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required fora 80A Deiemine proleclon ihe w ieeder a 125V DCnelwork th an on pole earhednegative andan lsc ot 15 kA.

Example2 ror requned a Delerrnine pfolection lhe w i00 A ieeder a 250V DCnetwork th ar on eanhed dde pqint an lsc oJ15kA m and I

Example 3 for Determ lhe protectoq ne required a V 40OAieeder an unearlhed2S0OC on neiwork wllhan lsc o135kA.

ndi€testhala Ncl00Fl Thelabeopposile (30 circu breaker kA,2q 125V) shoud be t bo$ cncuil / abovendcal€slhat Thetable be poles shoLld lned on lhe positive breaker poleof thenetuork can breakerpole be Ar addiiionalcircu Jor ve iinedonthe negal poe ol the nenlolk isoaton p! rposes

toa oi Eachpolewl be exposed maxmum U l 2= 1 2 5 v . NclooH Thelabe opfisireindicaieslhat ( 3 0k a , 2 P 1 2 5 ) ,N S 1 0 0 ( 5 0k A ,1 q . ' , , V N 125V) or Nsf60N(50kA,1e 125.V) circuil breakers d be Lsed. shou Thetable above indicates bolhcircuil that pad n the breaking breaker mustiake aoles at a vollage 125V..; oi

hat NS400H Thetableoppos ird cates te (85 be c rcuirbreakers kA, 1q 25! V)should mlsl tale pani. used.Ai east2 poles lhal b!ea|.|no. tableabovendicales lhe The h4lr&rrumber oJ cu r oreaxerlges : on r-".uned lorbreallno shouldbeJilled tlre hallon lhe neqali!ePole.


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