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Olga Pereiro 1101 S W 139th Ct. Miami, Fl 33184 Home (305)613-1612 op8acafc@westpost.

net Accomplishments: Motivating people in ways that induce them to pursue target objectives energetic ally and, if need be, modifying their duties and job behavior to better fit the requirement of successful strategy execution. Creating company culture and work climate conducive to successful strategy implementation. Employment History: 2008-Present Senior Vice Presidenta"Community Bank Instrumental in setting up Loss Mitigation Department supporting portfolio , in vestors, and foreign national loans, either by modifying existing terms or pla cing these individuals on payment plan. Liaison to Loan Servicing Department w hen needed. I 03/05a"2008 Senior Vice President a"Community Bank Responsible for overseeing the entire Mortgage, and Commercial Loan Servicing Di vision. One report and nine staff members. Special projects include Budgeting , Re-engineering, Building Cross-Reference teams, and acquired Servicing. Defa ult Department includes the following functions: Collectiona" 15 and 30 days no tices, 45 and 60 days default letters, 90 days final Notice, per Investoras guid elines. Modifications: modifying existing terms due to default. Deed in Lieu ve rsus full Foreclosure. If Foreclosure is eminent then this process it is outsou rced to a FHLMC approved Foreclosure/Bankruptcy attorney. 7/01-03/05 Fiserv Senior Conversion Business Analyst, Consultant and Senior Trainer Analyze new client's work process and all necessary process to insure a satisfac tory conversion to our new computer software. Therefore, providing suggestions o n reengineering, and budgeting to the board of directors. In addition to, managi ng multiple complex issues/ projects simultaneously and complete deliverables de aling with strategy, research, analysis and program implementation. Responsibl e for building and maintaining positive business relationships, proactively iden tifying financial issues that can assist in meeting goals and for developing tec hnical and financially feasible solutions. Areas of expertise are: Policies an d Procedures, Investor Reporting, Escrow, Payoff, Insurance, Arms, Payment Proce ssing, Imaging, Records Retention, Security File, Collections, and Taxes. 6/98-7/01 Century Bank Vice President-Loan Servicing Manager Responsible for the following departments: Homeowner Ins, Taxes, Investor Accoun ting, Cashiering, Portfolio loans, Origination, Acquisition, Service Release, Fi le Room, Records Retention, Final Audit, Customer Service, Collection, Escrow, a nd Imaging. Responsible for 4 supervisors and 28 clerical positions. 8/95-6/98 F P L Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Responsible for Administration, Originations, Collections, Portfolio Service Rel ease, Member Services, 20,600 Consumer Loans, and 300 mortgage Loans.

5/94-8/95 Unitower Mortgage Corporation Vice President Portfolio - 28,000 loans. Managed the following departments: Investor Accounting, Cashiering, Portfolio lo ans, Origination, Acquisition, Service Release, File Room, Record Retention, Fin al Audit, Customer Service, Collection, and Escrow. Responsible for 3 supervisors and 29 clerical positions, Job emphasis' to assist in Administration, Marketing Sub-servicing Services, Timely Remittance, Annual Reports, Personal Contact with Attorneys, Private as GNMA, FNMA, FHLMC. Ensurin g compliance with Government Agencies and Investor's Departmental Statistical Re ports. Development of Policies and Procedures, and new Mortgage programs. Page 2 1985-1994 Suncoast Savings & Loan Association AVP Portfolio a" 60,000.00 loans. Supervised 10 clerical positions, cross-trained all employees from American Auto mated Service Bureau to Computer Power Inc. Monthly statistical reports, manage d daily workflow in the departments, Loan Modification process and various bank reconciliations. 1976-1985 Southeast Mortgage Company Supervisor Portfolio - 60,000 loans. Investor Reporting, Pay off, ARM, and Cashiering Dept. Also implemented trainin g programs, Special projects, Verification of monthly reports to various govern mental agencies and 560 bank Reconciliations. Education: 1997 Florida International University BBA, Business Administration, International Business and Minor in Accounting 1 Computer Skills: Main Frames a" Computer Power Inc. (CPI), American Automated, Lomas, Fitech work ing knowledge of FICS, Fiserv, and ITI system. PC a" Lotus 1 2 3, Supercal 4 & 5, Microsoft, Word Perfect, Windows 95 and Quatt ro Pro, Excel Community Service: Once a month I conduct a class, in Manatee County, for low income buyers using F NMA handbook. Presently, I serve on the following boards: Director on the Easter Seal Board, L ife Link, and Mediterranea