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Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shiver: Life and Relationships By Joni Patry, USA


oni has been a practicing astrologer and

teacher for over 30 years, and founder of the “Galactic Center” in Dallas. She has been an online Vedic Instructor for the Online College, for the American College of Vedic Astrology’s Online program, is a faculty member for ACVA (American Council of Vedic Astrology), and served as the executive secretary for CVA (Council of Vedic Astrology), where she published and distributed the International CVA Journal. As a writer, she has published three books and many articles and research in Vedic astrology. Her book Eastern Astrology for Western Minds is a complete manual of Vedic astrology. Joni has organized international symposiums and is often a keynote speaker for national and international conferences. She has been on national television and radio programs as an authority on both Western and Vedic astrology. Her clientele includes the Who’s Who of America, including Hollywood celebrities. Her web site,, has a good deal of information for all students of astrology. She can be contacted at


elationships are coming under the microscope. Sexual indiscretions are surfacing for us to become more aware of our motivations so growth and healing can occur in our world and society. The media has revealed the many powerful men who are disloyal to their partners. It seems control, power and money which are definite attributes that come through fame and politics attracts some very extreme examples of infidelity in marriage. Powerful people take advantage of their position and attract those who also want power. The blame is always put on the aggressor but the fact is the victim is aware the person is married and unavailable. For the most part powerful people such as politicians, movie and rock stars, and the very wealthy are prone to infidelity

because of their over sense of ego and there is definitely more opportunities from the opportunists. To name a few politicians who have been unfaithful Gary Hart, John Edwards, John F Kennedy, President Clinton and recently Tiger Woods and now Arnold Schwarzenegger are the subject of betrayal. What motivates them to live in a lie? And are they so compelled that they cannot resist their sexual urges. I believe there is a deeper issue than just the sexuality. It involves the ego and the need to feel powerful over others. This of course is motivated by a deep sense of insecurity. It is like any addition which is motivated by a need to be in control and the more one tries to be in control the more out of control one becomes. This is evident in eating disorders.


he secrets that one keeps will imprison them all the more, and self respect is lost resulting in very self destructive behaviors. The damage is done most of the time in childhood. Our parents as our role models imprint on our soul with the negative conditioning in early childhood. Our mental and emotional tendencies we are born with become activated by the stimulation of our early environment. At an early age deep resentments are formed from verbal or physical abuse and opportunities to strike back at others to prove our self worth becomes a natural unconscious reaction throughout life. There will always be deep resentments at the core of any destructive controlling nature. The unconscious betrayals are motivated by resentments that initiate in childhood but they later chose partners who somehow cause them to feel trapped and they get revenge. Our soul’s purpose is to learn through these experiences which are revealed through our birth charts. With awareness and consciousness we will view life’s experiences as opportunities for growth for we have free will to choose our path within these conditions. What is it in an astrological chart that will determine these destructive behaviors seen in those who become consumed with power and control and the manipulation of others which essentially equates to infidelity? Of course everything is revealed in a birth chart and with this conscious awareness we can overcome our natural tendencies within our birth chart.

The Birth Chart of Arnold Schwarzenegger


rnold was born in a very strict Austrian/German family where his father beat him for any disobedience. He said all children were treated this way in his area. He never experienced affection or love from his father. He said his father had no patience for listening to his problems, he put up a wall. His father served as a Nazi for

the German army during World War II. His mother was a widow before she married his father and had a child from her previous marriage. His father showed so much favoritism toward his step son that there was always an unfounded suspicion that Arnold was not his child. From this early experience Arnold rebelled, he said he wanted to become rich and be somebody.

His brother was killed in a car accident in 1971 and a year later his father died, he never attended either of their funerals. Obviously, this points to his deep inner resentments. In his chart he has the Sun which is the karaka (indicator for) the father with Saturn, Venus and Pluto. Saturn conjunct the Sun will indicate the lack of self esteem and those with this aspect will always aspire to ways to feel their sense of self worth. These planets are in Cancer which is a very sensitive sign. He developed a hard shell as with the sign Cancer will (the crabs) do in their way of dealing with emotional hurt. Both Saturn and Pluto rule issues of control and the conjunction with the Sun can reveal control issues from the father that transfer into control issues all their own. Saturn also rules the 9th house of the father further indicating his father’s excessive control conjunct his Sun. The 2nd house is the house of money and early childhood which his negative early conditioning made him strive to become in control of his life through money or his quest to become rich. His family had financial problems; he remembers the highlight in childhood when his family bought a refrigerator. This is due to the difficult energy of malefics Sun, Saturn and Pluto in the 2 nd house of money and childhood.


