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Nanda Sukma Arifana

August 4th 1983 / Male – Single Jl. Taman Aries III, Blok D7 No. 13 Meruya Utara, Kembangan 11620 021-5866687 - 0857.194.76.700

Education Resume 2006 – 2008 Prasetiya Mulya Business School Marketing Management (Master)
• • • : 3.28 of 4.0 : Business Plan “Trouve Luxurious Bus” (Premium rental bus service with luxurious interior and facilities) Other Project : o Marketing Plan “GOGO – Batik base fashion line for teens” o Brand Plan “Coffee Cube – Games & Entertainments Coffee shop” o Marketing Communication Project “Smile Indonesia – Marketing Communication for Indonesia Tourism Board” GPA Last Assignment Project

2001 – 2005 Trisakti University Electrical Engineering – Telecommunication (Bachelor)
• • GPA Last Assignment Project : 3.23 of 4.0 : Utilization of Short Message Service as Switch Controller (Control remote switch by utilization of SMS signal from the Handphone) Other Project : o Shortwave Radio Transmitter o Mini Adapter

Training & Seminar
• • • • • EF English course – 2005 Managing show business seminar with Java Musikindo – 2007 Strategic marketing seminar with Sari Husada – 2007 Leadership training with Dale Carnegie – 2010 Product Development training with MarkPlus - 2009

Job Resume 2009 BII Maybank • Funding Marketing Officer o Marketing various funding product (Time Deposit. Education investment) Credit Officer o Customer Credit business analysis o Liaise customer in managing credit fund • 2010 Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia • Marketing Area Development o Lead Sales Team in implement marketing program o Communicate with Regional Marketing Team about implementation of Marketing Program o Develop potential market in the area o Support outlets with vendor support program Trade Marketing Officer o Translate National Program into detail implementation plan as well as preparing system infrastructure support o Develop Regional Marketing Program. Regular Deposit. Credit Card. work with Sales Operation Marketing Team o Communicate and provide consultation service to Sales Centre or execution team for any National & Regional program implementation or modification o Communicate with NO Marketing or CCI Team on National program implementation or modification o Provide analysis of the program to figure out level of success (effectiveness program) and key learning Managed Third Party Officer o Analyze performance of third party sub-distributor o Coordination with Sales Team in managing third party sub-distributor o Improve capability of third party sub-distributor by in class training & infield coaching • • .

Fast learner. Corel Draw. Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom : Creative. working with Sales Team o Communicate and provide consultation service to Branch Office or execution team for any marketing program o Deal with account related with marketing program to be implemented. Adaptable. o Provide analysis of the program to figure out level of success (effectiveness program) and key learning Skill and Strength • • Skill Strength : Microsoft Office. Team player . o Deal with bank or other party to develop join promotion activities. Hard worker.2011 PT Indomo Mulia (Modena Home Appliances & Electronics) • Trade Marketing Executive o Develop Trade Marketing Program.