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Sandeep Chellapilla 180-104 Crossing Drive Cumberland, RI 02864 (937) 654 4959 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------U.S.

citizen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Senior Technology Professional - Project Management - Solutions Deployment - Glo bal operations - Client-focused product strategy - Analytics/Quant -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fifteen years of technology solutions delivery with project management, in multi ple sectors. Managed client engagements in global business transformation, and enterprise business process improvements for operational efficiency and value ca pture. * Cross-functional program & project management: scheduling, resource management , project planning/analysis, contingency adaptation, software & hardware integra tion, critical path management * Innovative and agile execution/delivery of technology projects in several doma ins of complex systems & Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) * Product strategy/new initiatives via multi-disciplinary analytics Highlights * Managed high-quality deployment of software releases on-time as program manage r at a global firm; defined new processes/tools and strategies for improving qua lity of product portfolio. * Streamlined design and manufacturing operationas in Tier I multi-national auto motive supplier via analytical tools, lean six sigma quality improvement process es, cost reduction/logistics studies, and concurrent engineering. * Managed software development projects to optimize lifecycle and performance of critical aerospace systems with high cost savings, earned value/ROI, and system integrity/robustness. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Program Manager - Release Operations Group Nov 2008 - June 2010 Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Corp., Providence, RI Developed program & product strategy initiatives; managed high-quality software release projects for on-time delivery of n-tier client-server collaborative appl ications (SOA, cloud) at a major multi-national via efficient change management tools & practices. * Managed cross-functional release projects or timely deployment of software rel eases by integrating the off-shore and HQ operational teams * Built and matrix-managed a global team to design and implement a new domain-dr iven interoperability program, to enhance brand software effectiveness Benefit: This solution enables enterprise-wide collaborative customer workflows in all verticals and increases marketability of the full portfolio of products. * Defined new enterprise-wide product and process enhancement initiatives by ent erprise-wide consulting across all levels of the organization. * Managed client engagements and ensured resolution of software defects via data base/analytics tools; disseminated feedback on executive dashboards. Translated beta program results into product marketing strategy. * Managed IT infrastructure to ensure flawless software beta test programs: Coor

dinated test schedules & resources with development & release cycles. * Standardized business intelligence tools/metrics and processes for beta progra m efficiency and enterprise QA compliance (including off-shore operations) Consultant - RMS Software Implementation Aug - Oct 2008 Affinion, Inc., Columbus, OH Developed DBMS applications based on Agile and RUP frameworks for financial (acc ounts, billing) services in fast turn-around environment Technology Program Manager: Software Deployment Jan. 2001-June 2008 Contract/Consulting at Air Force Research Labs, Dayton, OH Managed the development programs in software & technology (SaaS) for lifecycle & functional optimization of critical aerospace systems Technical lead (domain expert) for delivery of algorithms/end-user software: ach ieved cycle time reduction (design-manufacturing-maintenance) while managing cos ts and schedules on adaptive technologies Guided a cross-functional team in the technical architecture, algorithm developm ent, software integration, and technology transfer of predictive numerical model s, to enhance reliability of aerospace machinery using critical operating parame ters. Highlights: o Led a commercialization project to translate proprietary analysis code to aero space majors by integration into in-house COTS codes. The project provides stru ctural reliability prediction software to optimize the next generation of compos ites-based aircraft systems for strength-cost-weight leading to millions of doll ars in manufacturing and after-market cost reduction and increased ROI o Developed new condition-based monitoring algorithms, leading to 25-30% reducti on in depot maintenance costs and systems down-time * CRM/Business development: Defined new initiatives with client managers for mul ti-year contracts to resolve mission-critical issues. Highlight: Co-author on two $750K (two-year) grant awards to develop dynamic res ponse models * Managed the development team of a multi-domain expert system for certification of unitized airframe components. Benefit: Cost and time reduction in systems design-manufacturing cycles by adapt ing DFA/DFM processes to emerging technologies Project Manager - Systems Optimization Oct. 1998-Nov. 2000 Valeo SA, Dayton, OH Managed three product-lines (Honda, Renault, Chrysler) in concurrent engineering environment (design through production-validation and after-market maintenance) . * Supply-chain management: Defined technical requirements (customer liaison), co ordinated with prototype-vendors, production tool & component suppliers on PPAP, sales, manufacturing and QC operations * Cross-functional project planning: risk assessment & mitigation (FMEA, RCA), m anaged contingencies, resources, costs and schedules * Effectively used Shainin & Taguchi Quality Control with Six-Sigma lean manufac turing techniques to reduce cycle times (12-15%) and part-rejects (10%) * Developed analytical tools to optimize critical product & manufacturing proces s parameters, and production flow planning in a multi-million volume Tier I supp lier environment Project Manager - Advanced Electromechanical Systems Oct. 1995 - Sept. 1998 ITT Automotive, ESI, Dayton, OH

Primary interface with project management teams from Ford, GM (Cadillac and MCD) and Toyota, at a Tier I multi-national automotive systems supplier. * Defined multi-project schedules, resource usage/allocation, hardware delivery and integration. Responsible for identifying, communicating, and resolving cros s-organization requirement conflicts and/or delays, negotiating resource priorit ization to minimize impact on multiple product lines. * Championed the concurrent engineering process by working closely with customer s on PPAP, prototype build and testing (APQP), design verification, manufacturin g process, production, vendors, and sales/marketing. Highlight: Pro-actively performed engineering analysis (FEA) to optimize design for manufacturability on complex sub-systems to reduce prototyping costs * Used Shainin & Taguchi QFD (lean Six Sigma methods) for Continuous Quality Imp rovement to minimize scrap (DFX, SPC) * Facilitated cost improvement initiatives via materials selection, design and p rocess flow studies * Assisted with production planning to reduce inventory and lead-times (up to 18 %) in multi-million part volume environment * Performed risk assessment (FMEA) and design reviews for cost reduction (up to 15%) & performance (strength/durability vs. material) optimization Clemson University, SC Jan. 1992-Dec. 1994 Graduate Research Associate: Software projects in design & manufacturing, physic s. Remarks - Working knowledge of French, German Education - M.S. (Mechanical Engineering): Clemson University, SC - Graduate studies: Mathematics, U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign