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SKILLS INVENTORY: Hardware: Mainframe Series (IBM, Hitachi, etc.) Languages: COBOL/COBOL II, IDMS ADS / O, IDMS COBOL/BATCH Database: IDMS Release Versions 10 / 12 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 : (Design, Development, Enhancements, Maintenance / Support) Online: IDMS ADS / O, IDMS-DC, CICS Tools / Utilities: TSO / ISPF, Changeman, Endevor, Librarian, OPC, Panvalet, JC L / Procs, JCLPLUS, VSAM, IDCAMS, CLIST, FTP, NDM, etc. VISIO, and other Microsoft products (e.g. Excel, Outlook, Sh arePoint, Word, etc.). Mainframe Utilities : Sort products, Allocate, Copy and Gene rate dataset products; Easytrieve, Fileaid, Infoman; SDLC methodology. IDMS Components : ADSA, ADSC, ADS DME, CULPRIT, DIBOL, DMLO, IDD, ,IDDM, MAPC, OLQ(M), OLQ(N). IDMS database experience includes creation and modifications to database data elements, records, and indexes. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: 11/2008 to 05/2010: Client - TGSLC, Round Rock, TX Staff Consultant for C & T Consulting Services, L.L.P. Performed IDMS database development, enhancements, and maintenance support via S DLC for a student loan corporation. Main functions : financial loan origination, disbursement, database update and interface. Extensive use of IDMS products : ADS/O (ADSA, ADSC, MAPC), DMLO, IDD, IDDM, OLQ, OLQ MENU, DMLO, Cobol / Batch IDMS, Cobol / IDMS - DC, etc. Produced and updated IDMS interfaces to DB2 and WEB based applications. Participated in individual project rolls and in project teams. The environment : mainframe based, with IDMS ADS/O, IDMS-batch, IDMS - DC, DB2, COBOL, JCL / Procs, VSAM, Microsoft products (SharePoint, Excel, Word), and usag e of other utilities. 04/2001 to 11/2008: Delta Dental / HP - EDS, Rancho Cordova, CA Information Analyst Application development, enhancement and maintenance of dental and medical syste ms (MediCal, DentiCal) for the State of California, and other clients. Interfaci ng with users and other support staff to determine requirements, create or chang e components, and implementation of application systems. The environment was IDM S Release 16, batch and online. Applications consisted of Claim processing, bene fit eligibility, Provider information, Fraud Detection and Prevention, etc. Utilizing : ADS/O, Cobol, IDMS batch Cobol, Cobol / IDMS - DC, JCL, Changeman, O PC, and other utilities. Provided development, enhancement, and maintenance supp ort for the IDMS DentiCal application database. 06/1999 to 04/2001: Ernst & Young Application Services, Chicago, IL Senior Analyst II Application outsourcing for a client in the telecommunications industry (Sprint

Corporation). Develop, enhance, and maintain IDMS application systems for customer and locatio n information servicing SLA. The environment is mainframe, utilizing IDMS ADS/O an d batch, Cobol, CICS, Easytrieve, JCL, Librarian, and other utilities. 08/1998 to 06/1999: Client - Comdisco, Rosemont, IL Staff Consultant for Technisource Performed development, enhancements, and maintenance support on an IDMS applicat ion database for a technology leasing / disaster recovery corporation. Major projects included enhancements for billing, pricing, and sales applications. The environment was mainframe based, with IDMS ADS/O and batch, COBOL, JCL, Endevor, and other utilities. 07/1996 to 12/1996; 03/1998 to 08/1998: Client - GE Capital, Barrington, IL Staff Consultant for DCI (07/1996 to 12/1996) Staff Consultant for Stopka and Associates (03/1998 to 08/1998) Application development and enhancements to support a large auto leasing portfol io. Involved with user interfaces to produce data extracts and reports on a schedule d basis. Worked on mainframe applications using COBOL and IDMS. Provided developme nt, enhancements, and maintenance support on an IDMS application database. 12/1996 to 03/1998: Client - United Airlines, Elk Grove, IL Staff Consultant for IMI Airline cargo and pricing support and development. Interface with clients to det ermine and deliver requirements. Environment was IDMS, COBOL II, JCL and utitilities, i ncluding CLIST, and VSAM in the mainframe environment. Performed development, en hancements, and maintenance support for the Airline Cargo IDMS application datab ase. 05/1995 to 07/1996: Client - Spiegel, Downers Grove, IL Staff Consultant for Energetix Development and maintenance on retail, marketing, and customer information appli cations. Produced datafiles extracted from an IDMS database. Used CICS, COBOL, IDMS, VSAM , and Fileaid. Performed development, enhancements, and maintenance support on an IDMS Retail / Marketing appliation database. 12/1994 to 05/1995: Client - Greyhound Corporation, Dallas, TX Staff Consultant / subcontractor for HW and Associates Performed application conversions, maintenance, and enhancements for a transport ation application. The environment was mainframe, using IDMS and COBOL. Performed development, enhancements, and maintenance support of an IDMS transpor taion database. 03/1994 to 12/1994: Client - State Government of Iowa, Des Moines, IA Staff Consultant for Global Computer Associates Development of applications for a Federal mandated project for Human Services Di vision. User interfacing, team coordination using IDMS and COBOL II.

Served as a project team lead and project team member. Performed development, enhancements, and maintenance support for a Child Support / Human Services IDMS application database for the State of Iowa. 06/1991 to 03/1994: American President Companies, LTD., Oakland, CA Senior Systems Analyst Development, enhancement, and maintenance of applications supporting an internat ional intermodal transportation corporation. Applications included marketing and logis tics on a mainframe using IDMS (batch and Ads / O online), and COBOL. Involved with user requirements, design, modification, and maintenance support f or an intermodal IDMS application database. 04/1974 to 06/1991: GTE Directories Corporation, Dallas, TX Technical Analyst II Conversions, development, enhancements, and maintenance support of IDMS applicat ions supporting advertising, customer billing, marketing, publishing, and sales applications. Mainframe environment : IDMS : Ads / O, IDMS batch Cobol, IDMS - DC Cobol; Assembler, COBOL, and VSAM, utilities (e.g., CLIST, Panvalet, Sort, JCL / Procs) . Prior to promotion to the application program area in 1982, performed in Computer Operations management. EDUCATION: Omega State Technical Institute Chicago, IL (Federal Communications / Electronics) Graduated in 1973 - Federal Communications.