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Van F.

Stout, CPA Positions of Interest - Controller, Vice President-Finance, CFO Objective To improve company earnings by applying over 20 years' of domestic and internati onal experience in analyzing and solving corporate financial issues and taking c orrective action based on financial analysis. Solid finance qualifications have lead to consistent achievements in income and profit improvements and expense r eduction for corporate organizations in a growth mode and companies experiencing financial "turnaround" situations. Education B.B.A, Accounting & Finance, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX CPA - Texas State Board of Public Accountancy #46621, February 5, 1988 Professional Affiliations Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) Association of Notaries Software Knowledge Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint MS Great Plains Dynamic Business Solution Various in-house accounting software programs Skills/Experience o Managed and supervised staff that ranged from two to twenty-two employees o Provided financial reporting and analysis for operational and external reporti ng requirements o Implemented policies and procedures (operational and accounting) which contrib uted significantly to the reorganization of operations o Provided cash flow analysis, cash management techniques, financial forecasting , and financial restraints o Managed the implementation and conversion of the billings system to Ubersmith internal billing and contract managing software to handle the multi-operational billings requirements o Achieved internal communication with from the department managers to senior ma nagement level personnel o Developed procedures to correct internal control problems from the department al level to corporate level Experience November 2006 to Present Cassiopeia Internet, Inc. Dallas, TX (An international web hosting provider, co-location services [3 service centers] , sale of software and computer/server products servicing the Internet industry with revenue of $6+ million) Chief Financial Officer Manage the financial/accounting functions, banking relations, provide analysis o f financial data, including, but not limited to, strategic planning, revenue rec ognition issues, cash flow analysis, budgeting, and tax planning and tax complia nce. Direct the efforts of the Human Resource department, billings, accounts re ceivable, and contract compliance departments. * Manage the implementation and conversion of the billings system to Ubersmith i nternal billing & contract managing software to handle the multi-operational bil lings requirements. This enabled the company to provide current and reliable da ta resulting in utilization of one database, reducing the internal reporting tim e, and the accuracy of invoices data. * Implement policies and procedures (operational & accounting) which contributed significantly to the reorganization of operations, credit card processing & sec urity, and billing function resulting in annual cost savings of $1.35MM in opera

tions expenses, which involves analysis of financial operations, expenditures, a nd staff requirements. * Provide cash flow analysis, cash management and financial restraints, which en able the company to reduce the monthly, negative cash flow of $105K to a balance d cash flow position. * Negotiated a third party payroll service and benefit program that provided rel iable federal & state wage reporting, reduced payroll costs, accessibility to ad ditional resource tools for the human resource department, and improved medical benefits for employees. * Manage external audits and provided operational and financial analysis resulti ng in resolving and structure reasonable resolution of those external audits. * Implemented weekly operational managers meeting, which improve communication b etween senior and middle management personnel. June 2005 - November 2006 Fiducial Business Centers, Inc. Arvada, CO (An international provider of business accounting, tax accounting, and consultin g services, with revenue of $650 million) Senior Business Advisor/Consultant Managed the local branch office, including reporting systems, HR functions, etc. , marketing and sales, and all other duties listed below. Business Advisor/Consultant Managed the financial reporting functions for small- and medium-sized businesses and provide financial and business analysis of financial data, including, cash flow projections, fixed asset acquisitions, sales tax review, operational budget ing, and tax planning. Clients ranged from $1M to $30M in sales. October 1991 - June 2005 HomeSphere Inc. Golden, CO (A $15+ million consulting and accounting software company) Vice President - Finance Financial Officer for a growth company that provides consulting and revenue shar ing opportunities to the homebuilding industry and the sale of accounting softwa re to medium and large size customers. * Functioned as CFO for over 8 years. * Hired as an Accounting Manager in 1991, promoted to Controller in 1994, then t o Vice President - Finance in 1999. * Managed the implementation and conversion of the accounting system to Great Pl ains Dynamic Business Solution, to handle the multi-operational requirements. T his enabled the company to provide update data and enhanced the quality of inter nal/external reporting. * Managed and facilitated banking relations and venture capital financial requir ements for cash management, long-term notes, and maintained the line of credit b ased on account receivable eligibility as collateral resulting in increase of li ne of credit to $1MM. * Responsible for the "due diligence" analysis and valuations in the merger of J, Inc and Builder Resources, Inc. which formed HomeSphere, Inc. * Responsible for the acquisition of accounting software, trademarks, and assets from a major industry leader * Provided financial analysis and preparation of due diligence report for the ac quisition of operational assets resulting in acquiring two new revenue-generatin g assets. * Managed external audits and provided operational and financial analysis result ing in "unqualified audit opinions." November 1990 - October 1991 Carlyle Atlantic Inc. Irving, TX (A $55+ million division)

