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Silo spoke in 1981 at Chowpatty, Mumbai Now we are entering into 30th year since then and Silo is no more with us. Share his phenomenal work and terrific proposals for a brilliant future. Lacs of people in over 100 countries are working together

To Humanise the Earth

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Mario Luis Rodriguez Cobos, popularly known as Silo, was born in Argentina on 6th January 1938. He resided in a town in the outskirts of Mendoza with his wife and two children. Few years ago he partly forsook his activities as an agricultural producer. He was a thinker, writer and institution builder. His works influenced millions of people all over the world. He passed away on 16th September 2010.

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Historic Event of 1st November 1981

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More than 40 years ago, in 1969, far away Argentina, Silo, a young 30 year old mystic, gave his first message to a group who had gathered around him. This speech, "The Healing of Suffering", so enthused the gathering that they decided to work around the ideas and spread the message to the world. So powerful was his message and so transforming his ideas, that, by 1981, 12 years after his first message, the movement had spread to 50 countries over 5 continents. Silo would launch the second wave of his talks and one of the main venue is in India. Chawpatty beach at Mumbai and the date is 1st November 1981. It is a Sunday. There is a cyclone storm in Mumbai. Sudden rains in the afternoon. The stage is blown off at 2.30. Yet program continues. Orange flags are put up, chairs are arranged. People begin to pour in. Hardly any chairs available. People still thronging. By 5.30 p.m. Jam packed. Over 10,000 people. The Act begins Speaker after speaker.. English original, Hindi Translation. Each one a little more deeper, a little more intense. Lights dimmed. Hushed silence. Rapt attention. Speaker 10. Silo speaks. From the depths of his heart. The masterly oration begins "In a small rural town, at the feet of the tallest mountains in the West, in remote South America, we gave our first message . What did we say on that occasion? We said: Without inner faith, without faith in oneself, there is fear; fear produces suffering; suffering produces violence; violence produces destruction. Therefore, faith in oneself overcomes destruction." "And what do we say today from India, the throbbing heart of the world, from India whose spiritual reserve has been a teaching and an answer for a world whose mind is sick? We say: "Treat others as you want them to treat you." There is no human act superior to this; there is no moral law higher than this. "The Earth is being dehumanized, and life is being dehumanized, and people are losing faith in themselves and in life. Therefore, to Humanize the Earth is to humanize the values of life." "Everything that improves life is good; everything that opposes life is bad. That which unites people is good; that which divides them is bad. That which affirms "there is still future" is good; to say there is no future or meaning in life is bad. To give the peoples of the Earth faith in themselves is good; the fanaticism that opposes life is bad." Thus Silo spoke in 1981 giving message from the shores of India to the world. Now after over 30 years, the message has translated into a massive movement, all over the world, transforming lives of thousands and influencing all spheres of life. Source : Silo speaks - Public talk in Mumbai.


All human beings want to achieve happiness in life. That is prevented by Pain and Suffering. Pain is physical and removal of pain depends on the advancement of science and society. Suffering is mental. Advancement of science or society has nothing to do with its reduction. Hundreds of years ago Duryodhan was jealous of his cousins and their palace of Hastinapur. Even today cousins can be jealous of each other. Whenever one is not full of enthusiasm, energy and joy, that is the suffering. Thus anger, frustration, negativity, boredom etc. are all suffering. Silo suggests that suffering is an indicator that there is something seriously wrong with our life and that the direction of our life has been reversed. Silo's work contains two primary insights about suffering. One is about how it arise, and other is about how to manage that. The work indicates that there are three pathways to suffering. Memories of the past, Perception of the present and Images of the future. These three are the most important faculties of human being but the same faculty can become biggest handicaps when they act as pathways of suffering. Silo proposed technique of Guided Experience to work with these pathways. The other insight is in the form of Laws of Behaviour also called Principles of daily life. There are 12 principles. They are not moral preaching. Rather they contain the laws that if violated will produce suffering. We can check the daily situation and find the applicability of these Laws. These two insights - Guided Experience and Principles can be discussed, studied and used in daily life to reduce the suffering. Silo also provides basic insights into the root of suffering. According to him the suffering has to do with the direction of life. If the life is self-centered suffering is bound to arise. On the other hand selfless work can produce strength to reduce suffering. To provide the opportunity for selfless work Silo proposed a project 'To Humanise the Earth' and promoted five organisms to work in various fields.

Source : Silo's books 'Guided Experiences' and ' To Humanise the Earth'.


