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Power Distribution Management Projects. Smart Street Light Management System with value added software application for providing end to end solutions for energy management. It’s top-notch R&D laboratory. Govt. Batteries. it is committed to develop complex technologies at an affordable price.SEBI/CFD/DIL/CG/1/2004/12/10 dated 29th October.CORPORATE PROFILE Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. As a step forward Genus has launched IT enabled Distribution Transformer Metering System. Inverters. The high-end software developed by us has transformed the way metering is done. has enabled the company to dominate the power infrastructure and electronics segment’s engineering domain. approved by the Ministry of Science and technology. Hybrid microcircuits. Home UPS and Online UPS across India as well as globally. Corporate Code Of Conduct Compliance with SEBI Circular No. Equipped with avant-garde facilities and a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists. of India. 2004 . an ISO 9001: 2000 Public Limited Company forms an integral part of the reputed 300million USD Kailash Group. The company primarily deals in manufacturing and distribution of Electronic Energy Meters.. not only in India but globally as well. Feeder Monitoring and Management System.

. AMR METERS. PANEL METERS. CT OPERATED. ELECTROMECHANICAL METERS. ELECTRICITY METERS. PREPAID. HYBRID ICS.PRODUCTS Products : MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTER OF PRODUCTS AS ELECTRONIC ENERGY METERS-WHOLE CURRENT. Our products of Electronic Energy Meters Hybrid Microcircuits Contract Manufacturing Energy Management Systems (Intelligent Panel Meters) Electronic Auto/ Taxi Meters (Fare Meters) Inverters Digital Set Top Box. TRIVECTOR.

value and satisfaction for the stakeholders To attain leadership in developing. Always adhere to proper and high business ethics Provide a place and nurturing environment for our employees to flourish and grow Develop long term relationships with the vendors/business partners to support our goals Commitments to our Customers Investors Company Business Partners Employees Community To achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects of energy and diversified business with focus on our end users To maximise creation of wealth. on-time delivery and support. price. To foster a culture of participation and innovation for employee growth and contribution To help enrich the quality of life of the community and preserve ecological balance and heritage through a strong environment conscience . adopting and assimilating stateof-the-art technology for competitive advantage To cultivate high standards of business ethics and Total Quality Management for a strong corporate identity and brand equity. Genus has clearly identified mission and values which form the basis of our commitments. innovative products and services in electrical and electronic fields. Mission Delight customers with high quality.MISSION & VALUES Our Mission. Vision and Values are like core ideals that remain relatively steady and provide guidance to keep our goal in focus. Values • • • • Exceed customer satisfaction in terms of quality.

So the old structures in the company are continuously reformed from time to time to make the organization more flexible in the face of rapid environmental change as well as more responsive to the needs of customers. "TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More". Training and cross-training programs help the people to direct their individual accomplishments towards an organizational objective. As rightly it has been said.MANAGEMENT Genus always believes that a good team and an effective management is the key for competing in today's global arena. .

India 2002 Genus Design & Development recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research. USA 2005 AMR/Pre-payment Meter launched 2005 Ventured into Power Distribution Management Projects 2006 Establishment of two joint venture companies in Brazil 2006 State of the art manufacturing facility at Haridwar commissioned 2007 ERP software package SAP implemented successfully 2007 First company in India to obtain DLMS certification for Energy Meters . Let us have a look at the major milestones of Genus. of India 2004 India's first Sure Sine Wave™ Super Inverter™ launched 2004 Rated among top 100 Electronic companies in India by EFY 2004 Lean Manufacturing implemented with TBM consultants.MILESTONES Milestones are checkpoints for the company to evaluate. which are like footprintsinvaluable for the past and guidelines for the future: 1994 Company founded for manufacturing Thick Film Hybrid Microcircuits & SMT PCB Assemblies 1996 Pioneered unique tamper proof Single & Three Phase Electronic Energy Meters in India 1996 Commercial Production started 1997 ISO 9001 : 1994 & IECQ Certifications 1998 Became largest manufacturer of Energy Meters 1999 Multi-functional & Multi-tariff Meters launched 2000 Rated as 7th turnaround company of India by Business World. analyze and tune up the further steps. Govt.

