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Hampton M. Powers II 12011 North 52nd Street Temple Terrace, Florida 33617 (813) 335-1494 hp@calx5.

com Seeking: Director / Manager of development and/or marketing of high-technology p roducts or systems. Background: Over 30 years in the design, implementation, and marketing of adva nced technology systems. Management: Demonstrated leadership in Business Area, Program, Project, and Engineering management. Development scope spanning software, hardware, and large-scale system integration. Products delivered on schedule and within budget. Experienced with all as pects of compliant pricing and cost accounting; Earned Value Management; Integrated Product Teams; Ma trix Management; IMP/IMS creation/management; large-scale, long-term project planning and a dministration; cost-plus and firm fixed-price execution. Systems Engineering: Demonstrated capability in large-scale problem solving. Data and voice networks. Standard, custom, and high-performance protocols. Government and commercial security architectures, design, implementation, and manufacturing. Real-time, ada ptive system control. Strategic, tactical, and commercial applications. Client-server and webenabled applications. Marketing: Highly effective in new business capture; over $1B in sales. Indepth experience in all aspects of business acquisition: customer interface, proposal developmen t, costing/pricing, presentations, and negotiations. Demonstrated success as Capture Manager, Proposal Manager, and Volume Lead. Team leadership for complex procurements and product dev elopments. Experience in both cost and market based pricing, design-to-cost, cost-plu s, and firm fixed-price. Experience Vice President; Human Interactive Products, Inc. 2005 - Present Responsibilities: * Engineering management; Security Engineering Lead fo r Raytheon (as client). * Security architectures, strategy, documenta tion, negotiations. * Proposal Manager; Volume Lead for Engineeri ng, Management, Technical, other. Accomplishments: * Managed: Security Accreditation of United Kingdom Mo D system. * Delivered: Over 150 detailed security s pecifications and analyses. * Developed: New methods for communicatio ns security risk assessment. Sr. Consultant; Datanet Engineering 2003 - 2004 Responsibilities: * Proposal Manager; Volume Lead for Engineering, Manag ement.

* New business development. Systems Engineer ing Lead for Raytheon (as client). Accomplishments: * Developed: Systems Engineering methodologies, plans, estimates. * Delivered: All proposal volumes rated " Blue" (highest) by DoD evaluators. Vice President; WetStone Technologies, Inc. 2001 - 2003 Responsibilities: * Program management; Product management; New business development. * Corporate direction, policies, communicatio ns. Security architectures. Accomplishments: * Managed: Information Assurance business area. * Won: Various security technology progra ms. * Developed: Architecture for secure time distribution system. Senior Program Manager; Raytheon Company (previously, E-Systems) 1993 - 2000 Responsibilities: * Open new markets, manage product developments, devel op follow-on business. * Identify and negotiate strategic business r elationships. * Planning, budgets, & oversight. Accomplishments: * Won: $450M program for renovation of FBI computing & communications * Managed: Multi-level secure messaging s ystem development. * Managed: Secure E-Mail product developm ent. * Negotiated: Ventures with Novell for co operative marketing & development. * Launched: New commercial business unit. Senior Member, Technical Staff; E-Systems, Inc. ECI Division 1991 - 1993 Responsibilities: * Identify, qualify, and develop non-traditional busin ess opportunities. * Proposal management. Engineering managemen t. Product design leadership. Accomplishments: * Developed: Smart-card based access control & encrypt ion system. * Negotiated: Joint venture with Sprint t o market access control products. * Penetrated new market: Adjunct system f or commercial telephone network. * Prepared: Market analysis and business case for commercial enterprise. Manager of Advanced Engineering; E-Systems, Inc. ECI Division 1989 - 1991 Responsibilities: * Department manager. Proposal manager. Program mana ger. Product manager. Accomplishments: * Created: Department of Advanced Engineering. * Developed and oversaw five new business pursuit areas. * Managed: >$20M in subcontracts. * Negotiated: 95% reduction in terminatio n claim of subcontractor. * Won: >$50M program for government secur e telephony call processing

Member, Technical Staff; E-Systems, Inc. ECI Division 1986 - 1989 Responsibilities: * Lead Systems Engineer for Multi-Media Communications System. * Network and node architecture, design, and performance. * Primary customer technical interface. Accomplishments: * Managed: Design and development of two data networks . * Designed: Protocols for first survivabl e message-switched networks. * Negotiated: $3M increase in program sco pe. * Won: $9M program expansion. Early Career Principal Engineer; E-Systems, ECI Division. Systems architecture & design. $1 95M in sales. 1980 - 1983 Sr. Engineer; E-Systems, ECI Division. Systems simulation & design. Advanced s oftware techniques. 1980 - 1983 Engineer; E-Systems, ECI Division. Network analysis and tools. New business su pport. 1979 - 1980 Project Manager; Information Systems and Components. Resource allocation and ma nagement tools. 1978 -1979 Consultant; Florida Council for Economic Education. Custom database application s. 1978 Assistant, Collections Development, University of South Florida Library. Intera ctive library acquisition system. 1977 Personal Education: B.A. (Cum Laude), University of South Florida, 1976. Post gradu ate work toward MS. Status: Divorced, one child, good health. Secret clearance. References: Available upon request.