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OBJECTIVE: CHALLENGING CAREER X CORE SKILLS: o Successful hands-on experience in logistics, material, operations management, planning, workflow organization, space utilization, research, analysis, and inve stigations. o Demonstrated ability to analyze information, identify significant factors, gat her pertinent data, and develop solutions. o An effective problem-solver with excellent organizational and time management skills; capably liaises and manages business relationships. o Recognized for ability to educate, train, lead, evaluate, and motivate personn el at all levels. X STRENGTHS: o Consistently perform critical roles in ensuring the readiness of staff and sys tems to support operations and organizational objectives. o Promote a hardworking collaborative environment with excellent team building s kills; foster enthusiasm with a focus on achieving company goals. o Communicate effectively orally and in writing with strong presentation skills. o Effectively use fiscal analysis, budgetary planning, and cost control strength s to coordinate and administer annual operating budgets. X Leader, trainer, and team builder with extensive operational and administratio n experience, as well as, outstanding management, analytical and technical acume n X Committed to fostering a cohesive and productive workplace environment X Excellent interpersonal relations/oral and written communication skills X Versatility, adaptability, and willingness to tackle new responsibilities and multiple tasks; self-starter, assertive, positive can do attitude, and team play er X Personally committed to the highest ethical standards X Proven history of achieving the highest levels of performance and productivity X Expert ability to perform work related to developing and maintaining relations hips with stakeholders in various levels of government, private industry, and fe deral, state, and local agencies/organizations X Demonstrated ability to prioritize workloads and meet goals and deadlines X Expert ability to mentor new employees X Expert ability to submit all required reports in a timely manner in an environ ment of frequent change and unexpected events X Expert ability to develop and deliver training X Team player with impeccable personal and professional integrity X Resilient, Strong enterprising spirit and character, Innovative thinker, Resou rceful X Expert ability to provide technical direction and guidance to assigned team me mbers PROFESSIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE City of Richmond Department of Public Works Richmond, VA

09/30/2005 - Present Material Supervisor 40 hours per week Assigned as Material Supervisor for the Department of Public Works Materiel Mana gement Department. Responsible for the daily activities of managing and regulati ng policies and operation procedures to ensure that department mission and goals are meet. Assist procurement and buyers with preparing the department product a nd materials requirements for public bidding including product specification wri ting. Monitor contracts and coordinate with department managers on issues that r elate specially to the Department of Public Works construction and maintenance d aily mission. Perform analysis of stock level and usages to determine that the r equired level of 95% is maintained during critical programs. Prepare and manage the material management expenditures in the value of Two-million dollars per yea r. Re-order material as necessary, evaluates special project needs to determine if new or improved products are needed. Verify unit price based on contract agreements and verify whether purchases are valid. Cross reference invoices with purchase orders and identify divisional cha rges for items purchased through the warehouse automated systems and with vendor s. Generate monthly billing of divisional and outside departments usage which is forward to finance. Complete year end inventory counts and financial statement report information and forward to finance department. Lumber Liquidator Toano, VA 02/01/2005 - 09/30//2005 Receiving Manager 40 hours per week Assigned as Receiving Manager for Lumber Liquidator Headquarters. Responsible fo r the supervision and training for a staff of 12. Supported the Logistics Manage r with warehouse operations, screen, hired and terminated personnel. Ensured tha t direct receipt and storage of raw material and stock merchandise are maintaine d within the warehouse. Directed inventory control. Ensured that records were maintained and all reports were done including invoicing, manifests, etc. Direct logistics leads and lift trucks operators. Review process procedures for task completion, particularly sa fety rules. Implement and maintain cycle count program, investigating discrepanc ies ensuring inventory accuracy. World Wide Auto Petersburg, VA 05/01/2004 - Present Material Supervisor 48 hours per week Assigned as Material Supervisor for the distribution and manufacture department supervising a staff of 15. Responsible for planning and implementing activities related to the product or material purchase, inventory control and shipping and receiving, tracking shipments and storage functions. Ensured products and materi als are ordered and in stock to meet company requirements, while maintaining acc eptable inventory levels. Collected, evaluated, and reported data in order to ma nage inventory. Analyze inventory records. Interpret results of overall inventor y.

