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RESUME - Business Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager Positions Held: Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Distribution

Manager, General Man ager, National Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager Employers: Hexagon Metrology, Inc., ILS Integrated Learning Systems, Pacific Seaside Realty , Sign-A-Rama, Sony Corporation Locations: National, Western Region, California Education: Bachelor's of science in business administration - University of Phoenix, 2006; MBA Graduate Student - University of Phoenix (graduation 2011); Certificate - Da le Carnegie Public Speaking; many other trade certificates. Products and Services: Hardware and software technology, capital equipment, metrology, and real estate Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: Develop strategies and tactics to achieve organizational objectives. Identify, recruit, and develop the most appropriate sales channel of partners, distributor s, dealers, resellers, and representatives (sales team) to achieve organizationa l objectives. Create effective business plans, innovative sales, and marketing initiatives. Train sales team on complex selling strategies for innovative valu e propositions. Ensure complete buy-in for business plans and enablement progra ms. Lead, manage, and coach sales team to exceed monthly, quarterly, and annual expectations. Engage in key development of sales activities with sales team to maintain consistent prospective-customer pipeline. Manage compensation, reward , and recognition programs. Maintain direct relationships with all internal and external stakeholders. Ensure relationships are consistent and adhere to compa ny policies and cultural values. Manage profit & loss to ensure highest return on investments. Generate and manage accurate sales forecasts, performance analy sis, and produce executive reports and presentations. Personality Attributes: I am strategically decisive and thrive in start-up and growth organizations requ iring effective response to rapidly changing conditions. I have a record of acc omplishment as an exemplary leader in strategic sales requiring conceptual, cons ultative, and ROI methods with direct and channel operations. I am bright, dyna mic, and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. I have a fr iendly demeanor and contagious enthusiasm that naturally inspires others. I ach ieve and exceed objectives while minimizing risk, respecting the chain of comman d, and making budget. A person who values character and integrity, I have a hig h aptitude in business law. My technical aptitude is also extraordinarily high. Achievement Highlights: * Converted direct sales operations into a successful two-tier external distribu tion channel to sell technical high-value capital equipment to successfully quad ruple sales within a year

* Expanded sales to achieve dominate market position by increasing field sales k nowledge and mind-share, through product differentiation strategies * Increased market share by 20% to 50% annually * Successful entrepreneurial experiences Work History: Regional Sales Manager (West) - Hexagon Metrology, Inc., Sheffield, 2008-2009 * Converted failing direct sales operation into a successful two-tier external d istribution channel to sell technical high-value capital equipment (Coordinate M easurement Machines for metrology inspection) to successfully quadruple sales wi thin a year * Recruited & developed a master distributor and 13 tier II representatives with in 6-months * Identified and sold top level executives high dollar capital equipment contrac ts and coordinate implementation through distribution * Expanded sales to achieve dominate market positioning by increasing field sale s knowledge and mind-share; oligopoly competition required product differentiati on sales. Sales and Marketing Manager - Pacific Seaside Realty - Real Estate, 2004-2008 * Developed creative marketing campaigns to identify property buyers and sellers * Achieve top 5% sales leadership position in South Orange County, CA * Provided transaction and financial counsel, value and ROI research and analysi s * Conducted financial modeling, negotiation, contractual preparation, and presen tations President & General Manager - ILS Holdings, Inc., 1998-2004 * Established strategic vision, goals and objectives * Executed organizational and functional plans necessary to achieve profitable g rowth * Increased education market share by 20% to 50% each year * Retained key employees through effective leadership and cultivation of positiv e culture * Complex sales process; oligopoly competition required product differentiation sales. Business Owner-Franchisee - Sign-A-Rama(R) (Full-service sign center), 1997-1998 * Grew business at record-breaking pace according to industry standards * Provided clients with effective branding and business growth through superior signage * Directed all marketing, sales, design, production operations and staffing * Maintained desirable business model which sold within 5-days Position: National & Regional Sales Management - Company: SONY(R) Corporation of America, 1988-1997, Exceeded performance standards and continuously acquired in creased levels of responsibility through the following responsibilities for SONY (R) Education Systems Division - Key Projects and Accomplishments: Position: Sales Manager (94-97) * Consistently achieved and exceeded quota within budget * Recruited and trained the industries best SI's, VAR's, and dealers * Successfully directed all facets of business, including P&L to achieve divisio nal profit goals * Created engaging sales-training initiatives for internal and external salesper

son's which developed up to 50% in sales each year * Complex sales process; oligopoly competition required product differentiation sales. Position: Business Development Manager (92-94) * Consistently achieved and exceeded MBO expectations * Identified and developed alliance relationships which increased Sony's markets Position: Account Manager (89-92) * Consistently achieved and exceeded quota within budget * Identify, hire and develop reseller account performance through relationship b uilding * Design effective training, goal setting, and business development activities Position: Product Support Engineer (88-89) * Consistently achieved and exceeded MBO expectations * Managed project management efforts for US new product development * Planned and developed strategies to deliver cutting-edge products to market * Increased revenue 50% and market share by 20% first year with unique innovatio ns * Managed highest-level engineering support to USA service centers * Managed division's product support from internal and external Sony service cen ters