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ALDERMAN 4300 South Beach Parkway #1107 Jacksonville Beach Florida,32250 Phone: (904) 853-6972 e-mail: Cell (520-668-7142) OBJECTIVE: Seeking a basic or applied engineering research or technical manageme nt/Teaching position which demands creative mathematical analysis and algorithm development skills. EDUCATION * Ph.D. in Physics, 1969, George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Dissertation titled "Geometry in the Intrinsic Space of Strongly Interacting Par ticles" * M.S. in Physics, 1963, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. * B.S. in Physics & Mathematics, 1961, University of Florida, Gainesville, Flori da Double major, math and physics. COMPUTER LANGUAGES VBA/Excel, some MATLAB, JAVA PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Engineering Fellow - January 2005 to present Raytheon Missile Systems Systems Engineer - January 1996 to 2005 Raytheon Missile Systems (formerly Texas Instruments), Lewisville, Texas I have personally Developed a statistical software suite (MS Excel VBA based) fo r engineering design. This is embodied in a 3 day course,'Statistical Design Met hods for Engineers'- taught at Raytheon sites around the country. I have developed completely original methods for: tolerance allocation for the c omponents of complex sysystems for orthogonal multi-variate regression and for a next generation of Designed Experiments and I was also a principal contributor to Raytheon's initial Six Sigma training program. Some of the 13 engineering des ign tools I have developed include: Sample Size Estimator SSE.xls Genetic Algorithm Optimization tool, Rapid.xls Multivariate Regression Tool, (mathcad version) GOS.m (matlab version) GOS.xls (in progress) Tools for fitting data to Probability Density functions (JFit.xls)GAFit.xls,GALF it.xls, Data Collection and Analysis Tool, DCAT.xls Tool for Determining # of Retests after Test Failure, FTD.xls Tool for Allocation of Variability to Non Normally Distributed Components of Com plex Systems, PEM.xls Tool for Allocation of Normally Distributed Components of Complex Systems, RAVE .xls Monte Carlo Analysis Tool, SMC.xls Tool for Evaluating fit of pdf to data, PData.xls .Tool for numeric Integration & Differentiation, NDiff.xls At Texas Instruments I Led an effort in Automatic Target Recognition to develop a model for automatic pattern recognition using single snapshot assessments of I R images. I was able to evaluate and suggest improvements to the basic algorith ms that had been in place for years. Although significant improvements were pro posed, this effort (a small part of the overall funding) was terminated for (unr elated) contractual difficulties. * Developed a worksheet that extends the state of the art in six sigma and inclu des a rigorous and consistent mathematical foundation for computing and rolling up s igma levels in engineering design. The approach replaces popular approximate met hods with a more exact method which preserves the simplicity of the roll up scor e keeping.

President - October 1988 to 1996 St. John's Research Corporation, Jacksonville, Florida * 1997-1998: Created a software program in JAVA for the MAYO Foundation Researc h Dept. which performs a cluster analysis of large numbers of proteins. In previ ous Phase I NIH SBIR work I studied protein homology from nearest neighbor neura l networks and identified a new technique for rapidly generating protein cluster analyses for large numbers of proteins. I also identified fundamental converge nce problems with one variant (Kohonen) of self organizing neural networks, and found a resolution. * 1995-1996: Responsible for all aspects of business management and development . New business developments included research for SBIR grants to develop an ind ustrial dryer for shelled corn and small grains and research in neural network computing related to the analysis and classification of proteins. * 1993-1994: Technical consultant on a software design project for the developm ent of a computerized weaponeering product on CD-ROM for the Defense Nuclear Age ncy. This product has since become the standard JMEM weaponeering release, now known as JAWS. * 1990-1993: Developed original air surface strike planning software (EZBomb an d EZLoad) for the F/A-18 Hornet which automates stores loading and weapon delive ry planning, essentially precluding the possibility of making planning errors. I developed and taught the only course in weaponeering offered to prospective WT Os and later trained weapons school instructors in the presentation of this mate rial. I also managed the software maintenance and training of the weapon school TAMPS system during this period. * 1989: Developed A-6 EZBOMB software strike planning aid for the A-6E aircraft . * 1988: For commercial customers developed a GUI based software package for est imating air compressor requirements in industrial applications, and 'ICPO', a ca sh flow accounting system for small businesses. Chief Scientist - October 1974 to October 1988 ManTech International Corporation, Alexandria Virginia Developed a national reputation for excellence in military operations research m arked by significant successes, a sample of which are shown below. In addition I also served as corporate troubleshooter when other projects or proposal effort s needed help. Many more details can be provided on request. * Won the MORS Richard Barchi Prize, and was first runner up for the MORS David Rist award. These are the two highest awards offered by the Military Operations Research Society in national competition.I have made many contributions to navy tactical aviation including A-7,A-4,A-6 and F/A-18 communities and have* Develo ped original lectures in strike planning and air-surface weaponeering. I also gi nated the use of 'Energy Maneuver' diagrams for defensive USN air-combat maneuve ring, and helped to start a DCM training course for strike pilots at NAS Cecil f ield, Florida * Pioneered the development of mission profile planning software programs for th e USN, and automated programs for stores loading and weapons delivery planning(' A-7 EZBomb') * Taught weaponeering in the Advanced Weapons School and wrote much of the signi ficant (tactical) part of the A-7E tactical manual * Initiated a completely new methodology for planning aircraft carrier weapons s tores based on anticipated threats during the cruise. * Found errors in the air-air guns solution for the A-7, proposed a solution and took steps which led to a corrected air-air guns algorithm being incorporated i nto the airborne operational flight program. * Also found errors in the normal acceleration filter for the A-7E and proposed solutions which ultimately led to changes being incorporated into the OFP. * Managed an equally successful effort to develop and evaluate SH3 Helo ASW sear

ch tactics. Assistant Professor of Physics - 1971 to 1974 Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond Virginia. * Taught standard spectrum of classes in undergraduate physics. Received a summe r research grant to the Aspen Institute for Theoretical Physics, and conducted r esearch in symmetry principles and Yang-Mills field theory. Senior Research Scientist - 1969 to 1971 Vitro Laboratories, Silver Springs Maryland * Assisted in the design, construction, and tests of an atmospheric sounder for weather prediction. Also conceived a technologically possible method for separa ting gaseous uranium isotopes. Wrote internal paper on the propagation of sound in gaseous mixtures. Staff Scientist - 1963 to 1964 National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C. * Studied properties of ceramic materials at high temperatures using high power RF induction. Research Engineer - 1961 to 1963 Boeing Airplane Company, Seattle, Washington * Introduced the adjoint method of G.A. Bliss for studying the sensitivity of pa rtial differential equations to their initial conditions and built a computer pr ogram to predict burnout vectors for ballistic missile targeting. I have been to ld that this remained a major area of activity within Boeing for a significant time (8-12 years) after this initial development. PATENT : US 7,636,647 Dec 22,2009 "allocation of variability to non-normally d istributed components of complex systems and for the estimation of the system re sponse probability density" PUBLICATIONS Alderman J.L. "General Orthogonal Solutons" Army Conf. on Applied Statistics, Arizona State Univ October, 2009. Mense, A.T., Alderman J.L., "JFIT: A Fitting Tool for Johnson Probability Density Function Fitting to Data," Army Conf. on Applied Statistics, Houston, TX, October, 2007. Mense, A.T., Alderman J.L., "The Ru-Test: A New Goodness of Fit Test," Army Conf. on Applied Statistics, Research Triangle, NC, October, 2006. Alderman J.L.,Mense, A.T., "2nd Generation Point Estimation Method: Using Johnson Family of Transformations," Army Conf. on Applied Statistics, Research Triangle, NC, October, 2006. Alderman J.L.,Mense, A.T., "Fitting Statistical Distribution Functions to Small Datasets," Chapter 21, Handbook of pdf Fitting, Ed. Dudewicz & Zavian Karian, (est pub Spring 2010) Alderman J.L.,Mense, A.T., "Design of Experiments" Chapter 22, Handbook of pdf F itting, Ed. Dudewicz & Zavian Karian, (est pub Spring 2010) Alderman J.L.,Mense, A.T., "Applications of Johnson PDF Fitting," Amer. Journal Mathematical & Management Sciences, FSDD Symposium, Special Issue Volume 27, MS. NO. 3&4, (2007). "The Application of Advanced Regression Techniques for System Performance Predic tion", Raytheon Corporation , Second Annual System Engineering Symposium, June 1 998. with J Matthews

"E-Z BOMB: An expert program for decision support in the operational environment of a carrier air wing" Proceedings of the 52nd Military Operations Research Sym posium (1984) with James Ellenbogen. "A study of Air-Surface Conventional Weapons Requirements aboard U.S. Naval Airc raft Carriers and Replenishment Ships". Proceedings of the 44th Military Operati ons Research Symposium (1980) "Geometric Description of Meson-Baryon Interactions," Acta. Physica (1975), with Otto Bergman. "Geometrical Derivation of the Conservation Laws," Journal of Mathematical Physi cs, Vol. II, No. 5 (1970), with Otto Bergman. "The Meson-Baryon Coupling Ratio," Boston Meeting, American Physical Society, Bu lletin of the American Physics Society II (13), 1379 (1968). TECHNICAL REPORTS Author or co-author of over 60 tactically significant military publications (TAC NOTES , TACMEMOS, LESSONS LEARNED etc) addressing nearly all aspects of air-sur face strike planning and weaponeering. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS (Past and Present) Mathematical Association of America American Physical Society Operations Research Society of America Military Operations Research Society HONORS, SOCIETIES 1985 David Rist Award (Hon. Mention), Military Operations Research Society 1984 Richard Barchi Prize for Military Operations Research Society Sigma Pi Sigma (undergraduate physics honorary society, U of F) Sigma Xi (GWU) (student member of national physics honorary society)