As a Material Supervisor I made improvements on the overall Warehouse operation s and improved inventory control which accuracy were around 72% to a monthly ave rage of 98.78 %; I supervise over 15 staff members implementing training and ma intaining outstanding customer service throughout my career as supervisor. Richmond Housing Authority Richmond, VA 09/01/2002 - 04/30//2004 Warehouse Specialist 40 hours per week Assigned as Warehouse Specialist for the purchasing department providing overall supervision for all operations and profitability at the central warehouse. Main tained order and discipline of personnel in operations area, assuring employee w elfare is maintained as a high priority. Routed, delivered, pick- up, and interf aced with customers & vendors to assure all assets are used effectively to meet department needs. Maintained close interface with Sales/ Procurement to assure c ustomer needs are addressed, loads are appropriately routed and that Salespeople are advised regarding significant activity with customers. Monitored productivi ty of personnel and executes corrective action when most efficient asset utiliza tion is not occurring. Monitored fitness for duty, cleanliness, etc. of truck fl eet to assure they are operating in a safe and clean manner. Actively promoted s afety through training, spot checks, and development/ publication of procedures to assure a safe work environment. Provided instruction and effective leadership to transition workgroup toward an involved, problem focused, work team. Antioch Company Colonial Heights, VA 12/01/2001 - 08/30//2002 Material Handler 48 hours per week Assigned as a material handler for the distribution department. Duties consisted of receiving, storing, inventory control and reordering of product material for customer orders and supporting RF departments. Interfaced with different depart ments to ensure customer service is met. Operated material handling equipment su ch as standing operated forklift, generating transfer orders, unplanned receipts , planned receipts, closing out receiving receipts, and coordinating with transp ortation scheduling. U.S. Army Fort Eustis, VA 06/01/2000 - 06/30//2001 Supply Supervisor 48 hours per week Assigned as Senior Logistics Supervisor for the largest terminal transportation company in the Army. Responsible for a wide variety of functions related to broa d functional areas, such as property accountability, inventory control, contract ing, financial and maintenance management. Supervised staff of six; including da ily operations, assignment of duties and training, also provided assistance in r educing excess and management of resources throughout the company. Reviewed and analyzed current requirements related to section and company training. U.S. Army Riyadh, NA 05/01/1998 - 06/01//2000 Logistics Coordinator

40 hours per week Assigned as Logistics Coordinator for the Saudi Arabia Ordnance Organization, co ordinated logistical, financial cost, and contract amendments with Director; and provided hands- on assistance to ensure operating standards, and consistencies were met. Assisted the Director in national level management of multi classes of supplies in support of the Royal Saudi Arabian Army. Maintained and managed For eign Military Sales cases valued over $ 1.8 million. Monitored and coordinated l ogistics issues and tracking cargo associated with the fielding and repair parts support of U. S. weapons system and equipment. U.S. Army Fort Lee, VA 09/01/1994 - 05/01//1998 Operation Coordinator 40 hours per week Assigned as Operation personnel, Publication Warehouse Supervisor and Security C oordinator for the main training department within the Quartermaster Center and School. Assisted in the planning and coordination of operation within the traini ng department. Responsible for generating, editing, processing, disseminating, m onitoring and coordinating internal and external tasking support. Provided the s upport to train over 10,000 students annually, while coordinating worldwide depl oyment. U.S. Army Ansbach, NA 04/01/1992 - 09/01//1994 Warehouse Supervisor 48 hours per week Assigned as Warehouse Supervisor at main supply facility, which supported air an d ground support. Responsible for the training and supervision of 45 personnel. Analyzed operational data and reports on a daily basis. Maintained an average of 98% inventory accuracy of 2000 lines items for two consecutive years. Developed training programs that enhanced individual job proficiency and improved custome r service. Maintained customer support for 7 companies. COMPUTER INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SKILLS X Proficient in use of most major computer systems, information systems, spreads heet applications, graphic and presentation applications, and word processing ap plications, including but not limited to: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista; M icrosoft WordPerfect; Microsoft Office Suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Powe rPoint; MS Publisher; Internet Explore; Netscape Navigator; Lotus 123 HONORS, AWARDS AND SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS X X X X X X X X The Meritorious Service Medal, May 2000 The Army Achievement Medal, April 1994 The Army Achievement Medal, August1998 Army Commendation Medal Army Good Conduct Medal Overseas Service Medal Army Service Ribbon Expert Marksman Badge

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS AND TRAINING X Automated Logistics Specialist X Driver and Mechanic Training X Advance Management Course, 09/1999,16 weeks, leadership, logistical management . Foreign Military Sales Management Course,05/1998, 2 weeks. Basis Noncommissioned Officer Course,05/1992,12 weeks, leadership, warehouse ope rations, planning, time management. OTHER RELEVANT PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING AND QUALIFICATIONS X Resource Management - Possess proven problem solving and resource allocation s kills needed to meet goals. Maintain a well-organized team, cross training team members to be more efficient. Cultivate awareness and self-actualization of per sonnel, building increased investment in operations by all staff. X Process Implementation - Ability to anticipate unique requirements or potentia l roadblocks in all situations. Promote an environment of continuous improvemen t and learning to deliver exceptional results. Streamline communication and imp lementation channels to quickly and effectively meet customer and organizational needs. X Relationship Management - Highly experienced in building a unified team enviro nment, through leadership, employee empowerment and continuous learning. Acted as liaison/change agent between production employees, senior management and thir d parties. X Possess competency to review procurement requests for adequacy and compliance with administrative, regulatory, and procedural requirements X Possess competency to perform market research and analysis X Possess competency to develop acquisition strategies and market research to de termine availability X Possess competency to determine appropriate methods of contracting (e.g., seal ed bid, negotiation) using a range of contracting methods and contract types X Possess competency to perform all pre-award and post-award functions X Possess competency to recommend award of sealed bidding and negotiated contrac ts X Possess competency to monitor contract performance and assist in contract term ination X Possess competency to analyze and evaluate cost and pricing data X Expert ability to serve as a contact and consultant regarding a variety of acq uisition functions affecting planning, execution, administration, and terminatio n of contracts OTHER SKILLS/ABILITIES AND INTERESTS X Extensive experience providing training to organizations on operational logist ics support programs such as support agreement management, deployment planning, and other mission areas X Extensive corporate experience preparing and presenting deployment management information such as concept briefings, deployment management program status, rea diness status, training status, etc. X Extensive corporate experience conducting deployment management training progr ams and develop testing X Ability to advise higher level managers/supervisors of capabilities to support logistics operations X Ability to provide technical advice and assistance on development and implemen tation of logistics policies associated with: supply, transportation, safety, an d/or facilities. X Extensive experience planning, coordinating and evaluating contingency support , logistics readiness deployment and execution X Extensive experience planning, coordinating and evaluating war reserve materia

