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History of the business: Mrs. Khan got ready & reached the banquet hall.

As soon as she stepped into the hall, her friend who was waiting to welcome the quests looked at her & said, “You look lovely today as always.” Later that night, more friends admired her look & complimented her on the make-up this was not the first time Mrs. Khan was admired for her make-up skills. She had previously done a few make-over of brides in the family. However, the idea of becoming a professional make-up artist had come to her mind for the first time that night. At that time Mrs. Khan was taking care of her deceased husbands business. She didn’t have a lot of know how about that business & was not willing to give up the control to anyone for good. This put her under a lot of pressure. She had four daughters & a son to take care off. Out of them only two of her daughters Ruksar & Hina were mature enough to lend a helping hand. Under these circumstances she decided to open her own beauty salon as it was something of her interest. The importance of beauty salons was increasing. This concept was initially introduced by Chinese parlors. At that time women usually relied on beauty salons to prepare them for their wedding day. However, as women started contributing economically, they had no time to beautify themselves. Moreover, media was also playing its roles. Looking beautiful every day was now just as imported as looking good on the wedding day. This ideology was now also growing amongst the local women. Beauty salons were becoming responsible for the grooming of women. In the beginning they offered basic treatments like threading, waxing, hair cutting & styling has now become very important. Therefore, setting up a business that offered services which were the need for women was a brilliant idea. The finances were arranged by selling of other business. She felt that it was risky to start up a salon with huge space & equipment without knowing the market response. Therefore a marketing research was conducted in Defence, Gulberg, Faisal town & Model Town to see where a beauty salon was needed the most. The result indicated that Faisal Town was suitable in many ways. Firstly, because Faisal Town was not developed at that time, hence, the prices there were very economical & fitted into her budget. Secondly, the property that she was interested in was near her residence. Thirdly, she was aware of the fact that the area was going to develop very soon & the demand for service industry is also going to increase. Initially, due to financial constraints, Mrs. Khan decided to open the salon in a compact two room place, with a limited numbers of staff that mainly consisted of family members. At that moment of time beauty/ service industry was likely to reach a boom. Entering the market proved to be a vital step as there were not many service oriented salons then. Afterwards she decided to select a name for the salon which should be short, different, memorable & attractive to younger generation. Then considering many options she chose the name & a mission statement:

The demand for bridal make-up & hair treatment was growing very rapidly. As a result Mrs. make-up & skin treatments. This training gave her more knowledge about hair dying. Khan had. Khan realized that she was losing costumers & people were becoming anxious & were leaving as they had to wait a lot to be attended. “BEAUTY NEEDS AN EXPERT” respectively. the type of costumers visiting also increased. Khan decided to construct a third floor. Therefore. To accommodate the things that were displaced. As the branch size increased.“NIKKI’S SALON”. She believed that shortage of space & costumer turnover indicated that more space was required. This was a big problem brings in a new opportunity. Realizing this fact one of the owners Hina Khan went for training to Schwarzkopf academy in Hamburg. These years marked the success for Nikki’s. Hina went to attend training workshops in Pakistan which mainly consisted of hair. She laid emphasis on education of all her children. the second floor was already serving as a bridal studio & a store. after completing their studies he two elder daughters Hina & Ruksar started helping her with the business. Hina did not only introduce this idea in her parlor but also started training other salons. Khan’s daughters This new branch was ideally located to retain the old costumers and also attract new ones. streaking & treatment. Mrs. The new branch proved to be both profitable a popular image. This branch ran successfully & attracted new costumers for four years. she decided to expand the salon to the second floor. Mrs. However. Furthermore. Moreover. A WOMEN’S WORLD IS FULL OF PROBLEMS . After 4 years of operation even this new branch seemed small for the amount of costumers turning up every day. she brought in a new idea of straightening therapy into the beauty market. She purchased a two floor building near the old branch in the commercial area of Faisal Town. to polish her skills & learn new ones. Khan decided to expand after 8 month of operating. The popularity of Nikki’s was growing & more costumers were coming in everyday. the design & interior was done by Mrs. It took almost a month to transform the ground floor & basement into a beauty salon. The success of Nikkis’s was determined partially because they had no competition. INDUCTING DAUGHTERS IN BUSINESS Running a beauty salon necessarily requires an educational background which Mrs. HOUSING THE GROWING BUSINESS After the increasing popularity & demand for Nikki’s it was not possible to fit people in the same small branch.

