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GARY A. MOINETTE 330-587-4066 * 11640 El Dorado Circle, Hartville, OH 44632 * gm8ca7a0@westpost.

n et Financial & Banking Professional with expertise launching operations in emerging and mature markets. Measures consumer need, formulating products/services to m eet demand. Skilled in on-boarding and training personnel in international sett ings. Drives portfolio expansion, creates competitiveness, and provides compreh ensive financial analysis/advice. Drove 10M profitability on 25M annual revenue for a 400M financial institution w ith 70M trade finance; introduced new services, products, distribution channels, and strategies to adva nce market share from 12% to 35% in Kosovo. Builds retail and commercial lending operations through process enhancements and employee development: * Doubled SME and retail loan portfolio to $20M in eight months by professionali zing lending processes and procedures. * Oversaw training preparation and development for 10,000+ loan officers across five provinces in China; directed train-the-trainer exercises, prepared educatio n material, and infused best practices into standard operating procedures. Steers corporate fiscal performance and investments for public, private, and gov ernment operations: * Conducted an IPO for Albanias first cinema network, organizing the public offe ring and setting share price. * Acted as the Finance Manager for a Norwegian-Albanian fast ferry company, rest oring operation to profitability. * Identified opportunities to deploy a $30M investment fund established by the U S Government to bolster the Albanian economy, proving vital in formulating a bus iness plan for the startup of the American Bank of Albania. BBA, Finance UNIVERSITY OF AKRON OMEGA Commercial Credit Analysis NATIONAL CITY BANK Technical Business and Albanian Language Training US PEACE CORP Professional Overview Senior Banking Advisor, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management 2009-2010 * Consulted for Postal Savings Bank of China, the fifth largest bank in China, o n an improvement project to enhance credit risk assessments, sales processes, an d efficiency for a newly established retail credit arm. * Expanded product portfolio to meet market demands including small business loa ns and various micro loans; enabled $1B+ in new lending within one year. Independent Financial Consultant 2007-2008 * Guided National Commercial Bank of Albania to establish retail and SME lending in Kosovo; opened eight branches in eight months, hiring and training 50+ emplo yees. * Advised the European Agency for Reconstruction on reestablishing and improving the movable pledge registry. * Planned the reconstruction financing of $20M Grand Hotel Prishtina. Head of Customer Business, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo 2003-2007 * Led 300 employees across 33 branches and handled customer service and retentio n for 120,000 clients in commercial and retail banking; supervised product devel opment, card business, and sales channels.

* Developed financial reporting systems, accounting and collection procedures, a nd process changes to improve operating efficiencies; mentored personnel on grow ing commercial and consumer loan portfolios. * Directed the creation, development, and rapid growth of all customer business developments including retail, corporate, distribution channels, treasury, and p roduct development. Senior Loan Officer, American Bank of Kosovo 2001-2003 * Coordinated a feasibility study for the American Bank of Kosovo as an independ ent consultant before being contracted by Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu to manage the commercial lending staff. * Established a retail arm and expanded SME business, increasing personnel from 12 to 30 and amplifying monthly credit sales from 1M to 6M. * Analyzed loan applicants finances and credit to determine risk potential and a uthorized commercial lending agreements with specified limits, advising borrower s on financing and payment terms. * Referred large loan agreements to the management board for approval along with recommendations based on asset evaluation and risk analysis. * Assessed market potential and developed referral networks while diversifying p roduct mix with new service offerings. Independent Financial Consultant 1996-2001 * Monitored evolving economic conditions in Albania to provide guidance to banki ng and commercial operations. * Selected as project implementation consultant for a steel tube factory receivi ng capital from the Albanian American Enterprise Fund. Began career with National City Bank NE, working through college as an Assistant Manager and Branch Manager. Then joined Rural Commercial Bank in Albania as a Business and Banking Consultant through the US Peace Corps before accepting a po sition as Investment Officer for the Albanian American Enterprise Fund.