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E Mail:
Contact: +1 407 437 8901 ( cell phone )
+1 407 671 7345 ( home )
Career Objective: Challenging Managerial Assignments in Manufacturing , R&D/Qual
ity Assurance with an organisation of repute.
Professional Overview
* A competent professional with 21 years of rich experience in sugar confectione
ry technology, Production Planning & Control, Quality Assurance, Process Improve
ments & Product Development of Toffees, Candy Bars , Chocolates , Candies & Loll
ypops, Biscuits, Wafers, Cakes, Coated products, Chewing gums & Bubble gums both
sugar and sugar free , Gum Base production , Oils and Fats , Juices and Tomato
products with companies of repute viz. Gandour Group of Companies, Tripak food I
ndustries .
* Presently working with Gandour Group of Companies as Director Corporate R&D/QA
,Since 15 Years
* Good Experience in managing a wide spectrum multifunction type of operation wi
th functions such as production operations, procurement activities, designing &
implementing systems, trouble shooting , man power control , equipment selection
and solution finding , Packaging design and legislation.
* Successfully developed numerous products & attended trainings for efficiency &
enhancement of knowledge.
* Good experience in setting up and starting new factories including product ada
ptation to local taste , cost control , machines and production lines selection
, ingredients supply , formulations , commissioning and product launching / comm
ercialisation . Played a major role in setting up Gandour factories in Saudi Ara
bia, Malaysia, Egypt, China and now India.
* Good Experience in planning and control of resources. product launching and co
mmercialisation. production schedules, implementing policies & achieving targets
* Well versed with different quality systems such as ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, Weigh
t & Measurements Act.
* Excellent technical /analytical and managerial abilities that allowed me to he
ad the technical team in Gandour.
* Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical & negotiation skills with s
trong organizational & team building abilities.
* A values driven, open minded, result oriented and customer focused person refl
ecting strong leadership traits.
Core Competencies
Production Planning & Control
* Managing overall operations with a view to ensure timely accomplishment of pro
duction targets within the time and cost parameters.
* Undertaking RM/ PM Planning & coordination to meet Production Plan.
* Overseeing overall Procurement activities, implementing effective techniques t
o bring efficiency in operations, improve quality standards & achieve maximum co
st savings.
Process Improvement
* Designing and implementing systems, processes and procedures to facilitate smo
oth functioning of overall production operations and enhance operational efficie
* Analysing various processes / applications and recommending process modificati
ons and equipment calibrations to enhance operational efficiency.
* Handling process simplification, process planning & process trouble shooting.

Quality Assurance & Control

* Set up the quality systems of Gandour Group of Companies and make sure of full
compliance and adherence to set quality standards by deploying regular audits.
* Adhere with the company quality policy.
* Conducting Internal Audit to ensure the Compliance of Systems & SOP's.
* Ensuring Food Safety from Physical/ Chemical/ Microbilogical hazards.

Product Development
* Understanding overall operations for improvement of existing products with thr
ust on reducing product cost and based on market trends / requirements.
* Manage product development/ customization functions including requirement anal
ysis, finalizing specifications, designing, prototype development and testing ac
* Evaluating design & performance of competing products for benchmarking.
* Set and coordinate the overall corporate R&D budget based on the assigned and
agreed projects.

Man Management
* Directing, leading and motivating workforce; imparting continuous on job train
ing for accomplishing greater operational effectiveness/ efficiency.
* Working on succession planning of the workforce, rendering technical guidance
to the staff & resolving interpersonal issues & working towards a harmonious wor
k environment.

Organisational Experience
Since June'93 with Gandour Group of Companies.

Director Corporate QA/R&D - (Jan'01 -Till Date)

Notable Contributions:
* Maintained and improved the quality system in place with setting up a full fle
dged R&D team to cater for the fast growing pace of Gandour.
* Improved the technical know how and skills of the company by proper reporting
and documenting the different technological out comes and breakthroughs achieved
* Managed a complete budget control for the whole group with times of difficulti
es as well as relaxation during which proper management and exercising practical
ity were the main focus.
* Improved product self life and stability.
* Exercised product cost management especially during the last two years when th
e price of raw materials went up so dramatically.
* Brought down the non conformance of Finished Goods from 3 % to 1 %.
* Achieved Zero repetition of Market complaints for some products.
* Conducted Organoleptic Training and established the Sensory panel.
* Developed, Instituted and managed the Internal audit System for the Plants to
plug the gaps in Quality.
* Implemented weight control in an efficient manner.
* Auditing and Monitoring the Physical/Chemical/Microbiological testing of RM/PM
/Process/FG .
* Implemented HACCP System in Gandour.
* Achieved Effective Material Balances (RM Utilisation above 97 % Consistently).
* Product Quality improved from 94.0 % to 97 % as per Internal Quality rating s
* OTIF despatches improved from 92% to 98 %.
* Implemented the supplier qualification procedure for better control and less r
aw material rejection as part of a total QA system.

Jan'99 - Jan'01 (Gandour Lebanon & Saudi Arabia) as Regional QA/R&D Manager
Notable Contributions:
* Successfully developed and managed the QA/R&D department at the regional level
* Started the standardisation / single standard implementation in Gandour.
* Started and managed the R&D process in its four stages.
* Maintained and improved on the current QA system to focus more on prevention.
* Managed several line extension projects as well as introduction of new lines a
nd products.
* Started the in depth knowledge and understanding of ingredients to ingredients
interaction, ingredients to formulation interaction and formulation to machinea
bility consideration .
March'97 - Jan'99 ( Gandour Lebanon ) as QA/R&D Manager
Notable Contributions:
* Started and implemented the QA/R&D department in Gandour Lebanon.
* Undergone heavy training for the company staff including on the job training.
* Established the different standards that make the QA department.

June'93 - March'97 ( Master Chewing Gum and Candies , subsidiary of Gandour ) as

Production Manager
Notable Contributions:
* Reduced the Hard Panning Time.
* Reduced the rework generation from 8% to 6% in Candy Production.
* Achieved record highest Production efficiency in coated pellet production.
* Production planning and control using master production schedule.
* Man power control, training and utilisation.
* Efficiency and productivity improvement,
* Control of variances.
* Training.

Tripak Food Industries SAL

Sep 87 - June 93 as Production Manager ( Canning and processing of Fruit Juices
and Tomato Products )
Notable contributions :
* Planning and organizing the production process.
* Process parameters determination and control.
* Manpower management and control.
* Production planning and scheduling.
* Inventory management and control.
IT Exposure
* Working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, PP), Internet, Lotus Notes.
* Implementing World Class Food Quality System- ISO 9001-2000.
* TQM .
* Managerial Effectiveness.
* Attended many technical courses and seminars at ZDS Germany.
* Continuous meetings and discussions with world class ingredients and machine/p
rocess experts ( Ex: ADM , Cargill , Danisco , Fuji Oil , Givaudan , Sollich , e
tc. ) .
* Regularly attending Interpak , ISM, FIE , etc.
* BS Degree in Food technology 1987 from the American University of Beirut - Leb
anon .
* Masters Degree in Food technology 1991 from the American University of Beirut
- Lebanon .

Personal Details
Date of Birth : August 6 , 1964
Marital Status : Married
Number of kids : 3 .
Address : 7915 NASHUA LN Orlando, FL 32817
Languages Known: English, Arabic,