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JOSEPH V. MCCARTHY 234 Armington Street a Cranston, Rhode Island 02905 (617) 759-8231 a jm72b0d4@westpost.

net PROFILE Highly experienced materials manager with definitive strengths in supply chain optimization, cost mitigation, inventory control, and efficiency improvement. Co re competencies and decisive leadership skills have been effectively leveraged t o provide production schedule management, cost-effective sourcing and procuremen t, supplier assessment and qualification, and vendor relationship management. ________________________________ Areas of Effectiveness ________________ ________________ a Continuous Process Improvement a Sales and Operations Planning System Implemen tation a Forecasting and Capacity Planning a Workflow Management/Cost Control a Supply Chain Management a Logistics/Contract Management a Vendor Relations/Strategic Negotiations a ERP and DRP System Implementation an d Utilization Strong record of success in the application of kanban, kaizen, lean manufacturi ng, just-in-time, and cellular manufacturing techniques that have contributed to significant efficiency improvements and measurable cost reductions. Highly cogn izant of the inventory control strategies that impact upstream and downstream pr oduction processes throughout the manufacturing cycle. Able to hire, train, develop, and lead cohesive and productive teams and interf ace productively with employees at all organizational levels to maintain the ali gnment of efforts while working collaboratively to attain common objectives. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Electroswitch Corporation, Weymouth, Massachusetts 1990 to 2008 Materials Manager Hired directly into a management position by this ISO 9000 and nuclear-certified manufacturer of specialty electrical switches and relays for military, power, a nd industrial applications and challenged to leverage materials management exper tise and knowledge of lean manufacturing procedures to sustain the adequacy of i nventory levels and support operations on the production floor. a- Provided operational oversight of 38 employees including a purchasing manager , a master scheduler, a production control manager, an inventory control manager , a distribution manager, a customer service manager, and a packaging/shipping s upervisor, with leadership efforts centered on facilitating cross-functional tea m operations to optimize workflow and effectively meet order demands. a- Exceeded expectations in maintaining adequate supply levels to meet order dem ands by developing accurate production forecasts for subsequent review and analy sis by the purchasing manager. Held signatory authority for approving purchases ranging up to $100,000. a- Mitigated corporate cost exposure through effective vendor relationship manag ement and accurate assessments of requisite quality standards and production lea d times. a- Coordinated the flow of materials to the production floor, with a focus on ba lancing work-order demands against constantly shifting order-fulfillment priorit ies. a- Defined and modified policies and procedures to respond to the protocol chang es required to meet specific objectives for new product introductions, disaster control planning initiatives, and mandated safety programs. a- Served as a member and chairperson of the Safety Committee, with responsibili ty for collaborating with colleagues on the development of company-compliant and OSHA-compliant policies and procedures. a- Assumed concurrent responsibility during time of employment for supporting th e order-entry and customer service functions (five years). a- Provided input on vendor preferences, designated specific items for competiti

ve pricing research, and negotiated shipping/logistics contracts to support the companyas foreign sourcing initiatives. Selected Accomplishments a- Played a pivotal role in facilitating the rollout of a new shipping system an d ERP system that contributed to a significant expansion of the companyas automa ted functions, an improvement in operational efficiency, and a reduction in oper ating costs. a- Credited with cost-effectively and efficiently coordinating the relocation of capital equipment, supplies, machinery, and raw materials between newly acquire d facilities in the United States and Europe. a- Developed and aligned methodologies and best practices with ISO 9000 guidelin es during the companyas certification campaign. Monitored and verified complianc e with manufacturing, safety, and quality mandates and directives throughout the full course of the certification process. Continued JOSEPH V. MCCARTHY - Page Two Selected Accomplishments (continued) a- Sustained inventory accuracy at a rate of 99 percent of optimum and reduced s tock levels by 32 percent while continuing to meet production demands as sales i ncreased by 24 percent. a- Effected a 20 percent reduction in lead time during a period of explosive bus iness expansion while achieving a 99 percent on-time delivery rate by implementing kanban programs that were align ed with internal, customer, and supplier consumption and replenishment patterns. Introduced and implemented lean manufacturing principles that enhanced operatio nal efficiency, improved deadline compliance, and reduced production costs. a- Proposed and implemented Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) integrated busi ness management processes and collaborated with management team members to devel op formal statements that defined the production and quality objectives for main taining high performance levels in all departments along the production line. Bird Machine Corporation, Walpole, Massachusetts 1980 to 1990 Production and Inventory Control Manager Delivered strong performance results for the management of stock levels and the coordination of materials throughout the production cycle for this manufacturer and repairer of industrial rotating machinery. Scope of responsibilities was div erse and included direct oversight of a master scheduler, two warehouse managers , a production control supervisor, an inventory control supervisor, and 16 indir ect reports. a- Maintained a consistent record of success in ensuring continuous alignment wi th order specifications by closely monitoring inventory levels and performing ac curate capacity analyses. a- Expedited the procurement of materials, components, and parts to sustain prod uction workflow and effectively meet mission-critical deadlines by initiating co mmunications with suppliers and vendors. a- Identified cost-control strategies and implemented key process and procedural changes that enhanced workflow efficiency and accelerated the order-fulfillment process. a- Coordinated the movement of materials and equipment between manufacturing pla nts subsequent to the companyas acquisition of business operations around the wo rld. a- Controlled, monitored, tracked, and balanced inventories at locations in Mass achusetts, Florida, West Virginia, Texas, and Canada to sustain the efficiency o f manufacturing operations. Conducted operational audits and defined policies an d procedures for all locations to consistently and effectively balance customers a needs against production capacity. a- Served as the point of contact to manage the logistics function including neg

otiating terms with domestic and international carriers/shippers. ADDITIONAL EMPLOYMENT New York Life Insurance Company, Providence, Rhode Island 2008 to Present Licensed Agent/Registered Representative a- Recruited to this well-established insurance company to execute prospecting c ampaigns and establish a book of business within Rhode Island and Massachusetts. a- Represent a broad line of mutual funds and life insurance, long-term care ins urance, retirement planning, and annuity products, with sales efforts centered o n aligning core offerings with clientsa protection and wealth management goals. EDUCATION Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Administration PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS - Certified Member, American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) * Conducted numerous training courses and seminars on a local and national leve l. - Board Member, Purchasing Management Association (PMA) * Conducted numerous training courses and seminars on a local and national leve l. LICENSURE / CERTIFICATIONS s Registered Representative (New York Life Insurance Company) Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Series 6 and Series 63 License Resident Producer License, Life and Health Insurance (Rhode Island) Non-resident Producer License, Life and Health Insurance (Massachusetts)