New tool helps construction connect with

immigrant workers

May 16, 2011
OTTAWA í As the traditional construction workforce shrinks, new resources such as the Construction
Employer¶s Roadmap from the Construction Sector Council (CSC) can help industry leaders connect
with immigrant workers to meet growing labour needs.
³The industry is growing steadily, but over the next decade, construction will lose a quarter of its
workforce thanks to retirements,´ says CSC Executive Director George Gritziotis, pointing to the
organization¶s latest Construction Looking Forward forecast reports.
³Though a growing labour pool of skilled immigrant workers are available to help replenish the
workforce, recruiting and retaining these workers is sometimes a challenge for employers,´ he says.
Among other things, the new guide book is geared to helping employers and others involved in human
resources management navigate government programs, assess foreign credentials, and help immigrant
workers put their best foot forward when seeking opportunities to work in construction.
A Construction Employer¶s Roadmap provides employers with information on the role of employment
agencies and immigration consultants, and provides an overview of Canada¶s immigration programs
and the different paths open to permanent residents, temporary residents and workers outside of Canada.
The roadmap offers advice on how to assess experience obtained in other countries, make job offers,
develop orientation programs and retain workers.
Funded by the Foreign Credential Referral Office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the booklet
is available in hard copy and electronically with hyperlinks to other useful resources and websites.

³The Government of Canada is proud to support the work of the Construction Sector Council, as we
know that within the next few years, most of Canada¶s labour force growth will come from
immigration,´ said Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism.
³Attracting and retaining the best international talent to address existing and future labour market
challenges is critical to our economic success.´
³Immigrant workers can bring many benefits to the industry,´ says Gritziotis, ³such as the ability to
speak different languages, a knowledge of new cultures, and a network of connections í all of which
can help employers to compete in new markets.
³With the proper tools to help them integrate, they will sustain one of Canada¶s leading industries well
into the future.´
The CSC is a national industry/government partnership funded by the Government of Canada's Sector
Council Program. For more information on these and other CSC products and services, visit

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