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Teresa A.

Wagner 3074 Sugar Lane Vienna, Virginia 22181 703-242-0672 (Home) 703-407-1436 (Cell)

OBJECTIVE My objective is to obtain employment that I may utilize my skills in Office Mana gement, Accounting, Human Resources and Marketing. COMPUTER QUALIFICATIONS Microsoft Office 3 (Word, Excel, and Access), QuickBooks Pro, dBase, Word Perfec t 10, Internet Explorer and Out Look. Also, Customized Accounting and Energy Software. RELATED EXPERIENCE Pepco Energy Services, Inc. 2007 to 2010 Customer Service Analyst * Office Administration: Developed spreadsheets for clients and forwarded to th e customer; which would assist in explaining invoices. * Collections: Contacted, via phone and email, retail customers once the accoun ts reached between 1 to 30 days overdue. One Mile Up, Inc 2006 to 2007 Office Manager * Office Administration Management: Accounting, AP, AR, Billing, Supplies, mail , Phone. All Office related correspondence, purchases and procurements. Law Office of Seaton and Husk, LLC 1984 to 2006 Office Manager * Payroll: Administrated all aspects of the payroll system. Established payroll procedures. Maintained employee records. Transmitted all payroll related taxes. * Accounting: Developed and maintained a double entry accounting system. Mainta ined all accounts payable and accounts receivable records. Computerized the acco unting procedures. Reviewed all annual tax documents for accuracy. * Commerce: Liaison between the Law office, clients and the Federal Motor Carri er Safety Administration, previously known as the Interstate Commerce Commission . Explained and advised clients on the rules and regulations of the Federal Gove rnment pertaining to transportation law. Drafted and transmitted applications fo r interstate travel. * Office Administration: Evaluated and made recommendations on the purchase of office machinery, telephone equipment, copy machines, computers etc. Established and implemented office procedures for record keeping, personnel benefits, insur ance and all aspects of company policy. Conducted all prospective employee inter views for office staff, and made recommendation for employment. Maintained all e mployee records and files. Service of Process Agents, Inc. 1984 to 2006 Office Manager * Accounting: Developed and maintained a computerized accounting system. Custom ized billing and established monthly procedures for billing clients. Responsible for of all accounts payable and receivable. Maintained all tax records. Develop ed requirements for customized billing software and operated the system. * Commerce: Explained the rules and regulations of the Federal Highway Administ ration to motor carriers pertaining to the designation of agents. Drafted and fi

led with the FHWA all related forms. Established a working relationship between the FHWA and the motor carriers. Developed and maintained a detailed database of all motor carriers utilizing our agents. * Sales and Marketing: Established and implemented sales and marketing procedur es. Supervised direct mailings and established bulk mail procedures.