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3895 West Warm Springs Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118


Analytical and skilled Billing / Accounts Specialist with a progressive career w
ithin various service-industry organizations.
* Extensive experience maintaining detailed records, processing payments, genera
ting financial reports, and performing bookkeeping functions.
* Proven track record of accurately recording transactions, maintaining inventor
y, and successfully supporting office environments.
* Offer strong attention to detail and commitment to ensuring highest levels of
information accuracy, integrity, security, and confidentiality.
* Solid written and oral communication abilities, including talent for collabora
ting with colleagues, management, and clients.
* Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, Windows, and Oracle. Demonstrated capacity
for quickly learning and applying new technologies, processes, and methodologie

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, Las Vegas, NV, 8-2003 - Present
Retail Sales Representative, 1-2005 - Present
Provide customer service to in-store guests, educating customers on required ite
ms to purchase and paperwork to complete for Boy Scout enrollment. Process all p
ayments, monitor inventory levels, and track training session enrollment. Genera
te reports and operate point-of-sale software.
* Contributed to increased business by designing and implementing strategies for
displaying merchandise.
* Utilize knowledge and experience from other departments, resulting in improved
overall customer service.
* Serve as back-up to Registrar during the busiest time of the year in the depar
Registrar, 11-2003 - 1-2005
Ensured all requirements were met by Eagle Scout rank applicants. Processed and
entered various data, including registration information and advancement records
. Generated reports, processed correspondence, and organized detailed paperwork.
Shipped and received rank badges in collaboration with retail sales department.
* Entered monthly membership data with less than 1% error rate during very high
volume activity.
Accounts Receivable, 8-2003 - 11-2003
Processed payments and bank deposits. Entered donation pledge data and generated
reports to track individual campaign funding. Collaborated with bookkeeper and
controller. Reviewed and corrected information and merged many duplicated money
donor files.
* Produced and distributed mail logs and billing in timely manner.
* Simultaneously served as interim receptionist as a result of demonstrating eff
ective customer service and multi-tasking skills.
CASCADIA BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, Portland, OR, 7-2002 - 11-2002
Billing Specialist
- Processed medical billing, ensuring efficiency and high levels of accuracy. En
tered medical procedures for billing and merged data into new software program.
Confirmed Medicaid eligibility on the State Department of Human Services databas
* Completed several overtime hours as needed to complete billing data entry by m
onth's end.
* Recognized as being a top producer in the billing department for speed and acc
uracy rates.
* Instrumental in a significant department data merger.
C.O.D.A, Portland, OR, 8-2001 - 6-2002
Billing Specialist
- Educated clients on eligibility requirements for services and benefits. Demons
trated detailed knowledge of social security codes and relationship to client el
igibility. Collaborated with clients, county personnel, and clinicians.
* Served as sole staff member working with a specific grant, providing detailed
expertise on protocols, standards, and eligibility requirements.
* Credited with saving the company from losing key contract by locating an error
in billing procedures and report spreadsheets.
* Successfully collected over $50K worth of services previously designated for a