Name: Ramesh Kotha Title/Role: Senior Consultant System ID: Skills: Technology NUMBER OF YEARS USED LAST USED

PROFICIENCY LEVEL Reporting/OLAP Tools Date technology last used Basic/Proficient/Expert TOAD 10.1 13 2010 Expert PL/SQL Developer 8.0 3 2010 Expert Brio SQR 6.2/8.3 3 2007 Proficient BusinessObjects 6.5.1 2 2006 Proficient Crystal Reports 2 2009 Proficient Rapid-SQL 7.2.1 2 2005 Proficient SQL Navigator v 4, 2 2010 Proficient SQL Station 4, 2 2010 Proficient S-Designer 5.0 3 2008 Expert OBIEE 3 2008 Proficient Hardware IBM Compatibles and Pentium series, Sun Solaris 10 2010

Proficient Operating Systems Windows NT 5 2010 Proficient 98/95/2000/XP 14 2010 Proficient HP-Unix, 2 2010 Proficient Windows 2003, 2 2010 Proficient AIX Unix 5.2 2 2010 Proficient Linux 5 Release 2 2 2010 Proficient Education & Certifications: University of Osmania, India 07/1992 - 06/1995 Master of Computer Applications Andhra University, India 06/1988 - 07/1991 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Employment History: Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation, Richardson, TX - Consultant Mar 2007-Present Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETC Corporation) is a leader in toll collection solutions and hosting services provider. The company delivers em powering electronic toll collection solutions through systems integration, consu lting, maintenance, and operations services. Technologies: PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11 g, Oracle Designer 10g, Li nux, Windows XP, Windows 2003, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD 10.1, Oracle Reports 10g, Oracle Developer Electronic transaction Projects Illinois State Toll Highway Authority - CSC Subcontractor * Configured all corporate data using JDBC connection. * Designed database triggers, procedures and functions in PL/SQL, and incorpora ted business rules and constraints in the design. * Designed materialized views to interface the data between the databases. * Designed and Developed Reports using the Oracle Reports. * Developed procedures to send the data file to third party companies periodica lly using UTL (an oracle utility to create text file). * Performed tuning SQL queries to obtain maximum efficiency and performance. Technologies: PL/SQL (Oracle 10g), PL/SQL Developer, TOAD, Windows 2003

Harris County Toll Road Authority - Website Revamp 2.0 Involved in development and maintenance of the HCTRA tag-store website and revam p the application developed in Oracle 10g, Reports 10g and PL/SQL. HTP, HTF and OWA packages were used to dynamically build webpage from PL/SQL. * Developed new functions to allow patron to request to close his/her account f rom the online CSC portal. * Created new packages/functions with such enhancements like * Authorized contacts. * View monthly statements Account comments. * Rebill threshold parameters. * Developed and modified Account notification preferences screen. * Developed and modified notifications history screens. * Developed Max Rebill and Pending to close Account reports. * Provided encryption technology in the tables to enforce credit card numbers a nd Bank account numbers security. * Designed and modified the functions in the program to retrieve decrypted valu es from the database and display the decrypted values in the reports. * Created new SQL report by using PL/SQL that will keep track of the toll trans actions incurred by Non Revenue toll tags used in other agencies lanes. * Designed tables, views and materialized views for OBIEE Technologies: PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD, Oracle repots 9g/10g, Linux, Solaris 10. Crescent City Connection Division - CSC Subcontractor * Created and managed Queues using Advance Queuing feature. These Queues were c reated for inbound messages (tolls) from the HOST. Separate queues were created to validate the messages from the HOST and also use to process the incoming Toll transactions. If the Validation or processing fails, the message will be send b ack to the HOST by using the OUTBOUND queue. * Created and managed DBMS scheduler jobs to Enqueue and Dequeue messages betwe en systems. * Provided JOB chains and Chain rules to make use of DBMS scheduler effectively . * Created and managed new reports used in CSC application. Technologies: PL/SQL, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD, Oracle repots 9g/10g, Linux, Solaris 10. Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission - CSC Subcontractor * Designed and Developed packages to send e-mail notifications to patrons using UTL TCP and UTL SMTP * Designed database triggers, procedures and functions in PL/SQL, and incorpora ted business rules and constraints in them. * Created materialized views/Snapshots to interface the data between the databa ses. * Designed and Developed Reports using Oracle Reports. * Developed procedures to send data file to third party companies periodically using the UTL file. * Performed SQL queries tuning for maximum efficiency and performance. * Designed tables, views and materialized views for OBIEE * Designed and developed package to create Monthly Statements in Txt file forma t. * Created Test cases. * Created Technical documentation Technologies: ORACLE 11g , SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Reports 10g, Linux Management Science Associates, Pittsburgh, PA - Software Engineer Jan 2006-Mar 2007 Management Science Associates has its own software product 'Gabriel', a media ba sed software and it is using SQR as a reporting tool. It has modules like Sales

