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Roberta H. DeSantis 221 East Main Street P. O.

Box 294 Newmanstown, PA 17073 Home: (610) 589-4843 Cell: (610) 763-9423 United States Citizen Email: Social Security Number: upon request Job Title: Office/Clerical Salary requirement: $35,000.00 Education: Associated Airline School Coral Cable, Florida December 1975 to February 1976 Schuylkill Valley High School Leesport, PA 19533 General Diploma 1976 Training: Notary Association July 2008

Reading Volunteer Fire Company 06/1976-06/1980 Oakbrook Engine #14 Reading, PA 19607 8 hours per week A four-year course of tactic and techniques of fire fighting, Classroom and hands on training of land practical search and rescue. Provided by Berks County EMT A two year study for EMT 09/1977-09/1979 Leesport, PA 19533 8 hours per week Computer skills: Windows XP 2001 Microsoft windows, Microsoft works, Word perfect, Lotus, Navision, Outlook, Excel, and the Internet. 55 wpm.

Employment: Flex Membrane International 07/2006-Present 2670 Leisczs Bridge Road Suite 400 Leesport, PA 19533 Supervisor: John L. Doyle (please do not contact) Telephone: 610-916-9500

Position: Customer Service/Clerical Customer relation answering telephones, taking orders, sending order acknowledg ements, ordering office supplies, distributed mail, responsible for the postage meter, maintaining many files on the Computer systems. Accounts payable authorizing the invoices for our vendors and generating purcha se orders. Accounts receivable posting checks to our customer accounts and collection call ing. Sales Representatives assembly representative binders together, meeting sales r epresentative demands Credit application review and approval -- checking with references for verificat ion of credit applicators, also confirming with credit companies such as Cofanet and DBNi Warranty department dealing with issues, when people call our office with leaka ge to their roof and issuing warranties for finish projects Web Site: updating product information on the web site. Daily Procedures- Review the open order list, add new orders or delete the order s that were shipped the day before. This list needs to be emailed by 8:30AM. We meet at 9:00 AM with our customer service, warehouse and management team to rev iew all orders. At the meeting we discuss each individual order to make sure all the products are in the stock or needs to be brought in from other warehouses. Processing the invoice- With each shipment, the warehouse employees bring in the bill of lading. The bill of lading is then reviewed against the order acknowled gement and purchase order from the customer. After this is complete the informat ion is then put in a file folder until the next morning. At that time the freigh t company is called to verify the shipping cost. If there is not discrepancy the order acknowledgment is then creative to an invoice. The invoice is then posted to the customer account. A copy of the invoice and bill of lading is either ema iled or faxed to the customer. On Tuesdays and Thursday calling our customers to see where the payment is for p ast due invoices. Monthly- Warranty Report, Customer Sales Volume Analysis, Item Sales Volume Anal ysis, Cash Receipts, Location-Inventory Valuation, Daily invoicing, and calling our vendors to verify that there pricing has not changed. Lien program: Notarize all lien applications Lebanon Valley Farmers Bank (Division of Fulton Bank)02/2002-07/2006 107 W. Main Street P. O. Box 326 Schaefferstown, PA 17088 Supervisor: Branch Level, Luanne Hartman (you may contact) Telephone: 717-949-6506 Employer may be contacted Position:

Bank Teller Customer relation helping the customer with their needs such as checking, savin gs account, safe deposit box, statement, on-line banking and ATM. Selling products opening checking and/or savings accounts, processing credit ca rd, check card application, setting up overdraft protection, scheduling appointm ents to meet with financial advisors. Cash reconciliation responsible for my own drawer and coworkers as needed, sett le the office reconciliation. Answering telephone assisting customers, in obtaining answers to question or re solving problems. Ordering currency knowing when extra money is needed to handle the cash flow. Responsible for ordering office supplies Keeping the file drawers organized.

DeSantis Transportation, Inc. 10/1981 to 02/2002 812 North 8th Street P. O. Box 6092 Reading, PA 19610-6092 Supervisor: Gregory A. DeSantis Telephone: 610-375-8202 Employer may be contacted. Position: Administration/Customer Service Provided door-to-door airport shuttle. Tool:reservations which consisted of 90% of the business over the phone. Dispatching drivers to their location, whether it is a pick up at a home or a bu siness and gives the driver direction to his/her location. Drivers- taking care of the drivers expenses such as: to make sure the gas, toll s, hotel receipts are coherent with the travel expenses Dispatching drivers having the employee be at the right place at the right time . Accounts payable/receivable make sure these accounts were reconciles and/or bal anced on a daily basis. Payroll processing hourly wages and filing with the PUC and Penns. State Workme ns Compensation. Sales- explaining and answering customer inquiries of how the service works.

Hiring recruiting dependable drivers, checking with the insurance company to ma ke sure their driver license is valid which included advertising in various medi as. Customer relations being the mediator between a customer and the driver, which would include payment discrepancies. Insurance speaking with our vehicle insurance company when any changes need to be made to the policy which sometimes included filling our claim forms when an a ccident occurred.

Roamer Tours, Inc. 5th & Penn Streets Reading, PA 19601 Travel Agent

02/1981/ to 10/1981

Responsible for making, flight, car, hotel reservations for clients of the compa ny. Kissinger Travel Agency 604 Penn Avenue West Reading, PA 19611 Travel Agent Responsible for making, flight, car, hotel reservations for clients of the compa ny. 02/1977 to 02/1981

Kazans Hardware Store 06/1975 to 12/1976 Route 61 Shoemakersville, PA 19555 Stockroom Clerk Responsible for making sure the hardware store merchandise was properly on the s helves for viewing and purchasing by store patrons. Volunteer History: Serving twelve years as a member of the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority: With the past six years as Chairperson of the board. Also serving on the follow ing committees: Executive Development Relations Audit Representing Millcreek Township, Lebanon County

Youth Group leader at our church. Treasure and President of Newmanstown/Richland Soccer Club.