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CMCI # 07530 CMAA # A0284 General Contractor's License B 574774 since 1989 University of Phoenix- BS degree- Business/Construction Management-gpa3.88 OSHA Health & Safety Certificates, Safety and Beautification Awards, CPR & First Aid Certificates, Conditional Use and SWPPP training, prior EIT & NSPE engineer ing Associate and licensed real estate agent Gentlemen, my Professional Profile: I am a broad-based (hands-on) design/development construction professional. I ha ve successfully completed over 1,200 structures starting form medical buildings to Airports/ Aerospace and Pharmaceutical to $100m mixed use urban centers. Many projects included concept, design/ entitlements, budget, licenses, permits, sch edules, contracts, inspections, close-outs, commissioning and turn-over. Some we re Green Buildings, some were complicated data/ phone centers and others clean r ooms/ laboratories. I have a strong work ethic (I have worked since 7-years old). My experience is f rom the drafting table to Superintendent, Project Manager, VP/ Director of Opera tions, Manager of Design & Construction and now a CCM. Have supervised and coord inated teams of designers, construction personnel, estimators, accountants, proj ect managers and the associated administrative/ operational support staff. I hav e solid people skills, tact, diplomacy, professional attitude, and tenacity when dealing with negotiations and problem resolution. I am proficient in cost efficiency, fast-track phase management, design/build lo gic, architectural- mechanical-electrical-plumbing design and I can offer sound alternatives related to value engineering. I have provided constructability revi ews; reduced costs and liability issues with detailed Scopes of Work for each tr ade. Experience: Leadership/ Team Building Entitlements/ Permits/ Inspect Budgets/ Critical Path QC/ QA management Safety Compliance OSHA & SWPPP Change Orders/ Progress Pymts. Meetings/ Status Reports Liaison with all share holders Selected Accomplishments: Supervised design/build town center in Venice Beach where people live & in the s ame neighborhood- to reduce traffic and anxiety. I have assembled teams, organiz ed, managed, met overall responsibility plus resolved structural and MEP problem s while building several such Podium Structures (listed on the next page) which are a mixed use structure with garages below grade, shops on the first floor, mu ltiple residential living on the upper floors and mechanical systems on the roof . The Gateway Hospital Podium was for homeless that were rehabilitated and now h ave a job literally across the street- with living quarters and central dining/ recreation and minimal supervisory staff.

Since 2000 I have been a Program/ Project Manager for large construction sitesresponsibility for safety, quality & the bottom line- bringing in a profit and m aintaining the schedule on very difficult sites. I enjoy solving puzzles- before they become problems. I have build phased projects- to minimize contamination a nd also for safety for food product or for students. I have managed requests for information that produced the least expensive solution to complex design issues . I have been fortunate to have worked with talented mentors that shared their e xperience with me and I look forward to sharing my experiences and enthusiasm wi th my teams. * Career Experience- (Quantity of Projects completed) (9) Aerospace projects, Clean Rooms & Labs (177) Kiosks & retail Shops (5) Hospitals and Medical Centers (8) Banks and Vaults (49) Manufacturing Equipment Buildings (560) Condos/Houses (2) Airports (4) Parking Garages (11) Dairy/ Freezer Plants (15) Restaurants/ Lounges (10) Telephone Buildings (387) Recreational Pools (8) High-rise Buildings & Podium Buildings (10) CPM Assignments (1) School Building + housing & restaurant (20) Student Housing Complex Bldgs Chronological Employment: Apr '09 ~ Current RH Development: CCM assignments and expert testimony in two trials Apr '07 ~ Apr '09 Intra Corp of Los Angeles $ 83m 4 over 3 Podium Structure: The 416 on Broadway, Glendale, CA $ 57m 4 over 2 Podium Structure: DeLacey at Greene Condos, Pasadena, CA $ 67m 3 over 2 Podium Structure: The Pioneer French Bakery Condos, Venice Beach Apr '03 ~ Apr '07 Fassberg Construction Co. $ 27m 5 over 2 Podium Structure: Teramachi Senior Housing, Little Tokyo, LA, CA $ 3m 2 over 1 Podium Structure: Gateway Halfway House, Silver Lake, LA, CA $ 41m 4 over 2 Podium Structure: UCLA Weyburn Terrace Housing, Brentwood, CA Mar '01 ~ Oct '02 ProWest PCM for UCSB $ 65m (800) bed (20) buildings: Manzanita Village, Goleta, CA UCSB

Jun '98 ~ Dec '00 Coca Cola Enterprises $ 60m Bottling Plant/ warehouse: Downey + Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Mar '89 ~ Jun '98 WRICO International Corp Manager of Design & Construction: Supervise design, research & superintendents.. . Meat Processing, Freezers, Food Processing, Hydroponic farm, television producti on lines, Plant relocations, New Production Building, Shipping facilities, inclu ding auto-stacking systems, robotics, conveyors, complex electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. Waste Treatment Plants, EPA Compliance, Conditional-Use-Pe rmit, governing agencies and permit processing, BOEING/ ROCKWELL, ANABOLIC LABS, BRIDGESTONE, CASIO, C&M FINEPACK, DAY LEE FOODS, EDWARD FINEMAN, FUJI FOODS, GE NERAL MOTORS, HAGEN DAAS, HILLERICH & BRADSBURY (LOUISVILLE SLUGGER), HITACHI, H ONDA AMERICA, J&V FOAM, K&B FOAM, MANNING FOODS, MARUCHAN NOODLES, MARUKAN VINEG AR, MATSUSHITA PRODUCTS, MICROSI, NICHIRIN, NPRC POLYSTRYRENE, PIONEER ELECTRONI

CS, PYRAMID OPTICS, RAYCHEM CORP, RAYTHEON, RICOH ELECTRONICS, SANYO FOODS, SCRI PTO TOKAI, TOA MEDICAL, UNION FOODS, HONEYWELL, KOMATSU FORKLIFTS, TOYOTA CATALY TIC, KYOWA AMERICA INJECTION MOLDING, MAZDA MOTORS, MARUZEN FILM, YOTEC CHROME, SHIN-ETSU SILICONE CHEMICAL, CUMBERLAND SWAN PACKAGING, TAKANE INJECTION MOLDING , TELEDYNE LAARS TRANSFORMERS. Aug '85 ~ Mar '89 Granville Black Construction Design & Estimating: HAGEN DAAS, KNUDSEN DAIRY, ARMORED TRUCK UNLOADING VAULTS WITH MAN TRAPS, MERCY GYMNASIUM MF G, BROWN'S BAKERY, AND DOZENS OF OTHER SMALLER PROJECTS Nov '83 ~ Aug '85 Anthony Industries Swimming Pools and Gunite- VP& Dir of Cons truction Operations- 380 pools/ year + Gunite of retaining walls and bridge repa irs. Dec '79 ~ Nov '83 Carl W. Johnson Engineering and Construction: General Motors Plant expansion, Pacific & GTE Telephone switch-over to ESS systems, Lockheed pr ojects, LAX refueling tanks. Oct '78 ~ Dec '79 Bixby Ranch Co. Owner's Rep and Superintendent for 800 condo p roject in West Covina. I have installed remodeled banks over a three-day weekend and installed five cle an rooms in six weeks (after design). The advantage was preplanning, value engin eering, positive proactive attitudes and being a champion to the endeavor. My wife and I are willing to relocate. References and additional project descriptions are available upon request.