Improved customer service: In a deregulated environment. We have broadly classified the benefits to the society by using our products as under: • • Benefits to the electricity consumer Benefits of AMR System to Electric Power distribution utility o Technical Benefits o Economic benefits Scientific and Technical Advancement • Benefits to the electricity consumer • • • • • • • • • • • Accurate billing statements and improved service due to fully atomization and online connectivity of meter. AMR System can help utilities improve customer service by providing timely and accurate bills. Implementation of real-time pricing: Variable rate tariffs based on the time of day can be used to discourage usage during • .SOCIETAL IMPACT With advent of the new age. and improving the process of resolving meter reading disputes. Different Tariff Rates can be applied on Hour basis. Controlling the Legal and un-legal leakage in power line by efficient auditing. Precise meter reading 1% (in fact it's close to 0. Continuous monitoring of energies by consumers by compact Remote enable Display units that can be switched in any power Socket. The technology promises to benefit all the parties involved in electric Power distribution and Management beginning from the utilities generating such power and the end consumers using it. customer satisfaction and retention are key components of a successful utility. More analyzing and reports for power consumptions and power factor. Load customer Load Profiles. Benefits of AMR System to Electric Power distribution utility Technical Benefits • • No need to go at meter place to read the Bills. Genus has committed itself to development of new projects in tune with the latest technology. MD shoot ups. reducing customer disruptions caused by manual reads.1%) Provide Quality Power to the consumers by instantly detecting the tampers. Can easily be mounted on poles to prevent theft and tamper. automating outage notification. Disable mistakes in meter reading. Improved security because the meter readers no longer need to gain access to the property Allows customers to move easier between different rates creating greater choices.

remote connect or disconnect services.1%) Possibility to give statistical information for power consumption of each region and on the base of this information Electric Power Company has possibility to plan and develop the system. • • • Scientific and Technical Advancement Development of cluster metering and associated technologies result in the development of highly integrated end to end energy measurement / auditing / management solutions to the utilities. Improved fraud detection: System allows utilities to detect whether or not a meter has been tampered with or if wires have been cut at the meter. Disable possibility to physically to stop the meter from working using strong magnets. Billing cost & indirect Cost. It is also a step in the direction of increased technology convergence. Accountants. Enable automatic update of the system without any additional costs It is a highly Lucrative Solution as a large number of meters is attached to just single GPRS connection. including: remote credits of prepayment meters. Highly tamper proof thereby increasing revenues to the utilities. . This enables utilities to reduce the maximum capacity of their plant and therefore achieve a better return on capital. The system will flag the account with a code notifying the meter reader to investigate the situation. The problem is particularly acute in countries where certain states require residential meters to be read once a month. reverse load side connections. Distribution automation: System allows utilities to provide better customer service through enabling a greater level of functionality over their distribution network. Precise meter reading 1% (in fact it's 0. Conventional meter reading is a labor-intensive process and can represent a considerable percentage of a utility's operating costs. tamper/leak detection and outage notification. Economic Benefits • Reduced meter reading costs: Saving Meter Readers. Ability to use GIS (Geographic Information System) map that enable to see location of each meter and through it to receive history for energy consumption. Ability to make computerized plan to reduce price in different peak times for energy consumption. routing the load through earth.• • • • • • • peak hours and smooth demand. High RF radiations with immediate acknowledgment of alarms at the base station and Auditing reports.


I personally booked tickets for official staff and guests via Train and Air Mode respectively. Thus at the Genus. All these bookings are done only after the approval of the director or the authority designated for such purposes. After the approval from there. the concerned person tickets are booked ( as per the travel mode being approved by the agent). I also learned how to book Taxis. At Genus on an average there are 50-75 bookings per day ( nation wide ). POOJA (Executive front office). . Mostly are done for the marketing people or servicing staff across the country.TOUR & TRAVELS BEGNING AT FRONT OFFICE OF AN ORGANIZATION with the manpower of 2500+ numbers it is really important and critical to arrange for the tour for official and personal purposes (some times). There are travel agent with whom co. has tie-up & which is renewed every year. There are also a team of 7 Drivers who are rotated as per their schedule. along with the Drivers. Trains and Air Tickets etc…. For this purpose I coordinated with Miss. international bookings for tour and taxis are also made. For higher level management. 4 of them are whole time engaged with the Directors. there are three cars’ and one Bus for transport purpose and connivance. In my second week of training.

Being ---. For some important meetings and conferences. As the first representative of the last impression of the organization is made through this part of the organization. vendors and customers and maintaining the housekeeping & maintaining the decorum of the Front Office. 00. announcements forms a very important source of communication/ spreading any message across the organization in all the 3 factories.ft. Therefore at the Genus I also did few of them and have learnt this very important part of smooth functioning of the organization.In the III week of my training I was also involved in the making announcements. Making Announcement: Genus has constructed area of across 1.000 sq. entertaining the guests. & land area of across 25000 sq. that generate the requirement of making announcement for general messages like “Good morning” or “Attention” Mr. There can . ft. ___ & Mrs. ___ so & so.