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Margineanu Zinaida Ro-En

III year

Human language vs animal language
The language has many definition: ”the language is an instrument of communication” (endorse language from a external perspective), “it’s a system of symbols”, “it’s a social function”(it constitute for working of something else), “it’s social phenomenon” (a certain “contract” between speakers of some language), “it’s a activity of spirit”(it refer to the essence of the language), “it’s a social institution”, etc. From the point of view of circumstances in which the language take place and which are the conditions for it production (how it take place? and in what conditions?) the language is, in the first time, a social phenomenon, because it take place in society and it is determined of social the point of view, that is for the creation the linguistic act it’s necessary few two men (speaker and listener). To the question: “what is the language?” many linguists answer that the language is human activity. In language is identity between intuition and expression, because every person who speck show in totality, for himself the contents of his consciousness. In concrete form, not exist languages, but only linguistic acts of expression and communication, different for also, to the same person. The linguistic act is act of creation. The finality for the linguistic act is to say somebody, something about something. The communication supposes transference by information. In communication can be send the habits and skills. It become not only one man attribution, respectively and of socio-human system, but of physic and biologic system where achieved the process of control. The language can be dividing into:
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-natural -human -animal (communication between two animals) -artificial -of programming (man-calculator) -machine language

The communication is limited of the language vocabulary and grammar. The communication is an ensemble of actions which have in common the transference of information. It not accomplish only with and through words, but and through the voice tone, of our attitude, of amplitude or of the breathing localization. The human language faculty is thought to be fundamentally different from and of much higher complexity than those of other species. Human language is highly complex in that it is based on a set of rules relating symbols to their meanings, thereby forming an infinite number of possible utterances from a finite number of elements. The word "language" can also be used to describe the set of rules that makes this possible, or the set of utterances that can be produced from those rules. “The language each person acquires is a rich and complex construction hopelessly underdetermined by the fragmentary evidence available. Nevertheless individuals in a speech community have developed essentially the some language. This fact can be explained only on the assumption that these individuals employ highly restrictive principles that guide the construction of grammar”¹.

In general the term “animal language” is reserved for the modeling of human language in animal systems. This appears for less common in animals communication system. both being for greater capabilities in human the animals. The difference between human language and animal language is reflected in the role in which different parts of brain have in language. animal . One factor in this is that much human language growth is based upon conceptual ideas and hypothetical structure.the ability to be creative with signs are innate. 1. only one meaning can be expressing in many ways 3. the wake-up Different group of animals dispose of specialization modality of communication. animal utterances are responses to external stimuli. together with the adaptations associate the brain. 2. Similarity between human and animal language is that both are composed from signs. researchers agree that animal language is not as complex or expressive as human language. It means that complex linguistic expression can be broken down in meaningful elements. the orientation 2.” ² The animals have the capacity to answer differently to them medium. Human language is characterized for having a double articulation. and do not refer to matters removed in time and spaces. But are many differences between these two forms of communication. Human languages combine elements to produce new messages. tend to be indicated to another individual by body language. which permitted production of complex sound. In contrast to human language. The main characteristics of this medium might have different effects: 1. however do not exhibit this dual structure. animal – every sign has only one function.the changes very slowly human . the obtain answer from another animals 3. “In general. Matters of relevance at a distance. every meaning can be expressing only one mood human – the man has many signs. although current research into animal culture is still an ongoing process with many new discoveries. human . Animal signals. although the bundle between them don’t understand entirely.The human language was connected of the evolution of physic system. animal communication systems are usually not able to express conceptual generalization. such as distant food sources. While the term is widely used.change rapidly as a cultural phenomenon. animal – the communication is setting as answer to stimulus human – not limited to uses as an index. unlike another form of voice. as a) tactile communication b) sonorous signs c) chemical signs d) visual signs . Animal language is the modeling of human language in non human animal system.

or distinctive bodily movements. so a distinctive movement acts reveal or emphasize a distinctive body part. but this to animals doesn’t. The communication to people also can be send through image. Most know form of communication involve the display of distinctive body parts. The communication to people can take place not only through different sounds and behaviors of every species. According to theory’s Lucian Blaga the man toward of animal not exist only in immediate and for security.² Wikipedia .In animal world the dance and display are means of communication. It’s interesting that ten dogs from different countries understand very well. The man. Difference between animals language and human language establish and difference in thinking. send new information or. The animals used sonorous waves but to man it didn’t used. The man has a creative destiny which modify and unbalanced and if biologic law. appear the mutual agreement. for to become “man” suffer on the outside the changing biological structure and an ontological changing. but ten people from different countries not understand so well. They can react only in the limits of concrete situations. The world divided in two categories: • • people who think that they come from monkey and come from monkey people who think that they come from God and come from monkey. but the man can with the help language to inform to another people about past. The superior animals posses only practice thinking. To people take place the exchange of information. Sources: Eugen Coseriu “The metaphoric creation in language” Eugen Coseriu “Introduction in linguistics” ¹. The animal cant to point out his brethren about limited phenomenon by an immediate situation. present and future. but and in another horizon: into mystery and for showing. often these occur in combination. the completion and the modification hundredfold already.