l management X Ability to plan, coordinate and evaluate base/expeditionary support and sustai nment X Ability to plan, coordinate and evaluate logistics command and control X Extensive experience identifying, analyzing and translating complex informatio n to evaluate options concerning the effectiveness and efficiency of supply prog rams and operations X Extensive experience resolving logistical problems resulting from new requirem ents, operational emergencies, program changes, and temporary logistical shortag es X Extensive experience coordinating with suppliers, contractors, and other agenc ies X Extensive experience preparing and presenting briefings on logistics programs, projects, and problems X Extensive experience advising higher level management of significant logistics /acquisition problems or risk areas X Extensive experience consulting with technical specialists in one or more logi stics functions (e.g., supply, maintenance, transportation, etc.) on specific re quirements and capabilities, lead times, costs, and other matters affecting logi stics/acquisition planning and execution X Extensive experience establishing management controls such as milestones, expe nditure rates, management indicators, and management reviews KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS/ABILITIES Project Management ability analyzing and evaluating (on a quantitative or quali tative basis) the effectiveness of program operations in meeting established goa ls and objectives Expert ability to function as the overall manager of the logistical effort Possess knowledge of planning, funding, and management information systems as w ell as a broad knowledge of the organization and the functions involved in logis tical support and the ability to coordinate the efforts of functional specialist s Expert ability exercising control over supplies, equipment, or other material Expertise in material management including initial planning, provisioning and r equirements determination, acquisition and distribution, accountability, and ult imate issue for consumption, retention, or disposal Expert knowledge of acquisition processes, automated records and control system s, material substitution criteria, and storage, issue, and disposal processes Expert knowledge of systems, techniques, and underlying management concepts for determining, regulating, or controlling the level and flow of supplies from ini tial plan through acquisition, storage, issue, and utilization or disposal Extensive experience in o Requirements Determination - Planning for and determining current and future s upply requirements to meet customer needs; o Material Distribution - Planning and determining the distribution and position ing of supplies among major supply stations, stock points, or using activities; o Procurement Authorization - Preparing recommendations and directives for the p rocurement of material, indicating the types of items, quantities, and at all ti mes, the sources; and o Funds Management - Analyzing planned or scheduled material requirements and fo recasts to determine categories and quantities of items, as well as funds requir ed. Proficiency and competency to monitor and track regularly recurring financial a ctivity Proficiency and competency to review, monitor and project financial data for a wide range of complex activities, such as payroll, non-personnel expenses, trave l, and interagency agreements Proficiency and competency to review funding and spending data to develop cost information reflecting operating expense trends for agency programs, budget line

items, etc. Proficiency and competency to provide advice to management concerning the most efficient and effective means of monitoring and tracking funds Proficiency and competency to organize budgetary and financial information invo lving complex or intricate issues within a large, highly integrated, and compreh ensive financial management system Proficiency and competency to analyze and evaluate financial transactions and a ctivity to identify weak or deficient areas including noncompliance with directi ves, inaccurate reports, untimely actions, and absence of controls Proficiency and competency to use financial management systems to complete fina ncial transactions (i.e., obligation, payment, and liquidation of funds) for Arm y contracts and other authorized expenditures (e.g., printing and graphics, trav el, and training expenditures) Proficiency and competency to manage all aspects of financial review and analys is activities related to a major substantive agency program Proficiency and competency to participate in and/or oversee a variety of intern al review activities to assist and/or ensure Army compliance issues Proficiency and competency to contribute to the preparation of the annual budge t justification Proficiency and competency to formulate and present portions of the annual and long-range operating plans and budgets supporting program operations EDUCATION Central Texas, Killeen Texas A.A. Business Management, Sem: 60,GPA: 3.0 Grad. Date, 1998 REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST