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, PMP, LEED 108 Montchan Drive Greenville, Delaware 19807 818-738-0077 (Telephone) _pg8d40d4@westpost.net_


_I will be the subject matter expert at the working executive level in procurement, government contracts and construction related matters. _

VALUE SYNOPSIS * Dynamic mix of left brain engineer and right brain contract attorney with driven work ethic that solves contracting dilemmas like a chess master;

* Know the FAR like a well-read book; * 20 years skill and knowledge writing over 110 original contracts and documents, scores of wide-ranging white papers, while managing annual contract workload of over 400 contracts; * Close to $450,000,000 in claims and disputes at home and aboard negotiated and settled, mediated, arbitrated and litigated with most clients satisfied and occasionally ecstatic; * Provided guidance and resolved employment issues from implementing post 9/11 laws to the esoteric such as an 'ageism' suit for not being able to watch an exotic dancer during lunch; * Gifted and entertaining adjunct professor with excellent oral and written skills teaching law and project management to over 3,000 students earning a cumulative 97.5 rating out of 100;

* Personally lead several successful design-build projects and authored authoritative course given to over 750 students in the US Army Corps of Engineers, Navy (NAVFAC) and major commercial client such as Bechtel and Fluor; and, * Over 17 years experience domestically and abroad as a registered professional construction engineer with over $3,000,000,000 in construction and design projects. Professional Experience Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc., 2749 Lockport Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14305, 5/_2009 to Present, Vice President for Federal Programs. _ * Researched and wrote a first-time, comprehensive, 21st century ready construction acquisition and procurement manual (e.g., contracts) with definitive contract forms made easy-to-complete by non-lawyers;

* Wrote, negotiated and executed an innovative and comprehensive 50-page, 65-clause joint venture agreement;

* Moved Sevenson from USACE grade of 'barely adequate' to excellence by researching and writing Standard Operating Procedures in Acquisition and Procurement (i.e., contracts), Health and Safety (500 pages), and Quality Assurance and Control (700 pages);

* Led the business development, teaming and proposal effort for $1,000,000,000 Department of Energy (DOE) program (among others);

* Prepared and delivered entertaining, effective corporate ethics program to all 700 employees consisting of Power Point presentations, a monthly two page newsletter, and thought-provoking white papers for the executive staff.

BAYER TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING SERVICES, INC. (SHANGHAI), F3 Lot, Muhua Road, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Shanghai 201507,

People's Republic of China, 12/_2007 to 5/2009, Division Head of Project Managers for China. _

* Led 27 project managers and over 300 professional engineers and managers in lucrative execution of over $1,000,000,000 in design and project management construction for internationally known chemical and pharmaceutical makers (e.g., Novartis, Dow, and Bayer);

* Led, managed procurement and contract processes, personally drafted, and rigorously negotiated a $176,000,000 state-of-the-art chemical plant for German client using Chinese construction and multi-national design; * Negotiated cost-free termination for convenience and closed out Dutch project that potentially had over $200,000 in losses;

* Took over floundering closeout and acceptance negotiations of contract with four months remaining and one month behind; set an ultra-ambitious goal of beating the client's severe bonus schedule; and, was triumphant in earning and justifying $1,000,000 in extra fees;

* Authored and implemented over 20 Project Manager Manuals on scheduling, costing, contracts, employee relations, confidential and proprietary property, and management;

* Led the first group of Bayer engineers in China to their Project Management Professional (PMP) registration; and,

* Affectionately known as "Coach," had eight protgs in a program normally limited to three, and wrote Coach's Corner, a popular monthly column addressing values and ethics.

DOMINION PROJECT MANAGEMENT, INC. 126 West 5th Street, Suite 101, Frederick, Maryland 21701, _6/1997 to 12/2007, Founder and Senior Vice President._ * Founded Dominion Project Management (DPM) with $13,000 and five employees to win first contract for $2,100,000 from the Department of the Army to provide quality assurance and control services for the Energy Savings Program Retrofit for five Army forts in Washington DC, which at $210,000,000 was the nation's largest Energy Savings Performance Contract; * Established a niche presence in analyzing and rescuing "troubled projects." One notable success was early termination of contractor in a Design-Build project, smooth transfer of assets and operations in 4 days in mid-winter, and participation in a mediation and arbitration for a $110,000,000 NASA and advanced sciences laboratory near West Virginia University; * Became concurrently, an adjunct professor at three universities. Personally wrote and delivered advanced seminars in Construction Law and Contracts, Design-Build Contracts and Management, Construction Management, Sustainable Design, and specialty fields of project management. Taught over 7000 students across the USA, Canada, Russia, The People's Republic of China, Turkey, Australia, the Pacific Rim and Europe. PARSONS BRINCKERHOFF CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, INC. ("PBCS), 465 Springpark Place Herndon, VA 20170-5227; (703) 742-5700, _8/1994 to 6/1997,_ _Senior __Attorney and Director, Contracts and Administration. _ * Led three attorneys and over 20 contract administrators for a firm earning over $110,000,000 annually in proposal review; contract and subcontract negotiation and award; all phases of contract administration; subcontracting and vendor management; integration of scheduling, budgeting and quality assurance with construction contract administration; dispute resolution to include negotiations, mediations, and law suits; and closeout services for approximately 125 prime contracts and over 600 subcontracts, annually; * Reduced six month backlog of contract management workload to 5-day turnaround cycle in one year without loss of a single document or one dropped activity; * Victoriously resolved a claim of software piracy brought by the Businessman's Software Alliance (one the nation's two "software cops") for less than $10,000 when damages were initially threatened in excess of $2,000,000; and, *

After a five year stand-off and multiple audits, in six months, prevailed in negotiating and closing out the $14,000,000 contract for a $285,000 settlement and kept the client. WULFSBERG, REESE, COLVIG AND FIRSTMAN, PC, Kaiser Center, 300 Lakeside Drive, 24th Floor, Oakland, California94612-3524, 4/_1992 - 8/1994 Attorney and Litigator__._United States Army, Corps of Engineers, 441 G Street NW, Washington DC, 20314-1000, (202) 761-0011, _2__nd__ Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel_ _._ Education * Bachelor(s) of Science/1970/Civil Engineering-Urban Planning a" Michigan State University * Master of Science in Civil Engineering/1978/Construction Management a" Purdue University * Diploma with Distinction/1981/US. Army Command and General Staff College * Master of Business Administration/1984/Finance a" Northern Michigan University * Juris Doctor/1990/Government Contracts a" Catholic University of America * Master's Certificate/2005/Project Management - George Washington University * Master's Certificate/2006/Government Contracts a" George Washington University Professional Associations * Professional Engineer, Indiana, Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, District of Columbia, Georgia. * Certified Value Engineer/Corps of Engineers * Attorney at Law/California and District of Columbia * Project Management Professional * LEEDS Sustainable Design Engineer


* * Adjunct Professor, George Washington University, Washington, DC; Visiting Professor, Peking University, Beijing, People's Republic of China; and Professor, University of Management and Technology, Arlington, VA * Expert Witness for State of California courts for procurement and contract administration * Invited Speaker at American Bar Association national convention, 1996; Association of Energy Engineers national convention, 2002 and 2004; Asia Regional Project Management Institute annual convention, 2003 and 2005, and many other professional events. * Member, American Society of Professional Engineers; Society of American Military Engineers; Project Manager Institute, Construction Special Interest Group; and American Bar Association, Construction Forum Resume of P. Thomas Gard Page 4