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JOHN W. STEWART 180 Devin Drive * Garner, NC 27529 919-585-2766 / 919-539-4585 * js912640@westpost.

net MANAGEMENT: PRODUCTS, PROJECTS, OPERATIONS * Hands-on technical leader, manager, and support specialist with 20+ years cont ributing to advanced product performance through skillful alignment of technical resources with operational objectives. * Seasoned in integrating cutting edge hardware, software and systems developmen t across business channels. * Experienced in building operations, cross functional team development, and lea ding systems migration, with a focus on elevating organizational productivity, e fficiency and technical infrastructures. * Record of excellence in expertise directing projects from initial planning and proposal stage through the entire design and life cycle. Proven track record of surpassing project goals within budget and time constraints. Project Management * Network Infrastructures * Customer Service * Product Design & Development Business Support * Budget Management * Performance Management * IT Resource Proc urement Application Functionality and Scope Analysis * Team Leadership * Policies/Proced ures Development Regulatory Compliance * Data Analysis * Strategy Development * Risk Mitigation * Cost Reduction

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE NORTEL NETWORKS, RTP, NC * 1997-2010 Product / Business Line Manager Chief leadership and support of project life-cycles, business development, produ ct design/development, release management, resource allocation, and client relat ions building. Administered inventory phase out plans for manufacture discontinu ation of various products. Verified, researched, and responded to product issues at customer forums. Delivered leadership excellence in trend/market analysis, sales support, and brand visibility. Hosted, liaised, and supported multi-site m eetings, engaging teams on design, support, and release initiatives. Oversaw and directed customer complaints and issues. Conducted product quality programs and performance statuses. Key Accomplishments: * Successfully realized and maintained 100% hardware compatibility and availabil ity, product availability on scheduled delivery dates. * Championed product life cycle management, providing Plan of Record (POR) defin itions, and Notice of Intent/Notice of Decision (NOI/NOD) announcements. * Sourced and secured new revenue opportunities by identifying client needs and enhancing relationships. * Communicated status of support projects and initiatives through the developmen t and presentation of diverse reports. * Built cooperative working relationships between staff and management personnel to facilitate project completion on time, within budget and as per operating re quirements. ** ** ** Prior to 1997, worked as Quality/DMS Product Performance and Technical Support/E

mergency Technical Support for Nortel Networks. EDUCATION B.S. Electrical Engineering Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI