“I challenge you to spend 8 Dynamic Days with me and take your hypnotherapeutic skills to NEW HEIGHTS!

"The greatest success in providing lasting change occurred with Hypnosis (93% recovery), followed by behavior therapy (72% recovery), and then psychotherapy (38% recovery). —Psychotherapy Magazine

Unparalleled Hypnosis Training!
with Dr. George Bien,
Recipient of Every Major Award in Hypnotherapy

Dr. George Bien,
Director of the Train-theTrainer program for the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Hypnosis Hall of Fame Inductee.

The Dynamic, 120-Hour, Accelerated Professional Hypnosis Certification Seminar with Dr. George Bien Teaches ALL the significant systems of Hypnotherapy!
This 8 -Day Hypnotherapy Intensive is broken up into two, 4-Day Modules!

George Bien's. Authoritarian and Permissive Hypnotic Inductions. Weight Loss. • And much more! . And much more! "Numerous scientific studies have emerged in recent years showing that the hypnotized mind can exert a real and powerful effect on the body. Instantaneous Regression Techniques. . Hands-on practice of pre-induction suggestibility testing. . How to work with subjects who have failed with other hypnotherapists. and trance termination. 2003 You Will Receive . easy-to-follow. etc. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • History of Hypnosis The Professional Practice of Hypnotherapy Suggestibility Testing Rules of the Mind Office Procedures and Interviewing Techniques How to Help Your Clients Overcome Fears of Hypnosis How to Recognize the Three basic Hypnotic Personalities How to Induce Trance With Each Type Psychodynamics of the Hypnotic Induction Disguised Hypnotic Inductions Instantaneous Hypnotic Techniques George Bien’s unique interactive word association that cuts through the chase.” —The Wall Street Journal . . deepening techniques. Use of hypnosis with performing artists/one of hypnotism's fastest growing areas. Hands-on practice of specific hypnotherapeutic techniques for Stress Management. trance management. Hypnosis techniques for Sports. dentists. hypnotic inductions. and much more! Advanced Hypnotherapeutic Techniques Including: Emotional Clearing • Transformational Hypnotherapy • Spiritual Hypnosis • Analytical Hypnotherapy • Ericksonian Techniques • Stages of Development • Transpersonal Hypnosis • Corrective Therapy • Timeline Work • Body Syndromes • Ideomotor Methods • Gestalt Dreamwork • Inner Child/Parent Processes • Parts Therapy • Radical Hypnosis • Clinical Guided Imagery • Radical Techniques • Conference Room Technique • Advanced Systematic Desensitization • Etheric Plane Communication • And Much More. coaching in speech patterns.October 7th. You Will Learn How To Set Up Your Practice As Soon As You Graduate . . Common denominator approaches for insight and emotional clearing. Direct techniques. Trance Ratification Methods. 72 hours of intensive class instruction (Note: an additional 48 hours of independent study is required for approved 120hour IACT Certification) • Dr. When to Use Hypnotic Devices Objective and Subjective Trance Recognition Recognizing and Dealing with Hypersuggestibility How to Measure Depth in Hypnosis Proper Dehypnotization The Keys to Successful Programming Past Life Regression Effective Uses of Imagery How to Use Hypnosis With Groups Specific Treatment Techniques Utilizing Hypnosis Self-Hypnosis Dangers of Hypnosis and ContraIndications Effective uses of Submodalities. physical movements and personal mannerisms. General Self-Improvement. health clubs. How to add more creativity to your hypnotherapeutic sessions. .. Smoking Cessation. You Will Receive . posthypnotic re-induction. subtle techniques and disguised techniques of hypnotic induction. . Supervised programming practice. Effective hypnoanalysis techniques. How to avoid start-up mistakes • Setting appropriate fees • How to sell your own hypnotic tapes • How to create your own seminar business • Legal do's and don'ts • No-cost/lowcost methods to get clients • How to get strong word-ofmouth publicity • How to get referrals • How to get free publicity • Getting recommendations from doctors.You will learn . Note: Certification by International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) requires and addition fee.. . . George Bien's special hypnosis workbook for easy reference • Specialized induction and programming scripts to use with your clients • Actual handson practice of hypnotic inductions and therapeutic work • A Certificate of Completion suitable for framing • Certification by and Registration with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).. The Hypnotic use of Body Syndromes. How to deal with the basic forms of resistance. 17-Step hypnotherapeutic process that takes the guess work out of working with clients.

Smoking Cessation. The eight basic questions that every interview should include. air machine. Defining clear and positive goals for the client. pendulum. flashing light). Hatred of mother. . hypnotic challenges. Speed inductions. Basic levels of hypnosis. Conference Room Technique. Running and Changing the Incident. Feeling of total failure. VAK accessing modalities and submodalities. creativity will be encouraged. Specific techniques for Stress Management. Pacing and leading. and other real life case histories. • SUPERVISED PRACTICE BY CLASS MEMBERS Practice will include basic Clinical Hypnotherapeutic techniques for Stress Management. Weight Loss. metronome. How to effectively work with groups. Circle Therapy. The professional practice of hypnotherapy. Proper assessment of the client. Smoking Cessation. Further methods of hypnotic induction and deepening. Creating an empathic environment." Physical movements and mannerisms. Deepening techniques. George Bien's eleven-step process that promotes a successful first session. Roles and responsibilities of the professional. Although scripts will be provided. Examples will be drawn from various video case histories and may include: Need for Achievement. Trance Ratification Techniques. . and demonstration of physical suggestibility tests. • DYNAMICS OF PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTHERAPY History of hypnosis. Use of hypnotic devices (spiral. Systematic Desensitization. • FURTHER HYPNOTHERAPEUTIC MODALITIES Single-session smoking cessation techniques. Emotional clearing. Proper de-hypnotization. • HYPNOTIC INDUCTION TECHNIQUES Speech techniques including "Voice Rolling. etc. Objective and subjective trance recognition. Creating hypnotic rapport. A discussion will be included. Authoritarian verses permissive methods of testing. • FURTHER TECHNIQUES OF HYPNOTIC INDUCTION Stages of hypnosis. • SUPERVISED PRACTICE BY CLASS MEMBERS Practice will include further induction-deepening techniques. • ADVANCED HYPNOTIC INDUCTION TECHNIQUES Disguised. Class members will practice authoritarian and permissive suggestibility tests. Hypnodrama. athletes. • Added Feature: "LIVE" VIDEO-TAPED GEORGE BIEN CASE HISTORIES Throughout the seminar. Hypnotic terminology and basic definitions. Anchoring techniques in all three systems. Rules of the mind. executives. General Self-Improvement. Keys to effective suggestion. Weight Loss. . direct and indirect inductions. Factors that influence suggestibility. General Self-Improvement. Dynamics of the first session. Measuring depth in hypnosis. re-hypnotization and dehypnotization. Formulating action suggestions. Determining hypnotic personality types. Interactive techniques. and basic contra-indications. Working with performing artists. Keys to effective suggestion. Reactional Hypnosis. Fight/Flight mechanisms. • CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUES Common denominator approach. Single-session smoking cessation. Feeling of complete ugliness. Connection of Feelings/Regression. • SUPERVISED PRACTICE BY CLASS MEMBERS Class members will practice permissive and authoritarian induction techniques and proper de-hypnotization. Hypnotization versus de-hypnotization. Pull versus push. fear of public speaking. Hypnosis as a modality. Sexual abuse. Symptomatic approach. • THE ESSENCE OF THE CLINICAL INTERVIEW The clinical interview and how to use it effectively. Theory of mind. Rapport building techniques. • ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUES AND RELATED MODALITIES—PART 2 Gestalt dialogue. Psychodynamics of the induction.Basic Program Outline . Explanation and demonstration of permissive and authoritarian induction methods. Covert pacing and anchoring. The hypnotic alliance. Etheric Plane Communication. • CLINICAL APPLICATION OF HYPNOSIS Basic laws of suggestion. etc. • SUGGESTIBILITY TESTING INCLUDING SUPERVISED PRACTICE Discussion. Trance Ratification methods. Blame and outcome frames. excerpts of "Live. and specialized use various hypnotherapeutic modalities. Hypersuggestibility." video-taped sessions will provide an accelerated learning environment. Self-hypnosis. music. Body Syndromes. Dependency. Using hypnosis in conjunction with image psychology. Self-hatred. Peak performance. Effective uses of imagery. explanation. George Bien’s Rapid Word Association. General misconceptions. Hypnotic challenges. • ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUES AND RELATED MODALITIES—PART 1 Hypnotherapeutic techniques will be explained and demonstrated. Parts Therapy. Office procedures and interviewing techniques.

His Award-Winning training videos are used by hypnosis instructors throughout the world. George serves on IACT's Advisory Board with Dr. George Bien About Your Trainer . Olympic athletes use hypnosis to win. Call for information.GeorgeBien." —Detroit Free Press The Dynamic. CNN and Inside Edition." and the best-seller. many of whom have gone on to become national celebrities. Raymond Moody. WWOR Channel 9. George is the Director of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) Trainthe-Trainer program. . Accelerated Professional Hypnosis Certification Seminar with the Principal Trainer for the world's largest hypnosis organization. The Achievement Center PO Box 580041. Station A Flushing. and on numerous radio and television programs. First Edition.com E-mail: georgebien@aol." by Rev. 718-886-8007 www. Ed Tabbitas). One of the Most Powerful Seminars on Human Change! Upon successful completion of this seminar you will receive Certification by and registration with the prestigious International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).S.com . North Memorial Trophy (the "Oscar of Hypnosis"). in scores of books (including Gary Null's "Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. He has been featured on the covers of professional journals. He is the former Principal Trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists. Dr. Bernie Siegel. Dr. the American Board of Hypnotherapy. NBC News.A. America's Talking. and the International Association of Counselors & Therapists. including: Donahue. 120-Hour. . NY 11358 U. He has been called the "Twenty-First Century Hypnotist. and has trained most of the hypnotherapy teachers in New York and hundreds of others throughout the world." and his list of former students reads like a who's who in the field of subconscious reprogramming. George Bien is the world's first recipient of the National Guild of Hypnotists President's Award. magazines. the world's first recipient of the Charles Tebbetts Award. Certification by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) is also available (Extra fee required). Alive and Wellness. "Just A Breath Away. Fox 5 News. Dr. John Bradshaw and Dannion Brinkley.“Hypnosis Changes Lives!” "U. and the world's second recipient of the Rexfold L.S. Good Day New York.

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