Controller/Vice President Senior Financial Officer for the export division of a $225 million manufacturer of sanitary ware, cast iron, ceramic tile, and brass products. Directed the fin ancial and accounting functions including payroll, cost accounting, accounts pay able, sales/use tax returns, sales audits, cash management, and financial analys is. * Reviewed and implemented improvements in sales tax records and exempt sales ta xes vendors' documentation resulting in the timeliness and accuracy of sales tax returns. * Achieved a 26% reduction in Administration costs and a 22% reduction in Accoun ting Department costs by establishing appropriate processing procedures. * Developed concepts and procedures that reduced company financial reporting tim e from 16 days to 4 days. August 1984 - November 1990 Carlisle Memory Products Bedford, TX (A $150+ million manufacturing subsidiary of Carlisle Companies Inc., a Fortune 500 Company) Assistant Controller/Accounting Manager Consolidated and analyzed financial reports for domestic and international subsi diaries with annual revenues exceeding $150+ million. Directed general accounti ng operations with a staff of seven. Responsible for the cost accounting depart ment, inventory, and WIP accounting function. Responsible for financial reports , tax functions, including supervision and processing of sales/use tax returns, sales tax audits, research of use tax concerns, property taxes, and accounts pay able. Prepared operations budgets, financial forecasts, and operations financia l analysis. * Developed inventory control process to allow the company to take advantage of $225,000 in raw material invoice discounts. * Improved inventory tracking and costing by implementing MRP II modules to inte rface with MRP II manufacturing software. * Solved capital investments problem by developing a PC program resulting in inc reased reliability of return-on-asset calculation and decreased preparation time by 75%. * Coordinated financial analysis and reporting for international operations (Eng land, Japan, Canada) and reduced reporting time from 21 days to 5 days. March 1975 - August 1984 Savings West Arlington, TX (A financial institution with assets over $75 million) Treasurer/Assistant Controller Directed operations for accounting and prepared and analyzed corporate financial reports with a staff of six. Managed the operations of ten area branch offices and maintained corporate investments. Implemented internal control procedures and coordinated external and regulatory audits. * Developed procedures to correct internal control problems at branches resultin g in reduction of overtime costs by 35%. * Implemented plan to reduce outstanding delinquent loans resulting in decreasin g loans delinquency ratio by 50%. * Monitored progress of area branches and organized programs to achieve financia l objectives. September 1972 - February 1975 Armour-Dial Fort Worth, TX (A grocery/health & beauty aids distributor/wholesaler over $250 million) Sales Representative Managed the sales function for North Texas and Oklahoma markets.

* Responsible for the sale of various grocery products and health and beauty aid s at the wholesale and retail levels. By using a "push and pull through" sales method, I was able to achieve a 110% increase in sales over a two-year period. References Furnished upon request Salary History November 2006 - Present Cassiopeia Internet Inc. Irving, TX Chief Financial Officer $90,000 (November 2006 - May 2007) $99,000 (June 2007 - December 2007) $109,000 (January 2008) June 2005 - November 2006 Fiducial Business Centers, Inc. Arvada, CO Senior Business Advisor/Consultant $96,000, including commissions Business Advisor/Consultant $95,000, including commissions October 1991 - June 2005 HomeSphere Inc. Golden, CO Vice President - Finance $102,000 Controller $60,000 Accounting Manager $48,000 November 1990 - October 1991 Carlyle Atlantic Inc. Irving, TX Controller $48,000 August 1984 - November 1990 Carlisle Memory Products Bedford, TX Assistant Controller/Accounting Manager $40,000 Accomplishments P/L Experience Over 20 years Largest Budget Managed 25M+ # of People Managed More than 5, up to 22 Turn-Around Experience Accomplishments I have "turnaround" experience: Carlyle Atlantic - This was a turnaround and a r elocation opportunity - by analysis, restructure of pricing, improving customer relationships, and proper procedures. The company was able to go from a Net Loss of ($545K) to a $329K Net Income in 10 months. HomeSphere, Inc. (start-up and m

ajor turnaround issues company) - During my tenure (over 13 years), the company experienced the loss of major clients, severe industry changes, and the introduc tion of three new revenue streams that required the reorganization and restructu re of the company to meet these changes. My knowledge and analytical skills have enabled me to assist in these successful turnarounds. IPO Experience Accomplishments I managed and prepared the financial projections, revenue analyses, and due dili gence documentation for pre-IPO, venture capital fundings, mergers, major asset acquisitions through bankruptcy court proceedings, and collateralized LOC loans. Start-up Experience Accomplishments I have nearly 15 years' experience functioning in a small, entrepreneurial, star t-up company, and have dealt with investors and the board of directors. Mergers & Acquisitions Accomplishments Responsible for the "due diligence" analysis and valuations in the merger of Job, Inc and Builder Resources, Inc. which formed HomeSphere, Inc.