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STEPHEN HOLLOWELL, CPP Cell: 917446-6043 165 West 66 Street, Suite 9F Fax: 212-875-1101 New

York, NY 10023 __________________________________________________________________________ SECURITY EXECUTIVE Summary In my 30-plus years in international law enforcement and private security, I hav e fulfilled successful senior management tenures in major organizations, where I have developed and overseen innovative security programs, created and implement ed operational policies and procedures, and established crisis preparedness and business continuity plans. I have also provided threat assessments and developed corporate security programs that included protocols for international and domes tic dignitaries as well as for corporate officers of the Fortune 500. All of th ese innovative programs have not only minimized potential internal and external threats, but have also positively impacted bottom-line results. Core Competencies * * * * * * * * * Designing Corporate Security Programs Developing and Managing Security in High-Rise Buildings Threat Assessment and Crisis Management Strategic Planning and Policy Development Emergency Management and Business Continuity International and Domestic Executive Protection Programs Law Enforcement and Security Management Training Specialist in Confidential Criminal/Civil Investigations Expert in Private Security Law

CERBERUS SECURITY SERVICES, LLC, 2004 - Present Founder and Principal Cerberus Security Services is a firm that provides a full range of security serv ices specializing in comprehensive threat assessments for corporations and highnet worth individuals, management of executive protection for domestic and inter national dignitaries, crisis management, policy and procedure development for Fo rtune 500 companies and security expertise in criminal and civil investigations based in New York City. * Developed corporate security plans for Fortune 500 companies, focusing on oper ational policies and procedures designed to meet present-day threats, including intelligence gathering and counter-surveillance techniques. * Performed extensive threat assessments for high-rise buildings in New York Cit y and designed operational policies and procedures to mitigate potential vulnera bilities. * Developed corporate security strategies, including intelligence gathering, des igned to meet present-day threats, * Developed and performed security mitigation tactics in concert with federal an d local law enforcement in New York City for the protection of international gov ernment leaders during the UN General Assembly. * Managed and developed Close-Protection Programs of numerous international and national dignitaries for travel both within the United States and abroad. * Consulted for the Applied Technology Council in the development of a rapid ant i-terrorism screening on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Administrati on [FEMA]. * Conducted sensitive investigations for Fortune 500 companies that identified t he offenders and provided recommendations to mitigate the potential for similar incidents. * Utilized expert security analysis and trial testimony for law firms in cases i nvolving criminal/civil action resulting in the awarding of major punitive damag

es for their clients. * Developed and managed security protocols for numerous VIP special events in Ne w York City. KROLL INC., 1999 - 2004 Senior Director, Corporate Security At Kroll, I employed my expertise in a wide range of security services including the development and implementation of complete security programs that involve p hysical security reviews, management of security and safety protocols for iconic buildings in New York City, security policies and procedures, crisis and emerge ncy management plans, loss prevention and criminal and civil investigations. * Performed extensive threat assessments of many of New York State's critical in frastructures, and Fortune 500 companies all of which resulted in the developmen t of dynamic security programs, restructured crisis management plans including r isk analysis studies from external and internal threats. * Led and managed an international team of security experts to conduct in-depth vulnerability assessments for all the Port Authority of NY and NJ's infrastructu res in the immediate wake of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. * Led and managed a team of security consultants in developing, implementing and managing security and life safety programs for iconic buildings in New York Cit y in the immediate wake of the 9/11 attacks. * Introduced new and innovative security programs for the Port Authority of NY & NJ, which had managed the World Trade Center, and continues to manage that site , as well as major New York metro transportation sites such as airports, bridges and tunnels. * Provided and managed effective Executive Protection programs for domestic and international dignitaries and prominent CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. * Implemented Information and Proprietary Asset Protection programs. * Conducted multi-layered and confidential criminal and workplace violence inves tigations for numerous major New York institutions resulting in successful concl usions. * Established comprehensive loss prevention programs. THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, 1997 - 1999 Director of Security and Safety As Director, I restructured and modernized the security department and establish ed the first integrated access control system. I also developed the first crisis management plan and established operational policies and procedures for the sec urity and safety of employees, priceless artifacts and visitors. I coordinated s ensitive security events for dignitaries with Secret Service, federal, state and local law enforcement. a Developed and managed installation of physical and electronic security systems for protecting irreplaceable artifacts and priceless international gem collecti ons. * Restructured the security management team by the hiring of experienced personn el, the re-training of managers and the introduction of innovative managerial pr otocols. * Managed and introduced innovative training for a security staff of 125, the la rgest department within the Museum * Developed and implemented the first emergency management plan for the Museum. * Introduced safety training programs and procedures as per OSHA regulatory guid elines and chaired safety committee meetings. * As part of the crisis management plan, implemented new fire and bomb threat ev acuation procedures and bomb handling guidelines. * Wrote the first-ever operational manual for the Security Department. * Coordinated high-profile VIP security events for domestic and international di