Management, Deal Maintenance, Research, Scheduler and Traffic. As a Database dev eloper responsible for developing stored procedure / functions / packages for th e team. * Provided enhancements to the existing stored procedures for the implementatio n of the new data model. * Provided queries building support to the reports team. * Developed database packages/store procedures for extraction of the data to be use in the reports. * Developed Technical Documentation. * Designed and created tables, views, stored procedures, triggers and sequences with SQL and PL/SQL. * Trained in Oracle 10g. Technologies: Oracle 8.x/9i, SQL Station, TOAD. Hall mark Global Technologies Inc. - Software Engineer TriZetto - Greenwood Village, CO Aug 2005-Dec 2005 TriZetto developed and maintained databases for the health insurance companies w hich are in US. TriZetto uses a product called 'Facets'. This product deals with the maintenance of data base and provides reports to the clients. * Enhanced and maintained of existing stored procedures. * Modified shell scripts to run batch jobs to collect incremental data from hea lth insurance companies and copies to TriZetto serves. * Worked on reports using BusinessObjects 6.5.1 Technologies & Technologies: Sybase/Oracle, Business Objects 6.5.1, T-Sql/RapidSQL 7.2.1 and AIX Unix 5.2 ExxonMobil - Houston, TX - Software Engineer Apr 2005 - July 2005 The purpose of the project is to create the Incentive Compensation Employee Web Site. The client is the Incentive Processing Office (IPO) that is a part of the Corporate HR group located in Irving, TX. The IPO administers all incentive awar ds (such as stock options, restricted stock shares, etc.) globally for ExxonMobi l. The Incentives Web Site will aid the IPO in the distribution of new awards as we ll as to give Incentive Program participants access to their outstanding and his torical award information, pay stubs, online help, online exercise requests and simulations, and as well as legal documents associated with their awards. * Created new stored procedure for their new reports by using Brio SQR report t ool. * Provided query tuning and modified existing report generated by the Explain P lan utility. * Provided database programming by using stored procedures and functions to pul l data for reports (moved code from reports and build stored procedures). * Provided queries building support for the team members. Technologies & Technologies: Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, TOAD 7.1 and AIX UNIX 5.1 R Systems International Ltd., Noida, India - Sr. Software Engineer Mar 2004 - Feb 2005 Open Solutions Inc - Glastonbury, CT

Open Solutions, product TCBS (The Complete Banking Solution) provides financial institutions with enabling technologies to allow them to strengthen relationship s, improve productivity, reduce training and administrative costs, and optimize delivery. They provide software and services that enable financial institutions to establish new ways to create value and expand their financial services relati onships. * Created new reports according to International standards for multi currency s upport using Brio. * Generated complex Extracts for Insurance companies / credit unions using Brio . * Created Oracle stored procedures to pull data into Brio. * Provided extensive SQL queries execution validate data. * Involved in creating Tables, Views, Indexes, Functions, Procedures and Packag es using Oracle 9i. * Developed new and modified Centura Screens according to the user requirement for Multicurrency support. Technologies & Technologies: Brio Report Builder 6.1, Centura 2000, Oracle 9i, P L/SQ, TOAD 7.6 Rollatainers Limited, India - Software Engineer May 2002 - Feb 2004 Centralized Accounting Package This project involves capturing all the vouching/sales data from different offic es of the company located all over the country online and generating all the MIS online to serve the purpose of the Management. This Integrated package provides automatic purchase voucher generation from the Goods received from Inventory, a utomatic Journal voucher generation from Payroll and Freight payments. Productio n of details is online and is integrated to generate Excise related reports that will be submitted to the government. * Analyzed, designed, tuned and implemented the package that involves Use Trigg ers, Procedures, and Functions. * Developed database-programming triggers to update the online data and build f unctions for generating the MIS reports. * Created program templates for the team members that increased the efficiency in program development. * Performed SQL queries tuning using the Explain and plan utility and TOAD to m aintain the database objects. * Conceptualized Design Model and Physical Data Model by using s-Designer. Technologies: Gupta SQLWindows 5.2, Oracle 8.x, Windows NT/98 and TOAD Production Management System - Systems Analyst Oct2001 to Apr 2002 The Production Management System package provides the production information for the specified period. This package gives various reports of the excise departme nt online like RG1, RT12, etc.; it is linked to the Accounting package that give s excise related data to the accounts department online. Various MIS reports are provided to the management to plan their production properly. * Provided analysis, Design, performance tuning and Implementation of SQL Queri es Technologies: GUPTA SQLWindows with Oracle 8.0, TOAD Hardware Information System - Programmer Analyst

