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MICHAEL A.O. AJOMALE, P.E. 15309 Gable Ridge Court, Apt. A, Rockville, MD 20850. (646) 372-1991. E-mail: ma 90c272@westpost.

net OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full-time Structural engineering design position with a progressive and innovative, architectural engineering or structural engineering consulting f irm where my professional experience can be applied. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Severud Associates, New York, NY (September 2001 - March 2010) * Joined the firm as a structural design engineer in 2001. Obtained P.E. Licens e in 2006. Experience has spanned a wide range of facility types including Airpo rts, Office Buildings, Recreation Facilities and Condition Surveys. I played ke y roles in the structural design of numerous large-scale multi-million dollar pr ojects, such as The World Trade Center Permanent PATH Station, Ramapo College of New Jersey Sports & Recreation Center, 839 Sixth Avenue Tower etc. * Responsible for condition surveys of many existing structures for the Port Aut hority of NY & NJ. * Involved in the schematic design process where interaction with the client and Architect client to complete a base design was frequent. * Responsible for reviewing contract documents, shop drawings, and answering que stions regarding design and construction of building projects. * Performed structural engineering duties, which included but were not limited t o, analysis, structural design and site inspections of on-going projects. * Attended various seminars, symposiums and conferences surrounding advancements and innovations in the structural engineering industry. EDUCATION: The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA College of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Department, Structural Option Master's of Architectural Engineering, December 2001 Five year Professional Degree, A.B.E.T. Accredited Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA College of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Department, Structural Option Bachelor's of Architectural Engineering, August 2001 Five year Professional Degree, A.B.E.T. Accredited Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, PA Physics/Co-op Engineering (1997) International Computers Limited (ICL), Nigeria Diploma in Information Management Tools and Computer programming (1995-1996) ACHIEVEMENTS: * Received certification as a licensed structural engineer in NY (2006) * American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certification - Concrete Construction Specia l Inspector (2009) * American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certification - Concrete Field Testing Techn ician - Grade I (2009) SKILLS: Computer: STAAD/Pro, RAM, SAP2000, SAFE, ETABS, RISA, STRUDL, ADOSS, PCA COL, AutoCAD, 3D

Studio Languages: French, Yoruba AFFILIATIONS: * Member, Structural Engineering Association of New York (SEAoNY-2001-present) * Member, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC-2000 - present) * Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE-1998 - present) * Member, National Society Of Black Engineers (NSBE-1998 - 2001) * Member, Structural Engineering Association (SEA-2000) TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS: * Attended numerous professional workshops on steel, concrete, masonry, & wood d esign innovations in industry * Completed training courses in the use of newly innovated structural design sof tware applications * Completed Course In Safety Of Construction Works administered by Ove-Arup and Partners (1996) Description of Relevant Project experience whilst at Severud Associates, P.C. is as follows: 839 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY - This 650,000 sq. ft., six hundred and ninety fo ot high building consists of four subterranean garage levels that are designed f or stacked car loading as well as a mixed-use (56 story) tower with an aspect ra tio of 11:1. The lowest garage level is at the same elevation as the track leve l for the PATH tunnel and at the roof of the New York City Subway level. This co mplicated foundation comprises of an exterior foundation wall, which is two feet from the subway tunnel wall. Foundation is on 40 tsf rock with the walls socke ted into the rock. To accommodate the subway constraints, the lowest garage lev el is set back with the exterior foundation walls supported by floor high cantil evers. The tower floors are cast-in-place concrete flat slabs with no perimeter beams. Primary lateral resistance is attained by a three dimensional system of shear walls and cores. 8100 River Road "The Watermark" North Bergen, NJ - Developed on a 4.7 acre water front parcel of land on the waterfront of the Hudson in North Bergen, NJ, this 3 00,000 sq. ft. residential development consists of 14 stories of luxury condomin iums (totaling 206 units). The structural framing system is a light-weight concr ete flat plate design with the steel reinforcement tonnage averaging 12 psf for the entire frame. Lateral load resistance is attained by a combination of shear walls and moment frames. The World Trade Center, Permanent PATH Station, New York, NY - This project cons ists of the PATH station, the Terminal Building (a steel and glass atrium with a n opening roof), an east-west corridor connecting the Winter-garden at Battery P ark to the new Fulton Street MTA Terminal, and north-south corridors providing a ccess to Vesey and Liberty Streets. This $1.4 Billion project is being construc ted concurrently with Freedom Tower, the World Trade Center Memorial and numerou s other expansion and renovation projects within the World Trade Center Site. Newark International Airport, Terminal C FIS Expansion Project, Newark, NJ - The expansion of this terminal included a 6000 sq. ft. addition to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Hall Area and a 2000 sq. ft. addition to the In ternational Baggage Claim Area at Terminal C. Also, alterations to this 150,000 sq. ft. facility included installation of moving walks, general modernization an d addition of new baggage handling system including an intricate system of conve yors threaded through the existing construction. 84 Front Street "The Nexus" Brooklyn, NY - This 100,000 sq. ft. residential deve