But Arnold was close to his mother whom he remained in contact with till her death. As to his brother, he has Mars the Karaka for brothers or siblings conjunct Rahu in the 12th house of loss. Rahu conjunct any planet means disruption and separation, indicating his loss and difficult relationship he had with him. Furthermore, Mars rules the 11 th house of the oldest sibling. His need to be in control was pronounced through his body building which requires extreme discipline and control. He even studied psychology because he wanted to gain more control over his mind. This meant he could be the best and be perfect. Perfectionism leads to many disorders because nothing can ever be perfect. He reached the highest award with body building and became Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympian seven times. And everything Arnold takes on in his life he has reached high awards and success such as in his acting career as well. Venus in his 2nd house in Cancer gave him the opportunity for success and money for it rules the very fortunate 5th house. Venus as the karaka for the wife (in a man’s chart) and ruler of the 5th house brings fortune and wealth through his wife. Additionally, the Moon is the ruler of the sign Cancer and ruler of the 2nd house of money it is in the 7th house of the partner or wife. This indicates a marriage that has a strong basis on money and wealth. Connections with the 2 nd and 7th house can mean the relationship has issues about money for good and bad. His Moon ruler of the 2 nd house of money in the 7th house of marriage can indicate those who marry for security and money. The Moon in the 7th house can also indicate change and fluctuations concerning marriage. The Moon in the nakshatra

Mula in the 7th house can indicate a very volatile marriage, and I have seen this placement represent infidelity many times. The Moon receives the 8th aspect from Mars indicating destruction and deep issues concerning marriage. This produced its effect in his recent split with his wife, for Mars and Rahu are in the 12th house of secrets. His Mercury is right on the ascendant in Gemini indicating his power, intelligence, sense of humor and adaptability. This is Bhadra yoga, when Mercury is in its sign of rulership (or exalted) on an angle. It means the qualities of Mercury become extraordinarily powerful. While in grade school he was remembered for his outgoing enthusiastic personality. Jupiter in the 5th house gives an intelligent mind and creativity. Jupiter trines his Mercury and his ascendant giving him luck and opportunities to find wealth and happiness. In the house of children this can bring children but there may be issues due to Jupiter here, causing imbalance with children. The karaka for children in the 5 th house of children is not good for children. This may be the indication of the emotional split and problems he has with his children due to the relationship problems with the mother(s).

Fixed Stars


he most prominent fixed stars in Arnold’s chart are the stars Caster (25 degrees Gemini sidereal and 19 degrees Cancer tropical) and Pollux (27 degrees Gemini sidereal and 22 degrees Cancer tropical) which are conjunct his ascendant and natal Mercury. These are the twins in Greek mythology, Caster was the good, smart but mortal twin and Pollux was the mean, tricky and immortal, who was deceiving and misused his energy. It is very interesting that this star is called Hercules in which Arnold was Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia seven times.

Transits and Predictions
he month of May 2011 Rahu and Ketu just shifted into the sign of Scorpio and Taurus. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and Taurus is ruled by Venus. These two planets Mars and Venus relate to relationships and the signs Scorpio and Taurus relate to money issues. While the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu transit through this area of the zodiac issues concerning relationships, love and money will surface in society. But in Arnolds chart Mars and Rahu are in the 12th house. These two planets together will give enormous drive and ambition with a highly charged sexual nature. The 12th house

