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Herbert W.

Henderson 5499 Greyston Street Palm Harbor, Florida 34685 (727) 785-4347 Cell (727) 365-1932 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT / PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROCESS IMPROVEMENT Resourceful innovative professional with over 17 years Operations Management, Pr oject Management, and Process Improvement experience within a broad range of ind ustries and products. Held P&L responsibilities. Expertise in initiating proje cts and programs that boost efficiency and productivity while augmenting communi cations. A Turnaround Champion with proven skills in management, organization, motivation, strategic planning, troubleshooting, coordination, initiation, and i mprovement of operations through policies that promote a team-based work atmosph ere, process enhancement, creative thinking, and a positive result for the corpo rate bottom line. SELECTED RESPONSIBILITIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS * Managed all aspects of a 100 employee manufacturing operation including recrui tment, hiring and training of staff, budgeting, P&L, scheduling work and activit ies, establishing policies and procedures, process improvement, statistical anal ysis, performance evaluation, procurement, and motivation of employees. * Improved productivity and quality by enhancing communications between Test Equ ipment Design and the production teams. Partnered with the Design Manager to im plement design reviews prior to release, substantially reducing the possibility of design errors. * Turned around a Project Coordinator who was known to "bowl over" other employe es to accomplish his goals. Held weekly meetings with this individual to retrai n him on his bedside manner, gaining mutual respect while attaining goals. Late r he was chosen to lead the group based upon the alliances he had formed with ot her departments. * Boosted productivity through development of a comprehensive training program o n a number of ERP Six Sigma applications. Created curricula, handouts, subject matter experts and delivered lecture, small group and one-on-one instruction on this important information. Within 1 year this department became one of the bes t production areas in the company. * Started a business from the ground up. Developed business and marketing plans , hired and trained staff, procured supplies, established operational policies, marketed and maintained a profitable company for many years. * Partnered with an IT firm to develop a new project drawing application for dec k and addition construction that allowed for a virtual walkthrough. Successful use of this application in my company boosted sales revenue, with its use sold t o other companies within the network due to its effectiveness. * Reduced operational expenses through process improvement analysis of overtime and manpower needs in the complexity that is Minuteman. Partnered with the Prod uction Control Planner to balance manpower use, virtually eliminating overtime i n 2010.

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* Boosted quality and productivity through research into a robotic application t hat could match a piston to a valve with 5/10,000th of an inch clearance. Ident ified a vendor, attended programming training, installed the robot, and within s everal months improved productivity over 50%. * Reviewed in audits n of a new to 95% and and restructured an inventory system that was consistently inaccurate and an ongoing source of overtime expense. Justified the installatio integrated storage and retrieval system that improved audit accuracy substantially reduced overtime hours.

* Took over the management of the construction of a large addition to the manufa cturing facility and installation/integration of over $2M in specialized capital equipment to deliver new valves to our distributors. Partnered with equipment technicians from various companies during a 12/7 3-month effort. Successfully fu lfilled our shipping requirements with our vendors for this new product. EXPERIENCE HONEYWELL INC. 2002 - Present Production and Test Supervisor Technical Supervisor of Engineering Material and Fabrication Senior Engineer- Test Equipment Build Lead Program Material/Production Control Lead DECK AMERICA CORP. 1991 - 1998 Owner / President RESPIRONICS INC. 1989 - 1991 Manager of Manufacturing Systems Material Control Manager LUBRIQUIP INC. IDEX CORP. 1977 - 1989 Operations Manager Production & Inventory Control Manager Inventory Planning Supervisor Production Control Supervisor Shop Scheduler / Planner Expeditor / Cycle Counter EDUCATION/PROFESSIONAL TRAINING MBA, Operations Management & Finance, University of Pittsburgh 1989 BBA, Industrial Management, Kent State University 1976 Certified in Production and Inventory Management, CPIM 2003 Additional coursework in l Harassment, Diversity, l Process Control, Value ne Control, SAP, and Six GMP, Time Management, Sales, Safety, Hazmat, BIQ, Sexua Labor Relations, Leadership, Budgeting, P&L, Statistica Analysis / Value Engineering, Basis of Estimate, Baseli Sigma Green Belt Certification.