onboard ships with dive

rse multinational people. Computer Skills: I am well-versed in using computers. I have worked on PCs and Laptops with Windo ws 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel inc luding spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access database, Html, e-mail, and can effectively use the internet for information-gathering and research. Furthermor e, I have acquired knowledge of various Computer Science courses such as, Comput er Programming in C language, Computer Science I and II involving algorithmic pr oblem-solving using object-oriented programming techniques and solutions in Java programming language, Discrete Structures, Computer Organization & Design, and Bio-Informatics, that were successfully completed at the Bachelor's degree level in the U.S. before transferring credits into Bachelor of Management in Canada. Work Eligibility: o Eligible to work o Eligible to work o Eligible to work of 2 years anytime

in India - Indian citizenship. in Canada - currently valid Canadian Work Permit in UK - can obtain Post Study Work Permit (PSW) for a period during the twelve months beginning July 2010.