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Matt Nielson 5253 S. Saddleback Dr. * Salt Lake City, UT 84117 801 696-9975 * mn7a3af2@westpost.

net Summary * Extensive pharmaceutical sales experience in multiple product classes and phys ician specialties. I possess the ability to quickly learn new products and marke ts * Demonstrated ability to turn around underperforming sales territories * Consistent record of incorporating both company and personal strategies to mee t and exceed sales goals. Experience Allergan Senior Eye Care Territory Manager Utah/Idaho - 11/08 - 7/10 * Increased sales of primary dry eye product, Restasis, by 17% in 2009 in spite of a declining market. A significant portion of Restasis sales coincide with LAS IK surgery which, like many elective procedures, was down in 2009 * Increased overall ranking by 32% in the first Trimester of 2010 * Moved Restasis % increase rank all the way up to #21/97 after starting rank of #93/97 * Secured multiple sales agreements with Ophthalmologists to prescribe anti-infe ctive and non steroidal products in conjunction with cataract and LASIK surgery * Planned and executed promotional programs with national and local surgical and dry eye experts which led to increased sales for those that attended * Several programs were geared toward Optometry, which when I took the job was n ot a significant segment of the business. Optometry prescriptions increased dram atically Novartis Select Markets Specialty Representative Las Vegas, NV - 02/07 * Territory included Southern Utah, and Northwest Arizona * Achieved 2nd highest sales in the launch of a new Alzheimer's drug fic West Region consisting of 44 territories * Doubled the market share of Pediatric ADHD drug from 3% to 6% over months in the position. This was done in a managed care environment rug was relegated to 3rd tier status on most major insurance plans * Achieved #7/44 year-end regional ranking after starting 17th

11/08 in the Paci the first 6 where the d

Pfizer - 09/00 - 02/07 Urology/Respiratory Therapeutic Specialty Representative Tyler, TX - 1 0/05 - 02/07 * Responsibilities: 1) selling urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction portf olio to Urology, 2) selling COPD and Pulmonary Hypertension portfolio to Pulmono logy, 3) Driving sales in area's largest hospitals, 4) Assisting Manager w/ strategy and projects * Inherited territory ranked 9th/9 in the North Texas region; within 6 months mo ved to 2nd position and ended year at overall quota attainment of 108% * Achieved 136% of quota on Viagra. Increased Viagra sales by successfully intro ducing Viagra derivative indicated for pulmonary hypertension. * Increased COPD drug sales 60% - more than a 100% increase in hospital accoun ts * Instrumental in helping District Manager move his team from 7th/7 to 3rd in th e region * Successfully introduced new smoking cessation product to the market by achievi

ng 94% market share within 3 months. National average was 75%; orchestrated the addition of the product to the Lufkin Memorial Hospital formulary * Selected and served as a guest trainer for new hires at company headquarters Professional Healthcare Representative Dallas, TX - 09/00 10/05 * Inherited sales territory ranked 61st/68 in Dec 2000. In 5 years consistently improved overall performance by finishing 26th/68, 21st/68, 15th/82, 19th/82 and 17th/82 respectively. This occurred in the 4th highest dollar volume territory in the Gulf States Region * Winner of Travel Award in 2002 and 2004 for combined sales of Lipitor and Viag ra * Recognized as Gulf States Region Rep of the Year in 2003 and 2004 out of 9 mem ber, Fort Worth District and elected to represent team at regional council * Produced competitive product binder for district teammates that was later repr oduced and sent to all 100 members of the Gulf States Region * Represented Pfizer at numerous medical society meetings, conventions, communit y events, etc. * Conceptualized, organized and executed value added program across 4 different territories. A US Congressman attended a Viagra speaker program and provided ins ight on Medicare Modernization Act and other healthcare issues. 60+ providers in attendance Software Studios Sales Representative American Fork, UT - 04/99 - 09/00 * Implemented B2B and municipal government sales programs in Salt Lake City area for a start-up software company. Primary products were contact management softw are program and a variation of the program for municipalities. Hired as summer i ntern. Due to sales success, was asked to remain with the company during senior year of college. L.D.S. Missionary Service * Spanish Language San Antonio, TX - 10/95 - 10/97 Education and Skills Brigham Young University BS, Business Management - Emphasis in Marketing GPA 3.5 Provo, UT - 08/2000 * Recipient of the top Institute of Marketing scholarship for 99/2000 academic y ear among group of 17 recipients * Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite; Trained in multiple sales, negotiation a nd personality profiling disciplines. Personal interests include: City league basketball and softball, mountain biking , golf and coaching youth basketball