lopment consists of 12 stories of luxury condominiums. The structural framing sy stem is a super-efficient light-weight concrete flat plate design with the steel reinforcement tonnage averaging 7 psf for the entire frame. Lateral load resis tance is attained by a combination of shear walls and moment frames. Varying flo or heights create unequal stair runs causing the stair core, an integral part of the lateral resistance system, to constantly change its performance characteris tics. JFK International Airport, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 Delta Rehabilitation Projec t, Jamaica, NY - This project consisted of the inspection and investigation of e xisting building No. 53 (formerly Pan American Airlines) and No. 54 (formerly No rthwest Airlines). Alterations, renovations and expansion of concourse levels, addition of three fingers and eight-jet bridge gates were also completed. Philadelphia International Airport, Tenant Work Review, Philadelphia, PA. The U S Airways International Terminal, "Terminal One," totaling about 800,000 sq. ft. , includes a main terminal and a pier building hosting 12 new wide body gates. T he main terminal hovers approximately 35 ft. above grades and consists of ten 19 2-ft. span steel trusses that support the Federal Inspection Services (FIS) leve l. The clear height and the long spans provide a generous, open and weather-prot ected drop-off zone for passengers. Prominent structural features, such as a lo ng-span passenger bridge, two sterile bridges and a two hundred and fifty ft. lo ng re-check bridge facilitate the passenger flow and maintain the functionality of this "state-of-the-art" International Terminal. Ramapo College of New Jersey Sports & Recreation Center, Mahwah, NJ. This 80,00 0 sq. ft. expansion of the existing athletic building establishes a new center f or student activities on the Ramapo Campus. This ultra-modern sports facility i ncludes a new 1,600 seat arena, team lockers and training area, staff offices, a fitness center, dance/aerobics rooms, a student center, a pool, an auxiliary gy m, general-use lockers and a climbing wall. Transportation Security Agency Deployment - Condition Survey of Airports, Variou s Airports. Inspections were made on the physical condition of the buildings of several major airports including their structural elements, exterior walls and interior partitions and ceilings. The survey was carried out to assess the condi tions of existing structures and determine the necessary structural modification s necessary to accommodate the installation of new security equipment while main taining the integrity of the structures. Middlebury College Library, Middlebury, VT. The new Middlebury College Library is a state-of-the-art research and learning facility. The new 3-story facility provides expansion space for the college's growing collection of printed materia ls, and accommodates the increasing use of technology in teaching and research. Other projects worked on include: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY - Condition Survey Community Center at Jacob Riis Houses, New York, NY - Modernization and Expansio n 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY - On Call Consultations John F. Kennedy Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY - Roof Truss Condition Survey Graham Guest House, East Hampton, NY Seward Park, Parking Garage, New York, NY - Controlled Inspection