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Danny C.

Peterson 111 Remington Run Bastrop Texas 78602 979-398-0078 512-985-5389

OBJECTIVE: Challenging opportunity in PCS System Engineering. EDUCATION: A.A., Liberal Arts, (Honors) - Alvin Community College Certificate of Qualification- Radio and T.V. (Honors) -Lee Community College Certificate of Qualification Loran, Radar, Sonar, Radio, and Close Circuit TV, USCG. Certificate of Qualification Base Stations, Mobile and Portable Radio- Motorola Certificate of Qualification CDMA MINI CELL Maintenance-Lucent License-FCC General Radio Telephone Operators License Technician-National Association of Business and Educational Radio, Inc Lucent 3G Cellular and. EVDO QUALIFICATIONS: More than thirty year of electronic experience as a Licensed Radio Technician. W orked in Communication from Land Mobile to CDMA PCS Cellular. Have worked Nation al and Inter National Installing and Optimizing Cellular Telecommunications Syst ems. Certified AT&T AutoPlex 1000 Technician. Currently Maintaining a SECRET Sec urity Clearance and meet all D.O.D.(Department of Defense) Requirements. Certifi ed on Lucent 3G Cellular Telecommunication Network. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: VerizonWireless Communication Network Operation Technician Responsible building and maintaining digital 3G EVDO network January 2000 - November 2009 PRIMECO PCS PCS System Technician December 1997 - January 2000 Responsible for Maintenance of twenty cells sites in PrimeCo PCS system, including telco interface and reserve power. SCI Contracted to Lucent Technologies RF Engineer September 1997 - December 1997 Optimized AT&T 1900 MHz PCS System in Detroit. Utilized Test Mobile Systems (TEM S) Software for Windows '95.with PCS/TDMA Erricsson Phone (MS) Programming. GTE WSSO Field Service Engineer October 1996 - July 1997 Installation, Optimization and repair of AT&T AutoPlex 1000 (Series II, IIm,IImm ) Cellular Base Stations, Establishing and Testing T1 circuits. ComeForce Cell Technician June 1996 - October 1996 Installation and Optimization of Motorola SC 4850 CDMA Cellular Base Station. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY ( continued ): GTE Government Systems - TMT, Seoul Korea Cellular Field Service Engineer December 1994 - April 1995 As a member of The Korea Cellular Telecommunication project. Repair, Maintenance

and Optimization of 174 AT&T AutoPlex Series II Cell Sites. Electric Utility Department, City of Austin Communication System Technician June 1994 - December 1994 Responsible for Maintenance of Telemetry and Telecommunication System. GTE Government Systems - CTI, Buenos Aires, Argentina Cellular Field Service Engineer December 1993 - April 1994 Operation Quick Start Engineering Support for Argentina Cellular Installation an d testing. GTE Government Systems Field Electronic Technician August 1989 - April 1993 Responsible for receiving and checking out MSE (Mobile Subscriber Equipment) at destination fielding site, troubleshoot and repair discrepant equipment utilizin g special tools and test equipment. Demonstrate MSE to Government Representatives and assist in problem resolution. Provide technical support during training cycle and coordinate with MSE Engineer ing/Support functions to insure a quality MSE product. Brown and Root (Radio Communication Group) 1988 - 1989 SOLAR Communication (Offshore Telecommunications) 1987 - 1989 Bibbins and Rice (Offshore Telecommunnications) 1986 - 1987 Datacom Offshore Communication 1985 - 1986 Brazos Communication (Two-Way Shop) 1979 - 1985 TRAINING: ALCATEL - 1630 SX SONET CROSS-CONNECT O/M HP 8935 - CDMA Test Set CL 3800 - AT&T Introduction to PCS CDMA Cell Site CL 3805 - AT&T CDMA Cell Site Maintenance CL 2404 - AT&T Introduction to AutoPlex System Mobile Switching Center CL 2501 - AT&A AutoPlex System 1000 Cell Site Maintenance Introduction ND 2630 - Introduction to AT&T Fiber Optic Products ND 2200 - Installing Optical Cables, St II Connectors, Mechanical Optical Splic es and testing Optical Cables EQUIPTMENT EXPERIENCE: AT&T SERIES I, II, II m, II mm, TDMA and CDMA MENI CELL Motorola 4850 CDMA Cellular Base Station HP 8921, 8935, (cell test sets), HP Network Analyzer and HP power meters T 10 Test Set T Bird Test set RF Power Meters