Silo asks us a question about how do we see our relation with the world? One way is to look at everything around us from the point of view of what we can get from that. For example it is possible that in case of family or friends, we look at what they do for us. We are disturbed if our expectations are not met. This is a consumer mind set assuming that we are at the centre and everything around us is for our consumption. This is a centripetal vision and will result in contradictions in our life. On the other hand if we establish a relation with everything around us as to what we can do for them, then the relation is totally different. It is a centrifugal vision and involves a mindset of contribution. Silo indicates that if our life is revolving around the first way of only 'receiving', it is so not because of our selfishness, but it is because of our error in calculation. He suggests that we do so because we believe that 'to receive' is better than 'to give.' Silo further guides us to reflect on best moments of our life and suggests that we will find them always associated with giving. Thus we feel better when we help others, rather than when we have to take help from others. Silo suggests that we develop a relationship with the world of 'giving' - of helping others. Silo elaborates that this attitude has to do with what we think is the meaning of our life. If we believe that we are just an ordinary person who is born, will grow and die one day, then we will live our life mechanically. On the other hand if we believe that we are born to make a difference to the world, then we will give a direction to our life. Silo suggests that the meaning of our life is to Humanise the Earth. That is to overcome pain and suffering within us and from those around us. Thus here is a strong suggestion that one can do various courses for 'personal improvements' or for 'liberation', but if it is not accompanied by the act of helping others, nothing will be achieved. To provide the opportunity for selfless 'giving' and helping others, Silo proposed a project 'To Humanise the Earth' and promoted five organisms to work in various fields.

Source: Silo's book ' To Humanise the Earth'.


We rely a lot on the media and the information that we receive from our surroundings to form our view of the world around us. Thus in a way we are seeing the world with the eyes of others. And obviously they will show us what they want to show. Tragically we believe that as the reality. Silo in 'Human Landscape' calls it as 'naive look' confused with reality. Silo suggests that for thousands of years we have been told about the world from the look of objects. Thus we are told from the point of view of Power, Nation, Wealth, Money etc. Silo calls it as 'Inhuman Look' in which human being is seen as any other object and we are told that like everything else he also has a fixed 'nature' In front of this Silo proposes a 'Human look' - looking at things from Human being. And when we do that we realise that each human being will have his own 'look' and accordingly the reality will change. Thus when we talk of 'laws' - they are made by some human beings who are in power and they make it as per their 'look'. When we talk of 'history' it is told from the 'look' of the particular historian. In his above writing Silo explains themes of education, history, ideologies, violence, law, state and religion from this angle and through this shows a way of looking at things from 'human look'. Thus one thing is to say that is religion from outside and another is to see it from the point of view of human being as to how he feels it. In his book Letter to my friends - silo explains about how the humanity is evolving and how it will continue to grow for better, how the world is changing and how we are in front of a near change in civilisation. He writes that a new sensibility is born in which human being has begun to see the world differently. Today people are experiencing anew the need for the true morality of treating others as they want to be treated. Almost as general laws of conduct, today people are aspiring to: 1. A certain proportion, in which one tries to give order to the most important things in one's life, dealing with them as a whole and not allowing some aspects to move ahead while others fall too far behind. 2. A certain growing adaptation, in which one acts in favor of evolution rather than momentary concerns, turning away from the various forms of human involution. 3. A certain well-timed action, in which one retreats when facing a great force (not every little obstacle) and advances when that force weakens. 4. A certain coherence, in which one accumulates those actions that bring one a feeling of unity, of being in agreement with oneself, and reject those actions that generate contradiction, that are registered within oneself as disagreements among what one thinks, feels, and does. Source: Silo's books ' To Humanise the Earth' and 'Letter to My friends'


Doing social work and working for social transformation are two different things. While there are hundreds of organisations engaged in social work what we are talking about is to work for social transformation. Today as things are, the big capital is getting concentrated. The gap between the have and have-not is widening terribly. This will lead to worldwide collapse with dehumanizing results: a world convulsed by hunger and overflowing with refugees; a world of endless fighting, warfare, chaos, and constant fear; a world of abuse of authority, injustice, and erosion of basic liberties; a world in which new forms of obscurantism will triumph. To work for social transformation would be to work for dramatic change in the living conditions of people all over the world, ensuring : a. Education, health and quality of life for all human being b. Removal of all kinds of violence, exploitation and discrimination. c. Working for real democracy with decentralisation as against formal democracy Such social transformation is to be brought about by popular pressure and not through violence. To bring about such transformation it is necessary to create conditions for a social force with sufficient unity, organisation and growth to position itself in the direction of a revolutionary process. Silo proposed creation of action fronts to organise and develop the base of a social movement. Silo guided creation of five organisms that would become institutional expression of this movement. The objective of each of the organism is to call public attention to social contradiction and organising struggle in the direction of humanist revolution, making it clear to everyone just how each conflict is directly related to their standard of living, to health care, and to education. The organisms are : 1. Humanist Party - to work in political field. 2. The Community - to work in social field 3. Convergence of culture - to bring together communities. 4. World without wars - for gradual disarmament and dismantling nuclear weapons. 5. Centre of Humanist Studies - to promote learning about humanism. These organisms aim to promote social movement at the grass root in the revolutionary direction. Each of the organism works with a global vision and local context. It involves global coordination but with total autonomy for local actions. These organisms are created and run by volunteers committed to work for humanist transformation. There are basic foundation documents and a democratic way of working. Participation in these organisms is open to all without any discrimination. Source: Seventh letter from Silo's book ' Letter to my Friends' and documents of each of the organisms.