pertains to loss, secrets and secret enemies. His Mars with Rahu can represent an obsessive addictive nature which had to do with his condition of being out of control due to his controlling nature. This was reinforced in early childhood and has karmic residue from a past life connecting him to his wife Maria Shiver who has her natal Venus exactly conjunct his natal Ketu at 7 degrees of Scorpio indicating this karmic destiny together. Planetary connections 1 in synastry (relationship compatibility charts) to Ketu (rules the past) in a chart will indicate connections from a past life. Her Venus connects with his nodal axis of Rahu and Ketu, and his Mars in the 12th house of indiscretion and secrets. Currently, transiting Ketu is now approaching his natal Mars in the 12 th house which also indicates his great loss through his addiction, and now is the time this lesson and fate must be surfaced for healing. He does have the opportunity for enormous growth if he is able to be conscious, aware and responsible enough to recognize this is an opportunity. In June (2011) transiting Mars will enter the 12th house conjuncting natal Rahu and casting the 8th aspect to his natal Moon in the 7th house of marriage. It looks like war! Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars will surface more problems and lies. It will be very difficult for him. There is even more is to surface as Ketu moves through this sign and crosses over his natal Rahu in July of 2012 for both transiting Jupiter and Ketu will conjoin his Rahu in his 12th house of loss and hidden agendas.


1 2

rnold entered the Jupiter maha dasha in February of 2010. This was the beginning of the uncovering of the truth. Jupiter rules his 7th house of marriage and is in his 5th house of children bringing these areas of his life to the forefront. When one enters a new maha dasha it becomes the new ascendant to process the chart through, and even the transiting planets should be viewed from this 2 nd ascendant. His 2 Mars and Rahu are in the 8th house from maha dasha ruler Jupiter; this is what surfaced the ugly lies and deceit. The transiting planets trigger the natal planets as they are
Synastry is a western astrology technique similar to a Vedic astrology technique but Indians have not mastered it to the way Western Astrologers have mastered it, hence a Vedic astrologer from west who has learnt this technique is far superiorly equipped than his Indian counterpart. Indians are requested to become more open minded and learn it. - SA A very important technique that has never been explicitly written by professional astrologers is whenever there is combination for scandals in natal chart and Rahu is found in 8th from MD or AD of Vimshottari or Rasi Dasas, one needs to be careful of scandals breaking out if transits also support it during those MD/ADs. - SA
3 Use BCP and you would find Arnold is running 64 th year, which as per BCP is the 4H of Virgo and 4H is the house of


chastity. Transit Saturn in Virgo the 4H of one’s chastity and Saturn is the 8L of sex scandals and also the Iron Man of Justice so it brought out the scandals of illegitimate children as it also aspects the natal Mer in transit, we all know Mer

considered from the maha dasha ruler as the new ascendant. This is how one is to read the dasha cycles. His Mars and Rahu (8th from Jupiter) are triggered by transiting Ketu which just entered Scorpio.

Maria Shriver’s Birth Chart


aria Shiver (wife of Arnold) has a difficult chart for relationships and marriage. She has a Taurus ascendant in which Venus rules the ascendant. Venus as the ruler of her chart is in the 7 th house of relationships with Rahu. Rahu in the house of marriage (7th house) is very difficult for partnerships and marriage and represents an extreme partner who can have an obsessive addictive personality. It also indicates a karmic relationship within marriage. Rahu conjunct Venus especially in the 7th house will indicate marriage to a foreigner. Maria has Venus with Rahu in Scorpio, and Arnold has Mars with Rahu in the same sign position in Scorpio. So Arnold’s Rahu/Mars are opposed Maria’s Venus/Rahu, his Ketu
stands for illegitimate child. Now A8 (scandals) is in the 5H of children with Jupiter (note the natal promise of scandals regarding love and children) and from there (5H as natal Asc) the 64 th year comes to the 8H of sex scandals. Now use BCP 2 / 3 as published in previous issues of SA where Jupiters 6 th and 10th aspect is described and see Tr Jup went into Aries, from there 6th from it is the 4H of chastity (light on chastity issues) and 10 th from it is the 8H of sex scandals, all BCP years via Asc and A8 and you would see how Tr Jupiter destroyed the image of Arnold. - SA

exactly conjoins her Venus. And the divorce was announced when Transiting Rahu entered her 7th house and it is aspecting his Mars/Rahu in his 12th house. This is so exact and telling of the situation in both of their lives. For her it is the divorce and for him it is the surfacing of secrets that create great loss in his life.

