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Don Dees - Executive Summary - April 14, 2010 Donald (Don) Dees 6600-1 East Franklin Road Norman, OK 73026

Mobile: 616.902.2894 EDUCATION Bachelor of Science - Industrial Administration (Finance and Production Manageme nt) General Motors Institute (1977 - 1982) Management Honor Society: Dean's List General Motors Co-op Program PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT * * * * * Harvard Graduate Business School - Executive Development Shainin Black Belt/Six Sigma The Wharton School (U of Penn) - Operational Restructuring Panel Phillip Crosby Quality College Allen Bradley PLC Computer Schools

HOBBIES Five children (12-21 years) Play golf, bird hunting, watch soccer Church and Charities Helped the Donations Committee for a major Charity to develop a full-length feat ure film called "Gimmee Shelter"

CEO, PRESIDENT AND OPERATIONS EXPERIENCE Mr. Dees has over 30 years of leadership experience in world-class manufacturing that include the Domestic "Big 3", European, and Asian manufacturers. Mr. Dees joined BHM as the President and CEO in May, 2007. BHM was sold in late 2009, and Mr. Dees is currently working for Matcor/Matsu, the purchaser, implementing the acquisition. Prior to joining BHM, Mr. Dees held the positions of Vice Presiden t of Quality and Service at Hyundai Motor America; VP of Manufacturing and VP of Quality at Daimler Chrysler; General Manager of Quality and Manufacturing at To yota; and, while at General Motors Corporation, Mr. Dees held executive position s of increasing responsibility in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Englan d. Mr. Dees has experience managing an operations business (with the revenues t hat he was responsible for) of greater than $20 billion and responsible for over 25,000 people. MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES & IMPROVEMENT Mr. Dees has a very good understanding of TPS. He has introduced and successful ly implemented comprehensive lean manufacturing processes including, Toyota Prod uction System, Standardized Operations, SQDCM Corporation Metrics, Throughput Ma nagement Process, Quality Gate Launch Process, Detailed Plant Floor Layered Proc ess Audits, Six Sigma Black Belt Process, Stamping and Welding Standards and Dai

ly Financial Total Cost Management Tracking, Supply Chain Development. Mr. Dees was the leading American for the Toyota Indiana Plants (2) for five (5) years. He developed the TPS Training Program and personally trained the first 600 peop le hired by the company. In addition, he started up the Opel Eisenach Plant in East Germany and the CAMI Plant in Ontario, Canada.

DIVERSE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Mr. Dees has three (3) years experience running a company that makes specialized products for John Deere, Caterpillar, CNH and others. Mr. Dees is currently he lping Matcor bid on work in aerospace and defense; working with TACOM, other gov ernment qualification offices, and with many prime contractors. Obviously, he h as vast experience in manufacturing processes, manufacturing systems, industrial engineering, and product development engineering, quality systems, global sourc ing, inventory control, logistics, and distribution management. Mr. Dees also l ead the Investment Banking Initiative to rise Millions of Dollars of new funding for the Company; working with Rothschild, on Wall Street.

LEADERSHIP & EXPERIENCE WORKING ACROSS THE ORGANIZATION 1. Mr. Dees Lead Hyundai's Quality and Service Improvement initiatives. Under Don's leadership; Hyundai improved to the top #1 non-luxury vehicle name plate a nd third position overall (3rd out of 70) (behind Porsche and Lexes). 2. In addition, while VP of Quality at DaimlerChrysler; A. We achieved over $1 Billion savings per year on improvements in the cost of w arranties. Said another way; we cut the Warranty cost per car in half through t he initiatives introduced under Don's Leadership. B. We implemented an overall Strategic Initiative for the entire company; includ ing; manufacturing, supplier quality, engineering and service. Don implemented t raining, measurement, and efficiency procedures that significantly strengthened our overall quality results. C. We introduced the Shainin Black Belt/Six Sigma Process to our company; traini ng over 1,000 people and saving over $100K per year. 3. In addition, while at Toyota; Mr. Dees lead the plant to win numerous Qualit y Awards; including; JD Power, Consumers Report, Truck of the Year

Don Dees - March 2010

Donald (Don) Dees 6600-1 East Franklin Road Norman, OK 73026 Mobile: 616.902.2894