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TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONSTRUCTION: Director - Operations Manager - Project Manager
- Field Manager
Accomplished professional adept at overseeing all aspects of daily business oper
ations, with a focus on telecommunication construction projects. Extensive knowl
edge and experience in project management, site management, and production super
vision. Experienced teaming with architects, engineers, developers, contractors,
inspectors, and management companies. Performs extensive strategy implementatio
n, vendor negotiations, project scheduling, and site inspections. Entrusted with
achieving optimal utilization of resources through proactive workflow planning
and coordination. Effectively defines and implements targeted action plans to ma
ximize productivity, efficiency, and profitability while maintaining targeted qu
ality assurance levels. Additional areas of expertise include:
Project Management * Team Leadership * Heavy Civil Construction * Project Logist
Telecommunications OSP - ISP * Quality Assurance * Resource Allocation * Report
Recruitment * Cabling Systems * Research and Planning * Contract Management
Field Operations * Site Verification Survey * Design Build
* Amassed more than 1.5 million lineal feet of OSP/ISP installation experience,
having completed over 20 telecommunications projects for various clients, includ
ing: Lucent, General Dynamics, Signal Solutions and Department of Defense.
* Extensive heavy civil background in light rail, bridges, structural concrete,
excavation, underground utilities, flat work, roads and paving.
* Project managed a broad spectrum of contracts for Verizon, Qwest, SBC, Century
Tel and Sprint.
* Key telecommunications projects include: Schofield Barracks, Ft. Shafter, MCAS
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii Hickam AFB, Pearl Harbor, MCAS Miramar, Ft. Sill, Ft. Leon
ardwood, Military District of Washington, Ft. Campbell, Ft. Irwin, Redstone Ar
senal, Yuma MCAS, Ft. Huachuca, Ft. Drum, Ft. Meade, Ft. Monroe.
* Heavy Civil Projects include: El Cajon and Santee Light Rail Extension Project
, Old Town and Mission Valley Stadium Light Rail Extension Project, South Bay Se
wage Treatment Plant, 5E Pipeline Project, and Metro Valley Light Rail Project S
ection 2.

Volt Telecom Group
Director - Utility and Infrastructure Division - California and Arizona (2007-2
Operations Manager - Government Solutions Division - North America (2000-2005)
Project Management
* Maintained full accountability for overseeing and leading Infrastructure staff
, including recruiting professional, technical, and construction personnel as we
ll as spearheading construction programs and projects.
* Performed a broad spectrum of project management duties, including estimating,
scheduling, jobsite budgets, resource allocation, and final job completion.
* Integrated extensive market research and competitor analyses to stay abreast o
f current market conditions and effectively negotiate with vendors, subcontracto
rs, and general contractors.
* Consistently improved efficiency of operations by applying extensive technical
proficiencies toward delivering superior troubleshooting and problem resolution
* Inspected various jobsites to ensure projects are moving forward, workers are
timely, materials are proper grade, and that staff strictly complies with health
and safety regulations.
Communication & Leadership
* Monitored projects, reviewed reports and submitted analysis, as well as leadin
g daily operations of the outside plant construction division, while maintaining
focus on company's strategic goals and objectives.
* Actively liaised between subcontractors, clients, vendors and general contract
ors to track project progress and ensure projects are timely completed, and with
in budget.
* Motivated team to work together in an efficient manner while mitigating team c
onflict on issues regarding estimating, scheduling, jobsite budgets, complete bu
yout, final job completion, and close-out documents.
* Collaborated with teams to develop business plans for the company, and establi
shed and implemented short- and long-range goals.
* Led staff in all aspects of day-to-day activities, including conducting initia
l needs assessments, managing the implementation of strategic training initiativ
es, and evaluating performance measurements.
* Recruited, trained, and supervised a wide array of support staff members in or
der to ensure timely completion of daily operations.
* Monitored individual staff members to ensure strict adherence to internal poli
cies and procedures, as well as federal and state rules and regulations.
* Handled a broad spectrum of issues, including allocating resources and conduct
ing engineering, survey and design efforts.
Research & Analysis
* Performed extensive research and analysis regarding client goals, objectives,
and overall requirements including applying for and obtaining permits.
* Tracked project progress in anticipation of completion dates and ensured effec
tive allocation of resources by effectively establishing Project Priorities, Tim
elines, and Deliverables.
* Created and executed project work plans and revised as appropriate to meet cha
nging needs and requirements.
* Facilitated team and client meetings effectively and ensured project team memb
ers are well-informed of project changes and problem resolutions.
Career Note: Additional experience for Aecom/Metcalf & Eddy as a Construction Ma
nager III, Herzog Contracting Corp as a General Superintendent, Pauley Construct
ion as an Area Manager, PCL Civil Constructors as General Superintendent-Concret
e and Structures, Western Summit Contractors as a Superintendent of Fiberglass A
pplications (FRP) and National Projects, Inc. as General Superintendent.