gnitaries. * Consistently involved in confidential investigations at the highest levels, a role that required sensitive internal dialogue with senior management. a Established and implemented the first-ever proprietary information protection program. * Liaison with the local police precincts and other federal and state law enforc ement authorities. a Appeared as subject of a front-page profile in Access Control and Security Sys tems Integration. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC, 1994 - 1997 Director of Security I created operational policies and procedures for the security department and co nducted training for staff on fire safety and bomb threats, modernized the secur ity department personnel as well as BAM's physical security system. I also coor dinated many sensitive events attended by foreign royalty and dignitaries both i nternational and domestic. a Restructured the entire Security and Maintenance Departments; modernized infra structure and equipment and improved staff professionalism, the latter of which ensured a proactive approach to security and safety issues. * Developed and implemented the first-ever Emergency Management Plan. * Upgraded the antiquated fire protection system to a state-of-the-art digital s ystem and developed first-ever fire-safety plan. * Wrote the first-ever operational manual for the Security and Maintenance Depar tments. * Coordinated all security measures for several of the most prestigious special events at the Academy involving members of foreign royalty and dignitaries. * Conducted numerous sensitive investigations on behalf of senior management. * Implemented proactive crime prevention measures that successfully mitigated in ternal and external threats to the Academy. * Responsible for maintaining an active liaison with the local police precinct a s well as with federal and state law enforcement authorities. a Introduced and implemented the first-ever employee screening program for the A cademy. MOUNT SINAI MEDICAL CENTER, 1991 - 1994 Senior Investigations Manager As the Senior Manager responsible for all criminal and civil investigations at M ount Sinai Medical Center, I also coordinated all threat assessments of the Medi cal Center and its environs, and established loss prevention and crisis manageme nt programs. I was the Medical Center's chief point of contact with federal and local law enforcement agencies. * Significantly reduced crime and theft through the use of new investigative tec hniques, covert operations and threat assessments. * Implemented innovative employee screening, which identified a more professiona l group of candidates thereby developing a better corporate image among the secu rity personnel. * Assisted the head of the department in developing, implementing and managing e nhanced security policies and procedures. * Provided recommendations for the enhancement of the access control and monitor ing system which in turn minimized the risks to the Medical Center, staff and vi sitors. * Trained all new and existing security personnel on private security law in rel ation to the then-new New York State Security Officer licensing requirements. * Oversaw all security protocols at special events for Mount Sinai properties. * Established new security and investigative techniques which helped to identify

and terminate more than 80 employees involved in criminal activity during my tenure. SECURITY CONSULTANT, 1988 - 1991 Developed corporate security programs, policies and procedures, provided executi ve protection, investigated criminal and civil cases for corporate, retail and f inance companies. METROPOLITAN POLICE, SCOTLAND YARD, 1977 - 1988 Detective Sergeant Coordinated many confidential and sensitive investigations and assignments, incl uding protection of the Royal Family, senior British Ministers, international an d national dignitaries. Education * John Jay College of Criminal Justice B.S. summa cum laude; Major, Security Management; Minor, Law * Certified Protection Professional (CPP) * Certificate in Professional Security Management * Certificate in Security Systems Design & Application * Certified Fire Safety Director * NY Security Guard Act Instructor * Accident Prevention and OSHA Compliance, Certificate * Advanced Course on the Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation * Fluent in German Memberships American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Association of Threat Assessment Professional (ATAP) New York Shield