make-up section skin section & hair section. During that time costumer dissatisfaction increased as long waiting lines were formed during the weekends on busy days. Other than this print media was also used. After analyzing the costs of services & those products we compare them to the market prices. hundreds of the ‘so called’ officials from different authorities come to seek satisfaction of their illegal demands. an owner at Nikkis. the vast reception took care of costumers attendants. so the costumers do not feel they did not get value for money. If a female tries to do something. it was dangerous to construct the third floor as it can be harmful for the entire building. PRICING STRATEGY Services as affordable as possible. We try to make our strategy has been followed till after almost three years of renovation. “Nikki’s started advertising in famous fashion magazines like Libas and brides & you. Mrs. Mrs.” The officials think that a women oriented business is poorly managed. she said “At Nikkis we give due consideration to quality. The space on the second floor was properly accumulated. A bigger & more attractive Board was also displayed in front of the improved Nikki’s branch” said miss Ruksar Khan. These officers were petty & created a lot of disturbance. The second floor also had a facial room. This process of getting the map approved took another six months. Women generally are perceived to be dumb in our society. At times were notices from PHA. MARKETING STRATEGY Mrs. Khan had to employ an architect to build a proper map that would meet the requirements of LDA & satisfy them. Two billboards were rented: one in Faisal Town & the other in Defence to capture various types of costumers. Therefore. It had several departments. Dealing with them was a waste of time & the client were also being ignored during their presence. This When we inquired about the pricing strategy used. It was further separated into different areas like manicure & pedicure section. The old clients would talk about the beauty salon to other family members & friends. On the right a proper manicure & pedicure section was constructed. Khan had revealed that the current environment demanded a new kind of marketing strategy. The popularity & increasing number of costumers was owed to word of mouth more than an advertising campaign. beauty business is no different! For this reason the low grade/junior officer’s visits were a nuisance every day. However. DEALING WITH ISSUES IN OUR ENVIRONMENT Further problems were caused by the authority members. Their main focus is to benefit from others problems & worries as much as possible. “in our society corruption has spread every where like plague. Mrs. This room had the perfect ambiance to help the tired housewives & working women relax. Our products are imported. Khan faced a big problem. Moreover. The entire first floor served as the hair section. Lastly. The entrance on the second floor was faced by the bridal section. When she went to the Lahore Development Authority office to get the map of the third floor approved they rejected it.At this point Mrs.” . the prices are determined by: the costs ant the market prices. Khan recalled that experience. Khan now decided to have some direct control & advertise according to a strategy & cover other areas of Lahore as well. At this point the marketing strategy had to take into consideration the fierce competition & to exploit the expansion of services & facilities of NIKKI’S. The ground for rejection was such that. The medium of marketing used till that time was word of mouth. In our initial days at “NIKKI’S” we had to encounter such problems almost every day.

“We were still unsure of her statement. The already skeptical management nicely told Mrs. she would not have intended to pay at all. THE HAZARDS OF THE BUSINESS . Hence. Had the management not been slightly firm with her.” That murmuring was heard by a staff member who without wasting time informed the management. “huh! These people are looting us. for approximately 3 to 5 hours. this time she wanted to get her hair straightened using the same technique. She had a cup of tea & exclaimed that her husband would pay the charges when he will come to pick her up.LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE A Useful Tool for Marketing Policy! She still remembered one interesting experience. The management took half the money & returned her jewelry. Her first visit was both pleasant & profitable. After inquiring about the charges she made herself comfortable. Therefore. This is a lengthy procedure where salon has to maintain consistent temperature. She got the service done. she turned up again. Later she turned up with half the money & said that the service she chose was over-priced & not up to mark. She came to get her daughter’s hair straightened by Japanese technique called Rebonding therapy. However. Everything went smooth until the final wash & blows dry. She said that she cannot afford the treatment. She didn’t follow these instructions. the management had put its foot down. throughout the treatment. Three days later. “One gets to experience all sorts of clients in day to day routine but there are some who leaves a mark by their personality & mannerism. he would create trouble for her. teaching the management an important lesson about not to trust anyone for money. She was forced to leave her jewellery over the reception counter till she came back with the money.” Mts. there is no way I am paying such money. At that time she revealed that her husband did not drop her & she drove to the salon in the morning. Erum later made a phone call. Erum that it would be fair if she calls somebody from her home to deliver the money instead of driving back. Erum got furious & started shouting that she is not a thief neither she would run away with such a small amount of money. Mrs. This incident reaffirmed the tried & tested rule of business “All payments be made in advance”. paid & left in a very pleasant mood as her daughter loved her new look. she would arrange for the money herself. She reappeared with the remaining amount after three days & took her jewellery back. In fact if her husband found out about such a big bill for a hair job. It is a condition that one cannot tie up their hair for almost 24 hours after Rebonding. When her hair was completely dry she informed the management that her husband that not coming to pick her up & she told drive back home herself? “We were surprised that there was a car parked outside for which she had keys” said the staff.

Consumer satisfaction is the main aim for Nikkis. She had misjudged the culprit as the costumer’s relative & therefore did not stop her from picking up the bag. This incident proved to the management that no one can be judged or trusted on appearance. Hina recalled this event. Having such an unfortunate event was an actual blow to our. she bent down to pick up the bag and to her surprise it was gone! She suddenly started shouting. as it was her responsibility to take care of her belongings. She went inside and looked around. She demanded that the girl attending her must be questioned. called for the management and insisted that she must be compensated for her loss. Despite being on high alerts and displaying notices that read “Clients are requested to look after their belongings themselves. After getting her services completed. After her accusations the management inquired what had happened from girl who was doing her services. Anything could happen at any given moment. Once a pregnant lady paid visit to the salon. Ms. . She was a relative of a client & had to go beyond the reception area and into the main hall which was occupied to its full capacity at that time. The costumer whose bag was stolen was not in a position to notice her or think what could happen at that point as her bag was lying under the chair. Consumer satisfaction is the main aim for Nikkis. The staff & also encounted such an event that moved everyone. minor incidents cannot be prevented.Some client visits are so messy that they disturb the staff & leave a mark on an organizations reputation. the management will not be responsible for any losses”. The staff also encountered such an organizations reputations. Costumers who are interested in getting their services done are allowed beyond reception area. “Public places are where one needs to be careful & pay maximum attention to look after her belongings. when she saw that no one was noticing her she picked up a costumer’s bag and fled on a rickshaw.