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Employee Satisfaction Survey

XYZ’s specific intent to conduct this survey is to identify problem areas that need improvement, so that we could create a healthier and open working environment leading to better employee satisfaction. Your Participation in this survey will provide us with valuable feedback which will help us to focus our efforts on employee satisfaction & organizational Success. We ensure Confidentiality of your response. We expect you to share honest feedback; all your information & ideas would be considered for the betterment of XYZ and XYZ Personnel’s. Please take your few minutes to complete the survey, Employee Designation: ____________________________________________________________ From how long are you working with XYZ? _______________ (Years) _____________Months) YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH: (Please Mention the Rating Number in the Rating Column)
RATING FACTORS: 1 = Agree; 2 = Somewhat Agree; 3 = Disagree

1) i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi)

Your Role & Work You find your job is enjoyable and challenging You like the type of work you are performing in XYZ Job duties are clear; you know what is expected from you Your job makes good use of your skills & abilities You are involved in making decisions that affect your work You have authority/freedom to do your work in your way; follow new processes to enhance your work


vii) You are growing as a professional & see a career path working with XYZ viii ) Believe your job is secure Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ 2) i) ii) iii) iv) Training & Development Non-Technical Trainings are useful You receive adequate Technical Training Technical Training helps to enhance work Would like to have any changes in Training Programs Rating

Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ 3) Work Environment Rating Human Resource Department

You can give own views / idea Can communicate freely with team members Can communicate freely with colleagues Rating Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ 5) i) ii) iii) iv) v) Job Satisfaction You find your job challenging and fulfilling Competitive with other job Your Salary is appropriate as per your experience & skills Believe Job is stress free Flexibility to arrange work schedules to meet personal responsibilities Rating Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ 6) i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Manager and Team Rating Please Mention the project currently working on? ________________________________ You are treated fairly by your Manager Manager delegates work properly Manager is effective leader(Behaviour: honest. positive. work place politics Management doesn’t play favoritism / favorites XYZ is fun place to work Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ 4) i) ii) iii) iv) Communication No restriction to talk to seniors.i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Working condition is Good You get required material. equipment and systems to perform work First Aid Treatment available. is helpful XYZ is free of. consistent & motivating) Workgroup & Team looks for ways to change processes to improve productivity Team focuses on fixing the problem rather than finding someone to blame Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ 7) i) ii) ii) Rewards and Recognition Receive personal recognition from Team Members / Colleagues Receive appreciation of work done from Manager / Seniors / Superiors Receive appreciation of work done from Company Rating Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ 8) Performance Appraisal Rating i) Job Evaluation is done ii) Appraisal improves job skill Human Resource Department .

are ________________________________________________________________________________ _ Human Resource Department . the five most important issues which need immediate attention at XYZ TECH PVT LTD.iii) Promotion/Appraisal is fair Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ 9) i) ii) iii) iv) Company’s Image Company Policies & Procedures make sense You are optimistic about the future of XYZ You agree XYZ is moving towards a progressive path Over all Satisfied with the company & work Rating Comments: ____________________________________________________________________ 10) i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Recreational / Entertainment / Motivational Programs Rating Recreational programs held in XYZ help you and your team Company should conduct recreational programs every month What more recreational programs can you suggest? _______________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ What improvements are needed in Quarterly Parties? ______________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ In current Year (07-08) which program/event did you like the most? __________________ _________________________________________________________________________ How can XYZ Personnel’s Help to improve the Parties? __________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Human Resource Department IT Department Admin Department 11) Feedback on Support Departments i) You get responses to your needs and queries as and when you approach them ii) People are co-operative & Professional iii) You get timely support iv) Are they available when you require their help/assistance v) What needs to improve? vi) Other Comments 12) From your point of view.

________________________________________________________________________________ _ ________________________________________________________________________________ _ 13) Would you recommend employment at XYZ to your friends/relatives? YES NO 14) While working with XYZ. what company should do. to enhance employee Satisfaction? _____________________________________________________________________________ _ _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Personal Details (Optional) Employee Name: ________________________________________________________________ EMP ID: __________ EMP Signature: _____________________________________________ Thank you. please rate the following factors as per their importance in your professional and personal life (Mark most important factor as 1 and respectively): Job Profile Prospects & Career Growth Salary Package Satisfaction with Manager / Supervisor 15) Do you think that Employee Satisfaction survey will help the company understand its employee needs? YES NO 16) Do you think the feedback & suggestions will be implemented? YES NO Partially 17) What other issues are not included in this survey need to be addressed in our organization? OR Other Suggestions. for your valuable feedback Human Resource Department .