Mar 2001 to Sep 2001 The HIS package was developed to maintain the hardware peripherals and software database. It tracks "resources" allocation to company-wide employees. Various re ports like hardware maintenance, requirements, user/location wise hardware detai ls and purchase indents, MIS Reports were generated in this package. * * th * . Performed analysis, design and development of SQL queries and databases. Maintained database with patches and upgrades and generated online reports wi the help of triggers, procedures and functions. Developed programs to generate indents/reminders to the purchasing department

Technologies: GUPTA SQLWindows with Oracle 8.0, TOAD Provident Fund and Accounting System - Programmer Analyst Jul 2000 - Feb 2001 This project aimed to provide the PF Statements to the employees of the organiza tion online and linked with the accounting and payroll packages. All the require d data from different branches of company will reach to the corporate through em ail through this package. There are various statements it produces where can sub mit to the government bodies like 7EPS, 8EPS along with various MIS reports. * Designed and analyzed CDM and PDM using S-designer tool. * Implemented query tuning using Explain and Plan technique. Technologies: GUPTA SQLWindows with Oracle 8.0, TOAD Inventory Management System Machinery Division - Programmer Analyst Sep 1999 - Jun 2000 We developed a common library for passing of parameters like user name, password , date, unit identification and database name to other programs and commonly use d functions like clearing fields, Help dialogue boxes etc. The client is a diffe rent division of the company. Inventory Management System is Y2K compliant and p rovides full-fledged information to users as well as Management. This generates Job card generation, GIN and Issue registers of various types, Receipt and Issue Summary, Trial, Store Ledger, printing of Purchase order and Gin on pre-printed stationary, various checklists, Kardex and MIS reports. I was responsible for D atabase design and developing programs. I was also involved in testing programs developed by other team members, responsible for coordinating with other program mers, providing support and reporting to Project Manager. * Designed and analyzed CDM and PDM using S-designer * Distributing work - among team members, coding and participation in the imple mentation of the package. Online updates were done with the help of triggers. * Performed SQL tuning using Explain and plan utility. Technologies: GUPTA SQLWindows with Oracle 8.0, TOAD Employee Service System - Programmer Analyst Oct 1998 - Aug 1999 The ESS application was essentially an Employee Attendance Register. It maintain s employees database and would calculate month-end- salaries and handles loans t aken by employees. * Programmed and created common libraries, template programs and generated CDM and PDM using s-Designer.

Technologies: GUPTA SQLWindows with Oracle 8.0, TOAD Financial Accounting System - Systems Analyst Dec 1997 - Sep 1998 This system is a Y2K compliant system that provides Cash, Bank, Journal, Purchas e & Sale Book, Voucher Printing, Invoice generation on pre-printed stationary, S ales reports for different types and MIS reports. It also generates Trial Balanc e and Balance Sheet. * Conceptualized Design Model and Physical Data Model using S-designer. * Provided Trial Balance report the MIS department. Technologies: GUPTA SQLWindows with Oracle 8.0, TOAD Inventory Control System - Programmer Analyst Jan 1997 to Nov 1997 This project was developed to maintain a database system for controlling the inv entory. This system generates GIN and Issue Registers, Receipt and Issue summary and Store Ledgers. This generates Purchase Requisition, PO and GIN printing on pre-printed stationary, Re Order Material report, Non-moving material reports, K ardex and Stock Status. * Programmed and coded Master Maintenance, Goods Inward Note process queries an d stock status reports. * Generated CDM and PDM using s-Designer tool. Technologies: GUPTA SQL Windows with Oracle 8.0, TOAD Mbit Computers & Consultants Pvt Ltd., New Delhi India - Programmer Analyst Jun 1996 - Dec 1996 Integrated Standard Banking System This system provides full-fledged services to the Bank customers. The system dea ls with different modules like Savings accounts, Current accounts, Over Draft a/ c holders, General Ledger, Remittances, Deposits, Bills, Letter of Credit and Si gnature Capturing along with various queries and reports. I implemented and supp orted the package. * Developed reports and implemented the above described package. * Developed shell scripts to generate temporary reports, check lists and for ta king online/off line database backups on tape device. Technologies: Forms 3.0 with Oracle 6.0/7.x under HP Unix Systematic Software Solutions, India - Programmer Analyst Jul 1995 - May 1996 Seed Processing and Production System, CosmoPlantgene Ltd. This system maintains the details of Farmers, Organizers, data of different seed s, crop condition and seeds in different stages. The system keeps recordings of the lab results in the processing stage and provides various reports to the Mana gement. * Programmed in PL/SQL to provide MIS Reports and documentation. Technologies: Visual Basic 3.0 and MS Access

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