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Social and Environmental Responsibility

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Review:- Stakeholders
Shareholders Lenders Business Customers Final customers Suppliers Employees Past Employees Retirees Competitors Neighbors Immediate community The National Society The world Society Corporate Management CEO Board of Directors Government Special interest groups

Case Study Intro Help society prosper Provide goods and services to consumers Provides jobs and income for workers Train their employees Pay taxes to support government spending Provide returns to shareholders Money to Pensioners .

Outline One of the 20 largest companies on London stock exchange Employees 8.000 people world wide .000 people in the UK Has operations in 40 countries Employees over 100.

i.e. iron Platinum Coal Industrial materials 45% stake in De Beers .What it Produces Base metals.e. copper Ferrous metals. i.

Activity Most is Primary Industry Extracting martial's from the ground through mining and quarrying That will be used in the Secondary Industry Make steel to build cars. … . ships.

A.Goal A. through being socially and environmentally responsible It can do this through high performance in 5 overlapping areas. Social Natural Human Manufactured Financial . is to contribute to Sustainable dev.

5 Areas Social Increase the skills and life chances of the people in the communities where it does business. Natural Working to decrease energy usage. process products and waist Financial Looking at financial performance as more than just $ for shareholders . and minimize the impact on water and conserving biodiversity Human Developing employees and achieving top performance Manufactured Transforming natural capital into infrastructure.

all life .Sustainable Development Passing on to the future generations a stock of “capital” that is at least as great as the one our generation inherited.for plants. One another. It is based on respect for. everybody shares the planet Future generations (intergenerational equality) For nature itself. animals.

Natural Resources Often the only way that poor countries can get foreign investment We all use natural resources for Heating our home Going to work or school Leisure activities .

and create value for shareholders Create meaningful employment Reduce environmental foot print Increase innovation Contribute to building society where it works . efficient.Key Principals Be ethical.

beekeepers .500 employees Technology transfer and capacity building(community) Work with farmers.(Local community) HIV/AIDS treatment.(Employee) accidentsZero repeats Conserve water.Examples of Principals in Practice Health and safety.(employees) for 4.

Help create new small businesses Schooling Were named mining sector leader by the down Jones Sustainability Index .Projects Improve land around mine Improve environmental habituate in UK Contribute financially to communities where it operates Mining should be a catalyst to wider dev.

HIV/AIDS.pushed by management.they want long term profitability but have learned from management that they must give to the community if they want to keep mining Recruit good people . Safety. Development of the business. Climate Change Shareholders.Pressure of Social and Environmental Responsibility use resources in most efficient way. Community expectations.

Global CompactInternational Labor Organization NGO’s Customers. some put in laws but cant enforce them International StandardsUN.e.… .they own the mining rights.some demand high ethics Pressure Groups.Amnesty International. UK Parliament Foreign governments.External Pressures Legislation i.

Benefits to Businesses Win trust of communities Respect from governments Loyalty of customers Helps to recruit new people .

The Three Bottom lines Continuous profits Respect the environment Take a wider social responsibility .

Where does the money go? What does it tell you? Most jobs are in Africa Most distribution is in Africa Half of the Suppliers are in Africa Does it? .

youtube.DeBeers How is your company perceived? What they want you to think when you feel aA A company is more than just what it sells .com/watch?v=4vXHm8T zLzE

Ivory Coast. the D. of Congo. http://www. 2000 It was the diamond industry that took steps to address the conflict diamond problem. Republic of Congo. stopping the trade in conflict diamonds.R.Perceived by the Public What does the public think? Mining takes place in Botswana. Sierra . Namibia. South Africa and Tanzania War Diamonds.

Cease purchasing rough diamonds from Alrosa as of 2009. None of the companies are owned by Africans . De Beers enjoys a monopoly in Botswana and almost virtual monopoly in diamond supply in the rest of the world. There are other diamond mines owned by small companies with less control on the market..

. De Beers currently holds a legal exemption in South Africa from the mandatory dust suppression method of spraying water when drilling. on the grounds that the dust in its mines is uniquely harmless. In August 2007 British charity War on Want published a report accusing De Beers parent company Anglo American of profiting from the abuse of people in the developing countries in which the company operates . dust in a diamond mine can cut and scar the lungs of mineworkers. However.

com/watch?v=juya0rp9 ZOo qSA http://www.Perceived by the Public Or is it something like this? sYxSs