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Michael Agnello 33704 * ________________________________________ SENIOR MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL

426 15th Ave N.E. Saint Petersburg, Florida 727.479.9288

Hands-on, motivational leader with years of progressively challenging experience achieving or exceeding desired business outcomes. Exceptional ability to clearl y translate complex issues into actionable plans aligned to short and long-term requirements. Establish quick rapport with co-workers, professionals and staff. Develop strategies and practices to overcome obstacles critical to performance m etrics. Uphold highest standards for ethics and quality. Effectively evaluate an d proactively manage performance against relevant benchmarks. Thrive under press ure. Core competencies include: Multi-Unit Operations * Strategic Planning * Market A nalysis * Budgeting & Financials * Policy Development * Risk Analysis * Cost Red uction * Merchandising * Marketing & Promotions * Staff Development * HR * Troub leshooting * Customer Service * Process Improvement ________________________________________ CAREER TRACK BEALLS INC, Central Florida REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF STORES, FLORIDA, ARIZONA, NEVADA, CALIFORNIA 2005 - Present Assigned to manage 32 locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California, and assigned an additional 84 stores across the state of Florida for a total of 116 stores. Collaborate closely with senior corporate executives, and directly managed the p erformance of 7 District Managers. Evaluate revenue and profitability performanc e of stores to determine areas for improvement. Direct ongoing professional deve lopment of management staff to maximize efficiencies, lower turnover, and forge cohesive, high-performing teams. Throughout tenure, assigned to membership of an d lead numerous steering committees and task forces. * Leadership resulted in achieving profitability for the first time in company h istory for Arizona, Nevada, and California region. * Evaluated existing District Manager performance, and reassigned personnel as n ecessary resulting in improved operations and increased revenues and profitabili ty. * Developed and implemented Urban and Hispanic product assortments in collaborat ion with Merchandising Division and Planning and Allocation to meet product need s of specific client segments and an increase in overall customer base. After fi rst successful test, product mix expanded to other regions. * Personally led first group of "WOW" store remodels for the company. This inclu ded paint and graphics, fixtures, product assortment, and cash wraps to all stor es in my region. Was rolled out to stores in Central and South Florida after ini tial test. * Created a staffing program providing significant savings by revising full time and part time ratios from 60/40 to 35 / 65. * Other accomplishments include championing innovative presentation standards fo r wall presentations with team lead innovations and training. * Recent milestones include generating $84 Million in sales volume in FY09 from

Florida stores. DISTRICT MANAGER, CENTRAL FLORIDA 1997 - 2005 Directed all aspects of the operation of 14 high-volume locations. Developed and managed a team of 14 Store Managers to maximize profits, lower costs, identify and mitigate / eliminate risk, and ensure high level of customer satisfaction to eclipse the competition. In addition, assisted in strategic succession planning in partnership with HR department. Reassigned managers to improve performance a nd bottom line profitability. * Developed and implemented strategies and tactics in collaboration with Store M anagers and other personnel to lower operational costs, reduce shrink, increase merchandise efficiencies and selection, and champion world class customer servic e throughout region. * Slashed time from stockroom to sales floor by adjusting scheduling and procedu res, and worked with dispatchers to modify truck delivery routes to service high est volume stores first. Michael Agnello Page 2 * Reduced store controllable expenses through utilization of a program to share supplies, organize ordering, track floor maintenance scheduling, and adjust acti vities as necessary. In addition, worked with Advertising to add stores to adver tised events with little or no additional costs. * Improved markdown accuracy and timeliness through weekly reporting of markdown s completed and manager reviews. MULTI-STORE MANAGER, CENTRAL FLORIDA 1993 - 1997 Fully responsible for P&L performance of up to 10 stores in the Central Florida Region. Evaluated overall store performance to identify issues and to improve re sults through training, team building, and policy and procedural improvement. * Guided personnel in formulating and implementing improvements in product mix, in-store display, staffing, and cost containment. * Successfully partnered with planning and allocation to improve product mix to reflect customer base needs. * Awarded "Best Profit Improvement" award twice during tenure. PLANNING & ALLOCATION MANAGER 1987 - 1993 Proactively managed merchandising planning and allocation for 300+ stores. Train ed, mentored, and guided assigned staff of 4 Planners and 6 Distributors to achi eve consistently exceptional results. Responsibilities included budget planning and management, and led improvement initiatives at the corporate level. * Spearheaded project improving existing distribution planning system. Worked in concert with IT personnel enhancing criteria resulting in marked increase in pl anning and distribution results. * Realigned department / division responsibilities by planner to mirror like bus iness for improved knowledge, skills and interaction with buying staff and incre ase in productivity. * Added minor and sub classes to departments for improved planning and distribut

ion decision processes. * Set minimum and maximum distribution quantities to modify assortment for impro ved assortment selection and sales performance. Previous positions include: Senior Divisional Sales Manager - Maas Brothers * Buyer - Maas Brothers Information Systems Liaison - Maas Brothers ________________________________________ LEARNING CREDENTIALS BACHELOR OF ARTS - FINANCE * 3.5 GPA University of South Florida Additional courses, seminars and workshops include: MBA Program, University of South Florida ________________________________________ MILITARY SERVICE United States Navy - Honorable Discharge Attained rank of E-5 within 2 years, the fastest rate of promotion possible in t he armed forces ________________________________________ REFERENCES AND FURTHER DATA PROVIDED UPON ESTABLISHMENT OF MUTUAL INTEREST