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IRENE BARBER-HELM 8520 Water Cay West Palm Beach, FL.

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OBJECTIVE Challenging and rewarding Credit/Collection Manager/Account Receivable position with progressive, growth-oriented organization where prior experience, education , personal ability and commitment to professional standards will be highly value d. Position should allow for continued opportunities for personal and professional growth commensurate with achievements. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Qualified by over 30 years in Credit/Collections Management, handling multi-mi llion dollar annual sales operations. * Organizational skills developed and expanded to include large-scale responsibi lities and planning. * Extensive experience dealing with attorneys, contractor developers and electro nics retailers while striving for reduction in day's sales outstanding. * Expert credit review and account receivable knowledge, expediting capabilities and collection skills developed through a wide variety of professional experien ces. * Excel when under high-intensity, fast-paced business situations, promoting an upbeat, positive atmosphere in the workplace. * Proven ability to effectively manage a great variety of tasks and responsibili ties simultaneously and motivate personnel to perform at top efficiency levels. * Member-National Association of Credit Management

PROFESSIONAL CHRONOLOGY 2/02 to 4/10 SY'S SUPPLIES, INC. West Palm Beach, FL. Corporate Credit Manager/Account Receivable Manager Responsible for all credit, collections and account receivables for twelve locat ions through out Florida, with sales exceeding $100 million. Managing department with over ten employees and working closely with store managers, director of sa les, Vice President and owner of company. 12/94 to 9/01 THE METRON CORPORATION, Knoxville, TN. (DIRECTV Distributor) Corporate Credit Manager 12/95 to 9/01 Responsible for management and development of credit department, including proce ssing and reviewing all credit applications, collection and reconciliation of pa st-due receivables, customer service and policy development. Managed and monito red cash receipt postings. 8/88 to 8/93 CONSOLICATED ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC., Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Regional Credit Manager Managed credit and collections for twelve locations in Florida. Successfully de veloped methods of reducing outstanding receivables, achieving an all-time compa ny low. Assisted branch managers to effectively perform responsibilities in credit, as w

ell as developing and implementing new credit policies. 9/84 to 8/88 ALL PHASE ELECTRIC SUPPLY Miami, FL. District Credit Manager Work closely with six branch managers to secure receivables and increase sales. Conducted search and review of new credit applications and job accounts to sec ure lien right. Interfaced with attorneys regarding filing liens and lawsuits t o expedite collections. Reconciled account receivable accounts as needed. Maintained day's sales outstanding at 46 days. Credit Manager (9/84 to 12/86) Reviewed credit applications and financial data to establish credit limits and verify job accounts. Worked closely with six branch managers daily in collectio n of receivables. Continually attended seminars and current lien and collection laws. Responsibl e for considerable reduction in day's sales outstanding. 5/75 to 9/84 OOLITE INDUSTRIES, INC. Miami, FL. /FLORIDA ROCK INDUSTRIES, INC. Credit Manager Research credit applications and collection of receivables for operations with annual sales in excess of $18 million annually. Responsible for reporting to the Comptroller, President and Chairman of the Boa rd. Maintained days sales outstanding at 36 days as well as write-offs .002% TRAINING/EDUCATION Lien Law and Notice to Owner Seminars Florida Notice Corporation., North Miami Beach, FL. Builders Notice Corporation, Ft Laud, FL. Annual Lien Law Seminars National Association of Credit Management, Inc.