Generally all of us are 'busy' in running to reach some goal in our life. To get distinction may be the goal of a student, or get a job for a graduate or get to a profit target for a businessman or professional. Silo calls these as provisional meanings in life. Once we reach there, the journey is not over. Now we have to reach another goal and so on. There is nothing wrong to have such goals in life. Such goals are necessary for development of human activities. But they do not give foundation to our life. Thus once in a while our inner voice questions us about what are we running for? What is the meaning of all this? When on deathbed if I have to review my life, what I will consider as having lived for? Such questions make us wonder about our existence. While we are like other living beings of the world, as humans, we are different also. Each form of life has an internal mechanism of functioning, for its survival and reproduction. But our internal mechanism is more evolved with a role of memory and consciousness. Silo's work named 'Psychology Notes' I, II, III and IV. In these notes Silo explains the working of the mechanism and indicates the possibility of reaching the PROFOUND of the consciousness - an experience very different from our daily life. Working to reach the profound is a journey and involves various work of PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION. Silo has provided step by step procedures, tools and guidance for such work. These work include courses on : 1. Relaxation - introducing the work with images. 2. Psycho-physical gymnastics - learning about the relationship of mind and body. 3. Self-knowledge - understating how our life has been formed and its influences on us. 4. Catharsis - removing undesirable contents from within us. 5. Transference - replacing the contents with positive charge. These works - study of Psychology Notes and the above courses are the ground work for the next steps known as DISCIPLINES. These are the paths for reaching the profound. There can be various paths but Silo has developed a systematic process on four of such paths as follows: 1. Work with material objects - Material Discipline 2. Work with Psycho-physical energy - Energetic Discipline 3. Work with mental objects - Mental Discipline and 4. Work with forms - Morphological discipline. Thousands of people all over the world study these works in a step by step process at places known as Parks for Study and Reflection. There are parks located in various places in the world. One park in India is located at Kandhroli, near Mumbai and two other parks are coming up - one in Bihar and another in Kerala shortly. These work is open to all without any discrimination. More details in book 'Self-Liberation', Psychology Notes and work on Four Disciplines.


Silo was a thinker, philosopher and spiritual guide. In the context of current time his contribution has been phenomenal and path-breaking. His work has touched all aspects of life and could be extremely valuable in removing pain and suffering in us and in those around us. His project - To Humanise the Earth - mirrors the future of humanity. As against some pessimistic views, Silo has suggested that the humanity which has evolved for thousands of years is not going to perish and only has more humanistic future ahead. At the same time, he has highlighted the crisis of the current time and difficult times that are expected ahead before the arrival of new stage. Many people are not aware about Silo and his work. We believe the least that we can do is to make the information about his work to reach them. Some of them may want to delve deeper on some aspects of his works and some may like other aspects. The work proposed by Silo is self-driven and anyone can launch actions in any field of their choice along with similar thinking people. There are no leaders and no senior members to dictate the terms. The work is for the whole humanity and everyone is free to study, discuss and draw inspiration in whichever field they choose. Many volunteers have gone through various dimensions of the work of Silo. They are always ready to provide further clarification to anyone who needs the same. We intend to take this information reach ONE MILLION PEOPLE in one year. It can be done in various ways 1. Informing people on the road by public contact stations. 2. Arranging information meetings in buildings, societies. 3. Arranging group meetings at institutions / organisations. a. Colleges b. Organisations like Lions and Rotary Clubs c. Companies, NGOs etc. 4. Sending mails to all contacts, relatives and friends. 5. Creating blogs and spreading the links. 6. Getting and promoting endorsements of Opinion makers 7. Arranging exhibitions about Silo's work 8. Seeking invitations from various cities and travelling there for presentations. We invite all to study the work of Silo, select your area of interest and get deeper into the work. The volunteers will provide you all the help that they can. We also invite all to get involved in spreading the information about Silo to ONE MILLION PEOPLE by participating in the any of the activities listed above. More details in Silo's book 'Letters to my Friends'


BIBLIOGRAPHY (available at Silo - Collected Works Volume I
Humanize the Earth Guided Experiences Contributions to Thought Universal Root Myths Day of the Winged Lion Letters to My Friends Silo Speaks

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Self - Liberation Four Disciplines Documents of the organisms. Manual of Personal Work

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