Transiting Saturn at 16 degrees of Virgo is conjunct her natal Mars which rules her 7 th house of relationships which indicates endings in marriage. Saturn is aspecting the 7th house by its 3rd aspect and her Rahu and Venus in the 7th house another indication of divorce. Transiting Saturn is aspecting Arnolds natal Mercury and his ascendant degree which means endings and extreme difficulty with obstacles that create heavy responsibilities. Maria recently lost her parents. Her mother was one of nine children of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, sister of President John F, Robert and Teddy Kennedy. Her mother died August 11th 2009 and her uncle Teddy Kennedy died two weeks later August 25 th 2009. Her father died January 18th 2011. She has endured great loses recently and now this huge bomb of her husband’s infidelity with the house keeper hit May 2011. It was revealed that her husband had an affair with the house keeper 14 years ago and had his baby while she continued to work in their home. Maria also became pregnant at the same time having her son only days apart from the house keeper’s son’s birth. This is a deep humiliating betrayal on such a profound level for Maria. She has just filed for a divorce. Maria has Saturn conjunct the Sun in her 6 th house of service, health, healing and work. Saturn also rules the 9th house of the father. But in Maria’s chart her Saturn is exalted in the house of health and healing and Maria made public the problems of Alzheimer

disease and wrote a book to educate on this subject. Her father was a positive and powerful influence in her life. She took care of her father and needed to heal others through awareness of this disturbing disease.

Fixed Stars


er Jupiter in the 4th house of heritage and the mother is conjunct Pluto at (5 degrees Leo sidereal Vedic astrology and 29 degrees Leo in Western tropical astrology). This is conjunct the brightest fixed star in the sky; Regulus which is the heart of the Lion in the constellation of Leo. This fixed star represents royalty, wealth and fame. This of course represents her heritage and mother’s fame of being a Kennedy which could be considered American royalty. Transiting Saturn was in her 4 th house when her mother’s health declined and she died in 2009. Maria’s ascendant degree is 3 degrees Taurus which is conjunct the very difficult fixed star Algol. Those who have this fixed star prominent in there chart will have great opportunities for enormous growth through profoundly deep and difficult experiences. Kala Sarpa yoga is where all the planets in the chart are encased between Rahu and Ketu. This makes for an intense life with dramatic and extreme events. This is definitely the case for Maria’s chart reflecting the radical events within her life. It marks a life of fate and destiny.



aria is in the Mars maha dasha and Rahu sub cycle (bhukti). It began June 2010. Mars rules the 7th house of marriage and Rahu is in the 7th house of marriage. As transiting Rahu triggers natal Rahu the bhukti ruler in 7th house of marriage this marks a time of marital discord. Furthermore, maha dasha ruler Mars is being aspected by transiting Saturn. Mars as the new ascendant during the Mars maha dasha places Jupiter 12th from Mars; this can indicate loss of the spouse. Jupiter rules the 7th house from Mars (Pisces) and is in the 12 th house from Mars. Transiting Jupiter in Aries is 8th from natal Mars indicating loss, death and inheritances. She will enter the Jupiter sub cycle (bhukti) July 14th 2011 which further indicates loss of the marriage partner because natal Jupiter is 12th from natal maha dasha ruler Mars.


Transits and Prediction


ransiting Neptune ( 5 degrees Aquarius) is opposed her natal Jupiter, which in Vedic astrology Jupiter is the spouse in a female’s chart. Neptune means deception and delusion and is called the “great dissolver”. Jupiter is also the karaka for children indicating the secret about the child her husband fathered in her own home. Neptune is delusion and as it aspects her natal Jupiter it surfaces the deception creating dissolution. Transiting Jupiter is in her 12th house which will bring an end and completion of many life issues during this difficult time. Jupiter will go into Taurus May of 2012, and at this time she will make a major comeback and begin a new life. But it will take her a year to recover from her recent losses and devastation. She needs to process the past and heal her wounds from the deep hurt. She must retreat from the world before her rebirth. When Jupiter is in her first house and aspects her natal Venus in her 7th house (summer of 2012) Maria will find love and happiness again.