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DAN STARK 95-1123 Anuanu Street Mililani, HI 96789 (808) 626-4994 ds6acee6@westpost.

net OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position in Training or Quality Assurance Management. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS - 34 years of active duty in the U. S. Navy. 19 years commissioned service on loan to U.S. Department of Energy providing regulatory oversight of Naval Nuclear Propulsion Plant operation, maintenance and overhaul. - Active Security Clearances: U.S. Navy SECRET, U.S. Department of Energy "Q". - Proven problem solver, dynamic leader, experienced mentor. EXPERIENCE PROBLEM SOLVER - CAUSAL ANALYSIS EXPERT - Applied in-depth causal analysis to a series of rigging and crane accidents. The actions resulted in reducing the number of accidents by over 50% and significantly reduced severity. These actions were so successful they are being implemented at the other public shipyards. - Coordinated a team from engineering, weld shop, support shops and shipyard quality assurance to reduce shipboard nuclear weld defects from two per year to zero over the last three years. - Identified that long standing manning shortages was the major contributor to an inability to sustain improvement with one division. Mentoring managers and producing a robust long-term hiring and qualification plan resulted in a 15% improvement in cost performance, reduced error rates, and improved morale and retention within the first year. TEAM PLAYER - COST ADVOCATE - Pushed innovative concepts that simplified the nuclear submarine fuel removal processes cutting labor costs in half and saving $5,000,000 per submarine. - Mentored supervisors on strategic planning techniques to improve individual job readiness that ultimately reduced labor costs from 63,000 man-days to less than 55,000 man-days (saving $6,000,000). - Identified an unnecessary practice associated with non-destructive testing and coordinated the efforts to eliminate the costly practice saving $100,000 annually. STRATEGIC PLANNER - SYSTEMS THINKER - Facilitated a diverse group to implement a goal-oriented

strategic planning and assessment tool, which resulted in improving performance efficiency in 1 shop from 70% to 98%. - Key member of a project management team that completed a first-of-a-kind nuclear cruiser defueling three weeks early and 20% ($4,000,000) under budget. - Solved a series of workmanship issues with electrical shop performance. Working with engineers, inspectors, and electrical workers, identified the underlying attitudes and behaviors and eliminated the previous problems. PROVEN TRAINER AND MANAGER - Hand selected to develop a 6 week RADAR curriculum for the Navy. Created approximately 80% of the lesson plans, an examination question data base, and set up the practical radar lab that included trouble shooting to a component level and electrical safety. - Managed training for a department of 36 nuclear trained supervisors and operators, including preparing and grading written qualification and retention of knowledge examinations, drafting and executing practical drill scenarios, and assessing examination and drill performance. As a result, departmental performance moved from below average to above average in one year. EDUCATION AND TRAINING - Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Columbia College, Columbia, MO, June, 1988 - Certified Engineer-in-Training, Certificate No. 138323, January 5, 2010, California Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors - Qualified Master Training Specialist, Chief of Naval Technical Training - Federal Emergency Management Institute - Introduction to Incident Command System - Proficient with Microsoft Project, WORD, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint